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Gta V/IV


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leik oh em jeez!
Do you think that rockstar will create dual packs or Trilogies? GTA 3 VC AND sa were in a trilogy pack... -_- that i almost bought but someone bought the next day >_> Maybe GTA IV comeplete edition with GTA V which might sell for $60-70 or €47-55 and has some special content for both games? Tell me your opinion

I thought the IV era trilogy was IV-LaD-TBoGT

As is explained above, IV and V are the same era. That's straight from Rockstar.


Expansion packs are not games.

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The only good thing about GTA IV is the first island (Dukes, Broker, and Bohan). Algonquin was a waste of space and time.. really boring... Alderney wasn't much fun either...


I think I've had more fun playing GTA 3, but GTA V will be great, simply because of the location and the atmosphere we see in the trailer!

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I think they could do a Quad pack,



GTA IV : The Lost and Damned

GTA IV : The Ballad of Gay Tony

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Expansion packs are not games. If you think they are, then you think there have been ten Call of Duty games released in the past two years.

According to ROCKSTAR, IV and V are in the same era. I thought this discussion was over months ago.


Yes CoD style expansion packs, which are just multiplayer maps, are not games in and of themselves but I think it's fair to say that TLaD and TBoGT combined pretty much constitutes a new game as they give you two whole new story lines. Sure they are set in the same place and are not as long as the main story but they give you a good few hours of gameplay each, so combined as the 'episodes' are longer than a lot of 'proper' games.


OT: I think we may see a combined pack of IV / TLaD / TBoGT / V at some point, but not for a few years after V's release, maybe not even until VI comes out.

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Gta 4 is the worst gta i've ever played, so NO.

GTA IV was awesome it's my 2nd favourite in the series. I don't know why would you hate it that much


@Op i don't think we will see a IV/V dual pack anytime soon, seeing how 3/SA/VC trilogy pack underpreformed i wouldn't expect R* to do the same "mistake" again

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