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BIG Request for TNR


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I need this photo below to have The Northside Renegades in blue and outline in white in the bottom right corner.



user posted image





I also need the photo below to have Fat-Cat Renegade on the bottom right in blue and white any good looking font.



user posted image




I also want Renegade in a font that looks like The IV in the gta title but the black blue. Big enough to be a sig.



I also need a map with our turf highlighted in blue, it's everything above middle park. Northern Alderney, cut off point is the interstate. and all of bohan.



I also want this list of words like the IV also, but smaller and also the black blue. These words are for a gang. So yeah,

you know how big to make these.



Our Mission


Social Organization






Enemies (In red)

Neutral (In gray)





thanks a bunch to whoever does this.





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