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As a designer and filmmaker I've learnt it's often wise to collaborate with other artists and enthuastic individuals for a specific project, especially big ones.


The topic can be used to share resources from different arts also, if a photographer would like to share for example textures or stock photography, it can be posted here and shared with the designers, to use on there projects also.


This topic can also be used as a hub for anybody within the website for big projects they need help with, for example, if your a writer, and plan on creating a website to post articles or reviews etc. You can seek designers and web developers here to make it happen!


Another example would be, say for an artist, who plans to create a piece of drawing and then later would need a digital artist to bring it to life within design software, or if a designer creates a logo, and needs a post production editor or filmmaker to create an animtion with this logo for a video, it can be of great use to that.


Or generally speaking, if you'd like to collab with an artist on the forum you'd like to collab with, then it can be used for that too.


Using the talents of yourselves and others around you is very wise, and can most of the time boost the work you produce, and get your name out into the world, if it isn't so already.


So, what are you waiting for!

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