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Missing Post Mission phone call


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hello everyone i have passed the False Idols mission but you are supposed to be getting a phone call from Donald Love post mission which i think is after? even if it was before i still didnt get it. has anyone else had this proberm i found out that you were supoosed to get the call from this website here - http://gta.wikia.com/False_Idols


hope its okay posting that link



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I don't remember ever getting a phone call from him. It's from a Wikia anyway, not the most reliable source.

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Yeah, I never got a call either, and as buzbegone said, GTA WIkia isn't the most reliable source. Although it is reliable most of the time, IMO, some of the information is not true. For example, it says that Dancing in San Andreas is unlocked after "Life's a Beach," when you can actually do it from the beginning.

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After False Idols I believe you go to see Donald for the next mission. Or try standing outside (not driving) for 15 in game minutes and you should get a phone call. I dunno, Il get back to you on that one, have to get up to that part of the game again

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