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Welcome to my first mission pack. Taken


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Bryan Mills is a highly trained ex FBI agent, who now is retired and living in San Fierro, for build a closer relationship with his daughter Kimmy Mills, a big fan of Shawn Wolfe, the most famous singer in SA. The marriage is not going well and his wife, Lenore Mills is asking for the divorce. Now, with his family falling apart, old enemys come back. In a planned hit to the jail, three of the most dangerous people in San Andreas escaped from jail, Vladimir Skossyreff, Vicente Rodríguez and Richard Simmons. When Bryan is hired by Shawn as security guard, he offers her daughter to go with him to the concert. When they go to the concert, Rodriguez and a couple

of guys make an important move... They Kidnapped Kimmy...


Bryan is now going to ask help to an old friend, Mike Toreno to rescue his daughter, bring her home safe, and take them to jail... or kill them.


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  • Bryan Mills: The protagonist of the story. He's an ex FBI Agent, who is highly trained in weapons and close combat.
  • Kimmy Mills: She is Bryan's daughter. She is a normal teenager. Her mother is Lenore Mills
  • Lenore Mills: Bryan's wife. She askimg the divorce because he doesn't spend time with her or with Kimmy.
  • Mike Toreno: He is an agent for an government agency. He's a personal friend of Bryan and he will help him in his journey around San Andreas
  • Vladimir Skossyreff: An russian mafia boss and weapon dealer. He and his organization has been eliminated thanks to Bryan.
  • Vicente Rodríguez: When Skossyreff got arrested, Vicente Rodriguez, drug dealer and leader of the San Fierro Rifa and Los Santos Vagos was the next target. He also got arrested after a few months, once again, by Bryan
  • Richard Simmons: This guy is the leader of the Ballas. He control all the gang in Los Santos, and he has some conection to the italian mafia in Las Venturas. He is prission when he was discovered in some deals with Vicente Rodríguez
  • Shawn Wolfe: Favorite pop singer of Kimmy, who hired Bryan as security guard.
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Mission #1 - "Old days" - http://dyom.gtagames.nl/?act=show&id=19595

Mission #2 - "The concert" -



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Thanks to:

  • Arejai - Logo and headers
  • nic_23 - Signature logo
  • PatrickW and Dutchy3010 - For create DYOM
  • To everyone who play the missions
Aditional info:
  • My computer is infected, and is impossible to make the mission, I will continue this project when I fix this sh*t biggrin.gif .
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Thanks lee! Please send some feedback. I'll try harder with the 2nd mission, so it will take some time.

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Played your first mission. What can I say, it's a nice mission for an introduction mission. I also found several grammar mistakes, but that's not a major problem. I also like the foggy situation, making the mission more challenging.


Keep up! icon14.gif

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