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Where does GTA fit in to the hierarchy of things?


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Thinking of popularity; I mean probably it is not as big as the Call of Duty series, but is it in the top 5?


Perhaps some of you will oblige me with you own opinion, fill in the gaps also:


1. ?

2. ?

3. GTA?

4. ?

5. ?


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Well, globally considered, I think Asian franchises such as Mario, Sonic and Zelda themselves are the most successful video game series of all time, followed by Gran Turismos, Metal Gear Solids, Tomb Raiders etc... Of course, in the 2010s the GTAs are among the most popular games, but in a wider scale, hardly.


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Thanks, I suppose you’re right. But what about today’s world in 2012, on the other hand?

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GTA is the best-selling mature action-adventure franchise, but Call of Duty could pass it if Call of Duty: Black Ops II ships before GTA V. GTA is the 7th best-selling game franchise of all time.




Due to age, GTA IV "only" placed 11th on XBL in 2011. Note this beats Red Dead Dedemption which placed 19th despite being newer and having a reputation for better multiplayer than GTA IV. GTA IV was 2nd on GFWL in 2011.



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Call of Duty is the most popular game franchise. Undeserving, yes, but the most popular nonetheless.

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