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[Server] Los Santos Roleplay {0.3e}


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Hello everyone, want to join a roleplay server? One that just came out literally 1 Hour ago?

Look no further ^.^!




~~{BetaTesters and Helpers}~~


We are looking for Beta-Testers so come now!


We are also looking for Helpers. Yes, that means you can earn your rank of [HELPER]

Just simply fill in the format in this topic below!


1. What is your REAL-LIFE name, and your IN-GAME RP Name:

2. How Old are you (We require an certain age):

3. Do you have Skype?:

4. Do you have A MIC to chat in Skype?:

5. List all the following below:


What does this mean:


IC (In Character)-

OOC (Out Of Character)-

BH (Bunny Hopping) -

CR (Chicken Running) -

MG (Meta-Gaming) -

PG (Power-Gaming) -

DM (Death Match) -

RK (Revenge Killing) -



If you would like to be helper, you MUST fill in that application wink.gif


Please don't ask for Admin, If we like you, you will be picked!

We will hold events at a later date, as we don't have forums or anything yet!

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You should have posted this in the server thread. This is advertising your server.
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Doc Rikowski


Any post referring to specific servers, particularly independent ones, is prohibited within the Multiplayer section. Meaning that posts advertising your "virtual getaways" are not allowed. Again - do not advertise your server(s). Additionally, we do not allow people to post topics or off-topic posts requesting general server information of any kind. The Events forum is strictly for hosted games that take place on universally public servers hosted by the developers of the game in question. This is a requirement that allows any budding participant to join events freely and effortlessly. In essence, it is simple as booting up Grand Theft Auto IV and inviting friends into a lobby.


Please read forum guidelines.

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