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EFLC Map updates to IV crash


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So i dont want to make this to long, so i just installed the mod EFLC Map Updates to IV (Reasons: 1, EFLC keeps crashing when i try to load a mod making the game boring for me and 2, i played GTA IV much longer and got the buttload of all my favourite mods on it and dont want to put time porting em to EFLC), but i kept getting GTAIV Stopped working as soon as i Enter the game (Where you are at the social club screen and then there are the cartoon loading screens for some moments and then you see something like Story Complete ...... loading).

I have GTA IV together with Scripthook.dll, xliveless.dll and some scripts from Hippiecommunist's modpack and ENB Series (dunno what version), and all i actually want is just the fight club. Can someone help me fix this or does somebody have a fight club mod that is like the one from EFLC?



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if u ever get that working, i'd be glad to get it too:P.


btw, do u take the IMG files directly from EFLC to IV?

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