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Arab (CYP)

Recommended Posts

I know the mod is pretty much dead at this point. But I thought users of the mod would be interested in this.

Thanks to 's tool, it's now possible to mipmap textures for III and add some other nice features. I've already mipmapped some of the textures for the mod and it looks a lot better now, if anyone is interested in getting the files send me a pm, I can't post it here since I haven't got permission. :p

Some mipmapped roads and vegetation.






EDIT: Mipmapped some other stuff.

Stadium before:
Stadium after:

Street + bushes before:
Street + bushes after:




Edited by TJGM
Removed images and put links instead.
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  • 2 months later...

Just for the sake of making this all easier for anyone stumbling across this...


Mod download: http://www.4shared.com/rar/vGEmz5Onba/GTA_III_HD_with_Patch.html?

Do not forget to apply the patch. This will allow you to load any saves in Portland, and some other minor things were fixed. It's nice. So use it.


To install, I recommend copying a fresh install into its own folder, completely separate from your normal GTA III installation. Then copy the mod and then the patch into the folder, overwriting anything and everything. Start it up. If you are receiving a crash, then make an exception for the .exe in Data Execution Prevention (Google it if you don't know how. It's really simple, though). If that's not working, then, of course, try compatibility mode and running as administrator. Yes, that works sometimes.


I then recommend that you hit Shift+F12 as soon as you load your game or start a new game or whatever. This will turn off the ENB, but will make the game more normal-ish in terms of lighting, which isn't saying too terribly much because the lighting in this mod is awful, and to get good performance... and to see your damned targeting reticule.


My thoughts on the mod are that it's a curiosity piece and nothing more. Claude looks really damned stupid, IMO, but that may just be me and my being used to Claude's look and disliking it when mods try to pull some, "OH, LOOK HOW COOL WE'VE MADE HIM," sh*t because it only ever ruins him. OnePiece's HD Claude is the best Claude we're ever going to get. Why anyone uses any other Claude, I'm not sure. It won't be received well. Anyway, to stop bitching about Claude... the lighting is, as I mentioned, pretty sh*t. Even in broad daylight, Claude looks like he's standing in the dark, and cars look washed out in an abundance of light (which is really confusing when your jacket is darker than Satan's asshole's asshole in comparison). The crosshairs are near-impossible to see with the ENB on and speaking of the ENB, well. Aha, the ENB tanks your performance, especially around the Bistro in Saint Mark's (I tested the game in Portland). ENB lighting is INCREDIBLY dark, even with brightness pushed up to max and the look of the ENB itself is so overwrought as to actually look flat and incredibly boring. It attempts to look so gritty, but instead, it just comes out as looking like they wanted an almost-but-not-quite kind of sepia tone going on, which is obviously very unattractive. Vehicle handling has changed and is sluggish in both turning and in speed. The Banshee feels like you're driving, say, the Idaho now and all the vehicles fight you when trying to turn a corner. Oh, the radio stations are different. No Chatterbox and the stations that aren't new don't keep the same music. Not bad music, mind you, but still. And the mod is buggier than Joe's apartment (yay, references!) What I will say, though, is that the reflections going on with the downscaled GTA IV textures look really nice, if perhaps a bit too grey and depressing to be used in a dedicated manner. Like I said, it's a curiosity piece. You play it to drive around the city once, looking at the nice reflections and textures. And then that's it. It doesn't perform as well as other graphical enhancements, is buggier, is more depressing, makes Claude look stupid, etc.


It's a shame this thing never got completed and likely never will get completed. I'm sure feedback would've been followed and we'd have eventually gotten the ultimate graphical enhancement mod for GTA III. But unfortunately, we're left with a proof of concept that took too long to come to fruition, and that's most likely all we're ever going to get. Check it out, drive about if you like, just take in how good GTA III looks for its age in some places. And then never play it again. That's my recommendation.

Edited by AedanClarke
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  • 4 weeks later...

Why is the mod still in "alpha" stage? Is development still going on? If so, what is remaining?

Well, since it's been 5 years (going back to the original topic), and nothing much went on, except for the fixes/patches being released, it's dead. From the looks of it seems like nobody's working on this anymore.


And for some reason, the mod hardly looks like anything I've seen in the screenshots in the first topic. Or on the 1st page on this one. I might have missed it already, but what happened?


The player model was changed, and things look too much like the original. I'm just curious, not concerned or mad.


*sigh* I guess I'll be removing this signature, now. Though I'm keeping it, to remember.

Edited by Arcade-kids
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  • 1 month later...
  • 1 month later...
  • 3 weeks later...
  • 3 months later...

Sorry for bumping but better then creating a new topic about the same thing?.


Plus I haven't been around so much on this forum.


Anyway: Now to the thing! I'm having a crash while the game loads it loads fast but then it stops when it's almost finished.

Somone talked about the ENB's falut.


How can I disable it if that's the case?.

Please tell exactly as I'm a really beginner.

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To disable ENB, just remove the ENB's files from the game directory.


Thanks! I tried that, but it still occur a crash. Anyone knows whats wrong?.

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I have the same issue when i start a game,

i think its a issue with one of the soundfile, because few cars have also strange sounds for me.

but the game runs well, no issues so far.

where did you get the file from ? What link you used ?

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  • 2 weeks later...

I have the same issue when i start a game,

i think its a issue with one of the soundfile, because few cars have also strange sounds for me.

but the game runs well, no issues so far.

where did you get the file from ? What link you used ?


That one on the first post. Not the torrent verison that one under.

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  • 1 month later...

Hi all,

Sorry for bumping an old topic but I'm interested in using just the reworked textures and models Pearcy has made (except not the claude model). I'm not interested in the ENB or Audio etc how exactly do I get just those? Which files should I go for and is there an already compressed ver of it? I ask because a few pages back there's a 600+MB mega.co.nz link and I have the patch/fixes files that DimZet made already.


I ask because I have very limited bandwidth and the 1.73GB rar file with EVERYTHING (from DimZet fixes to Audio to ... well the whole game) on the main page and the 4shared link is massive for me, If you guys can guide me on what to get (or what process to follow to insert stuff myself) I'd appreciate it! Thanks!

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  • 5 months later...
  • 3 months later...
  • 1 month later...

Good day PearCyp! Can you upload early type of ENBsettings like on this screenshot:


and Hellenbach GT from

video Edited by Zendyzer
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  • 1 year later...
  • 8 months later...



So anyone still have the files? It'd be a shame if this is lost.




That's it. Thanks Junior.



Any way of changing some of the pedestrians/gangs/pimps, radio stations, characters in the cut scenes and even vehicles back to the way they were originally?

Edited by gjk-23__
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  • 2 months later...

Does anyone know how to change the cutscene Claude's head back to normal?

I figured it out. If anyone else wants to remove cut scene Claude's head, then open gta3.img, and replace playerh.dff and playerh.txd with the originals (found elsewhere)

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  • 3 weeks later...

Hey, the file "Headlight.ASI" is broken (the one included in the "Patch" folder). Is there any way of correct it?

The original "Headlight.ASI" file is normal but it didn't applied any effect to the game.


Some notes:

- The car playability is too heavy (worst than GTA IV car physics) when you get to make a turn and it takes so long for the car to stop when you brake it.

- When you accelerate, the tires release smoke in a disproportional way. Any car in the game does it.


- When I install any other mod (ASI or CLEO), the game crashes or doesn't even load at all. (Unhandled Exception).

- The already included CLEO Plugins - Veh Camera, Wide Screen Fix, Swimming and Draw Distance/Water Alpha -, aren't working properly. For example, when you try to swim, Claude doesn't swim at all. His arms bugs and when you jump and he gets on the water again, he just floats and his body gets unmovable.


- Why is the "Kuruma" green in the start mission? It was always blue.

- As when can see around the bridge in the start mission, the trees, the shrubs/etc and the water textures are buggy/ugly/bad rendered. (I don't know how to say the correct term when some textures are in a different way/resolution of the others).

- Why there are cars in the first island that aren't meant to be there? For example, a black Cheetah.


- When I load a 100% save game (just to see how the 2 other islands are and explore them), the game crashes too.

- I've downloaded Patch v2 but "headlight.asi" still does nothing.


I understand the mod is still in its Alpha Version, all I'm doing is report errors, some things that are broken/I didn't liked at all, to make sure you can fix and it become perfect in a near future. The mod looks amazing, great job!

Edited by TheSilentEvil
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