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Your realistic expectations.


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This thread is not about what you want in the Game. It's about what you expect. It doesn't matter in which aspect!


-A cool protag (Age is totally irrelevant!)


-relatively long story


-very Big map (Quoted from dan Houser himself)


-A ton of fun multiplayer modes


-lots of minigames like golf, bowling, Poker etc



That's it, what about you? Again it is Not about what you want!

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An improved GTA IV in Los Santos and surronding hills and countryside.

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Asking "realistic expectations" is like asking a 9th grader what career they want to go into. In elementary school they all wanted to be pro sports players. Then they become "serious" all at once and end up wanting to be very specific engineers, doctors and special-ed teachers. It's annoying.


Everyone already knows the realistic expectations and are already expecting them. We don't need people to try and act "serious" by starting threads (that have been made plenty of times before) by saying the most cliché GTA features and calling it "realistic."

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Ones expectations are essentially their wants, and for wants we have the wishlist.



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