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[IV]HELP!Custom PEDS. Searching for tutorial.


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Hello there! I have a couple of question for knowing people about adding custom models into GTA IV, especially - peds. First off i'm very good in 3ds max and photoshop, so i need more information about manipulations with GIMS and maybe other scripts/plugins.


Ok, here we go. Is there any good tutorial about how to add custom peds into the game or replacing individual parts of peds body's (head, hands, ect)?


I have model which i want to put into the game by replacing standart game ped. Or replace in standart model only head.


I hope you're will understand me and i'm waiting for a help. tounge2.gif


P.S.: IF anyone will share some good info i'll make a video tutorial, of course if author will permit. I just think that a lot of people wanna know how to do those things. icon14.gif

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GIMS IS VERY EASY PLUG-IN, if you learned 3dsmax i bet you'll learn GIMS.


GIMS tool is used to export import openformats from OPEN IV to GIMS and vice versa.

GIMS have a few helpers like a rampage_ani.gif map reference of the real one in gta iv, rampage_ani.gif material editor(to create and edit the GTAMATERIALS (shaders and collision types), rampage_ani.gif LOD manager (to manage the lods of the map mods(if exists)will search for objects with LOD_ prefix, gta configurator(to handle the gta.dat and images.txt files and manage them)and more things but a real import one is the rampage_ani.gif HIERARCHY MANAGER that allows you to set properties to the objects(model,collision,node and dictionary mode(odr-odd,obn-obd)and also rampage_ani.gif IDE/WPL HIERARCHY to set normal, stream, strbig WPLs and IDE files.


there is also rampage_ani.gif IDE EDITOR for ide properties of objects or instances(just like draw dist,texture assignment,flags...)

rampage_ani.gif IDE 2FX for objects with an fx function like scripts (amb_savebed,amb_tv....)and more issues

rampage_ani.gif WPL EDITOR.to set wpl placement parametres(at the mapping time)

rampage_ani.gif NOD PATHS EDITOR some serious sh*t comapared with the previous ones(this one is to create paths on game for cars,peds and all that stuff)


-other sections are the same, just tools to create-edit GTA IV stuff.






1.look for a ped to export(you need OPEN IV to export and open format (odr instead of wdr,supported in GIMS)

2.import the whole odd to the 3dsmax scene by the import tab in GIMS

3.edit your part of the body or whatever but THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!copy the object you'll replace in the scene to have the skin modifier (you'll need it later)(the modifier i mean)

4.after editing (editable mesh or editable poly)just copy the skin modifier of the old object and paste it to the new one and export the whole odd.

5.CAUTION!!!after doing anything(editing,exporting)make sure that the "always arrange" mode is enabled in the schematical view because the model dictionaries have Hierarchy (model PED ID:, in the pedVariations.dat) important.




smile.gif i was incredible bored to write this text so i hope this info was helpful.


alien.gif NOTE: other plugins are not relevant for 3dsmax because GIMS can make almost all of it.


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