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I need a few places marked with Gold dots, purple dots, or Silver dots and a pic of the location next to the dot.


1. Aldernerny State correctional (gold dot)


2.. South Algonquin Lawyers office. (Gold Dot)


3. Port Tudor. (gold dot)


4. RS haul facility. You go there in the mission Harbouring a Grudge, Niko and Packie climb on to the roof of the RS Haul warehouse in order to steal a truckload of illegal medicines.(silver dot)


5. Abandon oil factory in bohan. (silver dot)


6. . Colony Island south warehouse (silver dot)


7. Charge Isalnd boat dock.(silver dot)


8. The private yacht in ballad. (purple dot)


9. The skyscraper office which you can only access in TBoGT. I think you do the Dropping in mission there. (purple dot)

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If you come up with the pics of the locations, I'll make the map.


Too lazy to google and all that fun stuff.. just edit with the images and i'll make you one, no sweat.


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