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Missions don't trigger


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I just recently started to play GTA IV again.

The last mission I completed was "The snow storm".


I should be able to work for Brucie, Francis, Playboy X and Elizabeta.

Their icons are on the map,

but walking/driving into the yellow marker doesn't trigger a mission to start.


I can still do sidemissions like deliveries for Little Jacob and stealing cars for Brucie.

Could someone help me?

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Any mods?


If not, it sound like your savegame is busted. Do you have an older savegame to load?

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I'm not using any mods.

Yep, I have another savegame but loading that doesn't do the trick.


As I said, the icons for the missions are on the map and the yellow arrow that appears

in game is there. It's just that nothing happens when you walk into it.


Thanks though!

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Try driving into the mark, maybe that can nudge things in the right direction.

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