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images thanks to UNRATED69!


I finished this a couple months ago, as some of you may know. It got moved to GTA Series Chat, where it's been slumbering... unnoticed, ever since. This was a big hit when it was here in the V forum, so I'm giving everyone another chance to read this story that I worked so very hard on. Info about GTA V could be a little ways off, but hopefully not too much longer. Reading my story will hopefully keep the hype going for you guys while we wait. Hope you enjoy! remember: this is just a concept thread.



Description: You are Albert De Silva. Just an ordinary family man who is trying to get by in the world. Keen to escape his past as a professional thief, he ventured to the glamorous city of Los Santos where he hopes to find peace and happiness. He soon discovers that reality is very different from the dream in a city that worships money and status. With the economic crisis not letting up, his family close to bankruptcy, and the mortgage on the house overdue, Albert must make some drastic changes and return to the life he thought he was done with in order to provide his family with a comfortable lifestyle.


How far can an ex-con turned family man be dragged back into the criminal underworld?



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It was a beautiful morning on the sun drenched beaches of Los Santos. People were playing volleyball, and enjoying the fine day. Some were sun bathing, while others were laughing and splashing each other with water. There was a couple walking towards the shore, followed by a dog. They seemed content with their lives... not a care in the world. The smog in the air was thin, and you could clearly see Mount Chupacabre in the distance. Perfect flying weather.


"On your right, you can see the Santa Maria Beach. One of the finest places in all of Los Santos."


Albert woke early this morning to fly these tourists. He hardly ever does morning tours, but he really needs the money. It was an asian family, and it didn't seem like they understood him much, but he gets payed by the hour so it didn't really matter to him.


“We are now approaching the Venice Boardwalk. A nice place for a jog, or to cast a line and try and catch some coy fish.”

The asian family muttered something, and then proceeded to take pictures and stare out at the boardwalk. Albert had the distinct feeling they were making fun of him. He didn’t give a sh*t though, his shift was over once he flew over Vinewood. He made a quick turn left towards West Vinewood, to which the asian family made a short gasp, but continued taking pictures. One of them took a pic of him.


“Turn the flash off in the plane, please. You don’t want to make me nervous and or angry and crash do you?”

“美国愚蠢,认为我们可以理解他。 我打赌蛋卷是我较他!” said the oldest, which was followed by laughter from everyone else.

They grew closer to Vinewood. Albert always loved the lights at night here. It always reminded him of the lost city of Atlantis, a city vibrant with rich colors and glamour. What he wouldn’t give to be a Vinewood hotshot. Albert began thinking of his family, and how it would be like for them to live in Mulholland.


“We are now approaching Vinewood. Home to the rich and famous! I’m willing to bet most of the greatest movies you have ever seen has been made here. Well, except for the kung-fu ones perhaps. I give you guys credit for that.”


Albert could hear them getting excited in the back, snapping of pictures and chatting amongst themselves excitedly. The tour was nearing the end, so Albert swung the plane back towards the air strip, that was located in the countryside in Red County, happy to be done with his shift. He landed the plane, bowed to the asian tourists, to which he could have sworn one of them cussed him, then he proceeded to his bosses office. He knocked on the door a couple times, and then was invited in.


“You just get finished with the asian family?” said his boss, Joe. Not even looking away from his computer.


“Yeah. They’re not from around here are they?” joked Albert.


“They can stay out of our country for all I care. If they are not willing to learn our language then they can just stay at home and suck on rice or whatever the f*ck it is that they do. So I’m guessing you are wanting that overtime, huh?”


“I would really appreciate it. Been having a lot of money trouble the past few months.”


“Well, I would really like to help, but I’m afraid I can’t. Gary has already volunteered for second shift, which means it’s all filled up now. 3rd shift is open, but hardly anybody wants to give tours at night… which is why the pay is horrible. Looks like you are stuck in 1st shift. I know you have worked here for 15 years now, Al. But with the way things are these days, I got to keep the paychecks at certain levels. I’m sorry old buddy, but it doesn’t look like you are going to be getting a raise. Blame the economy is all I can say.”


“God f*cking damn it, I really needed that raise, Joe. Me and my family are really low at the moment. If I don’t fix this mortgage problem soon, we just may end up on the streets!”


“I’m sorry, would you like me to play you the world’s smallest f*cking violin? I told you I can’t give you a raise! Now get out of my office, your shift is over!”


Albert clinched his jaw as he looked at him, and then turned around and walked out. He didn’t care how hard he slammed the door. As he is walking back to his car, he begins to wonder how much longer this job is going to last. How can Joe treat him like this? The only reason he got this job in the first place was because he had flight experience from the air force in the Persian gulf War. It was the only other thing he imagined himself doing besides…


Albert got into his blue Sentinel convertible, and began his drive home, which resided in Commerce. He rolled down his window to let the sounds of the city engulf him. Not as loud as Liberty City was he remembered. He noticed a guy walking around in a brightly colored sweater. Someone in a white t-shirt was offering him something, to which the guy in the sweater declined. Albert had no doubt in his mind that it was drugs that was offered. He turned onto the street where his house was. As he pulled into his driveway, he noticed his wife‘s car was there. Odd, because she worked 2nd shift at the Argyle Hotel. He got out of his car and checked the mail. The bills were starting to stack, which was never a good feeling. Sighing, Albert walked into his house. The first thing he heard was his son Kevin yelling. Albert instantly knew the cause of this. Kevin does nothing but smoke pot and play first person shooters online everyday. He loves his son very much, but he wish he would apply himself better.




Albert, shaking his head, walked into the kitchen. His wife, Kendra, was making supper. Smelled like they would be having burgers again tonight. Albert didn’t mind, as this was his favorite food. It’s not like they can afford much else anyway.


“How was your day, honey”? said Kendra, dropping some French fries in into the frying pan.


“Oh, just another day sugar pop. Looks like I won’t be getting that 2nd shift job. Joe hired someone else to it, and I know he knew I wanted it. He’s been a real prick this past year. I mean, I understand the way the economy is sh*t. It’s hard keeping the everyone’s paychecks in balance. But he could have told me the reasons why he didn’t give me the 2nd shift. It’s not like I have the most experience or anything. I’ve worked there longer than any of them other guys. It’s outrageous.”


“I’m sorry dear. Something will come your way soon.”


Albert noticed something wrong with her tone. She hasn’t even looked up at him yet since he arrived. Perhaps it was because he hasn’t kissed her yet. Albert walked behind her, put his arms around her waist, and kissed her on the back of the neck. She turned around, with what looked like a nervous smile, and kissed him on the lips. They kissed for a good 5 seconds, and then she turned back to the burgers.


“So, you’re home early. How’s the job going at the hotel”? asked Albert, opening the fridge and pulling out the orange juice.


“Well, you know… it’s…. Albert I got fired today.”


Albert nearly choked as he heard this. Orange juice began dribbling from his mouth, he couldn’t believe it. Once he recovered, he turned back to Kendra.


“You got fired? But how? You were one of the best receptionists there! You’ve only worked there about 4 months now right”?


“Yes, I have. I didn’t even truly know why they fired me. They said something along the lines of, ’You’re a valuable employee, but we just can’t pay you anymore. We need to keep some of the people that has been here longer. I’m sorry, I wish you the best of luck.’ It’s such crap, Albert. I did my job as good as all anybody else. How can they just fire me like that”?


“I don’t know. Perhaps it was for the better. Something else will come along, and they will appreciate you more. I know I do. I love you so much baby. You will always be my everything, you and the kids.”


Albert gave her a kiss on the cheek, she smiled. He told her was going to go watch some TV until supper was done. He walked into the living room and seen his daughter was sitting on the couch. He took a seat, and embraced her in a hug.


“Hey, baby girl! How are you today”?


“I’m fine daddy. I’m just waiting for America’s Next Top Hooker to come on.”


“Now pumpkin, you know how I feel about that show. It’s sending a bad message to kids your age.”


It was true. How could a show portray woman like this, and make it seem right for the viewers? The crazy thing is, girls actually take the show to heart and try to be like them. Entertainment sure is strange, but Albert couldn’t help to be attracted to the woman being shown.


“I know daddy, but I just want to see if Sha-Nay-Nay gets voted out. She caught the crabs, and the judges says this could be an automatic disqualification depending on the amount of crabs the contestant has.”


Albert shook his head.


“Ok, well before all of that, do you mind if daddy watches the news for a bit”?


“Sure thing daddy, I’m just going to go up to my room for a bit and check on my MyRoom account.”


Albert then turned the channel to Weazle News. He never really used to watch the news, but here recently he garnered quite an interest in it. The anchorwoman was going on about foreclosures again.


“In other news, business foreclosures are still on the rises. Small time businesses are having the let go of employees, but still cannot manage in the state of today’s economy. The housing market is also still suffering, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get better anytime soon."


Albert felt angry. How can the government just let this sh*t happen? Do they not care about the people anymore? It seems like they would rather themselves become richer why the honest working people have to suffer. It’s disgusting. Albert heard Kendra yell that supper was done. He just now realized how hungry he was. He got up and walked into the kitchen.


“Albert, can you go up and get Kevin for me? I doubt he can hear with all that screaming, and war.”


“Sure.” sighed Albert.


He walked through the hall and up the steps to Kevin’s room. He looked at some of the photos on the wall as he was climbing the steps. There was a photo of him and his family, relaxing at the Santa Monica Beach. He noticed how happy he looked in that picture, and how he wished he still was like that. Albert approached Kevin bedroom door and knocked. No answer. He doubted Kevin could hear him over all the explosions and cussing. He knocked again, much louder.




“Kevin, supper is done. Get your ass off that game and come eat.”




Albert heard him coughing, and he knew he was getting high again. He tells him countless times not to smoke that sh*t in the house. He returned to the kitchen, almost on the verge of starvation. He made him a plate. Two cheeseburgers with extra fries. Hell to the f*ck yeah, Albert thought. He took a seat at the table next to Kendra. He began eating, and eventually noticed there was only three plates at the table.


“Lisa going to eat at the table today”?


“No she said she doesn’t want to miss America’s Next Top Hooker.”


“I told you about that show, Kendra. It’s not suited for 14 year olds like Lisa. It’s sending the wrong message.”


“But Albert, it teaches girls to appreciate their bodies and respect themselves.”


“Hmphh.” said Albert, biting down on his cheeseburger.


Kevin walked into the kitchen, the smell of marijuana fresh on his clothes. He didn’t even bother to cover it up anymore. It’s like he didn’t care what anyone else thought. He took a seat and began eating.


“Any luck with finding a job yet, son”? said Albert, looking up from his plate.


“Not yet pop. You know how things are these days. It’s hard to find a job. Especially for a high school drop out like myself.”


They continued eating for a few moments, then Albert broke the silence.


“You haven’t been out of the house in 2 weeks now. The only time you ever go out is to meet with your dealer, don’t look at me like that you know it’s true. All you do is sit up in your room and get high while playing online. I thought I told you not to smoke that sh*t in the house anyway? Nevertheless, it must be hard to go out and look for jobs when you’re locked up in your room 24/7, so don’t give me that bullsh*t. I want you to go out and really look for a job tomorrow. You understand me? You’re 20 years old… it’s time you applied yourself.”


Kevin didn’t say anything. Everyone continued to eat for awhile, until Kendra broke the silence.


“Albert, do you think you can run by the bank before they close? They called yesterday and said they need to speak with you.”


“Yeah, I’ll go after supper. Hopefully they have good news this time. I hope the mortgage isn’t as bad…


“Not at the the table please, Albert. I just want to enjoy our supper without having to worry about money problems."


Albert finished his food, and told his wife he will be back shortly. He took a look over at Kevin… but he didn’t look up. Albert walked outside to his car, and started it. He turned on the radio and headed off to the bank. The radio DJ, Lazlow, was talking about how his career was in the toilet and his broadcast show in Liberty City was a flop. He came to Los Santos as a radio personality for LSPR. His show, The Lazlow Show, has always gotten bad ratings, but Albert enjoyed the humor. Lazlow was interviewing homeless people, and asking them how much the mortgage on their boxes were. Albert couldn’t help to laugh. As he was driving, he seen a black man nailing a For Sale sign in his front yard. Poor guy. Must have to sell his house due to the economy. Albert clutched his fists in anger. Another instance where the honest working man gets screwed, and the fat cats in the government get richer, he thought. If only there was a modern day Robin Hood figure, perhaps things would make a change for the better. Albert arrived at the bank. He sat in his car for a moment, dreading any bad news that he was likely to hear. He got out, and walked inside.


There was a big line at the teller. Albert wondered if all these people were also expecting bad news of some sort. He waited patiently until it was his turn, then he was next. The bank manger called him into his office.


“Please take a seat.”


Albert sat down and looked around the familiar office. It’s been the same ever since he first visited it. Documents on the wall explaining the manager’s origins, that stupid gold flamingo that sit on his desk, and that portrait of stacks of money behind the desk. Albert always wondered if the guy was just showing off his love for money, to which no doubt he had a lot of, or if he had bad taste in decoration.


“So, how are you today, Mr. De Silva”?


“Could be better I suppose. Barely getting by.”


“I see. Well, I’ll cut to the point. The reason I called you again was that we still haven’t received the last payment on your house. It’s long overdue, and we need it soon.”


“I know. It’s just that bills are stacking, and I can’t keep up with them. My job is not working out, and my wife just lost hers today. I’m trying my best here. You just have to give me more time.”

There was a long pause… one of those pauses that was not awkward, but more like nerve racking. Finally, the manager spoke.


“You know, you are on the verge of bankruptcy. If we don’t receive payment on the house by next Friday, I’m afraid the bank is going to have to seize it. I’m sorry Mr. De Silva, I don’t make the rules. I only enforce them. You know, there’s no shame in filing for bankruptcy. There’s no shame in it these days.”


Albert couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He had no idea the mortgage was due this soon. Why did they tell him this now? Were they planning on seizing the house all along? He pondered the option of filing for bankruptcy, then he looked the manager right in the eye.


“That’s not how I do things. I will fix this. One way or another.”


He then got up. The bank mangers stared at him for a moment, then told him good luck and extended his hand for a hand shake. Albert looked at him, anger broiling up inside.


“You ought to be ashamed of yourself, you blood-sucking leach.”


He then turned, and left his office. He got back in his car, and drove down to the beach area. He took a seat at one of the benches on the Venice Boardwalk, and gazed at the sunset. How is he going to keep his family afloat? Where is he going to get enough money to make sure his family still lives comfortably? If they lose the house, where will they go? He then begins to buying the house. He had so much money when he first arrived here. Ever since he started working honestly, money has gradually become a problem for him. How was he supposed to know the house would have a lean on it when he first bought it? His intentions was to live honestly, and start a family. To get away from his past life. But now, that “life” is looking all the more prosperous at the moment. But no, he told himself he would go straight. He can’t abandon all he has worked for. He will just need to find a second job.


Albert then put his head in his lap, thinking how he would get out of this mess. As he looked up, he noticed at the end of the pier two men talking. He looked at them, and recognized there movements. A drug deal was going on, it was the same black guy he seen earlier in the white shirt. Albert seen him stuffing a wad of cash in his back pocket, and walked off. Albert stared at him as he walked back to his car. Could it be that easy? Is the world trying to tell him something? No. He just can’t return to that life. Not an option. But maybe it’s the only option he really has. Albert shook his head, got up, and walked back to his car.

The drive home was depressing. For every foreclosure sign he saw hanging in a window, he grew a bit more angrier. He pulled into his driveway, and walked into house. It was late now, everyone was asleep. Except Kevin of course. He had his TV down, but Albert could still hear him faintly cussing. Albert walked into his bedroom, got dressed in his sleep clothes, and laid down next to his wife. He kisses her softly on her head, put his arms around her, and when right to sleep.


The next morning, Albert decided to get up early and get a head start on the morning tours. He was going to find out if Joe would allow him to work a little longer into the afternoon today. He knew he would say no, but it was worth a try. It was a Saturday, so Lisa was probably going to sleep in. Albert hoped Kendra would go with Kevin and look for a job today. They both needed one, especially Kevin. Albert put all those thoughts aside, and enjoyed his breakfast. Toast with jelly. He read the newspaper, and wasn’t surprised to hear of more robberies. There seem to have been more just this year alone. Once he was done, he went upstairs and got dressed. Before he left the bedroom, he stopped to watch his wife turn in bed. Albert smiled. He would go to the end of the world for her and the kids. He then left the house and headed off to work. Once he arrived, he was ready to start his first tour as soon as possible. He walked into Joe’s office.


“Hey Joe. Came in early so I can nab the first tour of the day.”


“Well, I really wish you would have called in first, Al. Gary has already called and volunteered for the first tour. I can put you on wipe down duty again if you want”?


This is the second time this seek Joe has done this. Albert is here first, so he should be allowed to take the first tour. Last time this happened, Joe again asked him to do wash the planes, and he grumplily obliged. No, not this time. Anger began to broil to it’s limit inside Albert, and he just couldn’t hold it in any longer.


“Listen here, Joe. I’m tired of taking your sh*t! I have the most flight experience here, but yet, I am always getting suckered. So I am done. You want a wipe down? WIPE DOWN THIS!”


Albert then grabbed his crotch and made a rude gesture. He then knocked over all the tour guide brochures . Joe couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.


“You get out of here, Al. You’re fired!”


“Fired? HA! I f*cking quit! You just lost a valuble employee you f*cking prick. You know what the funny part is? I don’t even care. You can just take a step back, and literally f*ck your own face.” Albert smiled, then walked out of the office.


Last time he looked at Joe his jaw was almost touching the floor. Albert walked out to his car, and before he left, he took one last look at his former place of employment. He gathered as much mucus as he could, and spit the biggest loogie he could muster at the building. Then he drove off, unsure of what the future now holds for him.

Albert drove around the city for awhile. He couldn’t decide if he was just trying to pass the time, or he was just trying to burn off some anger. He eventually stop at Jefferson Park. Albert sat in his car, thinking . The sun was starting to go down. He got out, and walked over to the tunnel overpass. As he was walking, he was pondering his options. All that work, down the toilet.


There is no way anybody will hire him again as a pilot after that little episode. What else could he do though?

He kept thinking about his previous line of work. He remembered all the things he done, and the rush he used to feel from doing it. But he swore to himself he would never return to it. As he approached the tunnel overpass, he noticed two people talking in it. Darkness was starting to fall, so it was easy for Albert to hide. He tried to see what the two in the tunnel, but it was hard to because of the darkness. Then, one of the men walked out. Albert noticed the man. He was the same guy he seen twice yesterday. The drug dealer. Albert staying hidden behind the jungle gym. He watched the man walk to his car. Could this be a sign? Is the universe trying to tell me something? Albert ran back to his car, and followed the man.

They drove further and further into east Los Santos. Albert hardly ever is on this side of town. They drove up onto the highway. He continue to follow the man, keeping his distance. Eventaully he took an exit, and headed towards the worst part of town… Ganton. Home of the 16th Street Jungle Kings. He hears a lot about their gang activities on the news. Although they are not as known as they were in the early 90’s, they are still very much active. As the man pulled into the heart of Ganton, Albert parked about a half mile away. He didn’t think it would be a good idea to drive into gang territory. He got out, and proceeded to walk towards the ghetto. As he grew closer, a fear he hasn’t experienced in over 15 years came over him. This made him excited, and gave him a great rush. Albert noticed the graffiti under the bridge.


13th Street Jungle Kings


He kept on walking. It just occurred to him how crazy this was. Not only was he walking alone towards a well know gang territory, but he didn’t have any means of protecting himself. Nonetheless, he kept on walking. There were birds about his head, flying in strange patterns. He knew what this mean, and heard someone making clapping noises, confirmed this. They were aware of his presence, and they were using pigeons as a way to warn everyone. He was now in the middle of the concrete circle of Ganton. It looked like there was a party going on ahead. They were all sitting on the porch, drinking 40’s and listening to rap. The man he followed was there, handing another man, whom he assumed was the leader, a wad of cash. Albert assumed that was the day’s earnings. He walked closer to the party that was going on. One of the men noticed him, and whistled. All eyes were fixed upon him now.


“What you doing around these parts, cracker? Do you even know where you are at right now”?


Albert said nothing. He kept on walking towards the party, towards the man who was handed the wad of cash.


“Hey motherf*cker, I’m talking to you!”


Boom. He felt his knees give out. One of the men hit him in the back with a club. He fell to the ground, still, his eyes fixed on the man with the money. The people at the party seemed to notice the commotion, and walked over. The man with the money, the leader, walked over as well.


“Well, well well, what do we have here? Looks like this fool has lost his way! What are you doing around these parts, old man”? said the leader.


“I want to know who your drug supplier is.” Albert said, clenching his teeth due to the pain in his back.


Everyone started laughing. One of them busted an empty beer bottle on the back of his head. Albert fell to the ground, holding his head in pain. He managed to look up, right into the leader’s eyes. He was laughing with everybody else.


“Bitch, you are the very definition of crazy. You think I will just tell you that? That’s rich. How old are you anyway, like 60? I bet you even have arthritis.”


“I’m 44. I believe I would be a valuable asset to your drug operation. Not only can I fly an airplane, but I have a lot of experience in the criminal world. I know the way the game works, and perhaps I could teach you a thing or two.”


More laughter. Albert heard one of them slam a clip into a gun and cock it. After a minute, the leader turned back to him.


“You? Teach me? What could you possibly teach me? I am The king of the Kings! I don’t need to know anything besides running these streets.”


“Maybe there is a way I can prove myself to you than. Show you my tricks of the trade. Allow me to show you I can be of great help to you. Come on, what do you say? I think I’m entitled to an initiation of some sort. You should know that.”


Albert didn’t see it coming. Next thing he knew he was face down on the ground, the side of his head screaming with pain. As he gathered himself, he realized the leader had pistol whipped him across the face.




There was a short pause. Everyone was looking hungrily at the leader, waiting for him to attack again. Albert merely just started at him, his blood on his face dripping to the pavement.


“Why do you want to help us anyway? Shouldn’t you be enjoying your mundane white folks lifestyle your kind is accustomed to”?


“I am in need of serious cash. I was fired today, and I seen no other option. It is my choice to be here right now. I wouldn’t be if I didn’t think I could be of use.”


“What was it you used to do exactly? Please don’t tell me you used to sell yourself on the streets.”


More laughter. They seemed to get a kick out of this guy. It could be that they laugh at his jokes in fear if they don’t, they would be killed. Albert managed to let out a grin himself, showing bloody teeth in the process.


“I used to be a professional thief. Robbed banks, stores, mobsters, you name it. Me and my crew used to operate in Liberty City. One day, I just grew tired of that life. So I moved here and used my earnings to buy a big house and retire. Live a normal life for a change. Years later, this economic crisis hit, and it’s hard to stay financially comfortable. I know you guys aren’t effected by it, being criminal and all. Which is why I have decided to return to that lifestyle. It pays better, that’s for sure. I seen your boy there dealing throughout the city. Looks like you have made quite a lot of cash in just two days."


The man in the white shirt then yelled out, surprised.


“I knew you looked familiar! You were sitting on that bench last night the Boardwalk wasn’t you”?


“Yep, that was me. Guess you could say you inspired me in way. You really should be more inconspicuous about your dealings. Any mall cop would have noticed what you were doing.”


The man in the white shirt looked embarrassed, and didn’t even dare to look at the leader. The leader chuckled, then turned to him.


“So what’s your name tough guy?”




“Well Albert, you say you want to prove yourself? I got just the job for you. My boy T-Ray was about to rob a string of 24/7’s.

You could accompany him, and perhaps teach him a thing or two. YO T-RAY, GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE NIGGA!”


A Hispanic man in a white tank top came running over. He was talking to a group of girls. He sopped in front of the leader.


“Was about to head out, Slice. Just talking to some of my fine lady friends over there. Going to be having a little ‘get together’ party later on tonight. YOU KNOW!”


He exchanged high fives with one of the guys, Slice however didn’t seem to be amused.


“I don’t give a f*ck about your personal activities dog. Just do the work and be done with it! I’mma need you to take our boy here along the ride with you though. He could teach you a thing or two from the sound of it.”


“This cracker on the ground here? You can’t be serious”? chuckled T-Ray, looking down at Albert.


“I’m serious. Just tell me what he does. If he doesn’t deliver, you can just pop him the head and dump him in the river. Oh, and if he tries to run away... pop him in the head too.”


“Ha ha, no problem Poppa Slice.” He turned to Albert. “Now get your cracker ass up. We have some work to do.”


They headed to T-Ray’s car. He drove a bright red Super GT. Pretty nice for a criminal. They got into his car, and drove off to the first target. The 24/7 on Lincoln Ave. Albert has been here once before, only to pick up milk. The guy working the register was an old Korean man. He’s bound to fight back if a robbery was to occur. T-Ray parked the car, and opened his door.


“You should stay here.” Said Albert.


“No f*cking way cracker, we do this together.”


“I’m supposed to prove myself right? Well let me do it. Trust me. I’ll be in and out of there in 2 minutes. Oh, and I'm going to need that hoody and those sunglasses you got in the backseat.”


“I guess. Here. If you try to run, or try and call the cops, you’re a f*cking dead man.”


T-Ray then showed off his MAC-10. Albert had no intentions on running for it. He got out, put on the hoody and the sunglasses, and walked calmly toward the store. He noticed a security camera hanging on a pole. He quickly looked away from it, and then entered the store. It was a relatively small building. He walked over to the drinks section, put up his hood, and picked up a bottle of Sprunk, then walked over the register. The Korean man was reading a book, while listening to the radio.


“Will that be all for you sir?”


“No. I am going to also need all the money in the register, please.”


The Korean dude laughed as if he was joking.


“Good one sir, you funny. That will be $1.25 please.”


“You think I’m being serious? Give me all the money in the register right now, or someone is going to die!”


The Korean man made a sudden move under the counter. Albert knew he was going for the silent alarm. He jumped over the counter, and grabbed the man by the throat and slammed him on the ground. As the man got up, Albert raised two finger and jabbed him in the side of the neck. The man dropped instantly, and didn’t move. It would be awhile before he got back up. Albert learned that move in the air force, and was surprised he still knew it after all these years. He grabbed a bag and filled it with the money from the register. He then went ran back into the security room and took the video tapes. Before he left, he made sure he wiped down everything he touched. He ran back outside to the car, and threw the money inside. He then ran over to the security camera on the pole and cut the wires.


“What the f*ck you doing man, we go to get out of here!” T-Ray screamed out the window.


Albert calmly walked back to the car. He knew all was well. Once he got in, T-Ray sped off. Looking in his rear-view every other second.


“That sh*t was crazy man! Where the f*ck you learn that kung-fu sh*t”?


“The air force believe it or not. They taught us a lot of fighting techniques in case we were ever shot done behind enemy lines.” said Albert.


“I noticed you stole the video tapes from the security room. So why did you cut the cables on that outside camera”?


“That feed is monitored by the city, not the store. They wouldn’t have seen a thing now. Better safe than sorry you know.”


“You’re in a class all your own my friend! I can’t believe this night. About to have the biggest orgy of my life, and now I am robbing 24/7’s with some ex con, cracker jack from uptown. sh*t’s crazy! Only two more robberies tonight, then we go back to the nest.”


The other two robberies was as successful as the first. The last one was kind of a close call though, because the clerk nearly got the upper hand on Albert. Nothing a choke hold couldn’t handle though. All together they collected $1,200. T-Ray then drove back to Ganton, or the nest as he called it. The party was stilling going on as he parked his car. The two walked over to Splice, who was pouring some Piswasser down a woman’s bares chest.


“Made a good haul tonight, Slice. Your boy here did very well. He’s definitely the man he says he is.”


Slice looked away from the woman, and walked over to Albert. He took a drag off his joint, looking at him from head to toe.


“Good job tonight, Bert. We could use a guy like you. Times may be tough for regular people as you call them, but things for us gangstas are still hard.”


He took the bag with the money in it from T-Ray.


“Here’s your cut, playa.”

Albert counted it. $600. Half of what they earned. He nodded, and then placed the money in his pocket.


“HALF!? Are you f*cking crazy, Slice? We need that money! We need to start saving up for the next drug shipment.” said the man in the white shirt.


“Don’t you worry, Leeroy. I’ve got a plan. We will make the money on time, trust me. Now shut the f*ck up and go enjoy yourself. Hey Bert, you come back here tomorrow around 3:30. I may have some more work for you. That is, if you are still interested. Here’s my number, but don’t you get a boner just yet. Wait until you hear what I have to tell you tomorrow. Now get the f*ck out of here.”


They exchanged numbers, and then Albert walked back to his car. As the sounds of the party grew more distant, he couldn’t help but yelling out loud. What has he gotten himself into? He has to admit though, he hasn’t felt this rush in too long now. It’s a welcoming change for him. $600 in one night is not bad at all. He just needs to keep a clear mind, and things will continue to work out in his favor. He walked to the park restroom, and cleaned his face. He wasn’t sure how to explain to his wife the injury he obtained. Once he looked decent, he then walked back to his car while looking at his phone. He had four voice messages, all from his wife wondering where he was and how she was worried. On the drive home, Albert thought of what to tell her. He knew he would have to lie, that was a given. There was just no way he could explain to her his past life, because if she was to find out, she would most definitely leave him. That would contradict everything he is trying to accomplish here, which is to provide for his family. He was now home. Albert quietly opened the front door, and walked upstairs. It was about 3:00 am he noticed on the hallway clock. He tiptoed into the bedroom, got undressed, and slid in bed next to his wife.


“Where have you been all day, honey”? Kendra slurred, still half asleep.


“Busy day. Joe allowed me to work all through 1st shift and a bit of 3rd. After 1st shift I looked around for another job, but no luck. I’m thinking I will be making a lot more money now due to tourist season, so we shall see.” lied Albert, hoping she would believe it.


“I told you something would come your way, babe.”


She turned around and put her arms around him. They began kissing and spooning. Albert felt guilty about lying to her, but it had to be done. She just can’t know the truth. She put her hands on his face, and then gasped.


“What happened to your head”?


“Oh, caught a little turbulence bumped my head on the side of the cockpit. Nothing too horrible.”


“Well, that’s a relief, because it looks like you were punched or something.” Kendra said worryingly.


“Na it’s fine babe. I’m really tired though, so let’s just go ahead and sleep ok?


They both drifted off to sleep. Kendra was first, but it took a lot longer for Albert. He layed there thinking for about an hour, before he finally went to sleep. He dreamed he was beside a lake, which was frozen, and he was talking to Kendra. They were joking and flirting, like when they first met. Eventually Albert tried to test the stability of the lake, and he walks on it. Well, the ice breaks and he falls through. He doesn’t know where to resurface, because the spot that broke already froze back over. So he is underwater beating helplessly up at the ice, but no luck. As he is dying, he looks up through the ice and see Kendra with her arms crossed and shaking her head. Then she walks away.


Albert woke up, almost screaming. He managed to hold it in, but it took awhile for him to recover from that horrible dream. There had to be some kind of meaning behind it, but he couldn’t think of one. Eventually he looked over at the clock. It was almost 1:30 in the afternoon. The last time he could remember sleeping in this late was the day he got home the air force. He remembers being so glad to be able to sleep in without a microphone blaring in his ear to wake up. Albert smelled himself. Yeah, definitely need a shower. He got up and hopped into the shower. Today was Sunday, usually a time to relax, but not today. Slice still needs his help, and working for him sure pays better then working some 9-5 job. Albert got out of the shower, and got dressed, then went downstairs. Kevin was not home, hopefully looking for a job, and Lisa was at her friends. Kendra was on the computer, probably on MyRoom.com like she always was. Albert never understood the point of social sites. If you want to be social, get the f*ck out of the house.


“Hey sleepy head, how are you?” she said, while typing.


“I’ve been better. Could do without the goose egg on my head though.”


“Try peas, I heard that helps.”


“Peas?” asked Albert. “I’m pretty sure that is just a myth.”


“Just give it a try, silly!”


Albert walked over to the freezer and grabbed a bag of peas and held it to the side of his head. He then walked into the living room and turned the TV. Albert turned the channel over to the news.


“Last night a string of robberies left store owners in turmoil, here’s what one of them had to say.”

The video then cuts the Korean man he robbed.


“I didn’t see his face, because he wore sun glasses and had his hood up. But this Yankee was the real deal my friend. He hopped my counter and performed some ancient Tai-Kwon-Do on my ass, you know… the kind of stuff that would make even Master Lee surrender. I woke up, and all the money was gone. I couldn’t bereave it!”


Albert immediately turned the channel. They don’t have an ID on him, which he didn’t expect they would anyway. He was always efficient in his robberies. Looks like he hasn’t lost his touch. He looked over at the clock. 2:45. He’s supposed to meet Slice and 3:30. He decided to go ahead and leave, because it will take him about a half an hour to get back to Ganton in Los Santos traffic.


“Hey honey, I’m going to head out to the airstrip and pick up my flight jacket. I was so tired I forget it last night. I’ll head by the groceries too. Be back later sugar pop.”


He walked over and kissed her, she kissed him back and brushed his hair with her hand. Albert smiled, and then grabbed his keys and left. He decided to get on the highway, which was the quickest way to Ganton he learned. As he was driving, he noticed a homeless man standing in the median. He was holding a sign, but he couldn’t make out what it said. Albert took the exit that lead to Ganton. It was almost as bad as it was at night. Shoes hanging from phone lines, newspapers littered the streets, people that looked like skeletons walking around. This time, Albert didn’t bother parking a half a mile away from the “nest” as T-Ray called it. Instead, he drove right up to the house which was holding the party. Albert got out, and walked up to the door. People were sitting on their porches, smoking pipes. They honestly didn’t look like a threat. Albert was guessing that the main gang members came out at night, while the junkies came out during the day. He knocked on the door. No answer. He knocked a little harder.


“Come in, mother f*cker!”


Albert opened the door. There were people laying all over, no doubt all cracked out and passed out from the night before. He had to plan his steps carefully without stepping on anyone as he made his way to the living room. Slice was sitting there on the couch, smoking a bowl. Naked ladies laying all around him.


“I honestly didn’t think you would come. You’re no buster, and I appreciate that.”


“Honor among thieves,” said Albert “I take that to heart.”


“Heh, yeah honor. That’s what keeps the streets alive. Believe what you want I guess.”


He took a long hit on the bowl. There was a pause. One of the ladies stirred in their sleep.


“So, you said you have work for me.”


“Eagerness! I like that! Yeah, it so happens I do have some work for you, and the payoff is going to be big. So, as you know, we deal heavily in drugs. That’s what keeps my gang afloat. But where do the drugs come from you ask?”


Slice got up, and pointed at the window. His legs swaying. No doubt he was high as a kite.


“The Los Sustantivo Drug Cartel. We meet at the end of every month. They give us a new shipment of drugs, and we give them their cut of the money. This past month though, we haven’t met our quota. Just haven’t been getting enough sales. That’s why we have to do odds jobs, like the one you did for us last night. If we don’t reach the quota in time, who knows what the cartel will do. We was just a day late once, and they cut off one of my enforcer’s head and punted it. I hear they got a drug farm over there. They manufacture it all. Weed, crack, coke, meth,. It’s getting harder for them to smuggle across the border though, which is is why it takes about a month for them to stock a car with drugs so they are untraceable. But anyway, about that job…”


“You should tell the cartel that I could fly for them. Would give you guys a more direct line for deliveries, and wouldn’t have to go through border patrol. Plus, you would make a lot more money at a faster rate.”


Slice pondered over this for a moment, then took another hit from the bowl.


“That’s a clever idea, Bert. We will burn that bridge when we get to it. But for now, we need to worry about paying for this next shipment. Do you want the job or not?”




“Ok than, allow me to speak without being interrupted, cracker. The job… is a jewelry store. Located uptown, close to where all the hotshots of Vinewood dwell. The payoff from that would not only be enough to pay for the next shipment, but the two after that! I’ve been thinking about taking the jewelry store for awhile now. But not of my guys have that ever pulled a job of that caliber. Then you came into my life. I’m sure this would be a cake walk for you. You’re a professional thief as you said, so I imagine it would be. So what do you say, interested”?


Albert thought about this for a moment. Robbing a jewelry store would be a great payoff, the mortgage on the house is due in 3 weeks. He really had no other option.


“I am, but we do it my way. I have full control over this heist. If you want it to be successful, you have to trust me.”


“And that I do, my white skinned brethren! I shall get you a crew together, that is, once they all wake up.”


“No. I choose the crew. Like I said, my way… or no way.”


“Fine, fine. When do you think we can move forward with this.”


“I’d say in about 2 weeks. A job like this takes time, and careful planning. I’ll give you a call here soon.”


Albert then turned and walked towards the door. As he was opening it, Slice blocked his path.


“If this goes well, I’d imagine we will do business together a long time. Now go. Godspeed, honkey.”


Albert then drove the grocery store. Didn’t want his wife to become suspicious. He picked up all the essentials, and headed home. He dropped the grocery bags on the kitchen table, when he noticed the note there.


“went to Mrs. Bell’s house. Lisa still at friends, and Kevin is still out. Be home soon. Love you.”


He crumbled up the note and threw it in the trash. He hated their neighbor Mrs. Bell. She was so nosy, but Kendra enjoys her company. He then went upstairs to his bedroomed and began digging in his closet. He knew this is where he last seen it.


“Ahha! Here it is.”


He pulled out an old ammo crate. Inside it was all the documents and photos he kept from the air force. He began flipping through the photos until he found the one he was looking for. It was the one of him and his old buddies. Michael, Jason, and Chris. In the photo, they were all standing in front of a Bell P-59. The first American fighter jet designed and built during World War II. The one in the picture was just a prop. They all seemed like they were laughing, perhaps at a joke. He looked on the back, and seen the phone numbers of everyone. After the air force, they decided to keep in touch. Who knew that one day they would move to Liberty City, and become professional thieves. Man were they good at it though. Last time he saw them was at a club in Liberty. They were all very drunk, spending their riches from the previous robbery on booze and woman no doubt. Albert tried to remember. Yes, that morning was the day he left for Los Santos, and left that life for good he thought. He wondered what they would say if he called them. Albert looked at the numbers again, then decided to just try it.

He took the photo with him downstairs, and grabbed the phone. The first one he called was Jason. He let it ring, but the number was disconnected. He then tried the next number, which was Michael. It ringed only two times before someone answered.




“Michael! It’s your old pal, Al! It’s been awhile man. How are you?”


“Al? Holy sh*t, Al! Man I haven’t seen you since that day at the Bahama Mama’s! Where did you go man, we thought you fell of the face of the Earth.”


“I just had to leave that lifestyle. I wanted to move on. It felt like the time was right, you know? Moved here, started a new life. I have a family now, Mike. I love them so very much. They give me purpose. So what about you? What have you been up to all these years?”


“Al, a family man, I never thought I would see the day! Congrats buddy, I know I could never settle down like that. But yeah, I’m still living that same life. Me and Chris still do jobs together. Chris is in debt to some loan sharks, but other than that we’re doing good. So what’s the real reason you’re calling, Al? Everything you do has a purpose I’ve learned over the years.”


Albert paused. He was trying to find the right words to use.


“Well, here recently I have ran into some money problems. The economy is just not letting up. The mortgage on this house flopped, and we’re on the verge of bankruptcy. I’m just going to get to the point, I want to get the old crew back together for a job. You interested?”


“Ha, you schnooks can’t live a honest life living honestly can you? But hell yeah man, I’m interested. Me and Chris will fly over to the wonderful Los Santos. Should be there in about two days. You know how I am man. The action is the juice for me. So I’m more than happy to pull a job with my old buddy, Al.”


“Ok, we have about a week and a half to plan this thing. I’ll explain more once you arrive. You heard from Jason?”


“Man, Jason’s been in prison for about 4 years now. One of the jobs we pulled after you left was a bank. Jason was getting the money, as me and Chris was handling crowd control. The police were coming, and we heard Jason yelling up at us to get the hell out of there, he’s coming. So we ran out to the car. Jason was nowhere to be seen. The police were literally down the road from us. We seen Jason at the bank window, looking out the window at the helicopters overhead. He motioned for us to get the hell out of there. So we did, and Jason took the fall for us. Ever since, he’s been in jail. Hasn’t ratted on us yet, and knowing Jason, he never will.”


“That’s really a shame. Jason was always a loyal man. Hopefully he gets out sooner. So now all we have to worry about is a driver. I’ll notify my contact about it. But other than that, we should be roses. Just bring some hardware if you can get it through customs.”


“Not a problem. You know how we do! Me and Chris will be there in a couple of days. We’ll take that city for all it’s worth! Going to go for the luxury jet on this trip. See you in a couple days man!”


“Alright Mike, later."


He hung up, then walked outside and sat on the patio. He pulled out his badger, and called Slice.


“Hey cracker jack, what the sitch on the job?”


“Everything is good. They will be here in a couple of days, then we can start planning. We’re going to need a driver though. I was thinking T-Ray would be the man for the job. I noticed his driving skills as we were robbing them 24/7’s.”


“Yeah, I’ll let him know. I’m sure he will be up for it. Alright then, give me a holla in a few days when you are ready to go through with this."


“Will do.”


Albert hung up. Now all there is to do is wait for his old buddies to arrive. For the next couple days, Albert would leave the house and go to the park, and he told his wife he was at work. He sat at the bench and drew up plans. He even mapped routes, and scoped out the jewelry store. There is an on ramp about a half mile away that would provide a good escape route. He decided they would need some kind of cover, so he thought of the idea of dressing as pest control workers, and convert a van to look like a pest control company. The day arrived where he was supposed to meet Mike and Chris. He drove to the airport to wait for them. As he is sitting in the car waiting, he sees all the people coming out of the airport. So stupid they are to think all their dreams will come true here. Give it a few years, and they will realize the truth. This place is a LIE. Then suddenly, he sees a plane flying over the Vinewood sign in the distance. It was a Shamal, which was a private jet. Albert knew this was the plane his old crew was in, and as he looked at it drawing nearer, he couldn’t help but to smile because he knew the real money was about to be rolling in soon.




user posted image


Albert stood by his car, taking in his surroundings. It was another fine day in Los Santos. Autumn in San Andreas was always nice, as opposed to the east coast. He remembered Liberty City being cold from October to late April. It was hardly ever cold here.




Albert’s old partner in crime, Michael Horvack, dropped his suitcase and embraced him in a hug. It’s been so long since he seen him. Albert noticed was he still was bald. Michael always said hair aggraveted him.


“It’s good to see you, man!” Albert said, picking up Michael’s suitcase for him and put it in his trunk. “Where’s Chris?”


“He’s still going through customs. Don’t worry, they are not going to find the hardware. We got these suitcases here modified so that the contents are undetectable. Really crafty stuff. You can get them online believe it or not.”


Albert looked down at it. The suitcase was metal. So once the metal detectors picked it up, they would have a good excuse. There was a hidden compartment at the bottom, which was fitted with a strange texture Albert only assumed sheilded the x-ray cameras. Inside was parts for Ak47’s, including silencers and clips.


“Nice work, Mike. This stuff is going to come in handy.”


Albert and Mike got into the car, and waited for Chris. After about 10 minutes, he came walking out of the airport terminal. Al honked to catch his attention. He smiled, and came walking over.


“De Silva! Long time no see!”


His other former partner in crime, Chris Voyles, patted him on the shoulder as he got into the back seat. Albert started the car, and began driving towards the freeway.


“Customs nearly discovered the thermite in my briefcase.” said Chris, “My guess is they picked up the chemicals in the infared. Luckily I decided to put some glow sticks in there as well to mask it. Told them I was going to a rave party. Dumb bastards.”


“I see you’re still a sly motherf*cker.” said Al, turning onto the freeway. “So guys, I’m thinking we should find a safehouse to plan this thing. I doubt my wife would allow us to plan a jewelry store heist in the house.”


Everyone laughed. Chris rolled down his window and lit up a cigar. Mike was playing with the radio. Al drove for a little bit, then took the exit that lead to downtown. He was looking for old abandoned buildings as a suitable place to plan the heist.


“I’m glad the whole crew is back together.” said Mike, turning the radio off. “Just like old times.”


“Same here, man. Too bad Jason isn’t here though. I’m pretty sure he is liable for parole in 2 more years. May he get out soon. So Al, why did you decide to get back in the game? I thought you wanted nothing to do with this life anymore”?


“Well, the life of a regular Joe is not all it’s cracked up to be, Chris. Sure I have a wonderful family, but I’ve run into some serious finacial troubles. Mortgage on the house has flopped, and we’re on the verge of bankruptcy. Got fired from my job, which I had for 15 years. I couldn’t start over, so I had to do the only other thing I was good at. Being a thief.”


Albert turned onto a street. It looked completely deserted. There were old run down houses, some looked like they was about to completely fall to the ground. So much trash littered the ground that you could hardly see the concrete. In the distance was a waste disposal factory. The smoke coming from it mixed with the Los Santos fog, making the area pretty dark.


“Take your pick boys!” said Albert.


“How about the one with the least mold,” Mike said, looking around “or the one with the friendliest cockroaches.”

Albert pulled up to the one near the end of the street. It looked like the most stable of all the houses. The paint on the front was almost completely stripped away, and the grass was nearly 3 feet tall. An old sign hanged on the door that read, “condemned. “


“Perfect! I hope everyone has their tetnus shots.”


“Better than that whorehouse in Liberty City though, right Chris?”


“Come on guys,” said Al, looking up at the house, “let’s take a look inside.”


Al pushed open the door. There was a loud squeek. In front of them was an old staircase. It looked like it was about to give out. The wallpaper was peeling off, and there were several holes in the ceiling. They walked around the first floor, checking out all the rooms. The kitchen stank of something awful, a cross between mildew and sour milk. Mike opened the fridge and discovered a dead cat.


“You guys up for some chinese”?


“I believe they only eat dogs, Mike.” said Chris. “I could be mistaken though.”


He closed it back. Then they all walked into the living room. There was an old sofa with several moth sized holes in it. Chris walked to the end of the hall, and said that the bathroom looked worse than a blue waffle. Albert looked at Mike, and they both shrugged. They then made their way carefully up the stairs.


“Be careful with that 4th step, Mike. It’s about to fall through,” said Al.


They finally made their way to the top. Surpisingly the 2nd floor was a lot more stable than the 1st. Al guessed it was probably due to flooding down there. They began looking around. There was a master bedroom and two guest rooms, both looked in pretty good shape. At the end of the hall was a study room. Al was the first to enter. There was an old desk, with several Piswaser bottles around it. The previous owner must have been an alcoholic. There was also a bulletin board, a torn leather chair, and an end table. Al noticed there was a walk in closet as well. The best thing about the room though was the view. It was by far the most lit room in the house, and there was a balcony you could step out onto. They walked out onto it, and could see all of uptown Los Santos, where the rich and famous lived.


“Nice view.” said Chris.


“So what do you guys think? Is this where we should plan the heist”? Al said, turning towards them.


“Seems like the ideal place to me.” said Mike. “Of course, me and Chris won’t be staying here. We’ve already booked a room at the Bonaventure Hotel.”


“Great! Well, let’s bring up the equipment and come back tomorrow and begin planning.” said Al.


They walked back down the steps out to the car and grabbed the suitcases, a box of red overalls, a few duffel bags, and all of Al’s plans he wrote down then brought them back up to the study room and hid them in the walk in closet. They then pushed the old desk in front of it, and went back to the car. Al drove Mike and Chris to their hotel. It was not that far from Al’s house. He pulled up to the hotel entrance.


“I’ll pick you guys up around 10:30 tomorrow morning. We need to go over the basics… and I think we should go out to the countryside eventually and fire off a few rounds with the AK’s.”


“Ha, it’s been awhile since you last shot a gun hasn’t it, Al?” joked Chris.


“Not too long ago really. I think it would be wise to get back into the groove though.”


“Don’t worry, Al. “ said Mike. “We’ll get you back into the swing of things. Unlike you, we still have our groove.”


Al popped the trunk so they could grab their belongings. Once they got them and shut the trunk, Mike walked up to the passenger window.


“See you tomorrow, Al!”


He honked at them while they walked into the hotel, then he headed home. Once he arrived he checked the mail. More bills, and a notice from the back. The mortgage is due soon.


“So is the heist.” Al said to himself.


The fate of their house, and most likely their future, relied completely on the outcome of the heist. If Al was to die the burden will be on his family. He hoped if he did die that his social security check would be enough to hold them over for ahwhile. Would their memory of him be tarnished once they learned the truth about him? Would they praise him for what he done for them? Al shook this thought from his head, and walked inside.


“Hey babe, you’re home a bit early.” Kendra was sitting at the kitchen table, looking over expenses.


“Yeah, not many people take plane tours on a Sunday believe it or not. Where’s the kids?”


“Lisa is up in her room, and Kevin has been gone all day.” Kendra said, scratching something out with a sharpie. “ I think he said he was going to look for a job.”


“About time he started to apply himself.” said Al, looking down at all the documents. “So what is all this?”


“Just looking at bill records.” Kendra sighed. “We’re going to have to make some cutbacks. The cable is going to have to be cut off, as well as the internet. I know Lisa isn’t going to like that, but she is going to have to get over it. If Kevin finds a job, he can pitch in on groceries. Tomorrow I’m going to go looking for another hotel receptionist job. Any luck getting more hours at work babe?”


“Oh, I think something is going to be coming my way soon.” said Al, half grinning.


“Great! Just keep hassling that boss of yours and he will eventually give in.”


Al kissed her on the top of the head and then walked upstairs. He went into the bathroom and started the shower. He noticed the eyedrop bottle was open on the sink. Al found this a bit strange. He closed it up and put it back in the cabinet. He got undressed and jumped in the shower. Once he was done, he dried off and grabbed his robes from the closet. Before he walked out of the bathroom, he looked into the mirror at himself.


“This is how you’re going to win. They keep underestimating you.”


He walked down the hall to his bedroom. It was nearly 5:30 pm. Once he got into his room, he put on some clothes and walked back downstairs to the living room. For the next hour or so he helped Kendra with decided what to budget, then started on supper. At about 7 Kevin came barreling in. He immediately went upstairs.


“Something tells me he wasn’t looking for a job today.” said Al, stirring the chili.


“Can you go up and talk to him? I’ll finish up here.”


Al walked back upstairs and knocked on Kevin’s door. No answer. He knocked again. No answer. Al then opened the door slowly to see Kevin hiding something under his matress.


“Pot?” said Al, letting the door close behind him.


Kevin jumped. He turned around. Al seen the expression on his face. It looked like a deer caught in the headlights.


“Dad, I’m sorry. Pot isn’t that bad. It’s not like other drugs out there. It helps me chill out.”


“Chill out from WHAT?” Al said angrily. “All you do is sit around all day and play video games. So tell me, exactly why would you need to chill? Doesn’t matter. I told you to keep that sh*t out of this house. You disobeyed me. Give me the stuff.”


Kevin hesitated. He looked around the room, then back at Al.

“Dad, you don’t understand. There’s more to this tha-…”


“Save your breath.” barked Al. “Give me the drugs Kevin.”


Kevin looked down at the ground, than turned back to the matress. He reached under it, and pulled out the biggest bag of weed Al has ever seen and handed it to him.


Al examined it, then said, “How much is this? 10 ounces?”


“12.” said Kevin, avoiding eye contact.


“Well, there is no way you are smoking this. So you’re holding this for someone. Correct?”


“No, I mean… not exactly… I… I’m.”


Then it the truth hit Al all at once.


“You’re a drug dealer.”


Kevin said nothing. He continued to look at the floor. Al was looking out the window.


“Who’s your supplier? “ Al said finally.


“Just some lowlife.” Kevin said reluctantly. “A nobody.”


“And what was to happen if you didn’t sale this?” Al said pointing to the bag.


“I’d probably get the sh*t beat out of me.”


Al thought for a moment. Maybe it was best for him to keep it. Perhaps he would teach him a lesson. He then threw Kevin back the bag.


“I tell you what. You sale that bag, then you’re done. Tell you’re dealer you want out. I don’t care how you do it. I promise not to tell you’re mother about this. But you’re going to see this through to the end. This is a valuable life lesson for you son. Now hide that and come back downstairs for supper.”


Kevin’s mouth was open as Al turned to leave. What had he just done? Did he say it was ok for Kevin to be a drug dealer? No, he was trying to teach him to see his problems through to the end. He was not encouraging him, he was simply telling him to sort out his problems like a man. But how did Kevin percieve what he said? Albert hoped for the best. He grabbed a bowl of chilli and sat down at the table.


“Lisa! Come eat!” yelled Kendra as she made her a bowl.


Lisa came running downstairs. She took a seat at the table. After a few minutes, Kevin came in. He refused to look Al in the eyes. He grabbed a bowl and took a seat. Al starting eating, then heard his phone beep. He got up and walked over to his jacket hanging on the wall. He reached into the pocket and pulled out his Badger. It was a text message from Slice.


Your crew arrive? T-Ray is down.


Al replied.


Yes. Give T-Ray my number.


He put his phone back then finished his food. Afterwards, he walked into the living and watched a Jack Howitzer film. Then he checked his phone again. Slice gave him T-Ray number. Al sent him a message saying to meet him at the industrial district downtown tomorrow around 11 am. Albert turned off the TV then went upstairs to get read for bed. He changed into his sleep clothes and snuggled into bed with his wife.


“What was Kevin’s deal babe?” said Kendra as she read a book.


“No luck finding a job today. He said he’s going to try again tomorrow.” lied Al, massaging his forehead.


They soon drifted off to sleep. The next morning Al woke up at 9. He had to pick Mike and Chris up at the hotel, then meet T-Ray at the safehouse. He told his wife he would see her after work, then he headed out.

On the way to the hotel, Al sent Michael a text that he was on the way. Once he arrived, he seen both of them were waiting by the front entrance. Just like clockwork, Al thought. They got in the car, and then headed off to the safehouse.


“So are we going to meet the driver today, Al?” asked Chris.


“Yeah, I told him to meet us at the safehouse.”


“Are you sure we can trust this guy? I mean, he’s a gang banger right? They have a different set of principles than us professional criminals have.” said Mike.


“When I was offered the job by my contact,” said Al, “he made me rob a chain of 24/7’s as initiation. T-Ray, the guy you all are going to meet, was the driver. He handled himself really well, and has above average driving skills. I really don’t know much about his character, but he’s the only person I can see doing this job. It would be different if Jason was not in jail. But instead, we just have to adapt.”


They arrived at the abandoned street in downtown. Al noticed T-Ray’s red Super GT parked a little ways down. As he drove pass, Al motioned him to follow. They went up a few more yards, and parked in front of the safehouse.


“Guys, this is T-Ray.” Al said after everyone got out of the car.


“Hey. I’m Chris.” said Chris, shaking T-Ray’s hand.


“Nice to meet you, T-Ray. The name is Mike. What’s your real name might I ask?” said Mike, after shaking his hand.


“Terrance Rodriguez.” answered T-Ray.


“Terrance…” sneered Chris. “I think I’ll just stick with T-Ray.”


“Yeah, it works out best for me as well.” T-Ray grinned.


“Alright guys, let’s go inside.” said Al.


Everyone went into the house, and walked upstairs.


“What a sh*t hole.” T-Ray said, stepping over a dead mouse.


They went into the study room. Al walked into the closet to grab up his plans he made, while Mike and Chris dusted off some chairs to sit on. T-Ray leaned against the wall with his arms crossed.


“So THIS is where we are going to be planning this thing?” T-Ray asked, perpluxed.


“Got anywhere else in mind?” Al said, laying the plans on the old desk. “This street is abandoned. No one ever comes here, and I don’t blame them. It doesn’t even look like squaters will inhabit this place.”


Al noticed the old white board laying on the ground. He picked it up and hung it on a lose nail on the wall behind the desk.


“Alright, I think we should just get right to it.” He used on of the old magnets on the whiteboard and pinned a picture of the jewelry store he took.


“This is our target. Borgin & Burke’s Jewelry . It’s located on Rodeo Drive, south of Mulholland. There is two ways to turn on this street. We will be coming from the south,“ Al then pinned a road map on the board which contained a highlighted escape route. “because than it’s a straight path to the interstate. T-Ray, you will be driving the van as we do the heist. We’re going to pull up to the front entrance, hop out, bust down the door, and grab all the goods we can. No doubt some of the more expensive stuff will be more protected. Which is where Chris’ thermite will come in handy.”


Al pointed to Chris as he opened up his metal briefcase which contained the thermite.


“This stuff” said Al, “will melt through anything, and I mean anything. There is no lock that will stop it.”


“It’s basically liquid hot magma.” Chris inquired.


“Indeed it is.” Al then turned to Mike. “Mike, you’re on crowd control. You always are more charismatic during a job. For that, I have never understood.”


“What can I say? When sh*t is going down, I tend to plan my words more carefully.” Mike boasted.


“After we grab the goods, we’re going to haul ass back to the van. T-Ray, you’re going to drive straight on towards the interstate.” Al then pointed to the highlighted road on the map. ”You’re going to get on Exit 35, and put the pedal to the metal all the way…“ Al then used his finger to displace how far they were going, “here. Right outside Los Santos in Red County. That’s where we switch cars. By they way, this is where we are going to meet before the heist. T-Ray, you’re going to park your car their too. We will need to both go our separate ways after this. After that, we all meet back here. Any questions?”


“Disguises? We’re going to need some form of cover.” said Chris.


“We’re going to be wearing exterminator outfits.” Al pulled out a box under the desk which contained the outfits and face masks. He threw one each to Chris and Mike.


“Brilliant! They will never expect that. Totally original too.” said Mike.


“Thank you, Mike. We will probaly go down in history for this if we play our cards right. Now, we’re going to need to get a van.

Any suggestions?”


“I know a guy in the stock yard near Ganton who will sale me one for cheap, false plates and all.” T-Ray said.


“Perfect! The heist is going to take place next Thursday at 9pm, when the sore opens. This thing should go off without a hitch if we all just stick to the plan. Anyone have any questions?”


“Who’s going to be buying the merchandise we steal?” asked Chris.


“My homie Slice has a contact who is interested. We split the earning 4 ways. 25% each. There should be plenty to go around.” Said T-Ray.


“Alright that should be it for today planning wise.” Albert said. “We’ll go over it more precisely in the coming days. Mike, Chris, we are now going to head out to the country side and some some practice shots with the AK’s. T-Ray, you can come if you like. But you’re really not going to be doing any shooting during the heist.”


“It’s fine, G. I got a booty call waiting for me anyways. Gotta bounce!” T-Ray said, throwing up a gang sign while leaving.


“Alright guys, let’s head out.” Al said as Mike and Chris stood up to leave, grabbing the briefcases with the AK’s.


Al drove all the way to Red County. He arrived at the meeting point for the heist, and parked his car. They grabbed the AK’s and walked across a field. San Andreas’ countryside was always so beautiful. Al wishes he could take his family out here more often. It would be good to get away from city life for awhile. They came to a clearing, and stopped. They took out the guns, and assembled them. Chris set some old glass bottles up around the clearing, hanging them on trees, behind bushes… anywhere a cop might take cover behind.


“Alright Al, you go first! How long has it been since you last fired a gun? 15 years?” Mike said.


“2 actually. I had a membership at the Ammu-Nation gun club. But I had to quit paying for it due to the sh*tty economy.”


“Well, express your frustration my man!”


Al looked down at the AK. It was really a fine looking gun. Very professional looking. He took aim down the site, putting a bottle on a tree branch in his cross hair. Steady…. Al pulled the trigger. He hit his mark.


“NICE SHOOTING, TEX! LOOKS LIKE YOU STILL GOT SOME KILLER IN YOU!” Chris said, patting him on the back.


They spent another hour practicing. Al decided to call it quits for the day, and took them back to their hotel. He told them same tomorrow, another meeting at the safehouse, a quick scope out of the jewelry store, then more shooting practice. He then drived home. They did this the next few days, it was very essential that they perfect their plan. When Al would come home late, he would tell his wife he had wipe down duty. Al hated lying to his wife, but it was all for the greater good. Soon, they will be finacially comfortable. It was then Wednesday night… the night before the heist. Mike said they should celebrate, so Al drove them to a bar located outside just outside Vinewood. As he pulled up, and man was being thrown out. No doubt he had caused some trouble. Al parked the car, and they all got out and went inside. They all took a seat on a stool, and Al ordered them all a shot of some Fire Wiskey.


“To the victors, the spoils.” Al said, raising his glass to toast. They obliged, and so they drank. There was a burning hot sensation, which was followed by watery eyes. Chris slammed his drank down on the bar table.




They agreed to stick with Piswasser from then on. They didn’t want to get totally wasted before the heist. They talked about the life, family, Liberty City, America’s Next Top Hooker… basically everything.


“So tell me, Al.” Mike said, taking a sip of his beer. “Of all the places in America… why did you move here?


Al pondered over this question. It was rather a difficult one for him to answer.


“Why did I move here?” Al thought for a second. “I guess it was the weather. Or the… I don’t know. That thing. That magic.”


“Magic? What do you mean?” Chris asked.


“You see it in the movies. I wanted to retire. From what I was doing, you know? From that…” Al tried to find words. “that line of work. Be a good guy for once. A family man. So, I bought a big house. Came here, put my feet up. Thought I would be a dad like all the other dads. My kids? They would be like the kids on TV. We’d play ball… and sit in the sun. But well…” Al took a long drink from his Piswasser. “You know how it is.”


“Don’t let it get you down man.” Mike said, putting an arm around him. “We all have expectations in life, but that doesn’t mean we should count on them to come true. You just got to keep on keeping on my brother. I think what you are doing for your family is very noble of you. I will probably never understand what it’s like having your own family. But I do know you should appreciate yours. I’m proud that you left the criminal lifestyle. But don’t get me wrong though. It takes a man to put things aside for family. But it takes an even bigger man to embrace them things in favor of your family’s well being.”


Al didn’t know what to say. Mike was right. When he moved here, he had a vision on how he wanted his new life to be. But he put too much focus on what he envisioned, he became blinded by it. He swore to himself he would be more gracious of his family. But somewhere, deep down inside, Al had re-opened a feeling he hasn’t felt in years. He felt like a wild animal… knowing that soon, he will be set free. It was nearly 10:30, Al had to get home. He was a bit tipsy, but he could drive. He dropped Mike and Chris off at the hotel.


“Get some good sleep guys. I’ll pick you up tomorrow around 9.”


“Not a problem, Al.” Chris said, burping. “Drive safe!”


On the way home, Al stopped at the store. He bought some mouth wash, chewing gum, and spray deodrant. He didn’t want to have to explain to his wife why he was drinking. When he got home, everyone was already asleep. He changed into his sleep clothes, curled up next to his wife, and went right to bed.

The next morning he got up at 8. He put on a some confortable clothes. Kendra was still asleep. As Al was putting his belt on, he watched her sleep. If only she knew what he would be doing today… for her… for the kids. He leaned down, and kissed her on the forehead.


“Albert?” Kendra said, her eyes half open.


“Go back to sleep, babe. I’ll be home later. Got a few tours I have to take care of today.”


“Alright honey, I’ll have supper done when you get back.”


Albert’s mind began to race. Hopefully he would be alive to enjoy supper, he thought. He pushed it out of his mind, and left. When he arrived at the hotel, Mike and Chris was waiting… briefcases at their side. Al popped the trunk, and they put them in there. Al then drove to the meeting point in Red County. Once they arrived, they notice T-Ray wasn’t there yet.


“Where in the f*ck is he?” Chris said, sounding pissed.


“Are you absolutely sure we can trust this f*cking guy, Al?” Mike said.


Al said nothing. A couple minutes later, they seen T-Ray pulling up in the van.


“Almost scored some fine ass lady at a stop light on the way to pick up this van. Too bad I was busy today…”


“Don’t you f*cking pull that sh*t on us again.” Al barked. “We spend the last week planning this thing. We need to stick to the plan. I told you to meet here at exactly 8:30. It is now 8:45. Now we’re going to arrive there a little after 9. No more f*ck ups. Understand?”


“No problem, Mr. Perfect” said T-Ray.


“Perfection is key here, you arrogant f*ck. Now let’s get the gear.”


Al popped the trunk and grabbed the overalls, masks, duffel backs, AK’s and the exterminator logo magnet for the van. They put their overalls on, and loaded up some extra ammo into their duffel bags they were carrying. Chris was carrying the thermite. They made sure their AK’s were fully stocked as they were walking towards the van, Al forgot something. He took off his wedding ring, and placed it in the clove compartment in his car. He didn’t want to lose it during the heist. Chris and Mike was sitting in the back, T-Ray a the wheel. Al slapped the logo on the side of the van, then he got it.

T-Ray took the interstate. Wouldn’t be long before they arrived in Rodeo… where the store was.


“Ok guys, just stick to the plan. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be successful.” Al shot a quick glance at T-Ray, who shrugged at him. Mike then put a red baseball cap, as he would be the one on crowd control. This way they can better identify eachother. On the radio a song called “Odgen’s Nut Gone Flake” was playing. It was rather a good pump up song, there was something phsycadellic about it. T-Ray got off on the exit. Finally, they arrived at Rodeo, and turned onto the street, from the south side, where the store was located. T-Ray parked in front of the store.


Al turned around in his seat towards Mike and Chris.


“To the victors, the spoils!” He then got out, and hit the side of the van.


“Let’s go!”


Mike and Chris jumped out of the back seat. Al, then took the lead, and kicked open the front door.




Al jumped over the register, and hit the clerk with the butt of his gun. He felt to the floor, unconsious. Mike jumped on top of a counter, aiming his gun at the people laying on the floor.




Albert and Chris then started grabbing all the easy access jewelry. It wasn’t hard, all they had to do was bust the glass. They stuffed it all inside their duffel bags.


“Chris, back room! Apply the thermite to safe jewelry locks!” yelled Al.


Chris ran into the back room, where all the more expensive jewelry was. He placed thermite on top of all the locks, and ignited them. Not long now and they would be reduced to hot liquid.


“Switch me places, Mike! Grab the rest of the loose goods!” said Al.


Mike jumped down off the counter and started filling his duffel bag up. Albert took his place, keeping watch over the customers. He took a glance outside. The van was gone.


“WHAT THE f*ck!!!???” Al roared. He jumped down off the counter, and looked out the window, he looked to the right, and seen the back of the van, speeding away. To the left was about a dozen police cars, coming his way. 3 cars kept on going, chasing after T-Ray. The rest stayed behind. The alarm the went off.


Boom. There was a gunshot behind him. Chris emerged from the back room, and shot the clerk right in the face for pulling the alarm.


“Al!” Mike said, looking at Chris in horror. “We got to get the f*ck out of here! SWAT will be here any minute!”




“OH f*ck! WE’RE SCREWED!!!” Mike yelled.


Chris was looking down at the dead clerk. He had a crazy look in his eyes.


“WE’RE GOING TO FIGHT OUR WAY OUT OF HERE!!!” Chris said, looking away from the body. “Stay behind me.


Chris then slowly opened the front doors. He opened fire at the cops, while taking cover.




Al seen it, he dashed out of the store, Mike right behind him. Once he made it to the alley, he turned around and provided cover for Chris. He motioned him to come. Chris ran across the street, shooting while running. Al continue to provide him cover while Mike secured the other side of the alley.


"I’M GOING TO GRAB THAT SEDAN OVER THERE! KEEP MY COVERED WHILE I HOTWIRE IT!!!” Mike yelled. They all ran across the street. Mike busted the window out, and started to hotwire. A SWAT van pulled up at the end of the street. More cops behind them too. Al and Chris began to open fire, using the sedan as cover.


“NEARLY DONE!” Mike yelled.


Boom, ba boom boom boom.


Chris got hit multiple times in the back. There was SWAT on the room beside them. Al opened fired at them, and they retreated. Al looked down at Chris, who was laying on the ground, bleeding badly.


“GOT IT!” Mike screamed.


Al hoisted Chris up, and put his arm around his shoulder. Mike provided cover as Al dropped Chris into the back seat. Mike then skidded across the hood into the passenger seat, and shot a few more rounds off at the roof where the SWAT was. Al jumped in the driver’s seat, and floored it towards the interstate.




Mike jumped into the backseat, and turned Chris over.


“Oh sh*t, Al… he’s…he’s not going to make it.”


Al got onto the interstate. There was an ambulance coming in the opposite direction. Al didn’t see a cop in sight, they most likely stalled them during that gun fight. Al hopped the median, cutting off the amblance.


“We need to get him in that ambulance, Mike. Come on!”




There was a gurgling noise coming from the back seat. Chris had said the word.


“Just… get out of here. T-take this.”


He handed Al the duffel bag with the most expensive jewelry, and also the thermite.


“Burn this c-car… with me in it. I’m no longer f-fit for this w-world. Sh-shoot me, Al. G-get out of here.”


More gurgling noise. Al also heard faint sirens in the distance. They police were getting closer. He saw no other choice. They couldn’t carry him. The poilce wouldn’t be able to identify the body after either. He pointed the AK right at Chris’ temple.


“I’m sorry brother.”




Al then dumped the termite on the roof, and ignited it. It wasn’t long before the whole car was on fire. Mike and Al took one last look at it, and took off in the opposite direction, towards the ambulance. They threw out the paramedics, Al jumped in the driver’s seat, and Mike hopped in the back. Guarding their rear. Al hauled ass towards Red County. They passed several cops coming the other way. Once they arrived at the meeting place, Mike and Al took off the overalls and masks left them in the ambulance as they pushed it into a nearby river. They then grabbed the duffel bags with the loot and got into Albert’s car.


“I… I can’t believe he is gone.”


Mike hands were covering his face. Al was focused on the road. He didn’t want to think about it right now. He drove back to the hotel, and dropped Mike off.


“I’ll call you later after I exchange the good. You go and lay low.” Albert said.


Mike got out of the car.


“After that, we are going to f*cking rip that coward son of a bitch T-Ray’s head off.” Mike said, looking Al straight in his eyes.


He then walked towards the hotel… shaking his head. In disbelieve of what happened no doubt.

Al then called Slice, while driving towards Ganton. It rang only once.


“What in the f*ck happened?” Slice said. “You guys are all over the f*cking news! Big shootout in rodeo, a body found in a

burning vehicle. Did you know they busted T-Ray? “


“What? But how?”


“They chased him all to where he parked his car. He couldn’t shake them. He jumped out of the van and got into his Super GT.

They were stil on his ass. The motherf*cker slammed into the side of a blue town car, then wrecked into a pole shortly after. The pigs surrounded him, and took him into custody. They are probably questioning him right now!”


“If he rats on us, that is going to be a problem Slice.”


“He’s never been in this kind of situation before… who knows what he will do. Why in the fuch did this sh*t happen anyways? I thought you were professional?”


“There must have been a partol car that spotted us entering the store. That’s something we could’t anticpate. Sometimes sh*t happens. If it wasn’t for T-Ray though, my partner and old friend Chris would still be alive.”


“I’m sorry about your friend, Bert. But we got to move on. The buyer wants the goods now, so we’re going to meet you behind Burger Shot near Idlewood. Be there soon!”


Al hung up, then proceeded to Idlewood. He pulled up to the car behind the Burger Shot. He grabbed the goods, and walked over to te buyer and Slice.


“Let me see, let me see!” the buyer yelled. He was an older black gentleman.


“Oh very nice, very nice indeed!” He was holding up a diamond to the sunlight.


“Payment.” Al said flatly.


“Huh? Oh right right, very well. Here.”


He handed Al two briefcases. Al opened one of them, and coulnd’t believe how much money he saw.


“Mow much all together?


“Oh, about $500,000.” The buyer said, loading the goods into his trunk.


“And my cut is $100,000… for the Cartel’s drug shipment.” Slice said, taking his money.


“I want to be there when you give it to them.” Al said. “You owe me that.”


“Understandable. I’ll call you in a couple days. Gotta bounce man!”


Al then drove back to his house. It was late. He turned off his lights as he pulled into the driveway. He needed to hide the money somewhere safe. He grabbed the briefcase, and walked into the backyard. Al felt eyes watching him… he looked around but saw no one. He then walked into the old shed, and pulled a lose board out of the floor and placed the briefcase in there. After it was secure, he walked into the house.


“Al, did you hear what happened in Rodeo?” Kendra said, looking away from the TV. She was watching the news report.


“3 Masked gunmen layed seige upon Rodeo today.” The anchorman said. “The men were dressed as pest exterminators, who robbed the Borgin and Burke’s Jewelry Store. There was also a 4th man, Terrance Rodriguez, who believed to be the driver. Terrance drove away from the scene. The man eventually switched cars, a 2010 red Super GT. He was apprehended when he slammed into another car, and hit a pole. A burning car was also found on the freeway. It is unknown if it was related to the heist.”


There was an ariel view of the car. Albert couldn’t help but to look away. Kendra noticed this. Al then walked out of the room, and up to bed. He just lost one of his good friends. He crashed on the bed, and went right to sleep. He was exhuasted.

The next day Albert woke to the sound of his phone. He received a text message.


Meet at the docks, and take care of your problem.


Who was this? Al got straight up, and walked downstairs. His wife was gone, probaly at Ms. Bell’s again. Lisa was at school, and who knew where Kevin was. Al drove to the docks, and seen a police car there. He hit the handbrake, and swerved back around. The entrance was then blocked by another police car. Then a voice on the intercom said.


“Step out and put your hands up!”


Al obliged. Not no long after, someone poked him on the shoulder.


“Hello, Albert De Silva. I’m Sgt. RJ Vickers. Narcotics. I have someone I would like you to meet.”


One of the officers opened the backseat of the cruiser, and pulled out T-ray. Al was speachless.


“He ratted you out. No one else. He gave us your name… well, not me. Another department was interogating him. I for one,

know of his involvment with the cartel. So here’s the deal. We give him to you, in which you can do what you want with him, in exchange, you help us move in on the 13th Street Jungle Kings. We know you are afficialated with them, and we know they have contact with the Cartel. So you do this for us, and we’ll let you go free. When the time is right to move in on them, you call me. And then, your debt is gone. If you don’t call, then we have a problem. Understood?”


The other copsshoved the still handcuffed T-Ray to the ground in front of Al.


“Happy trails.” Said the cop who pushed him. Him and Vickers laughed, then got in their cruisers, and drove away. Al then looked down, T-Ray, disgusted.


“Please, let me go! I had no choice! There was cops everywhere, man! What would you have done!!!” T-Ray pleaded.


Al walked over and picked up a piece of rebar he found, then walked back in front of T-Ray.


“This is for Chris.”


He shoved the rebar straight through the back of T-Ray head. Blood began to pour out onto the pavement. Al drug the body towards the water, and dumped him in. He then got back in his car, and rrove home. He needed to pick up the money and give Mike his cut. Plus he need to go and pay the mortgage before it was due. Once he got home, he ran back to the shed. However, when he opened the door, he noticed the loosed board was pulled up,and the money was missing.


“Oh my God…”


Al then ran info the house, sweating. He could not believe his eyes. Kendra was sitting at the kitchen table, with her arms crossed. The briefcase of money was sitting on the table in front of her, wide open.


“That was you. You were one of the robbers.” Kendra said. "Ms. Bell said she seen you with a briefcase last night, and you ran into the old shed in the back."


There was a long pause.


“Get out.” Kendra said, flatly. “Get out, and never come back. I can’t believe this… I really cannot. What in the WORLD were you thinking, Al? And who were them other men?”


Al didn’t know what to say. It was time to be honest.


“Before I met you, I was a professional thief in Liberty City. I moved here to escape that life. Things were good for awhile, until the mortgage, the bills, the economy. It all piled up. I was fired from my job, Kendra. I seen no other choice. I had to return to that life. For you. For the kids. I did this for you all. Please, please… forgive me.”


She began to cry.


“Just get out. And take this money with you.


Al didn’t know what to do. Perhaps it would be best to let her cool off. He walked over, and tried to kiss her… but she turned away. He then grabbed the money, and walked out the door. Words cannot express how he felt. Al then drove to the bank, he took out what he owed for the mortgage from the briefcase, and walked inside. He went straight into the managers office. He was with a client.


“Mr. De Silva? Please wait your turn!”


Albert slammed the money on his desk.


“The money for the mortgage. All here.”


The manger picked it up, and counted. His jaw fell open.


“But how?”


“Does it matter?” Al said, “you have the money. Now leave my house alone, you hear me!?”


The manager nodded his head, in shock. Albert then walked out of the bank. He then drove to Mike’s hotel. He grabbed the briefcase, and walked to his room.


Knock knock.


No answer.


Knock knock.


Mike then opened the door. His eyes were blood shot. He looked miserable.


“Come in.”


There was a bottle of Fire Wiskey laying on the bed. Al opened the briefcase, and gave Mike his cut.


“What about Chris’ cut?”


“I was thinking. Perhaps it would be best if I kept it. Not to spend it, but to save it for when it matters.”


“S-sounds good to me… Chris would have wanted that. “Mike said, half sobbing.


“Do you mind if I stay here a few days? Fight with the wife. I want her to calm down.”


“Not a problem Al, I would love the company.”


The weekend goes by. Al stays at the hotel, planning with Mike what to do next. He tells them about the Cartel, and that Slice has allowed Al to accompany him to pay them off for their next drug shipment.


“I want you to come with me. Get our foots in the door with Cartel. I’m willing to bet they could use our flying skills to deliver

their drugs.”


“Just call me when the deal is going down, and I’ll be ready.”


The next day, Albert woke up to the sound of the phone again. It was lying on the end table between his bed and Mike’s. He

snatched It up and read the text. It was from Slice.


Deal is tomorrow at noon. Be there, and dress respectively.


Al then woke, Mike and told him the news. He told Mike to take a cab and to go and get a suit for the deal tomorrow. Mike said he would, after he recovered from his hangover. Al had to go back to his house and pick up his suit. It was in his closet. Perhaps Kendra has forgiven him? Once he arrived at his house, he noticed Kendra wasn’t there. He walked into his bedroom, and there she was… pulling his clothes out of the drawer.


“I knew you would be back soon or your stuff. Al, I want a divorce. The paper’s are on the bed their.”


She then pointed towards them. Al couldn’t believe it. All he has done… was for nothing. He tried to help his family, but all he did was push them away. He tried to plead with her, but he knew it was useless. She was dead set on leaving him. He snatched up the divorce papers, grabbed his clothes, his old beretta 9mm, and the gray suit from the closet, and left. He threw it all in his car… and just drove. he decided to stay at the old safehouse for the night to think about stuff. It was dark when he got there. Al simply walked into the house, and plopped onto the old sofa. He went to sleep almost instantly… he was emotionally torn apart. He woke up around 7 in the morning. The deal with the cartel was at noon. He walked back out to his car, and grabbed the suit, and walked back into the old house. He then walked into the study room, and put on the suit. He then took a seat in the old office chair. The briefcase of money was beside him, along with his beretta. There was also an old ash tray, with a zippo and cigar beside him. It was Chris', Al could tell by the smell of it. He must have left it here. Al then put the cigar in his mouth, and lit it up. He then looked over the divorce papers. Kendra wants full custody of Lisa. Al shook his head, then began thinking of what to do.


Then, it all hit him at once. Maybe all this has happened for a reason. He put the cigar out, and walked out onto the balcony. That feeling inside of him came to the surface… the caged wild animal wanting to be free. Albert was no free. Free to return to his old life, his wife didn’t want anything to do with him.


“So be it.” Said Al out loud.


If this deal with the Cartel goes well, who knows what the future holds for him. Al then looked towards uptown Los Santos, where all the rich and famous lived. He looked at the construction, and the businesses. He smiled, then adjusted his position.


Time to take over.




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Al took one last look at the city, then walks back inside from the balcony. He looks at the divorce papers laying on the ground, picks them up, and signs them. He stuffs them into his coat pocket, and then heads out the front door to his car. The deal with the cartel was soon, and he had to pick up Mike. Al then drove to Mike’s hotel. As he was pulling up, he sees Mike standing by the curb, in his new suit. Mike gets in, and then they are off to the drug deal.


The deal was going to take place in the middle of the Pollos Hermanos desert, near an old shack. Splice gave them directions over the phone, then they arrived. 2 black SUV’s, and Splice’s car was already there. They were all standing in the middle. Al parked his car, then him and Mike walked over to the deal.


“This your guy?” said one of the cartel members.


“Yep, this is him.” Splice said.


Al raised his hand for a handshake, but the man didn’t return one.


“Splice says you have some valuable service you could offer us.” The man said, looking up from Al’s outstretched hand.


Al lowered his arm, and then grinned. He looked out towards the sunset. It was always so beautiful in the desert.


“Me and my partner here was in the airforce a while back. So we have excellent flight experience. I was told that smuggling drugs has become a bit of a problem for you?

Well, we can change that. We can guarantee your delivery, say as far as Red County. Then, it’s all a matter of transportation from that point. Which is where,” Al points to Slice, “the Jungle Kings fit in. They load up your drugs, and begin distribution on the streets. You make your cut in a safe, orderly fashion. No risk of being caught by border patrol. So what do you say?”


The man looked at his men, obviously impressed by the deal. Al caught a glimpse of Slice and Mike. Both looked absolutely shocked. The man then turned back to Al.


“And where do you plan on landing this plane?”


“I’ll have the place by the end of the week, don’t you worry.”


The man then looked back to speak with someone else. After a minute or so, he turned back to Al.


“You have until Friday.”


They then returned to their SUV’s, and drove off into the sunset. Mike turned to Al, and Al was ready for the explosion.




“Mike, calm down and hear me out for a sec. It turns out I already have the spot, but you’ll just have to wait and see.” Al turned to Splice, ignoring Mike’s confused look.

“Splice, I’m going to need you to get some guys together, and meet me under the overpass on I5. Ok?”


“Sure, whatever you say dog. Mind letting me know the low-down of the situation?”


“No time, just get the guys together. Call me when they leave. Mike, let’s go.”


They walked back to the car, and drove off. After awhile, Mike finally looked away from the window.


“Care to fill me in now, Al? Exactly where are we going to find an airstrip?”


“Red County, at my former place of employment. We’re going to head over there after we meet up with Slice’s guys and we’re going to buy it, with Chris’ cut of the money. I think that would be a good investment, don’t you think?”


Mike looked stunned.


“And exactly when did you come up with all this?”


“It all hit me at once, today actually. I was standing on the balcony at the safe house, looking over at the city… and the idea just suddenly came to me. That’s not even half of it. I’m thinking that once we make some real money working with the cartel, we can make a name for ourselves in the city. Possibly even take over. How’s that sound?”


Mike rolled down his window and lit up a cigarette, shaking his head.


“I’m glad we had time to talk about this, Al. If we f*ck up with the cartel, it’s not going to just be a slap on the wrist. You realize what they do to people who crosses them?

Decapitation is one of them. I just hope you know what you are doing…”


“Mike trust me, it’s a full proof plan. All we have to do is fly. We will have a safe place to land, and then all we have to do is sit back and earn our cut. You just watch.”


“How about we just secure the air strip first?”


Al arrived at the overpass. He noticed Slice’s goons parked under it, so he drove up next to them.


“Get in.” Al said.


They did so, and then Al was off to Red County.


“So what’s the job?” asked one of the goons.


“The job is for you to enforce what I say today. If someone doesn’t agree with me, you are to punch them in the face… or use your imagination. Understand?”


“Gotcha, B.”


They arrived at Al’s former place of employment, the tourist airstrip in the middle of Red County. They got out of the car, then walked inside the building. Inside was a family of four, patiently waiting for their tour guide. Al’s former boss was behind the counter, talking with someone on the phone.


Al leaned towards Mike.


“Wait by the door.”


He then motioned Splice’s goons to follow. Al walked towards the counter, and rang the bell. Joe looked up from his desk, and his expression widened. He hung up the phone, got up, and walked towards Al.


“What in the f*ck makes you think it would be ok to walk back in here?”


Al put a briefcase full of Chris’ half of the money onto the counter, and opened it.


“Here’s $40,000 for the airstrip. I advise you take it.”


He looked down at the briefcase. He stared at it for a moment, almost not being able to look away, and he laughed.


“You come in here, after making the rudest of gestures to me when you quit, and have the f*cking NERVE to pull something like this! Why would I sell you my airstrip, huh? You degenerate!”


Al looked at his bodyguards, then back at Joe.


“Last warning. Accept the deal now, or face the consequences.”


Joe then looked at both the men, stunned.


“Who are they?” he asked.


“These are my businesses associates. They’re job is to enforce what I say. I literally will not take no for an answer. So either you sell me the air strip for $40,000… or things are going to get awfully physical around here.”


Joe looked scared now, but also a bit menacing. After a moment or two, he turned back to Al.


“$100,000 and it’s yours.”


Al shook his head.


“Sick ‘em.”


The goons grabbed Joe’s shirt, and pulled him across the counter. One of them kicked him right in the side of the face. Then the other picked him off the ground, and punched him right in the stomach, knocking him to the knees. Al walked over to him as one of the goons pulled his hair to face Al.


“But I already told you, Joe. $40,000. There’s no option in this. You take the money, and you leave. Simple as that.”


Joe was spitting blood onto the floor. He looked up at Al.


“But this air strip has been in my family for centuries, ever since air planes were first created! You know that!”


“Oh, I know that Joe. You’ve told me a hundred times. Frankly, I don’t give a f*ck. Never have. The point is, you’re going to sell me this place for the exact price I offered, or my boys here are going to do a bit more work on your face.”


Joe began sobbing now. After a few awkward moments listening to him cry, Al picked him up and sat him on a nearby bench.


“I’ll have you taken to the airport. Go start a new life in Vice City or something. If you were to tell the authorities about this, know that I have contacts that will not only hunt you down, cut off your head, and sh*t down your neck… but will also murder your entire f*cking family. You’ll be doing the right thing, trust me.”


Al heard Mike chuckle.


“O-o-okay!!! You will n-never see me again! I’ll move to Vice City, and never l-look back! Just please don’t hurt my f-f-family you f*cking b-bastard!”


“Just do as I say Joe, and they will remain unharmed. Get him to the car boys.”


The goons picked him up, and dragged him to the car. Mike opened the door for them. Al then turned to the family waiting in the waiting room.


“Sorry folks, all flights are cancelled for today. Please drive home safe!”


They grumbled, and then left. Al then walked over to Mike.


“You stay here and watch the fort. I’m going to drive Joe back to the city, and have Slice’s goons take him to the airport. I’ll be back soon. Get the cartel’s number from

Slice, and tell them we got the airstrip secured.”


Mike nodded his head, and then Al walked back to his car. Splice’s men were sitting in the backseat, with Joe in the middle of them. The drive back to the I5 underpass consisted of Joe sobbing and sniffeling… Al was glad to finally reach his destination.


“Alright, you guys get him to the airport… and make you watch him board a plane and leave the city.”


“No problem, Al.”


“Joe, don’t you ever set foot in this city again. You have lost all you’re LS privlages. Now, go enjoy your new life.”


Joe got out of the car, half sobbing… and walked with the goons to their car. Al then received a text from Mike.


Here’s the cartel’s number. They would like a word with you. 555-2405


Al saved the number in his contacts, then he called it. It rang only once.


“You work fast… this is very respectable. We would like to come down tomorrow to see the new management. In return, we would like to show you where we conduct our end of the business. Meet at some place.”


Al then hung up, smiling. He drove back to the airstrip. Mike was standing in one of the old airplane hangars.


“Wow… look at this plane. I believe this is the exact model me and you boosted in Liberty all those years ago, right?”


“Yep, sure is. The old Dodo. Ha ha, remember what that security guard did?” asked Al, laughing.


“Oh yeah, I remember. The dumb bastard tried to jump onto one of the wings as we were taking off. Kept saying, ‘you hoodlums are going to get yourself killed’ then you dipped the wing and he did a face plant on the runway. I believe we crashed it the sea near Bohan. We then swam to shore, and got drunk at that strip club. Man, that was one wild night!”


They both started laughing. After awhile, they walked back inside. Al began looking the place over, thinking of their next move. He turned to Mike.


“Well, I think the next step would be to see where we will be transporting from. I’ll make sure the deed to this place is signed, legally, by tonight. The cartel is coming by tomorrow to check the place over. Afterwards, I imagine they will want to take us to where the drugs are made. Probably get all plans in order, and I imagine we will be ready for business. Might be in this next month or so. We still need to get a proper system going here. We need forklifts, delivery trucks… the whole works. And most importantly, we are going to need to establish this place as some kind of front, otherwise we will be getting some heat very soon I’d imagine. So keep that in mind.”

They both shut all the lights off, and locked up. It was getting late. They walked back to the car, and Al drove back to the city once again. He dropped Mike off at his hotel.


“I’ll call you tomorrow once I learn when the cartel needs us at the strip. Start brainstorming ideas for a front. You were always good at that. See you tomorrow.”


Mike walked back into the hotel, as Al drove away. Where was Al to stay tonight? Al didn’t want to upset Kendra more, but he didn’t have anywhere else to go. Perhaps he could try and reason with her, make things right. Afterall, he’s doing this all for her and the kids. If she didn’t accept what he’s done to provide, then all is lost. He pulled into his driveway, and shut off the lights. After a few moments, he walked inside.


“Hello? Is anyone home?”


The house was dark, and empty. Al turned on the lights, and searched around. No one was home. He sat at the kitchen table. Perhaps they were at Kendra’s mother’s? Al then went upstairs to take a shower. Afterwards, he walked back down into the living room to watch a documentary about Domesti-bots, about how faulty wiring could lead them to having sex with your wife behind your back, heard the door open. He got up, and checked who it was. It was Kevin.


“Hey, son. Where have you been?”


“Out.” Kevin said, flatly. He then made his way upstairs.


“Well, do you by any chance have an idea where your mother is?”


“Nope. She was here when I left this morning. You too have been arguing right?”


Al turned away for a sec, unable to look him in the eyes.


“How… how did you know that?”


“Seen her this morning as I was leaving. She looked upset. Not in that mood she gets when it’s that time of the month. It’s that look only YOU can give her. So what’s going on?”


Al struggled for the right words.


“I believe that is as much as our business as you not telling us where you’re at all day. Care on shedding some light about that?”


Kevin looked at his father for a minute, and continued upstairs to his room. Al shook his head, and walked back into the living room. He ends up falling asleep on the recliner. The next day, he wakes up to the smell of bacon coming from the kitchen. He walks in, and sees Kendra cooking, and Lisa sitting at the table texting. Al made the table, and took a seat.


“So where was you last night?” Al asked, pouring him and his daugher a glass of orange juice.

Kendra looked up from the frying pan at Al, then at Lisa.


“Decided to visit my mother yesterday. Time got ahead of me, so me and Lisa jst decided to stay the night.”


Al knew what she was doing. Obviously she expected me to get the rest of my things out of the house while she was away. Also, she didn’t want Lisa to question the situation.


“Oh, it’s fine. I was just worried is all.”


Kendra made a loud cough, and handed Al his plate, then Lisa’s. She sat down and started eating. Lisa ignored the eggs and bacon in front of her, and continued to text. Al noticed this.


“Lisa, eat your breakfast. The bus will be here soon.”


“But I’m talking to this nice boy I met on my MyRoom page. He’s from Carcer City.”


“Oh, I’m sure he’s a nice boy if he’s from Carcer City. I thought I told you to watch who you talk to on that site? He could be some pedo for all you know. Nevermind, just turn that thing off and eat your breakfast.”


After a few moments of eating, Al looked up at Kendra. She was really trying to not to make eye contact with him, he could tell. Al then looked at the empty chair.


“I’m guessing Kevin won’t be joining us?”


“Nope, he rushed off this morning. It looked like he was running a bit late for something.” Kendra said, not looking up from the newspaper.


“Hopefully a job interview.”


Lisa’s bus finally arrived. She picked up her backpack, and gave her mom a hug. She ran over to Al, and he kissed her on the top of the head, and hugged her.


“Have a good day at school, honey.”


“I will dad. Love you!”


And she left. It was now just Kendra and Al at the table. After a few awkward moment of staring around the kitchen, Al finally made eye contact with Kendra.


“I believe we need to talk.”


“What is their to talk about?” Kendra said, he voice shaking a bit. “You’re a criminal. You’ve hid it from me all these years. How in the hell do expect me to react, Albert?”


“I’m hoping you at least realise the fact that the only reason I returned to this lifestyle was for you and the kids. Kendra, in just a little under a month I have paid off the mortage, and caught us up on all our bills. This is also for groceries, gas, college tuition for Lisa… and possibly even Kevin. Much more of a comfortable lifestyle. Everything is being handled in a professional manner. Here soon, even more money will be rolling in. So much, you will not believe. I will completely understand if you decide to leave me, Kendra. Just know that I love you and the kids, very, very much. Without my family, I have nothing to lose.”


Kendra looked down at her plate. She was obviously a bit torn by his words. After a few moments, she looked right into Al eyes, for the first time in days.


“I want you out of here by the end of the week. I’m keeping Lisa. If you come back, I will tell the police what you are. Get out.”


Al’s eyes tear up a bit. After all that he’s told her, he thought she would at least understand. She wouldn’t accept the sacrifices he’s made. There was no point in trying. He walked over to the coat hangar and reached into his coat pocket. He pulled out the signed divorce papers, and dropped them onto the table. Kendra looked down at them, her expression slightly surprised. Al took one last look at Kendra, and walked outside to his car. Kendra was probably bluffing, Al thought. No way she would ruin the family by turning him in. What would Lisa think? Al looked at his watch. He had to run by the courthouse to get the deed signed. After that was finished, he went to the hotel to pick Mike up.


“Al, I’m really onto something regarding a front for out airstrip.”


“Well, let’s hear it!”


“Ok, we use our money we earned from the jewelry store job and invest in our own fast food chain. Haven’t thought of a name yet, but this would provide perfect cover for our transportation and distribution. We fly the drugs over, and have them them put into trucks with our fast food logo on it. Hide them in the crates somehow, and ship them across the state. How’s that sound?”


“Seems like a full proof plan, but it will take months to get it up on it’s feet. Are you going to pitch that idea to the cartel today?”


“Yep. I’m hoping they will also help fund the operation.”


Al took the interstate to Red County. The cartel was going to meet them at the strip today, and look over the place. Afterwards, they were to drive back with them to their base of operation in Mexico. It was going to be a very busy day. He turned onto the dirt road leading to the strip. Looks like the cartel was already there. Al parked the car, and him and Mike walked over.


“Impressive.” Said the man in the pin stripe suit. “Care to show us around?”


“Not a problem. By the way, I haven’t caught your name yet.”


“Call me Raja.”


Al gave them a quick tour of the place, showing them exactly where shipping was going to be handled and whatnot. After about an hour, Raja had seen enough.


“It’s perfect. Now it’s time you seen our side of the operation.”


Al and Mike followed Raja and the cartel goons back to the SUV. The drive to Mexico wasn’t that bad… one of the perks of living in southern San Andreas. Border patrol gave the cartel boys a weird look though, but allowed them to pass. As they drove deeper into Mexico, Al noticed the differences in the areas pretty quick. There was an area for tourists, where kids played… and basically just a friendly enviroment. But as they got deeper, things started to change. The streets were more pulluted, graffitii everywhere. Al made out the words, “Sustantivo” which Al new was the drug cartel they were about to meet. Finally, they made it out of the city. The desert in Mexico was very brown. It looked almost like an old Clint Rickett film. They turned onto an old dirt road, between two mountains. It was a nice shady adrea, surrounded by trees. After a bit of a drive, they stopped at a security gate.


“It’s us.” Said Raja into the camera.


The gate opened, and they proceeded through. There were completely surrounded by trees now. Once the clearing was in view, Al noticed a big mansion. There was a fountain right in the middle, and gardners all around. The cartel member driving the SUV parked at the front entrance. They all got out.


“Follow me.” Raja said.


Al and Mike followed him into the house. Inside was absoluetly breathtaking. Al noticed the marble flooring, along with the big chandeloir that hung from the ceiling. At the top of the staircase, a door opened. A man with a cane walked out, followed by two other burly looking men.


“Gentlemen! Welcome to my home! Raja, please… go get us some drinks!”


Al noticed a bit of animosity on Raja’s face. Nonetheless, he still did as he was told. The man with the cane approach Al and Mike, and embraced them into a handshake and hug.


“Raja has told me a lot about you boys. It’s good to finally meet you. Please, follow me out onto the patio. We have much to talk about.”


They followed the man through the house, and out the back door. There was a large pool, with neatly cut hedges. A few of them were cut to look like bobcats. Al noticed bobcat graffiti in town, so this was probably the cartel’s isignia. They down at one of the patio tables.


“I am Don Susantivo. And you must be Albert, correct?”


“Yes, and this is my partner Michael. He’s going to be helping me in this operation.”


Don Susantivo and Mike exchanged hand shakes. Raja came outside with drinks, and passed them to everyone.


“Ah, thank you very much Raja.” Said Don Susantivo.


Raja took a seat at the table opposite. There was sme sort of tension between them.


“Well now, onto business. I am told that the airstrip is ready on your side, and ready to transport our drugs to?”


“That is correct. We can begin delivery whenever is best for you.” Al said, taking a sip of the tequilla.


“Very good. I will take you to where we manufacture the drugs here shortly so you can get the idea. Now, about distribution. I am sure you are aware we are going to have to establish some kind of front if we are going to keep our operation out of the feds noses?”


“Very much, Don Susantivo.” Said Mike. “It so happens that I already have an idea in mind that I would like to share with you.”


Mike pitched the fast food chain idea to him. After a couple of hours talking it through, Don Susantivo agreed to fully fund this venture, as it would be a wise investment.


“All you need to do is come up with a name now. Something creative, and catchy. I expect it to be up in running in the next couple of months. Now, let me show you boys what you will be transporting.”


They walked down a dirt trail behind the house. After a little way, they came out onto a grassy pasture. There were people tending to some, what looked like, giant pot fields. A duster plane flew over them. The pilot obviously didn’t have much experience, as the wings were rocking back and forth. Red mist flew out the back onto the plants. Some of it fell onto the people, making them violently cough. Al shook his head. No wonder they needed pilots. They walked into the facility. Inside was shelves upon shelves of drugs ready to be delivered… all wrapped up and ready to go. Al noticed one of the packages.


“Is this… meth?”


Don Susantivo turned around.


“Oh yes. Methamphetamine and Marijuana is what you will be shipping. This is where we store all the drugs ready to be shipped. The next room over is the meth lab. We won’t go in there though, because they are in the middle of a cook. As you’ve already seen, we have acres of pot fields. That pilot you seen spraying the fields, Chavez, he’s my nephew. He tries his best to help out… but sometimes I can do without. Anyways, the airstrip is out back.”


They walked back outside. There was about half a mile of runway. Perfect. There was also an hangar, with a charter plane in it.


“This is the plane you will be using for deliveries. It’s fully stocked, shouldn’t be a problem for you.”


Al and Mike checked the plane out. It looked new. There was plenty of room for storage in the back. Looked like it would work out perfectly.


“Well, that concludes our meeting gentleman. You will both receive increments that will total up to 1,000,000 a month for you flight services. I’m ready to start business right away.”


One of his henchman handed Mike a briefcase.


“There’s $500,000 there. Use that to get the front up ‘n running.


“Up ‘N Atom Burgers.” Mike said, out of the blue.


Don Susantivo looked surprised, as did Al.


“That will be the name of the restraunt. Up as in the planes we fly delivering the drugs. And Atom, as in the drugs themselves being the ‘bomb.’ The idea hit me all at once.”


Al slapped Mike on the back. Very clever.


“I like it! Well, looks like you’ve settled on the name. Now all that’s left is establishing the business. You need to buy delivery trucks, forklifts, a location for the restraunt… not to mention labor workers, which I could provide you with. Things will work out. I’ll contact you boys in a couple months to see how things are going. Please, take this plane as a token of my gratitude.”


“Thank you, Don Susantivo.”


They all exchanged handshakes. Al and Mike then climbed into the plane, and flew back to the air strip in Red County. During the next few months, Al and Mike found a location for the restraunt, just off Venice Beach. Mike hired one of the best chefs in Vinewood to cook for the restraunt. Al handled getting the delivery trucks and fork lifts together, not to mention the laborers needed for the job. He had a storage facility built at the strip, just in case they ever went over quota. By the end of the summer, there were ready to starting transporting. Al phoned up the cartel, giving them the green light.


“We are all set on our end. Ready to start transportation when you are.”


“The first shipment will be ready this weekend.”


The next couple months consisted of Al and Mike flying over to Mexico to pick up the drugs. They always were accompanied by one of Slice’s goons. Sometimes Mike would go, and sometimes Al would go. It all became very routine. Al’s relationship with Kendra seemed to get better, even though he has been staying in a room at Mike’s hotel. They came into contact one day as Al was picking Lisa up from school. Apparently they got the days mixed up when they would be picking her up. Kendra smiled at Al, and took Lisa home. He doubted she was serious about the divorce. Al wasn’t for sure if it would be smart to start sending them money just yet. He would slowly work up to that. He had no idea what Kevin had been up to. He only seen him about once every few weeks.


Al drove over to the restraunt to check on the business. Customers really liked the burgers. That chef from Vinewood was really out-doing himself. Al walked into the backroom where Mike was.


“Business is doing good, Al. Just delivered another shipment yesterday. We’ve made $2,000,000 from shipments alone… not to mention earning from the restraunt. The place is a big hit! We’re going to have to start buying more property soon with the money we are raking in… can’t launder it all here.”


“Agreed. We will have more money than we know what to do with before we know it. I think the next step would be to hire a lawyer to help take care of legal obligations. How’s Slice holding up his side of the operation?”


“Apparently, sales on the street have sky rocketed. They never had a direct line to shipments, and they can get drugs on the street at a lot quicker pace now. Things are going good my man. We’re setting our mark in this city. To think, I’d still be in Liberty making chump change if it wasn’t for you.”


Al sat down at the desk. This… this was the life he left behind all those years ago. The criminal life. How could he have left this all behind? Al turned the chair to face the window behind him. Mike walked out of the office to check on the customers. Everything was almost perfect. Once things worked out between him and Kendra, he could provide them with the lifestyle he envisioned all them years ago. The perfect American Dream.


“This is MY town now.” Al grinned.


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Over the next 3 months, Al and Mike raked in a lot of money. They had so much they didn’t know how to keep it organised anymore. Al kept it all in boxes in a storage room of the restraunt. The stacks of money were literally touching the ceiling.


Finally having enough, Al came up with a plan.


“I think it’s time we bought some more businesses.”


Mike looked up from his desk. He was going over the month’s earnings.


“Looks like we are going to have to judging by these charts. We are netting more than we are earning. There’s no restraunt in the world that can make this kind of money.”


Al got up from his desk, and walked to the window. There were several cars parked in the parking lot. Up ‘N Atom Burger was a great success. But Al needed to start buying properties to launder more of his money if he wanted to spend any of it. He looked down the road at a local nail salon. There was a sign on the window that said “going out of business.” It all came to him at once.


“Well, the way I see it… the world is our oyster.”


“What are you talking about, Al?”


“It’s simple. We buy businesses that are going out of business, and we keep them afloat. Just as long as they agree to help launder our money. Businesses that have been in familes for generations… they don’t want to see them flop. We can HELP them by funneling our ill-gotten money through their daily earnings.”


“Yeah, but what if they don’t agree to having new management?”


“Ever heard of extortion?”


“Al, we can’t do that.”


Al walked away from the window and sat in the chair in front of Mike’s desk.


“Why not? We are HELPING them! All they have to do is keep their mouths shut while we launder our money. Their businesses keep on going. It’s a win-win. How else are we going to launder our money? I’m all ears.”


Mike agreed to Al’s plan. Al told him it was his job to hire some of Slice’s goons in order to protect the businesses. The 13th Street Jungle Kings have been getting harrased by the Vargos the past few months. They even had one of their transport trucks intercepted and hijacked. Word on the street was that the Jungle Kings were slinging more and more, but it was all untraceable back to Mike and Al. They needed more protection though.


Al and Mike called it a night, and closed up shop. They agreed to start looking at businesses that needed help tomorrow. Al drove to his new house he purchased last month, which was located in Rodeo Drive. It was actually more of a condo. Nice garage and patio. Al put his coat in the closet, and walked upstairs to his room. He jumped in his nice walk-in steam shower.

After that, he put on his robes and walked out onto his patio. The neighbor’s were doing yoga again, he noticed. Al watched the mother do a few butt squats, then he walked back inside. He sat at his couch, and turns on his TV. A nice 62 inch flat screen. He turned it on a Jack Howitzer movie. The Exploder VI: Operation Qweefcake was filming in town soon. Al was a big fan of the action series. The phone rang. Al paused the PiVo, and answered it.




“Hey, Al.”


“Oh, hey Kendra.”


Al wasn’t expecting to hear Kendra’s voice. Usually it was Lisa that called, asking for help with homework. The last time he

talked with Kendra was about 2 months ago, and that was only because she needed Al’s new home number in order to list it as an emergency contact for Lisa.


“Al, I’ve been thinking. I think it would be best to work things out between us, for Lisa’s sake. Can you come over tomorrow?”

“Errrhm, yes. Yes of course!” Al was shocked. “I’ve got some things to do, but I should be there around 6. Is that ok?”


“That’s fine. I will see you then.”


She hung up before Al could tell her what a good idea this was. Al shrugged, and hung up. He then walked back over to his couch and continued his movie. He eventually fell asleep. The next day, he woke up to the sound of the intro song of Republican Space Rangers. He laid there for a bit to watch it, then he got up and got dressed. Today he was going to look at some businesses and possibly buy them… so he had to look professional. He threw on his Crocket Blazer Suit, and some of his nicer sun glasses. After that, he ate some leftover Cluckin’ Bell from a party he had a few nights back, and left the house. Today he was going to drive his black Cheetah (which looked like an Audi R8). This was sure to impress whomever’s business he was going to buy. He drove to Mike’s condo… which was just around the corner. Once he arrived, he honked the horn. Mike came to his bay window, and waved. He was completey naked… only a bit of wip cream was covering his private area. Two girls then walked into view, and Mike kissed them on the cheek and walked them to the door. Al shook his head as the girls got

into a taxi. After a few minutes, Mike came out, fully dressed and got in his car.


“Another wild night?” Al said, putting the car in drive.


“Oh, you know it! Everything they say about Vinewood titties is absolutely true. I’ve yet to find a pair in town that was 100%





“So, how are things between you and Kendra?”


“Well, she called me just last night. She wants me to come over later today.”


“Good, now I can stop pestering you to come over to one of my orgies.”


The first business they were going to stop at today was an old dockyard in downtown. It was Mike’s idea to go there. He believed if they was to own a dockyard, it would be possible to start importing and exporting exotic vehicles.


“Hi, is the owner around?” Mike asked the secretary, who was a heavy set woman.


“He’s out on his jet ski at the moment. You could probably see him if you step out back.”


“Thank you.” Al said, walking with Mike out the back door.


They scanned the waters, looking for the owner with the jetski. After a few moments, he pulled up in front of them. He was driving a Speedophile 2000. He parked it in one of the docks, and walked up to Al and Mike.


“Well hello gentlemen! The name is Zeus… you know, like the God. What can I do you for?”


Mike and Al shook hands with him.


“Hi, I’m Mike… and this here is Al. We noticed the ‘looking for new management’ sign out front. We are looking to be just that.

May I ask why you’re looking though?”


The man threw off his yellow and black life jacket.


“Please, let’s go inside to my office.”


They followed them into his office and took a seat opposite his desk.


“The thing you have to realize is,” Zeus said, pouring them all a glass of Piswasser “is that well… business has not been too good around here. The vehicles that are being delivered are becoming less and less in demand. I just can’t afford any of the exotic stuff anymore due to this sh*t economy. ”


Zeus looked out the window at Al’s car.


“I see you have the Cheetah R8. Beautiful car! I’m guessing you know what’s hot and what’s not in the car business?”


“All I know is, if it’s expensive, it’s worth having. Which brings us down to business.”


The three of them talked for the next couple hours about purchasing the dockyard. They came to the agreement that if Zeus agreed to accept their money earned from their drug operation, he would use it to purchase more exotic cars and sell them to dealerships. After they exchanged handshakes, Al and Mike drove around for a bit looking for more businesses to buy. Al ended up buying a car wash, and then they called it a day.


“Not too bad for one day.” Al said, pulling into Mike’s drive way.


“Agreed. Not only do we have our own exotic car import and export, but we also have a place to wash them at. Things are starting to look up. Now we can actually spend a lot more of our money instead of tucking it all away.”


“Well man, I’ll see you tomorrow. Got to meet the wife in a half an hour. Take care, and watch them yeast infested girls you party with.”


“Oh, you know me Al. Cautious as a boy masterbating in a public park.”


Al raised his eyebrow as Mike got out of the car, then he was off to see his wife. Once he arrived, it was almost 6. Right on time. Al knocked on the door.


“Come in.” yelled Kendra.


Al walked into the familiar home. Kendra was sitting at the kitchen table.


“Where are the kids?” Al said, looking around.


“Lisa is at her friends and Kevin is wherever he goes during the day.” Kendra said.


Al took a seat opposite her. There was a tone of uncertainty in her voice.


“Al… I didn’t sign the divorce papers.”


Al felt relieved. He knew she wouldn’t go through with the divorce.


“That’s great, babe! I think this is for the best...”


“Well, I’ve been thinking. You are doing what you do for us, and I believe that’s a form of love that is indescribable. So I think

you deserve a second chance. Just so long as you don’t get your home life mixed with your… work life. Are we in agreement?”


Al jumped up and hugged his wife. He hasn’t felt this happy in months.


“Thank you so much, Kendra. You won’t regret this decision.”


Over the next few months, Al and Mike continued to rake in the big money. Now that they have businesses to launder their money through, they could spend it on more things without the risk of being caught by the FIB. Al’s family moved into his new home in Rodeo Drive. Kendra told Lisa and Kevin that he obtained his riches due to gambling… and he invested them in the businesses. Lisa believed it, but Kevin was skeptical. Al still hardly saw him though, so it didn’t matter. Al would take Lisa to school in the mornings while Kendra sun bathed on his patio. After he dropped her off at school, he would check on the business at the restraunt. He always had to help one of the employs with the fry daddy. After that, he would pick up his earnings from the carwash. The import export business was going well… more and more exotic cars were rolling in due to the new management. Zeus was always happy because of this.


Al liked to spend his afternoons at the Los Santos Golf Course. He watched a group ahead of him tee off, patiently awaiting in his gold cart for his turn, when he received a call from Mike.


“Al! I bought us a new business! Ace’s Liquor out here in the desert. You should see these girls out here man. Come by after

your done at the gold course!”


Al hung up. He decided to go ahead and leave. He drove passed the group ahead of him, and on towards the exit. He then got into his black Cheetah and drove out to the desert where Mike was. Once he arrived at Ace’s Liquor, he seen Mike parked out front in his new Phoenix that he got from Zeus in one of the latest car shipments. It was really a nice ride. He was talking to a couple girls, one of them was wearing a cowboy hat. Classy. Al got out of his car, and walked toward them.


“Al! Come in and check this place out!”


He followed him inside. It was a dump. You could smell the stale peanuts and musty beer stains. It was definitely a biker’s bar. Al followed Mike into one of the backrooms.


“I would like you meet Zed Baker… he’s the Road Captain for the Los Santos Chapter of the Angels of Death.”


He exchanged a handshake with the man. He was a heavy set man who was balding and had a handlebar mustache.


“Why don’t you tell him that job opening you was telling me earlier Zed.” Mike said.


“Right, well as you may know… there’s a new Jack Howitzer movie being filmed in town. Well, I play one of the bad guys that ‘ol Jacky boy is trying to kill. This is all to promote The Angel of Death’s involvement with Vinewood movies. Anyway, there’s a role in the movie that requires someone with flight experience. Your buddy Mike here says you’re a big fan of the series, so I thought I’d hook you up with the part. Of course, we have to go over there now. The director is about to film the scene, and the pilot that was supposed to play the part had a doctor’s appointment to get some genital warts popped. So, you in?”


Al couldn’t believe it. He was a big fan of the Jack Howitzer movies, and now he has the chance to actually play in his new movie.


“f*ck yeah! Let’s get over there.”


Mike stayed behind, he said the two girls outside were prune and ready to go. Al laughed, patting him on the back. He followed Zed, who drove a Hellfury, to Vinewood to meet up with the director. They met him in a big open parking lot, just outside on of the film studios. There was a fighter jet parked right in the middle. Al grinned, and got out of his car.


“Is this the pilot? Please tell me this is the pilot!”


A short man, obviously wearing a hairpiece, came waddling towards Al… followed closely by his assistant who kept an umbrellas over his head.


“Benny, this is Al. He’s going to be filling in for our diseased riddle co worker.” Zed said, spitting out chew tobacco on the concrete.


“Grrrrrrrrrrreat! I trust that you have flight experience?” Benny said, standing on his toes.


“Oh yes, very much.” Al said. He was looking at the movie set in front of him. Zed drove over to another group of bikers, which he assumed was his gang buddies. They were all going to be in the movie.


“Superb! Follow me, and I will introduce you to Jack.”


Al couldn’t believe it. He was actually going to meet Jack Howitzer! He followed the little squat man Benny to Jack trailer. Benny knocked on his door, and Jack walked out. He was a lot taller than Al expected. Al embraced him in a tight handshake.


“It’s an honor, Mr. Howitzer! Big fan of The Exploder: part 2. Greatest war movie from the 80’s!” Al said, gleaming at him.


“It’s nice to meet you as well, Mr. De Silva. Might I say, them Up ‘N Atom burgers are the tastiest burgers I’ve ever had!” said Jack.


The director, Benny, then explained to Al that he will be playing Jack’s stunt double. He was to fly the fighter jet through downtown Los Santos while performing various tricks which included barrel rolls, and loops. He was then supposed to fly to a spot in the desert where he was to shoot at dummies on motorcycles, who were supposed to imitate Zed’s crew… who were playing as the Biker terrorists. After he got all the details, he got himself situated in the fighter jet. With a thumbs up from Jack himself, Al was ready to give ‘er hell!


“Lights, camera… ACTION!” yelled Benny on the bullhorn!


Al started the plane up, and hovered into the air. He noticed there was a camera in the cockpit, looking straight at him. He flew straight through downtown Los Santos, hitting the exhaust booster. Once, he arrived at the desert, he immediately say the biker dummies he was supposed to shoot at. He opened fire on them, instantly destroying them. He heard a voice in his intercom saying “Cut. BEAUTIFUL! Land the plane in the marked target.” Al seen what he was talking about. There was a circle of flares in the desert where he was to land. Once he landed, the whole film crew came running over, congratulating him. They pulled him out of the cockpit and onto their shoulders. Al threw off his helmet… laughing. This was incredible, he though. Benny busted out the champagne. It was a rap.


Over the next 6 months, things were going quite well for Al. Tonight was the premier for the movie, and he was more than excited. Al bought a new property in downtown Los Santos. It was a gentleman’s club and 5 star hotel called The Mile High Club. It generated a lot of revenue, which made Al and his family even more richer. Mike would occasionally pass out in the penthouse with a few girls. One weekend, Al took his family, including Kevin, out to the Red Wood forest on an expensive hiking trip. They walked all the way up the tallest hill to catch a good view of Mount Chupacabre. There was a family of three ahead of them. The man in the middle with the sun glasses, turned around to face Al… and he smiled at him. They then proceeded back down the hill. Al, Kendra, Lisa and Kevin all enjoyed the view… setting up a blanket to have a picnic together.

Tonight was the premier of the movie, which was going to be held at The Mile High Club. Al made the chef from Up ‘N Atom Burger was going to attend, so he could serve the patrons hot meals. Zeus was going t hook him up with a limo so he could arrive in style with his family. At about 7:30, one of Zeus’ drivers picked up Al and his family from his condo in Rodeo drive in a limo, and drove them to the premier. Al was wearing a black tuxedo, Kendra a beautiful black dress… as was Lisa. Kevin was out with his friends. They arrived at the Club, the driver opened the door for them. They were immediately greeted with flashing lights from the press. They walked inside.


They played the movie in the ballroom. The audience loved it. Once Al’s scene in the plane was on, he got up and took a bow to everyone, which was led by an applause. Afterwards, everyone stood around in the lobby mingling with each other, trying to get autographs and pictures with Jack Howitzer. Al was talking with his wife, when someone tapped him on his shoulder.


“Follow me, out back.”


It was Sgt. RJ Vickers. The NARCOTICS officer who delivered T-Ray to him after the heist. Stunned, Al told his wife he would be right back, and followed him outside.


“Mr. De Silva. Long time no see. Looks like you are doing pretty well for yourself.” Vickers said.


Al hesitated… but he could tell from the look on Vicker’s face that he didn’t want things to get hostile.


“Don’t you try and run, Al. I’ll have police on your ass in seconds. Now, do you remember what I told you months ago about helping us move in on the Jungle Kings?”


Al nodded.


“Well, I now know for a fact that you are affiliated with them. These photos here show you and Slice exchanging money under one of your tables at that restraunt you own. Now, I’m not going to bust you. Frankly, there’s bigger fish out there.”

If only he knew just how big of a fish he actually was. Al came to the conclusion that Vicker’s had no idea of his connections with the Cartel, and that he was actually a drug kingpin.


“There’s a warehouse, owned by the Jungle Kings, just outside of town. Apparently, a petty gang has been has been ripping off their product for weeks now. I got a tip that tonight they will be doing it again.. Since you are in the good graces of the Jungle Kings, I think it would be wise if you was to high tail it over their right now, and intercept them for us. If you do this, not only will you be in the good graces of the Jungle Kings… but also us. After this, it will help us move in on them… thanks to you. You’ll be a hero Al. Now get over there. I imagine there already there.” Vickers laughed, and returned to his squad car.


Vicker’s didn’t know that the warehouse was actually owned by Al, and if this petty gang was going to rip them off tonight, that would actually put him in a bad standing with the Cartel. If it is true they have been doing this for weeks, Al would have to answer to the Cartel… which wouldn’t end well. Al had no time to go back inside to tell Mike about the situation. He hopped into his black Cheetah, which was parked in a garage out back, then he high-tailed it to his warehouse. He was driving so fast, he hopped a small bump at an intersection in downtown.


He arrived at his warehouse… darkness has started to fall. He grabbed his Glock from the middle console, and walked cautiously inside. Al could see the light from flashlights near the back. Al crept a big closer, gun at the ready. He could here one of their voices.


“Man, this is easy pickings! I can’t believe we’ve been jacking this place over for weeks now.”

Al pulled his gun out, and aimed it at the back of the person’s head.


“Hold it right there, cocksucker!”


One of them made a run for it, the other pulled out a Mac 10. Al dived sideways, shooting at him. The guy was inexperienced…

Al shot him in the chest multiple times, killing him. Al then gave chase to the other guy. He was trying to open the front door, which was padlocked. Al walked slowly towards him, his gun at the ready.


“It’s all over punk. You won’t be looting from here again.”


Al raised his weapon higher as the man turned around and pulled off his hood.


It was Kevin.


user posted image


Al couldn't believe it. His own son... a gang banger. Al thought all he did was sell drugs, but judging from his increased absences, this makes perfect sense. Kevin was part of the gang that has been ripping Al off for the past few months. The cartel was bound to find out, and it was only a matter of time before they deduced it was Kevin's gang.


"What... what are you doing here?" said Kevin, his voice trembling.


There was no other choice. Al had to explain everything to him if he was going to understand anything.


"I own this warehouse, and these are my drugs. The restraunt is a front for smuggling the drugs. A Mexican cartel supplies me, and a well down street gang distributes them. Me and my partner fly them over. I'm the middle-man you see. The cartel is going to be very pissed when they find out you and your little gang has been ripping us off. What in the f*ck are you thinking, Kevin? A gang banger?" Al said, shaking his head.


Kevin didn't say a word, he just stared at the ground. After a few minutes of Al pacing around nervously, Kevin finally spoke up.


"I'm not a gang banger. It's more like a small group of people that commit crime in order to survive." Kevin said.


"You're a gang banger." Al said flatly.


Al continued to pace around for a bit. How long would it be before the cartel found out about this? They surely had people watching the streets, and once word gets out about this, who know what they would do. Al had to make sure his family was safe. Without them, he has nothing to live for.


"Come on. I'm going to take you to the house."


Al drove Kevin to his house in Rodeo Drive. Not one word was spoken the entire trip. Once they arrived, Kevin immediately got out and walked inside. Al followed. Inside Kevin was sitting on the couch, his head buried in his hands. He was obviously troubled. Al sat down on the coffee table in front of Kevin.


"Kevin, listen. Everything is going to be alright." Al said, placing his hands on his shoulder.


"I know what I did was stupid, dad. I should have never got involved with these guys. It just started out with me selling a little here and there... but eventually they got greedy so we started ripping off people. There was rumors around town of a drug kingpin... no one knew he is. We got word about one of his warehouse, so we started stealing the drugs stashed there. Not in a million years would I have guessed it was you. I just wanted to prove myself to these guys. I'm not feel for society... the 9-5 lifestyle just isn't for me. I'm a piece of sh*t." Kevin said. He started sobbing.


Al patted him on the back, and walked towards the window. Al felt the same way Kevin did at his age. That the world was harsh, and the only way to actually get by was to be a criminal. That's about the time Al got back from the airforce. Life wasn't going so well for him, so he joined up with Mike and Chris and started his criminal spree in Liberty City. It looks like Kevin was going to be going down the same path as him. Like father like son.


"How long have you been a criminal? Before you met mom, right?" Kevin asked. His eyes were full of tears.


Al didn't see why it would't hurt to tell him. The damage has already been done anyway.


"Before I lived here, I was a career criminal in Liberty City. Me and my crew would knock over betting shops, banks, restraunts, cafes, betting shops... even the mob. We were very professional. There was always a client wanting us to knock someone over. We had it all. Cars, booze, girls, penthouse suites. Then one day, I just got sick of that lifestyle. So I moved here, and met your mother, had you then Lisa. Things were great. For a few years anyway. Until the economy took a turn for the worse. There was no way we were going to make it. I had to return to this lifestyle, otherwise we would probably be on the streets right now. I love you all very, very much. I had to do what I did."


"So, that jewelry heist. That was you, right?"


Al nodded.


"Does mom know about all this?" Kevin asked.


"Yes, and trust me, she wasn't a happy camper at first. We were very close to a divorce. Eventually, she came around. Realized that I did all of this out of pure love for the family. If I didn't take the actions I did, who knows where we would be. I told her that my criminal network is professionally structured and that there was very little risks. Well, until this little situation we're in now."


Kevin put his head back into his hands. Al walked back over to the window, trying to think of a plan. Were the cartel already looking for Kevin and his gang? How was Al going to protect his family? Then, out of nowhere, Al had the clearest thought. He seen no other choice. Al took out his cell phone and called Kendra. She was still at the after party of the movie premier.


"Kendra. Get Lisa and come to the house asap."


"What's wrong, Al?" said Kendra. Al could hear music in the background.


"No time. Just get here fast. I mean it Kendra."


He hung up, then walked outside and sat on the patio to think some more. After about 20 mins, he seen headlights. It was Kendra. Al walked back inside to the front door to greet her and Lisa. He told them to take a seat at the couch. Kendra threw off her fur coat, giving Al a confused look, and followed Lisa to the couch. Al explained to them the situation, but had to be extra careful with Lisa because he didn't want to scare her. He said that they would be taking a camping trip for a few days while daddy took care of some business. After a bit of arguing with Kendra, she finally agree. But wasn't sure what Al was up to. She didn't need to know all the details anyway. Al reassured everything will be alright, then kissed her. He walked outside on the patio and pulled out his cell phone. He called Sgt. Vickers.


"Well hello there, Al. You ready to give us info on the Jungle Kings yet?" said Vickers.


"Yes, but in return, I want you to watch my family for a few days. Keep them safe. Somewhere out in the country. There's something I have to take care of." Al had to be careful not to mention the cartel, or Vicker's would surely try to arrest him as well.


"No problem, Al. Who knows what the Jungle Kings will do anyway. I think it would be a good idea to get your family to safety. But of course, I will need the info first."


Al explained to Vicker's the Jungle Kings operation. He told him who the leader was, and where they operate. This was the only way Al could ensure his family's safety, because without them, he would have nothing to lose.


"Thank you, Al. You served your community well today. I'll send some officers over in the morning to escort your family to safety."


"Where are you going to be?"


"I'm going to be leading the team moving in on this Slice character. I'll be by the safehouse to check up on your family after we apprehend him."


"Alright." Al hung up, and walked back inside.


Everyone was already asleep. Al decided it would be best if he got some sleep as well. Who knows what the day would bring him tomorrow. He laid down on the couch, and went to sleep almost instantly. The next day he woke up to the sound of his cell phone ringing. It was about 10 in the morning.


"Al! Did you hear what happened?!" It was Mike.


"No, what?" said Al, still half asleep.


"Just turn on your TV. It's on Weazle News right now!"


Al got up to get the remote and turned on the TV and changed it to Weazle News. A police chase was being recorded from a helicopter. They were chasing a heavily tattooed black man in a white tank top down the alley beside Jefferson Motel. This was recorded an hour earlier, according to the news anchor. The man's street name was Slice, leader of the Jungle Kings. He was gunned down minutes after this footage was taken for turning around and firing at police. Numerous other member of the Jungle Kings were also arrested. Al sighed.


"I'll explain everything later, Mike. What I need you to do is get some hardware together. I'll call you later." Al hung up.


He sat down at his arm chair for awhile to think. This had to be done... there's no other way he could have provided good enough safety for his family. Al received a text.


It's Raja. Meet me near the wind turbines outside of Los Santos. 1 hour. Your safety depends on it.


What on Earth could he want? Was it a trap? Al's gut instinct told him it wasn't, but how could he know for sure? He decided he might as well give it a try. Maybe the cartel wanted to make a deal or something? Al heard someone honk outside. There was a couple police cars parked outside. Al woke everyone up and told them to get packed, it was time to go.


"Why are there police cars here?" asked Lisa.


"Yeah, Al. Why are there police cars here? I thought we was going on a camping trip?" said Kendra, looking suspicious.


"They are going to take you guys to the camping spot. Trust me honey, this is the best way."


He kissed her, and the kissed Lisa on her forehead. Al helped them load all their luggage into the back of the police car, then he turned to Kevin.


"Look after them son." said Al, putting his hand on his should.


"I will, dad. You take care alright?" Kevin said.


Al watched them all get into the police cars, and drive away. Lisa kept waving out the back window, and Al waved back until they were out of sight. He called Mike and told him to come pick him up. Mike arrived about 10 minutes later.


"Are you going to tell me what the f*ck is going on, Al?" said Mike as Al got into the car.


"In due time, Mike. Right now I need you to head over the wind turbines outside Los Santos. Raja is going to meet us there."


"And why would Raja be meeting us there? Isn't he one of Don Susantivo's top guys?"


"Not a clue, but apparently he wants to help us."


"Help us with WHAT, Al? What are you not telling me?"


Al had to tell him. Who knows what Raja really wanted. He had no choice but to fill Mike in on the situation. He told him how his son was a part of the petty gang that was stealing from their warehouse, that the cartel was on to him. Al also told him how he had to make a deal with the police in order to ensure his family's safety by ratting out the Jungle Kings. Finally, he told him that he planned to take on the cartel, because they would never stop hunting for Kevin and his gang, which could mean them kidnapping his family as well, until they were all dead.


"Al... oh my f*cking God. All we've worked for and you're just going to throw it all away like that? You do realize it's only a matter of time before they link you with the cartel right? Slice is bound to give you up. The restraunt, the airstrip... both will be seized. Our operation will be OVER!"


"I know Mike, I know. Things will work out. Trust me. Right now all we have to worry about is the cartel."


Mike shook his head. Al felt really bad for doing this to Mike. He just had to understand, his family's safety met everything. Things may be bad right now, but it's always the darkest before dawn. They finally arrived at the wind turbines outside Los Santos. Mike parked the car and waited for Raja. After about 10 minutes, they seen Raja coming up the dirt road in a jeep, a cloud of dust behind him. As he got closer, Al noticed there were 3 other cartel members in the jeep with him. Raja parked right next to Mike.


"Get out." Raja said.


Al and Mike got out of the car, and walked to Raja's window.


"I'm fully aware of the situation with your son. That's right, I have my resources. Your son and that petty gang has been ripping us off for the past few months. But, luckily for you, I want to help you." Raja said.


Mike and Al was in disbelief. Why on Earth would he want to help them?


"A few of us in the cartel believe Don Susantivo is not fit to lead anymore. I keep suggesting we should expand ourselves in America, but Don Susantivo keeps turning the idea down. It's unwise, the world basically knows Mexico is infamous with the drug trade. And that nephew of his... Chavez. Dumber than a bag of hammers. And he's supposed to lead us some day? No way. It's time we done something about it, and this incident with you and your son... it's the perfect gas to add to the flame. You help us take out Don Susantivo, Chavez, and the rest of us loyal followers, and consider the incident with your son pardoned. We could also continue to do business together, just as long as there is not another problem like this. So what do you say?"


Mike and Al looked at each other. What other choice did they have?


"How do you plan on getting us inside the estate?" asked Mike.


"It's simple really. Don Susantivo will be expecting to see you, so... you we will bring you in as our prisoners. Little does he know, you are actually with us. We all open fire, fighting anyone who gets in our way... and we execute that f*cking prick and his oaf of a nephew. I trust you brought some hardware of your own?"


Mike nodded, and loaded it all into the back of the jeep.


"Alright, you two sit in the back between my associates. We got a long ride ahead of us." Raja said.


The drive to Mexico was indeed a long one, but living in Southern San Andreas had it's perks. They had a slight close call at border patrol when the guards kept eyeing Mike and Al suspiciously. Al began to get a bit nervous as they was driving down the dirt road to the cartel's estate, and judging by Mike's shaking arm, he was too. After they passed the guard gate, where they showed to the camera they had prisoners, they finally came to a halt outside the mansion. Two men with AK's came walking toward them.


"And who are our surprise guests?" said one of the men, jokingly.


"Your reckoning." said Raja, and then he shot him and the other man in the chest with a desert eagle.


A big gunfight ensued. Several men came running out of the estate, guns blazing. Raja and his men shot back, hiding behind statues in the garden. Al and Mike retreated behind the jeep to grab some hardware. Al picked up a sawn off, and Mike got the Uzi 9mm. Raja and his men were pushing forward into the building, leaving a trail of ammo casings and bodies behind them. One of the bodies was inching towards a fallen weapon. Al ran up to him and shot him point blank in the back. He didn't move no more. Al and Mike followed Raja and his men inside the estate. They were shooting at Chavez, who was at the top of the stairs with a couple of other guys. Raja took out one of the men, who fell from the balcony on to the marble floor. Chavez was screaming for them to bring it on. One of Raja's men took out the other guy at the top of the stairs as he was reloading. Chavez was now screaming for help and banging on the door behind him.


"Let me in, uncle! They're going to kill me!"


"No!" yelled Don Susantivo.


"Please uncle, PLEASE!!!"


Mike ran up the stairs, uzi in hand. Chavez stopped banging on the door, and turned around to face him.


"Go f*ck yourself in the ass!"


Mike opened fire. Chavez went down like a rag doll. Al, Raja and his men then came running up the stairs. They heard yelling in the room ahead of them.




Raja shot the doorknob, and then kicked down the door. Don Susantivo aimed a .38 snub at him, and got off one round, which hit the wall, before Raja shot him in the hand. He then laid on the floor behind hind his desk, writhing in pain. Raja walked up to him and point his gun right in his mouth.


"You aren't fit to lead us anymore, Don Susantivo. It's time you stepped down." Raja said.


"fffff*ck you ya little prick!" Don Susantive managed to say with the gun in his mouth.


Raja just simply looked at him.


"Al, get over here. It should be you that puts this old fool out of his misery. He's the one that order the hit on your boy anyway.


Al walked behind the desk, sawn off in hand. Raja stepped away. Al looked down at the man for a second, wondering what his brains will look like all over the wall behind him. Finally, he raised his gun and placed it firmly on his temple.


"Bye." said Al.


He pulled the trigger. Don Susantivo's head simply exploded, brain and skull littered the wall behind him, blood everywhere. Al dropped his weapon. Never in his life had he seen anything like it.


"Looks like we own the market now, boys. Let's burn this place to the ground." said Raja.


Raja's men ran back to the jeep to grab some gas cans. When they returned, they began pouring it all over inside the house. Once it was covered well enough, Raja told everyone to go back out to the jeep. He lit up a cigar, took a puff, then threw it on the floor. The whole place went up in a heartbeat.


"Let's get you guys back." Raja said, still looking at the inferno in front of him.


They drove back to Mike's car. It was dark now. Raja parked beside his car.


"We're going to resume our operations up here now. Mexico is now out of the picture. I'm going to get a few cooks together, and we're going to start manufacturing and distribution up here. So come up with a game plan boys. We're the kings now." Raja said, then he took off.


Al took out his cell phone and called Sgt. Vickers.


"Are you with my family yet?" asked Al.


"Yes, we're hold up in an old cabin just outside Red County. I'll text you the location. We're waiting for you."


Al hung up, and got into the car with Mike. He told him to drive to Red County. After a few minutes, he received the text from Vickers. Al told Mike the exact location. Once they arrived, Al told Mike to stop at the dirt road leading to the cabin.


"Mike, listen. If anything should go wrong, I want you to give my wife this."


He handed Mike a briefcase.


"There's $5,000,000 inside. Tell them to use it to get out of Los Santos and start a new life somewhere... anywhere."


"What are you talking about, Al? What could go wrong?" asked Mike, suspiciously.


"I don't know, but just in case. I need to be sure you will do that for me. Can you?"


After a few minutes of silence, Mike reluctantly agreed.


"Thank you, Al. You've always been there for me... through good and bad. If things don't go so well in here, please give me your word that you will look after Kevin for me? He has alot to learn"


Mike nodded. Al shook hands with him, and patted him on the back. Mike did the same, although he was a bit more apprehensive.


"Wait here." Al said, and then got out and walked up the dirt road to the cabin.


It was a beautiful night. There was almost no smog in the air, Al could see that the starts were out tonight. Something he could never had done in the city. There were several police cars parked outside the cabin. As Al got closer, he heard a voice.


"Who goes there!"


"It's Albert... Albert De Silva. That's my family you have in there."


"Albert Albert Albert... we've been waiting for you." said Vickers, walking out of the cabin. Two other police officers closely behind him.


"Where's my family?" Al said.


"Oh, they're inside. Travis, go and get them."


The officer named Travis walked back inside. Shortly after, he came back out, followed by Kendra, Kevin, and Lisa.


"Al!" Kendra yelled, and ran over to him and embraced him in a hug.


Lisa ran over too, and hugged her father. Al embraced Kevin in a one armed hug as well.


"Al... we know of your involvement with the cartel." Vickers said.


Albert hugged Lisa even tighter. He knew what was coming.


"You're old Jungle King buddies told us, they even provided proof. You're a drug king pin. I'm going to have to place you under arrest."


Al finally let go of Lisa, and put his hands behind his back. Kendra was staring at him in disbelief, and Kevin looked alarmed.


"Honey, I'm sorry. I had had a feeling this might happen. I had to make sure you guys were safe... I love you."


A couple officers detained Al, and placed him in handcuff. Lisa was now crying.


"Why are you arresting my daddy!" she screamed, and ran back over to hold onto him.


"It's ok baby girl. Daddy will be all right. Now go over there with your brother." Al said, half sobbing.


Lisa ran over to Kevin, and held onto his arm. Kendra then walked over to Al... who was kneeling on the ground handcuffed. She looked down at him.


She slapped him across the face.




Al was now looking at the ground. There was no way he could make eye contact with her.


"Kendra, I'm..."


Kendra grabbed Lisa's arm, and marched back inside the cabin. Kevin was staring at him. Al simply nodded, as the officers picked him up and dragged him to the police car. The officer threw him in the backseat, and slammed the door. Al began crying... then all of the sudden, started laughing like a mad man. All that he's done for his family... turning back to crime to keep them afloat, his own son a criminal, sacrificing himself for their safety... all for this? Al was now laughing so loud, the other officers began staring at him, wondering if he lost his mind. Lisa looked out the window, and Al caught her eye. She was crying, but yet Al couldn't stop laughing.


6 months later, things are starting to come together. Although Al is sentenced to 15 years in prison, his criminal empire is starting to mend itself back together. Kendra and Lisa move to San Fierro to start a new life. Kevin tells Al that they bought a nice house in the San Bernard hills. Kevin decided not to go with them, as he hasn't given up on his father. Kevin visits him every chance he gets in prison. Al has been mentoring him on how to be a successful criminal, and it was him who had to continue to run the empire. Mike has also been a big help. Al told him to include Kevin in on the criminal network. Mike agreed, but at first didn't know how a petty criminal like Kevin would handle it. Al told him to trust Kevin, as he was mentoring him.

Under Al's instruction, Kevin successfully converted Al's car wash to harbor a meth lab under it. Kevin got the men together, and they got it done. It was the perfect front for a meth lab, because of all the chemicals and what not. Raja got several of hsi cooks to manufacture under it.


It was Kevin's idea to use Zeus' import export business as means of transporting. Al was impressed by this idea. The idea was to take the car's from the import export to the car wash. Inside, Raja's men would fit the car with drugs. The car would then be returned back to Zeu's import export and put on a boat to go to a contact in another state. They would sell the drugs, as well as the car... it was a very lucrative business. Mike, Kevin, and Raja were's making more money then they did before, because there was no middle man now. Kevin now had a hand in The Mile High Club, to which he now had his own penthouse suite.


Today was the day Kevin was going to visit Al again at the prison. Kevin threw on some clothes, and took the elevator from his penthouse suit down to the lobby. He took a cab to the prison. Once he got through all the security checks, and requested to see his father.


"Kevin De Silva to see Albert De Silva please." said Kevin.


The man behind glass window scrolled down a list in front of him. Finally, his finger stopped. He slowly looked up at Kevin.


"Son, I'm sorry to tell you this. But your father was killed yesterday. A group of men from the Jungle Kings ganged up on him and stabbed him multiple times in the chest. Al managed to break one of their legs, but he couldn't fend them off. Apparently it was some kind of 'revenge.' I'm sorry sir, prison deaths takes about a day to go public."


The whole world seemed to crumble around Kevin. He began to feel sick as he walked out of the prison, and sat on the curb. There's no way he could be dead. He was so tough. How could this be happening? Kevin went back to the Mile High Club, and passed out in his penthouse. 2 days later they had Al's funeral. Only Mike, Raja, a few of his men, and Kevin showed up. Obviously Kendra simply didn't care anymore, as Kevin left her a message on her answering machine. Kevin watched them lower his coffin in the ground. His tombstone read:


'The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the

tyranny of evil men'


2 years later. Kevin in still running his empire with an iron fist. Most night he parties with college chicks and gets drunk in his penthouse suite. He had access to alot of hot cars thanks to Zeus as well. The drug business was going well. Raja's cooks continued to manufacture meth under Kevin's car wash. Every week, one of Zeus' workers will drop off a car there to be fitted with drugs, then he would return it to the dockyard to be imported to it's buyer. Up 'N Atom Burger and the airstrip were seized by the police, but no matter. Kevin didn't even need them for his empire to function. Mike spent most of his time at Ace's Liquor (the bar he bought), getting drunk in the back room. Raja continued to run the streets as Kevin's main enforcer, making sure no other gangs ventured into their territory. The Jungle Kings seemed to be no more, as most of their higher ranked member were still rotting away in prison. The Vargos gang seems to have taken over Ganton. They were no real threat at the moment.


Kevin was watching a Jack Howitzer movie, the one where Al flew the Hydra as a stunt double for Jack himself. Once the part came up when the Hydra was flying full speed through downtown Los Santos, Kevin couldn't help but to grin everytime. He got up from his leather love sofa to look out his penthouse window at the city below. This was all his now. His father probably wasn't the best dad in the world for what he done, but he mattered to Kevin. Who know's where he would be if it wasn't for his father, and what he did. Kevin tapped the glass a few times with his hand, and walked away.


All was well...



Scenes in trailer put into context with my story




-Narrator is Albert De Silva. This line is spoken in a bar, the night before the jewelry heist

-0:07 Al is flying the Asian family around the beaches of Los Santos, and notices how happy this couple is

-0:17 Al is at this golf course when he gets a call from Mike saying he bought Ace's Liquor

-0:19 Zeus on his jet ski when Al and Mike first meet him

-0:21 Civilians enjoying the mountain view when Al takes his family hiking

-0:23 T-Ray trying to impress a lady

-0:27 Raja on his way to meet Al and Mike at the wind turbines

-0:30 Al neighbors to his Rodeo Drive condo

-0:35 Al driving by the Jungle King member in the white shirt, and notices a failed drug transaction

-0:40 Al at the heist safe house. This is when he decides to take over the city

-0:43 Chavez clumsily fertilizing the pot plants

-0:46 Al, Mike, and Chris robbing the jewelry store

-0:49 Al on the way to the bank to receive the bad news

-0:51 one of Al's Up 'N Atom trucks

-0:54 The man Al feels bad about on his way to the bank

-0:56 Mike talking to a couple of hookers outside his newly purchased business

-0:57 Al hauling ass to his warehouse after learning it is about to get ripped off

-0:58 A homeless man Al notices on his way to meet Slice for the second time

-1:01 Al flying a Hydra as a stunt man for a new Jack Howitzer movie

-1:02 A man getting kicked out of the bar Mike, Chris, and Al go to

-1:05 moments before T-Ray gets arrested

-1:07 moments before Slice being gunned down in the street

-1:09 The getaway car from the jewelry heist Mike and Al burn, with Chris' dead body inside

-1:11 Chris and Mike arriving from Liberty City


Thank you everyone for reading my story! I've put alot of time and effort into this to keep you all entertained while we wait for more official information about the game from Rockstar. With June coming to an end, I expect that info to be here very, very soon. While entertaining my fellow GTA community is awarding in itself, I would greatly appreciate if all of you referred this thread to some of the admins, saying how much you enjoyed it. That way I will be eligible for an award. I'd really like something to show for all of my hard work. Thanks again for being a part of this journey!


rahkstar2.gifLONG LIVE GTA rahkstar2.gif

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^ This.


user posted image


Sorry sir, but this is waaaaaay too much freetime. sad.gif


Anyway, you should be awarded with a Nobel prize for writing a novell about an unreleased, nothing-known-about game.


Even if somebody payed me, I still wouldn't want to read all this.


You must be the kind of guy that eats rice with a pair of sticks, one by one.

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But you already have a topic on gta series chat Link


so why did you make a new topic on V section dontgetit.gif


Nice read though, Keep up smile.gif

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@Bugg & Gege: It took months to complete this story. If you can't appreciate what I've done for my fellow GTA community, than I guess you could just simply take a step back and f*ck your own faces. smile.gif


@UtricularEwe001: More publicity. Plus the fact that the V forum is pretty much going crazy for info, so I re-posted this in here for people that hasn't read it yet. Just trying to keep the hype going... icon14.gif


I mean, what else is going on in the V section? Nothing! At least read my story before you post your opinions about it. I worked hard on this to keep you guys entertained while we wait for more info from Rockstar. So at least respect that.



[O]tter[ba]nned Oct 8, 2013, for 91 days.

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You just copied this from the thread in series chat. seriously it got moved for a reason


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@Bugg & Gege: It took months to complete this story. If you can't appreciate what I've done for my fellow GTA community, than I guess you could just simply take a step back and f*ck your own faces. smile.gif

I'd rather f*ck my own face, than read this.

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Crimson Flam3s

I appreciate the time you took to write this, but it's waaayy to freaking long or me to read it sir..


here have a cookie.gif

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@deli2000: Read my previous post. smile.gif


@Bugg: So I guess you speak for everybody that it's a waste of time? What are you...a grand Wizard or something?


@Gege: Ok, just be sure and wear a condom when you f*ck your face... because it's bound to have every disease in the book.


@Crimson Flam3s: that's fine. I don't expect people to read this in one sitting anyway. I'd like people to stop every now and then.

Edited by GTA-King



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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

Usually, I tend to f*ck off at these kinda threads. To be honest, most of the time. But this... nervous.gif I can't even...


I think GTAIII's script is half of this, judging by the photo Rockstar released last year.

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

Usually, I tend to f*ck off at these kinda threads. To be honest, most of the time. But this... nervous.gif I can't even...


I think GTAIII's script is half of this, judging by the photo Rockstar released last year.

Gege, just so you know, it took months for me to complete this. I wish you could respect the time and effort it took, but whatever.



[O]tter[ba]nned Oct 8, 2013, for 91 days.

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

Usually, I tend to f*ck off at these kinda threads. To be honest, most of the time. But this... nervous.gif I can't even...


I think GTAIII's script is half of this, judging by the photo Rockstar released last year.

Then don't post and act like a f*cking twat. If you have nothing useful to contribute, then don't post.

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

People are just giving their opinions. It doesn't have to be positive.

And you're no one to stop them, so shut your face.

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These days you get a "too long, didn't read" for posting more than one freakin' paragraph, so what do you expect?

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

Usually, I tend to f*ck off at these kinda threads. To be honest, most of the time. But this... nervous.gif I can't even...


I think GTAIII's script is half of this, judging by the photo Rockstar released last year.

Gege, just so you know, it took months for me to complete this. I wish you could respect the time and effort it took, but whatever.

He just wont understand the fact that some people like other things than just sit on their computer/console to play games.

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Meh, whatever. Just trying to keep you guys entertained. I won't do anything like this ever again for my fellow GTA community. icon14.gif



[O]tter[ba]nned Oct 8, 2013, for 91 days.

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

People are just giving their opinions. It doesn't have to be positive.

And you're no one to stop them, so shut your face.

But being a disrespectful c*nt is quite another. So eat my ass hair icon14.gif

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

People are just giving their opinions. It doesn't have to be positive.

And you're no one to stop them, so shut your face.

But being a disrespectful c*nt is quite another. So eat my ass hair icon14.gif

You're saying how being disrespectful is bad, and then tell me to eat your ass hair.

Ironic isn't it?

Get it?

You're an idiot.

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Alright, enough with the pointless internet argument. Some people just can't appreciate everything. It's something we just got to accept.



[O]tter[ba]nned Oct 8, 2013, for 91 days.

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

People are just giving their opinions. It doesn't have to be positive.

And you're no one to stop them, so shut your face.

But being a disrespectful c*nt is quite another. So eat my ass hair icon14.gif

You're saying how being disrespectful is bad, and then tell me to eat your ass hair.

Ironic isn't it?

Get it?

You're an idiot.

There's a difference between being disrespectful and an asshole. I'm gladly the second option.

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

People are just giving their opinions. It doesn't have to be positive.

And you're no one to stop them, so shut your face.

But being a disrespectful c*nt is quite another. So eat my ass hair icon14.gif

You're saying how being disrespectful is bad, and then tell me to eat your ass hair.

Ironic isn't it?

Get it?

You're an idiot.

There's a difference between being disrespectful and an asshole. I'm gladly the second option.

did you just call yourself asshole? alright.

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Alright look you f*cking retards. There's a magic trick called




Simple as that.

People are just giving their opinions. It doesn't have to be positive.

And you're no one to stop them, so shut your face.

But being a disrespectful c*nt is quite another. So eat my ass hair icon14.gif

You're saying how being disrespectful is bad, and then tell me to eat your ass hair.

Ironic isn't it?

Get it?

You're an idiot.

There's a difference between being disrespectful and an asshole. I'm gladly the second option.

did you just call yourself asshole? alright.

He won't be replying back to you. So if you want to continue this pointless internet argument, you'll have to take it to PM. smile.gif


OT: The story may look overwhelming, but trust me... it's a great read. When I posted this here awhile back, alot of people liked it. The only reason I reposted this is because it needs more publicity, and there's a chance alot of the newer members haven't read it yet. Plus more V info could still be a ways off, so hopefully this will keep you entertained until Rockstar releases more info.


I hope you guys realize that you don't have to read it all in one sitting by the way. Read a bit, then come back later. icon14.gif

Edited by GTA-King



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So if you want to continue this pointless internet argument

The only thing pointless here, is yours so called "great read".



BuGG, get the f*ck out of this topic.

After you.

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