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Grand Theft Auto IV: A México, Al Infierno

Liver Buster

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Liver Buster

As people know, GTAboyWonder is officially gave up BEL. So I decided to go with my former ideas, editted the Colombian Cartel. Now Colombian Cartel is a little gang that works for Sureloa and Gonzalez Cartels (check out crime organizations). It's leader in appearance is Humberto Cabrones but actually he's a laying and abusing man doesn't give a sh*t to cartel's past, present and future. Actually his nephew Tomas "Little Tommy" runs the things (check out the Characters). Also I renamed Spanish Lords leader as Joseph Delgado.


I've informed my decision to The Black Cat producer DrMayhem that I got out from the three stories project. I removed Coltrane Strader, probably a bartender will take his role.


Also the shocking next mission will be coming soon.

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Liver Buster

Here came the mission!


Mission Name: Portrait Of A Traitor

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


Jose comes to Meadows Park for talking with Rique as he said. He finds Rique enjoying a stick of cigarette on a bank opposite the Monoglobe. After Jose sits near Rique and Jose starts to talk in a weird manner.


Jose: Hey!

Rique: Hey, what's going on?

Jose: I don't know.


[After a short silence]


Rique: [takes a toke from his cigarette] You remember what I said you? "All come here gets spoiled around. This land spoils them around".

Jose: [with a confused manner] Yeah?

Rique: I guess we'll see will you get spoiled around or not.

Jose: What the f*ck that means?

Rique: That's easy, friend. Living your dream or being an asswipe?

Jose: I sitll do not understand.

Rique: Yeah, I'm talking complicated, aren't I? Being a man who's rich, powerful, respected feared or being a man who's a little cockroach who smells his uncle's ass?

Jose: Probably I started to assemble things up.

Rique: If you kill your uncle for me, you can get you out of this poor life, living the dream, amigo (friend)


Jose produces a Pistol from his jacket, grabs Rique in the collars and props the Pistol on his face.


Jose: What are you talking about, cabrón? (bastard) You would be a spoiled bastard that can kill anybody for reaching his dreams but I not.

Rique: Man, I didn't say anything wrong. Just relax, down the gun, free your mind and think about it. Your uncle's a very very rich man. If you kill him, you can get anything you want. Be a real man.

Jose: I don't know man, this is a hard deal.

Rique: Okay then. Let's think for a while. Think what I said you. Then you can find the right path.

Jose: Okay, man.


Jose stands up and runs along there.


For a while, there won't be any destination that is required to go. Jose wanders around the city and tries to relax and think good. After a long while, Rique gives him a call to ask him about his decision:


Rique: Hey kid, do you have your decision?

Jose: That was a hard decision to me but I think hard and hard, and I make my decision. I'll do whatever you say.

Rique: Good. I knew you were a smart kid. I heard Ray is hanging in his club. Smoking pot, cheesing with whiskey, cumming on b*tches, y'know? Give him a visit and do what you want to do.


[Rique hangs up]


So Jose makes his way to El Oros but he's hindered by the tough bouncer of the club.Bodyguard says he's not allowed to enter, so Jose kick bouncer in the nuts.


Bouncer: Wooh! Be easy, amigo (friend) You can't enter here.

Jose: What the f*ck are you talking about? My uncle's the owner of here. Let me enter before I bust your chiquita (petite balls.

Bouncer: Oh yeah?

Jose: Yeah.


Jose slowly gets straighten up and after strongly kicks the bouncer in the nuts.


Bouncer: AHHHHHH!

Jose: But I had warned you.


After Jose rushes into club but all employees in the club aim their guns to him.


There are totally ten armed guards. Jose can take cover from pillars, tables or the bar, this could decrease the posibility of health waste.


After Jose fights with all ten men and goes to his uncle's office. He enters the office and finds his uncle talking with his right hand man Lazlo:


Ray: Yeh, this is exactly what I was thinking, Lazlo.


Jose enter the office.


Jose: Put your hands up, put your hands up.

Ray: [shocked] Nephew! What the f*ck?

Jose: Sorry, uncle. Like you said, you can't trust anybody here.

Ray: Okay, well, go ahead. Pull the trigger. You won't have any differences from that uncle killing Ernesto. You're f*cking traitor, Jose. Pull the trigger and append treason to your treason.


Jose's hands start to falter, his eyes become filled with tears. He says his last word and:


Jose: I'm sorry, uncle. Take this nothing personal, allright?


[in Execution Mode] Jose aims his gun to his uncle's torso, after unwillingly pulls the trigger and puts a bullet in his uncle's heart, preffering to give him a quick death because of their relationship, history and his respect to him. [in Execution Mode]


Jose bends his head front but made up quickly after he aims his gun on Lazlo:


Lazlo: Please! Please! You don't have to kill me, Mr. Ramirez, I'll keep my mouth shut. I forgot it.

Jose: Sorry, guy. I can't leave any witness behind me.


While Jose is about to pull the trigger, Lazlo makes him an attractive offer.


Lazlo: Wait, Jose. Now you can takve over your uncle's business. You would be in charge meanwhile I run things for you.


Jose carefully thinks and finds it attractive, so he spares Lazlo for it.


Jose: Well. Actually this sounds good. You're employed, sir.

Lazlo: Thanks, thanks, Mr. Ramirez. I won't shame you.


After Lazlo disappears and Jose calls Rique to inform him about the situation:


Jose: I did what you wanted. You happy now?

Rique: Be calm, boy. I know you're depressed but you will understand you did good soon. And drop by off Pillows Club, I've got a big job that has long money. [waits for a minute] Uhh, also you're a businessman now. I suggest you to do your investments on necessary things, the things that will give you good money. Take my word. Whatever, see ya' later.


Mission Completed!



Property Acquired: El Oros

$ 7.000

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Brain Storming

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


Jose pays a visit to Pillows Club to see Rique, he rolls his eyes around the hall as he can't see anyone, he takes a seat at a table which is on the left side of the hall. A stripper who is hot as hell and brisky as a snake catches on Jose's eyes, he begins watching her cautiously until a cold hand is put on his left shoulder.


Rique: Hi! Enjoying your time, amigo? I can get you smokes and a barrel of whiskey and have that b*tch [fingerpoints the stripper] dance just for you.

Jose: No. Thanks.

Rique: Relax, man. We're amigos now. You and me... We will...

Jose: [cuts Rique's words] I have no amigo like you.

Rique: Jose. Jose. Don't you see? We're two rangers that have mutual fates. As a fatalist, I'm saying you can't say "no" to your fate, amigo.

Jose: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Cut the crap, Mr.Fatalist. Why you called me?

Rique: Oh, that thing. As you're the murderer maniac and I'm the brains, we're going after something very big, amigo.

Jose: Something what?

Rique: We're gonna get a big payload of milk, clean.

Jose: [laughs] What now? You're gonna sell them to non-milk boob moms?

Rique: No. I'm gonna sell it to junkies on the streets.

Jose: Ohh, I got it. That's another American fantasy.

Rique: No, you dumbass. We're gonna jack heroin.

Jose: Yeah, heroin. Right. How we gonna do it?

Rique: Actually only thing I know is it's all about Lupisella Family. So we must get further information first. I know a guy who is a big wipe in the ass. Probably he know something. He lives in the Irish territory.

Jose: A'right then. Let's go.


After the cutscene, Jose and Rique get in Rique's navy black Dukes and later they get into a conversation about the informant and the heroin.


Rique: That douche lives near the Irish bar in Steinway. Get us there, amigo.


Rique: Let's just hope that, that bastard is not drunk. He has a drinking problem, y'know? He started to dose after he got kicked out of the army. The poor bastard.

Jose: Are you sure that the milk is legit? Because I didn't passed the miles away for being a sleeping fish in the sea.

Rique: I just hope it. As it's the Mafia who brings it in, you can never be sure. Also, lesson two, Santiago: If you don't take risk, you can never be a big guy.


They stop near a wrecked house next to Steinway Beer Garden. Then they step out of the car and begin to walk into house while disgusting of the house's "exciting" appearance.


Jose: You sure somebody lives here? Because it's like a dump.

Rique: I'm sure. That bastard can never get money for a house as he spends all to alchocol.


After they pass from a door from the right, they recognize a man who is laying his back to dirty, pissed wall and seems in all his alcholic glory.


Rique: Morning, Coltrane.

Coltrane: Ahh, hello guys! Got beers for me?

Rique: No. But you have something worths as beer. The Lupisella shipment. What you know about it?

Coltrane: A shipment? Didn't ring a bell.

Rique: Of course, does not ring a bell. As you've chucked out the whole bottle. Tell it: WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THE GODDAMN LUPISELLAS' HEROIN SHIPMENT?

Coltrane: I'm trying but I really don't know, I guess. [takes a sip from the vodka bottle]


Rique gets angry when he sees Coltrane is still drinking. So he grabs the bottle from his hand, slams its bottom to the wall, causing the bottle's bottom crashed and vodka splashed of the wall.


Rique: Now talk or I'll stab you!

Coltrane: [crying] I said I don't know, man. Let me go, pleeasee!


Rique goes on his maximum anger. His anger results with cutting Coltrane's left cheek with the bottle's crashed side.


Coltrane: Ahh! Ahh! [screams in pain] I don't know but if you check out my loanshark Betim, you can squeeze it out of him. He runs and Albo crew that has close ties with those Bohan guidos.

Rique: See? That was it. Jose! Finish him!


Rique produces a Pistol from his back pocket and throws it to Jose. Jose grabs it and aims it to Coltrane who is crying to his scar. When Jose is about to pull the trigger, police sirens are heard.


Rique: Oh sh*t! f*ck him, Jose! Just get us out of here!


Without killing Coltrane, Jose rushes the navy Comet with Rique and begins a chase with the police.


Once you have lost the cops (two-starts wanted level) and later drop Rique to Pillows Club, mission gets done.


Mission Completed!



$ 2.000

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: In The Lion's Mouth

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


Jose enters the hall and checks out for Rique. When he can't find him, he asks to a fat, humble bartender who tells Jose that Rique is at his office.


Jose: Hi! Where is Enrique?

Bartender: Hhh!?

Jose: Rique. The guy that runs here.

Bartender: [with a sluggish voice] Hhh... He's in office.

Jose: [keenly] Thanks.


Jose goes to Rique's office where he finds Rique talking his mother over the phone.


Rique: Yeah, understood... Yeah, mama, I'll drop off by the weekend... Sure... Love you too... See ya'...


Suddenly a girl gets out under Rique's table.


Rique: Lola, honey. Let's give it up today. Me and my fella gotta talk business. Male jobs, you know?

Lola: I know those jobs, Rique.

Rique: See ya' later, babe.


Lola exits the office.


Jose: Were you talking with your mother on the phone?

Rique: Yep.

Jose: Yeah, I knew you're that kind of bastard who doesn't even respect his ma.

Rique: Hey! How is it about respect? Sir, I love my mother. I give her money, I visit her every weekend, sometimes I even help her at the bathroom. Tell me whether I respect her or not.

Jose: Sooo... What was that? [fingerpoints his back]

Rique: That is just called "double satisfaction", Santiago. You must know it, if you're in business. Anyway, we're gonna check Coltrane's connection today. That guy named Betim. I heard that bastard spends his all day in Bohan 7/24, drinking and talking about bikes with his buddies. So we're gonna get there and chuck him out.

Jose: Yeah, whatever, momma's boy.


After the cutscene, you get in Rique's black Dukes with him and ordered to drive to 7/24 store in Leavenworth Avenue, Northern Gardens.

When you arrive there, a cutscene plays:


Rique: Hello there strangers. We were looking for big Betim Valon.

An Albanian guy comes out of the back and states that he's Betim Valon.

Betim: Here. Who's asking?

Rique: It doesn't matter who we are. What matters is something about you.

Betim: What!? Are you threatening me?

Rique: No. If you just tell me about the Lupisella heroin shipment, I won't do anything.

Betim: [shows middlefinger] F*ck you, sucker. In your dreams. Guys, get these assholes.


Betim hops onto his Bati 800 and drives away.


Rique: Motherf*cker! Jose, we gotta get that son of a b*tch.


After the cutscene, Betim's buddies will attack you. You can beat them up (which will increase your distance from Betim) or reasonably get in one of the bikes (belonged to Betim's buddies) and drive to Betim.

After sometime, Betim will make his way to Dukes Bay Bridge and leading the chase to Dukes side.


Just keep chasing him until a Trashmaster bumps to his bike, causing him to fall off his bike. After that, you and Rique get out of your bike and walk by Betim to check him, leading to another cutscene.


Rique: F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! Hope that he's not dead, Jose. We need the f*cker alive.

Jose: Can you just shut the hell up !?


Jose and Rique walks on Betim who has bruises because of the accident. Rique pushes him around to learn about Lupisellas' heroin shipment.


Betim: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! [screams in pain]

Rique: [produces his Pistol from his pocket] Just tell us about the shipment.

Betim: Ahh! A'right. A'right. They're bringing a good payload of H by a connection from Europe. Me and my guys are in charge of its Bohan distribution. As far as I know it's coming two days later. And they will use a warehouse in northern Bohan to hide it over. [coughs]

Rique: I'm finished. I'm leaving him to you, Jose. Have fun!


Now you're ordered to make a choice between killing Betim or spare his life.



If you want to kill Betim, just walk by him, aim your Pistol to him and pull the trigger to order the execution. Jose will crouch, later produces his Pistol from his back pocket and props it to Betim's forehead. Later he will stoop his head to the ground and pull the trigger, causin Betim's head blow off.



If you want to spare Betim's life, just walk away around. Jose will spare Betim's life by the words, "Just get the f*ck out of here!" by he walks away.


Mission Completed!



$ 4.000


user posted image After a while, Lazlo texts Jose that he need to come over the club because there's a business problem.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Arm Off

Mission Giver: Jose Santiago Ramirez


Jose check El Oros as his advisor Lazlo says. When moving through the hall, Jose recognizes there's no customer today; probably a day during which club hunts flies. As Jose walks to his office, he hears taunts, squeals and pleads. He suspects things and decides to watch through the door what's going on. He sees two men in formal clothes, with one of them holding a butterfly knife and the other holding a machete.


Man 1 (the man with the machete): Don't resist, doggie. You will pay in both ways. You will do it with the good way or I will use my bad way.

Man 2 (the man with the butterfly knife): Yeah, f*cker. Don't make me use it [shows the butterfly knife].


Then Jose enters the room and taunts the men:




Men respond with laughing.


Man 1: What are you gonna do? Rip our limbs off?

Jose: Maybe.


Man 2 attempts to stab Jose with his knife, but Jose holds his fist and grabs the knife from man's hand and stabs him in the stomach with it. Later, Man 1 hurls his machete on Jose but Jose dodges his attacks, after a while, he manages to grab the machete from man's hand and hits the man's right arm with it by a sudden rage.


Man 1: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! [screams in pain] My arm! F*ck! It's gone!

Jose: I warned you that. Who are yous?

Man 1: My boss heard about your newly-founded organization and wanted to rip on you, mister. So he sent us to get a deposit wage. We had no fault! Ahh!

Jose: Who's your boss?

Man 1: Kuzman Stjepan. He runs a white goods shop on Hove Beach, Broker.


Jose grabs the man's arm, rushes out of the office in anger.


Later, Jose goes to men's boss's shop in Hove Beach, Broker. A cutscene plays:


Guard: Hey! Yo! What do you think you're doing?

Jose: [pushes out the man] Get out of my way!


Jose recognizes a small office at the back of shop, he suddenly opens the door. Kuzman's men stand up and walk on Jose but Kuzman orders them to stop with his mimics. Jose starts a heated conversation with Kuzman.


Jose: Are you Kuzman?

Kuzman: Who's asking?

Jose: The man you tried to rip off. [slams the chopped arm on the table, which is covered with a white wristle but wristle loosen out as a reaction of the slam]


Kuzman watches the arm in shock and gulps silently.


Jose: This is the arm of one of the men you sent to push on me. Now listen to me. From now, you'll pile bucks over my table every week otherwise I'll cut your head not arm. Understand?

Kuzman: Yes. Yes.

Jose: Good. See you later.


Jose opens the door and angrily slams it over the three men's face and gets out the store by pushing the guards on the door.


Mission Passed!



$ 7.000


user posted image Rique calls Jose and says him that the day has come. He wants Jose to meet him at Pillows Club.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Milking The Cow

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


Jose comes to The Pillows to process the heroin heist, he just walks to the door of the club, seems like he hasn't seen Rique who is enjoying a stick of smoke in his car.


Rique: Hey, Jose! It's me over, amigo.

Jose approaches Rique's car and starts to talk with him through the window open.

Rique: [in his clouded glory] Hey Jose, what's up man? You seem different. Did you cut your hair?

Jose: No, idiota. It's because you hit the bottle hard. Just get your ass the other seat, seems like I'll be driving again.


Rique moves to the side passenger seat, then Jose takes the driver seat.


Jose: So, where we go?

Rique: What?

Jose: Heroin, idiot. We're gonna jack a big payload of heroin.

Rique: Yeah, heroin. I remember. Okay. Driver over us to Northern Expressway. So we can scope the spree over the place.


Jose begins driving the expressway. Silence rules its judgement all over the way, probably because of Rique being drunk. After they arrive the expressway, Jose stops the car right middle of the bridge.


Jose: Well?


Rique, who has fallen asleep, wakes up by Jose's words.


Rique: Huh, we came?

Jose: Yes, we came, asshole. Now tell what are we gonna do.

Rique: [fingerpoints the warehouse] You see there? This is the warehouse where they keep the heroin. There's a few guards outside, we should take them out first. After we're gonna make way into warehouse, take the sh*tload of guidos out there, jack the heroin, fly off.

Jose: Well, you have equipments for this?

Rique: Sure, I have. I put some stuffs up the baggage, They can provide you hand.


Jose gets out of the car, moves behind the car, opens the baggage and finds a Sniper Rifle and a few Smoke Bombs there.


Jose: I guess they will do.

Your objective, first of all, is entering the warehouse someway. It's best to use your Sniper Rifle to take out the guards outside the warehouse, so that you will have wiped out the company outside the warehouse with no trouble.


After that, you're objected to get to the roof of the warehouse by taking the ladders (which will be located at the left side wall of the warehouse). Now, you must make your way into warehouse, somehow but it's proper to throw out some Smoke Bombs (throughout the glass roof) before your make your enter. Then you can jump out of the roof, land of the boxes and make your enter more safely (as Smoke Bombs will effect the guards' vision).


Now, you must make your way to the heroin which is loaded into a truck. As Smoke Bombs' effect wears off in a short time, guards will be alerted and start to look the warehouse for a threat and they will probably see you. So you will be having a firefight with the guards in most ways. It's recommended to use fast guns such as Sub-Machine Guns, Carbine Rifles.

After that, you have reached the truck that contains the heroin, take it and this will make Jose automatically call Rique.


Jose: Hey, Rique! I got the milk. Now what am I supposed to do?

Rique: [hiccups] Well done, Jose Boy. Well done. Now get the goods to my lockup on Hooper Street.

Jose: Got it.


Jose drives to the truck to Rique's lockup with careful manners against the Lupisella gangsters who are after their heroin. Jose manages to get over all enemy heats and gets the truck to Rique's lockup and he gets the most dangerous job he's in done.


Mission Completed!



$ 10.000


user posted image Rique texts about a Puerto Ricon drug dealer named Elizabeta Torres. She is the whom Rique and Jose will offload the heroin through, Rique states. Rique wants Jose to visit her at his apartment in South Bohan.


user posted image After a couple hours, Rique sends the text message. He calls Jose and states that they hit the rock bottom. He wants Jose to come over the club.


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Liver Buster

Mission Name: The Break-In

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


After Rique tells about a big problem, Jose goes to check out Rique in The Pillows where he finds him with an unknown man, sitting in the usual table they sit.


Rique: Here comes my man! What's up, man?

Jose: [with a confused face when he sees the unknown man] Good!?

Ochua: [with an angry respond] Hey, Rique! Who's this?

Rique: This is Jose Santiago Ramirez. My business partner. I couldn't do without him.

Ochua: Nice to meet you, kid. [offers a handshake]

Jose: [timidly handshakes with Ochua] Yeah, me too.

Ochua: Hey, take a seat, man. Don't be shy.


Jose takes seat near Ochua.


Rique: Jose, this is Ochua Bailey. He's a good friend from law. And he has a little problem and I told him you can take it out the trash.

Jose: Can I talk with you a second? Alone.


Rique and Jose get up from the table, walks away from the table a bit and Jose says:


Jose: Rique. What the f*ck!? I didn't come over here to wipe out a crooked cop's ass and neither do yours.

Rique: Do you think I'm happy to make you do this? This asshole is a respected police detective and he knows about the H we stole. You want him to tweet out and us to go into prison?

Jose: Okay. Okay. You won.


Jose and Rique sit back on the table.


Jose: Okay. What can I do for ya'?

Ochua: Okay. As a good man, there are always people that envy me. Some of them is a f*cking guy from the Broker court. His name is Jamie Watson or something. This bastard is trying to throw dirt over me, I think. He states he has firm proofs for it. But know that he's just a bastard that wants me out of loose. So...

Jose: So you want me to kill him. Right?

Ochua: Exactly. He lives in Cayuga Ave 222 on Cassidy Street. Go there and finish him.


Jose gets up and begins walking to the exit.


Ochua: Ahh! I forgot it. Take it [hands Jose a little paper], here's my number. When you arrive there, give me a call.

Jose begins walking again.


Jose goes to Cayuga Ave 222, the home of the target as Bailey says. When he arrives there and he calls Ochua as he orders.


Jose: I came over the place.

Ochua: Good. Just get back the apartment where you'll see some trash containers. Scratch them up and you will find a ski mask and some firearm.

Jose: Sh*t, man. That's crazy. Okay, just know as if it's finished.


Jose walks by the alleyway near the apartment and he recognizes the containers Bailey told about. He opens them and searchs for Bailey's equipments, eventually he finds a ski mask and a silenced Pistol. He puts on the Ski Mask and props the weapon up his trousers.


Later Jose enters the apartment and moves silently and sneakly. Jose finds Jamie Watson's flat (his name's shown on the map, also his name is dedicated on the door) and he breaks the lock by shooting it several times. He wanders around the house to find Jamie, eventually he finds him sleeping in his bedroom.


Jose grabs Jamie up the collar and props the silenced Pistol up his head.


Jose: Wake up! Wake up!


Jamie suddenly opens his eyes and watches the gunned Jose in shocking manners.


Jamie: Hey! Who the hell are you?

Jose: It doesn't matter who am I? Are you Jamie?

Jamie: Yes... Yes...

Jose: I am told you've some mud documents about Ochua Bailey. Where are they?

Jamie: Ochua? That spoiled f*ck? Of course, he is. I will not tell you even if it's death on me.

Jose: Don't piss me off, kid. Otherwise I'll blow your blonde head off.

Jamie: Oh, goddamnit! A'right. Right here. [fingerpoints a counterfeit closet]

Jose: Thanks [slightly hits his head with the Pistol]


Later Jose moves to the closet, opens the first drawer, he finds the said documents under a pile of clothes. Jose sticks it up his jacket and moves on Jamie.


Jamie: So? You let me go now?

Jose: [props the Pistol up his forehead] Sorry. I've been ordered this.


Jose pulls the trigger, causes a huge hole in Jamie's head, leaving him to die. Later he starts to walk away meanwhile Jamie is seen in his forever peace sleep on his bloodbed.


Now that Jose has the said documents, he goes back to The Pillows to both hand over the documents and tell the news of Jamie's death.


Jose enters the club but only sees Rique there.


Jose: Where's Bailey?

Rique: He went to toilet. He said he had to pee so bad.

Jose: Yeah, well, I shut the guy and got the documents, you know?

Rique: [with happy responds on his eyes] Jose, my guardian angel. You saved our lives, baby. You're the f*cking best.


Rique hugs Jose.


Jose: [tries to push Rique] I know, I know. However, watch your distance. I'm a prestigious businessman.

Rique: Yes, you are. Don't worry, man. I will hand over the goods to Bailey and tell that you did good. Later, amigo.

Jose begins walking to exit.


Mission Completed!



$ 3.000


user posted image After a while, Rique calls Jose and says him he needs to wipe Bailey's ass more to make him forget about the heroin hit. And he also tells Bailey wants to meet him at the coffee shop in Middle Park.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: The Pusher Boy

Mission Giver: Elizabeta Torres


Jose goes to the apartment of Elizabeta, who's the connection of Rique for the plan to offload the heroin they stole from Lupisellas. Jose knocks the door, a fat, Latino man opens the door.


Jorge: Yep?

Jose: I was looking for Elizabeta Torres. My friend Enrique sent me.

Jorge: Espere un minuto. - Wait a minute. Liz. Some youngster asks for you. Says he's friend of a Rique guy.

Elizabeta: Send him in. Send him in.

Jorge: Yeah, get in.


Jose enters the home, directly walks, sees a noble-sitting woman on the couch and enters a dialogue with her.


Elizabeta: Jose Ramirez?

Jose: Right. And you must be Elizabeta Torres.

Elizabeta: Yeah, that's me. The meanest b*tch all over the Bohan.


Jose and Elizabeta handshake with each other, as a sign of pleasure.


Jose: Rique said me you can find heroin a buyer.

Elizabeta: Of course I can do. But you know you can't find one the moment you want to. Sticky business.

Jose: Yeah. Then should I go right now?

Elizabeta: Actually I was thinking we could do the jobs together. As I heard your skills on drugs...

Jose: I don't know. How much you pay?

Elizabeta: Don't worry about it. I'm cutting stacks of money every day. I can afford it.

Jose: A'right then.

Elizabeta: I got some pills from the homeland past days, uncut. Well, like all drugs, they need to be pushed. I want you to push 'em around for me.

Jose: Well, How much my cut will be?

Elizabeta: How about %20? Good amount for selling in the streets.

Jose: I guess it's proper for beginning. Allright, where are the pills?


Elizabeta gets a duffelbag behind the couch.


Elizabeta: Here. Pure produced, tasty ectasy.


After the cutscene, Jose must find customer and sell all the drugs. There are ten parties of ecstasy to sell. You can find customers on the streets, shown with blue marks on the map. For this mission, you will be able to sell the drugs on the vehicle, just it's adequate to approach the dealer and sound the horn, so the customer can be aware that you're here. As a minigame, just grab a package from your holdall and take it to the hands of customer.


After you deal with three customers, rival dealers will be alerted and will be trying to stop you from stealing their customers. So from upon, you must act fast to not to let the dealer steal the customers. If you lost most of your customers to rival dealers, mission will fail.


When you sell all the ten parties, you will ring Elizabeta and say that you've sold all the drugs.


Jose: I've get your drugs out of the hand.

Elizabeta: Good. Like Rique said, you've interesting skills about dealing drugs. Now come back to my crib, so we can split the money off.


Jose goes back to Elizabeta's apartment with the money, he takes his cut ($2.000) and later gets back to his own road.


Mission Completed!


$ 2.000

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: The Ditch Of Rocks

Mission Giver: Elizabeta Torres


Jose finds Elizabeta's flat's door open as Jorge is waiting in front of it. Jose enters the flat, finds Elizabeta angrily arguing over the phone. As Elizabeta sees Jose, she hangs up the phone immediately and tells Jose about a problem.


Elizabeta: Jose, amigo. I f*cked up. I f*ckep up so bad.

Jose: Calm down, Liz. Just relax and tell what's the problem.

Elizabeta: We were supposed to do a big carrying operation. Everything was cool. Until the motherf*cker driver got all the things f*cked up

Jose: Relax. Relax. We can find a solution.

Elizabeta: Relax? What the hell are you talking about, kid? It's me who will end up in the jail, not you.

Jose: I didn't mean that. See, if we dispose the vehicle and wipe out the driver, there will be no problem.

Elizabeta: Yeah, actually it's logical. The vehicle got impounded and would be searched in any minute. At East Holland Police Station. You gotta be hurry, Jose, othewise I'll be f*cked bad.

Jose: Don't worry, I'll sort this mess out.


Jose gets out from the flat.


Then Jose gets to East Holland Police Station without losing any time. Jose will see that the car (a blue Contender) is in the garage of the station but occupied by outnumbered, well-armed police enforcers. So for reaching the vehicle, Jose starts a firefight with the police, later go to garage and grab the vehicle.


Now that you must lose the police on your tail (three-starts wanted level) and later take care of the vehicle. You can lose cops by driving to an area that is lack of police or you can give the vehicle a new paintjob.


After you lose the cops, Jose gives a call to Elizabeta.


Jose: Liz. I got the vehicle. I am gonna sweep it away, you okay?

Elizabeta: Sure, Jose Boy. That goddamn wheels caused much troubles, let's get rid of it.


Now you must give the vehicle an end. You can ignite it in a silent area, roll it down the water or other something. After you get rid of the car, mission completes!


Mission Completed!



$ 6.000


user posted image Elizabeta gives Jose a call, says she's appreciated the last favour but she also says there's an other problem about the driver. She wants you to visit her at her apartment.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Judgment Day

Mission Giver: Elizabeta Torres


Jose finds Elizabeta's door open again, enters the home, finds Elizabeta getting high on coke and sipping on high-quality Scotch whiskey. Seems like she's too high on coke and alchocol, she doesn't care about anything.


Jose: Liz, told to come. What's the matter?

Elizabeta: Hey, whassup?


Jose watches Elizabeta in shock as she doesn't say anything about the driver problem. After a short silence, Jose decides to refresh her mind.


Jose: How about the driver?

Elizabeta: Sh*t, boy. F*ck him and f*ck all the world. I am finshed.

Jose: Ay! Anything isn't done yet. What's the problem?

Elizabeta: The driver... Got busted. [coughs]

Jose: Sh*t. That's a sticky situation.

Elizabeta: Yeah, maybe you can sort it out.

Jose: Maybe. But how?

Elizabeta: How about hit the police station?

Jose: What!? Hitting a police station? Did you got your mind?

Elizabeta: No, I'm just trying to get out of the loose. I know that's crazy but I would have something that can help you.

Jose: Like what?

Elizabeta: Just there was a cop uniform we used during a job. Just get to my garage, it's around two blocks. It can make your enter easier.

Jose: Okay. It's better.


Jose goes to Elizabeta's garage that is two streets behind her apartment. In the garage, Jose finds a cop uniform. Later Jose goes to East Island City Police Station where the driver is being convicted.


Jose acts calm and normal in the police station, he makes his way to the lock-up. When he reaches there, he asks the driver to the guard, he shows him. Jose says the guard that he wants to talk with the driver alone, so guard opens the driver's lockup and goes out there. [in Execution Mode] Later Jose produces his gun from his trousers, then shoots the driver in the torso, giving him a bit painful pain, as he gasps air from his lungs. [in Execution Mode]


Later, the cops will be alerted from the gunfire, then they will try to bust Jose who is in charge of the driver's murder. Now Jose must lose the cops (four-stars wanted level), when he loses them, he calls Elizabeta and says she's not anything to worry about for now.


Jose: Hey Liz. You don't need to worry upon now. Your guy, I've finished him.

Elizabeta: What!? Really!? You showed that you're a real man, amigo. So I will find your drugs a customer like I promised. Good day, senor.


Mission Completed!


$ 8.000

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: The Pot And The Spoon

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


Jose goes to the coffee shop in Middle Park for meeting with Bailey on Rique's orders. He starts to look for Bailey and finds him drinking coffee and relaxing by the wonderful view of Middle Park, sitting at a table right of the shop. Jose sits opposite him and they start a well-going chit chat.


Ochua: Hello Santiago!

Jose: Hi!

Ochua: You know I drink coffee here at least once a week. I don't know what takes me here but its coffee and wonderful view I guess. More like a magic. [takes a sip from his coffee]

Jose: Look. Ochua! Can't we stop this? I am a very busy man. I have to look over my business, I've a bad payload of heroin to offload... I'm sorry, mister; I don't have time to run after the mad crooks.

Ochua: [takes a sip from his coffee] I know about your problems, Jose. Please don't admit me as an asshole who's using you. We're friends. I'm trying to help all of us. [takes an other sip from his coffee]

Jose: But I have no time for these bullsh*ts. Also actually I started to get tired of it.

Ochua: Like I said, I know you're about bad times. But at last, we will get out of this advantageously. So you with me, friend?

Jose: Oh goddamnit! Allright. Fine. What do you want?

Ochua: There are some street punks who's trying to squeeze me out of lies. I don't scare them but I am afraid they would brainwash guys in the top. Also these guys are sin, Jose. All they do is selling to sick high-school kids and stick their nose up cocaine all day...

Jose: Okay. I got it. You want me to kill 'em?

Ochua: Exactly. The bastards claim that they've something I must worry about it. I arranged a meeting with them, at the park in Castle Gardens. So you'll go there and put the guys and their evidence out of history.


Bailey begins sipping his coffee as Jose gets up from the table and walks away.


After the cutscene, Jose goes to Castle Gardens where he will carry out the meeting with the blackmailers. He gets located near the fountain in the park and starts to wait for the blackmailers.


After a short while, Jose arrives the location, four men arrive in a white Schafter and later walk down the fountain where they encounter with Jose.


Jose: You the guys?

Blackmailer 1: What?

Jose: I'm a friend of Ochua's. He sent me to get his thing.

Blackmailer 1: Finally, that old bastard came to way, eh? Anyway, yeah, I got it. Show us the money first. You know, we ain't doing it for free.

Jose: Yeah. Understood.


Jose gets his gun from his pocket and later he aims it on the blackmailers.


Jose: Well, you're giving it or not?

Blackmailer 1: F*ck you.


The main blackmailer and his buddies get their guns too and they open fire on Jose. Jose strikes back then but both sides manage to dodge each other's bullets. Blackmailers make a run for it, Jose runs after them but blackmailers hop in their car and attempts to drive away.


So Jose immediately grabs a vehicle and starts to chase the blackmailers. When blackmailers realize that Jose's tailing them, they begin openinig fire on Jose.


After a long chase, blackmailers bump their car in Topaz Street, at a very close location to North Park LTA. So they decided to make a run again, the crew goes down to North Park underground subway station and Jose tails on them too.


In the station, the crew tries to make his way down to the opposite platform, by passing the tracks. Jose must do the same thing to whack the blackmailers and get the proof about Ochua. However after the crew will pass the tracks, Jose must watch out for the trains that is about to come to the station.


After Jose kills the three blackmailers, he will have only a one target, the main blackmailer, who will surely alive after he takes other blackmailers. When Jose reams his body with the bullets, he will fall down on knees and a cutscene triggers:


Blackmailer 1: Uh! Uh! Oh f*ck, man!


Blackmailer attempts to escape by crawling out because of his deep bullet scars. Jose aims his Pistol to him and tells him to stop.


Jose: Yo! Don't move. It's over, man. Just admit it. Now where's the evidence?

Blackmailer 1: A'right, you won. That's it. [produces a camera from his jacket] Can't you let me go? Please.

Jose takes the camera and...

Jose: Sorry, guy. I'm ordered to finish you.


Jose fires four bullets on the blackmailers' torso, leaving him a death with blood pukes. Later Jose calls Bailey to inform him about the situation.


Jose: I whacked the blackmailers and got their thing about you.

Ochua: Good. Then what's that thing?

Jose: Seems like some crappy photographs.

Ochua: Those spook bastards. Allright. Just get it over the coffee house.


Jose gets back to the coffee shop in Middle Park and finds Bailey in peaceful manners.


Jose: A'right. Here are them. [puts the camera on the table]

Ochua: Good. Very good. I really appreciated your help, Santiago. Good day, amigo.


Jose begins stepping out from the coffee shop.


Mission Completed!





user posted image After a while, Ochua gives Jose a call, just tells him to come over East Island City Police Station and immediately hangs up.

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There's a lot of problems with your English in this topic. I am guessing that English is not your first language? Ask me and I will help you with it.

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Liver Buster
There's a lot of problems with your English in this topic. I am guessing that English is not your first language? Ask me and I will help you with it.

You guess it right, English is not my first language, so it's a bit problem for me. Actually I make some of the grammar mistakes in the dialogues intentionally, for adding dialogues a more casual-speech style. Thanks for help.

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There's a lot of problems with your English in this topic. I am guessing that English is not your first language? Ask me and I will help you with it.

You guess it right, English is not my first language, so it's a bit problem for me. Actually I make some of the grammar mistakes in the dialogues intentionally, for adding dialogues a more casual-speech style. Thanks for help.

No I mean you make grammar mistakes when you are writing about characters and stuff. For example you wrote:


Jose's a passioned guy who lives with the dreams of wealth, power and respect


It shout be like this:


Jose's a passionate guy who dreams of becoming wealthy, powerful and respected.


I can help you with this if you like.

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Liver Buster
There's a lot of problems with your English in this topic. I am guessing that English is not your first language? Ask me and I will help you with it.

You guess it right, English is not my first language, so it's a bit problem for me. Actually I make some of the grammar mistakes in the dialogues intentionally, for adding dialogues a more casual-speech style. Thanks for help.

No I mean you make grammar mistakes when you are writing about characters and stuff. For example you wrote:


Jose's a passioned guy who lives with the dreams of wealth, power and respect


It shout be like this:


Jose's a passionate guy who dreams of becoming wealthy, powerful and respected.


I can help you with this if you like.

Yeah, I got what you're talking about. I knew you're saying this. However I wanted to indicate the grammar for the dialogues too. I'm trying to watch out for them but as English's not my first language, I can't write like many other concept writers. Also thanks for the hand, I will check out the topic in my spare time but I've no time because of school work.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: God's Among Us

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


Jose comes to East Island City Police Station on Ochua's orders for one last thing. Jose finds himself in the large entrance of the police station. As he doesn't know what to do, he approaches to information desk to ask about Bailey but the guy in the information desk seems quite busy.


Consultant: [talking on the phone] Yes, sir. I will tell them... No they are not here... Okay, okay. I will... Have a good day, sir. [hangs up the phone] What a dick. And what do ya' want?

Jose: I am looking for Ochua. He said he wanted to see me.


Then Ochua rushes out from the upstairs with a cup of coffee at his hand.


Ochua: Uhh... It's okay, Harold. The kid is with me. Come with me, Saint Joseph. Let's go.


Jose and Bailey climbs upstairs and enters the first room on the right side of the hallway. Bailey gives sneak looks outside before he closes the door, to make sure there's no loudmouths around.


Then Ochua takes seat to his comfortable, leather office armchair and Jose sits on an armchair oppositing him.

Ochua gets a fat Cuban cigar from his jacket's pocket, then lights it with his lighter and takes sudden tokes of it to appease his temper.


Ochua: [angrily] Oh God! I know this is the punishment for my sins but can't you keep it for the hell?

Jose: Is there a problem?

Ochua: I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, allright? But you, you will change things for me.

Jose: You must learn cleaning your sh*t on your own. Sorry, amigo.

Jose gets up from his armchair to leave the room but he's stopped by Bailey's convincing words.

Ochua: We're fate partners, my friend. We're living the same life. You made mistakes, I made mistakes. We have to help each other. So you help me, I help you.

Jose: I got your message. Allright goddamn you, what do you want?

Ochua: Like I said, I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some local store peeped me when I with some guys I shouldn't have been with. So you're gonna get that store and get rid of all of those records.

Jose: This will be the last time.

Ochua: Sure. This is the address. [gives Jose a piece of paper] And, don't disappoint me, boy.

Jose: And we'll be squared after this.

Ochua: Okay. Okay. Go now.


Jose exits the room as Ochua's cellphone rings.


Ochua: Hey Jessica, how are you?.. Sure. How is the child?..


[screen fades]


After the cutscene, Jose must go to the store Bailey has talked about (an electronics store over Northwood, Algonquin) and when he goes there, he must find a way to break into the store. There are two alternavitves:


1. Jose breaks the store's display window (with brick, bare hands or weapons) but this way is not logical as after Jose breaks the display window, he will have a very short time to delete the camera records (as cops will on the way because of the triggered alarm).


2. Jose moves to the back door of the shop and breaks its lock with a silenced weapon. (This way is more advisable, as player will directly get into records room and make his enter without any alarm trouble).


After sneaking into the store, Jose must log in the computer in the records room and delete all the camera records.

After Jose finishes removing camera records, he must leave the are and lose the wanter level if he has.


Jose calls Bailey to say him that he got rid of the camera records.


Jose: Allright. I'm done. You don't need to worry about anything.

Ochua: Good. You don't need to worry about anything too. I won't be your shadow anymore. Look after yourself, son.


Bailey hangs up.


Mission Completed!


Reward: None

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Sh*t's Closing In

Mission Giver: Elizabeta Torres


Jose receives a phone call from Elizabeta, telling him that she has found a buyer for his heroin.


Elizabeta: Hey! Yo! Jose Boy! How is it?

Jose: Elizabeta. - Que pasa, senorita? - What is it, miss?

Elizabeta: Good news, Jose Boy, good news. It's some corner kid wants to see your merchandise. Papi from Cerveza Heights the kid is. He's waiting you at the old, abandoned mansion in Westdyke, Alderney. Be fast; Papi don't want to be waited.


Jose calls Lazlo to get himself some backup.


Jose: Uhh, Lazlo. What's going on? Are we making money good?

Lazlo: Everything's perfect, Jose. Is there a problem?

Jose: Actually I am about to set off for a deal but you know I'm curios about it. I would need some backup for this.

Lazlo: Sure thing, Santiago. Just drop off by the club.


Jose grabs a four-door car and goes to El Oros. He notices two men waiting outside the club. He orders them to get in the car.


Jose: Get in the car, chicken poos.


After Jose calls Rique and informs him about the news. Rique says Jose to meet him at the back of The Pillows where he will hand goods to him.


When Jose comes there, he finds Rique leaning on the wall and enjoying a stick of cigarette. Rique recognizes Jose and they enter The Pillows from the back exterior together. Then they enter the dressing room located at their right. After Rique opens an old, cracked, stinky wardrobe and introduces Jose the heroin, which is loaded into a holdall:


Rique: Hey! Who are these f*cks?

Jose: Ohh, they're gonna protect me if things get heated, I guess.

Rique: Good lad. Let's go.


Rique, Jose and his two men walk to the back exterior of The Pillows. Later they enter the dressing room where Rique will produce a huge holdall from an old, cracked, stinky wardobe.


Jose: [recognizes a brutally-killed body hanged in the wardrobe] sh*t, man. Who the f*ck is this?

Rique: An idiot who had a large debt to me. So he paid with his useless life though. Anyways I've loaded the milk into one sack. [hands Jose a huge bag] Easy to carry, easy to offload.

Jose and his guys walk out of the club as Rique warns:

Rique: Alsooo... if you get your ass busted, you don't know me.

Jose: I don't know anyone who is a drug dealing, rich ass bastard.

Rique: Ho! Ho!

Then Jose drives to the old, abandoned mansion in Westdyke, Alderney along with his men. When he arrives the meeting place, a black Oracle (which is belonged to the buyer) can be seen in front of the mansion.


After Jose and his guys walk in the mansion, pass the upstairs, enter a huge room where the buyer and his one henchman are waiting impatiently.


Jose: Hey! Are you Papi?

Papi: Could be if you're Torres' boy?

Jose: Sure. Now let's stop chit chat and do business. [opens the heroin holdall] Best quality. %100 pure and legit.

Papi: [examines the merchandise] Hmm... Looks good. Now let's give the stuff.

Jose: [stays back] The money first.

Papi: 'kay. [opens his bag] Fat stack of cash. Things cool I guess.


CRASH! [A glass crashing sound is heard]


Jose: Christ! What is it? I supposed we were alone here.

Papi: [with a choked voice] Yeh, it's a ghost house.


Jose sends one of his boys to check out if the things are okay. The guy walks all through the hallway, rolls his eyes throuh everywhere but he suddenly gets sliced in the throat by a mysterious old man. After a while, Jose's other kid goes to check out but he gets killed as well (with a knife spike to the heart by the same guy). Later the old man produces a deadly AK-47 from his long, dark pea coat, he slowly and silently moves towards the room which the deal is held at. The assassin reaches the room and opens fire in the air to which Jose, Papi and his guy respond shockingly.


Assassin: You're the motherf*ckers who ripped off my Don, huh? Killing yous will be great pleasure for me.

Papi's Man: F*ck you! [opens fire on the assasin but unfortunately misses him and gets killed by a serial fire from the AK-47]


In a sudden panic, Papi slings the heroin holdall and runs to the coridor, makes his way through the right downstaris. And Jose grabs the money bag, runs to the coridor and rushes out from the left downstairs.


After Jose exits the mansion, he must lose the heat (two mafioso cars on his tail) and meet with Rique at Cluckin' Bell in Nortwood, Algonquin.


Jose calls Rique to inform him about the meeting:


Jose: Rique! The deal was success but a psycho old bastard killed my men. This sh*t's crazy, amigo.

Rique: F*ck! Probably I know who that is. I visited my ma and I dropped off the Cluckin' Bell in Northwood to eat something. Get yourself there with the money but be sure that nobody is on your ass.

Jose: Okkay. See ya' there.


Jose loses two Lupisella cars on his back and then he goes to Cluckin' Bell to meet with Rique.


Jose enters the Cluckin' Bell and looks around for Rique, he finds him at a table from the right side while he's stirring his teeth with a toohpick.


Rique: GAAARK! [burps] 'cuse me. Where's the cash?

Jose: Here. [puts the money bag on the table] But I'm curious about those guidos on our backs. What are we gonna do about it? Those guys are dangerous.

Rique: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. You can go now. I want to have a good time with my children [indicating the dollars]


Jose grunts.


Rique: Yeh, you. Take it. [gives Jose a ten thousand dollars] A clean ten thousands.

Jose: Are you f*cking kidding me!? I stole that sh*t from some hot-headed Italian pasta and offloaded it despite a some mad old man on my back but I'm getting only ten thousand dollars!? Increase my cut or I will burn all of these Benjamin Franklins!

Rique: Relax, pal. We can get along. How about a hundred thousand dollars.

Jose: Actually I deserve more and more than that but well, okay.

Rique: Good bargaing, pal. [counts a lac for Jose] Now get the f*ck out of here and stay away from ruthless, cold blooded assassin f*cks. You get me?


Jose gets up from the table and exits the restaurant.


Mission Completed!




$ 100.000


user posted image Lazlo calls Jose and says there is a person who says he's a friend and wants to see him (Jose). After the phonecall a "$" icon appears on El Oros.


user posted image Long while later, Jose receives a phone call from an unknown caller. This unknown caller states that he's the guy whom Jose dealt with, Papi. Papi tells he has received a phone call from a cold, deep voice which he suspects as the assassin. Papi says he is gonna get rid of the heroin before any trouble happens and he wants Jose's help. So a "P" appears on Papi's apartment on Cerveza Heights, Dukes.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: American That

Mission Giver: Jose Santiago Ramirez


Jose comes to El Oros to check out the business and see a friend judging by Lazlo's phone call. He passes through the shiny spotlights, hot strippers who dance with their all lust and of course rich skirt goats who are spending their lots of money on exotic lapdances. Finally Jose reaches his private office, he slowly opens the door and sees everything usual (Lazlo on the desk counting his money, Joaquin and a random henchman are standing by the left side of the room) except for one thing; one thing that he totally surprizes: his old friend Fernando, who is sitting on armchair oppositing Lazlo. Jose disperses his shocked manner and greets, hugs his good friend Fernando.


Jose: Que pasa, mi hermano? Pero que estas haciendo aqui? - How are you, my brother? But what are you doing here?

Fernando: Bueno, hermano. Pero en realidad tengo un paco de problema. - Good, brother. But actually I have some problem.

Jose: Si se trata de algo puedo ayudar, sabes que lo hare. - If it's something I can help, you know I will.

Fernando: Parade que el trabajo de vender la conviene, ese. No tenga plata me, echaron de mi casa... Todas los casos bastante jodios. - Seems like peddle business do not work, homie. I am run out of money, I am kicked out of my house... All things are pretty f*cked up.

Jose: Ya veo. No te preocupes, hermano. Ya te ayudare. - I see. Don't worry, brother. I'll help you.

Lazlo: [grunts] I really don't mean to ruin your friendly chat but there's a problem that needs to be solved. [hands Jose a yellow shack. Jose opens it and begins to look at a blonde, dirty bearded tough man's photo] Here is Jacob Stevens, a street cat who's hoping for an opportunity by selling in our club. He sells sh*tloads of pills but gives us no. Choice is yours but I think this guy needs a lesson.

Jose: Of course he needs a lesson. You know where is he now?

Lazlo: Probably selling in the club right now.

Joaquin: You want us to take care of that prick, boss?

Jose: No. Me and Fernando can take care of him. Come with me.


After the cutscene, you'll take control of Jose at the doorstep of Jose's office, near Fernando. Now you must go to the club's saloon and make a search for Jacob Stevens.


Jose and Fernando will find Jacob sitting at a table, enjoying a large cup of beer and selling two beautiful ladies a big, fat packet of ecstasy. Jose checks him out by saying "That must be him." then when Fernando says what are they gonna do about him, Jose respons they'll wait until he exits the club, they they'll follow him and when he's far enough from the eye, they'll finish him.


After Jacob finishes his beer, he gets up from the table and steps out of the club. After he exits the club, he gets in his dark green Virgo. Then Jose and Fernando get in Jose's black Admiral and begin following him. They follow him with distance so that he can't realize that he's not being followed.


Jacob stops in a huge backalley in Steinway, where he hides some ecstasy packages in a dumpster. Jose and Fernando get out of their car, approach and confront Jacob. Jacob starts to perspire and hesitantly asks who are they.


Jacob: Who... who the hell are you?

Jose: The one whose club you are squeezing. It doesn't matter though, as you will die soon.


After that, Jacob starts to plead for his life but it seems like Jose is determined to finish the street dirt who is trying to screw his reputation. Now you're ordered to kill Jacob, you can do it in two different ways.


Execute Jacob by controlling Jose

You can perform an execution on Jacob by using your Pistol. Just aim on him and pull the trigger. Then you will watch the brutal execution Jose carries on Jacob; Jose fires one shot on Jacob's throat first. Then Jacob starts to gasp air, tries to stand out but he eventually falls on the ground. Jose fires several shots on Jacob's throat until it totally crumbles.


Have Fernando Kill Jacob

For having Fernando kill Jacob, all you need to do is approaching Fernando and giving him your Pistol by pressing "E" button. Then Fernando will take the Pistol and perform a special execution on Jacob. Fernando will hesitantly point his gun on Jacob. After a few tender looks, Fernando will shoot Jacob in the guts first. After Jacob falls down, Fernando will put six serial shots on Jacob's lungs and puts him out of misery.


Right after the execution, Jose's cellphone is ringed by Lazlo who says there's a problem in the laundromat (which is a part of Jose's protection ring) on Huntington Street, Cerveza Heights. Jose says he will check there out and gets on the way with Fernando.


Jose drives the laundromat with Fernando and when they arrive there, Jose produces a baseball bat under the driver seat and gives it to Fernando to make sure he has got protection.


After the two enter the laundromat and they realize the boss and his workers got surrended by brutal hoodlums of Spanish Lords gang who are also looting the shop. As a cutscene, Jose puts a bullet on the Lord who is holding the laundromat owner on the gun point. After this, the other Spanish Lords will begin attacking on both Jose and Fernando. Fernando wil try to swing Spanish Lords with his bat as Jose whacks them to hell.


After beating up all Spanish Lords (totally there's six Lords in the shop), the laundromat owner will scold Jose and Fernando for coming late, but later he thanks them and then Jose and Fernando get back their car.


Jose tells that Spanish Lords really piss him off these days, so he thinks they need to teach them a lesson. So Jose and Fernando make their way to a Spanish Lords owned sex shop (where they also use for making porn movies) in southeastern Cerveza Heights.


When they arrive the sex shop, they get out of the car and walk into the shop. The shop's interior is just similar to The Peep Hole's. Jose and Fernando go down from the downstairs at the right wall of the shop, so they find himself at the managers office. They see few Spanish Lords and another two different looking guys. Jose orders the boss guy named Antonio to give him some cut but when he lies he has no money, Jose throws his Pistol to Fernando and orders him to shoot Antonio's porn star who's named Rico. Fernando shoots Rico in the leg, so Antonio settles for giving the money.


After they take the loan, they get back in their car and Jose calls Lazlo to ask if there is any place for Fernando to stay.


Jose: Hey Lazlo! Have we any place to house Fernando?

Lazlo: Let me think... [keeps quiet for a while to refresh his mind] Yeah, there is somewhere you can host your friend. There is a little apartment down San Jactino Ave. It's a bit crappy but it would work.

Jose: No problem. Okay. Thanks, Lazlo.

[Jose hangs up]

Jose: You ready to meet your home, ese?

Fernando: Hey, I'd stay at a hotel.

Jose: No way. I won't let my brother to creep on hotel corners.

Fernando: Thanks, hermano.




Jose: So what did you do since I last saw you?

Fernando: Like I said. I was selling bras, pants and them other something with a friend of mine. We were getting good, tired housewives were making us earn good but until we got pushed around by some petty

Jose: Si. Those putas are always like "This is a public interest, you can't sell without permission.".

Fernando: Damn right, my friend. Also I realized I can't keep on selling bras. If I want to make money, I must move on bad things. Maybe I would regret but I must do.

Jose: Yes, I agree. I am here to help you regret but not to confess your sins.

Fernando: [laughs] Gracias, hermano. - Thanks, brother. I guess I must to go to them American child molester priests if I want to confess. Better they do not molest me.

Jose: Sure. But be carerful and watch your butt.

Jose drops Fernando his new home, Fernando thanks Jose for everything, then gets to the home for some rest.

Fernando: Gracias, Jose. - Thanks, Jose. I owe every this to you. Thanks, man.

Jose: ¡Ni lo mencione! Brothers are for this. [gives a little smile]


Fernando gets out of the car and walks down to his new home.


Mission Passed!




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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Cemetery Apartment

Mission Giver: Papi


After Papi's phone call in which he offers a colloboration against tha mafia danger, Jose goes to Papi's apartment in Cerveza Heights, Dukes. Jose sees the door open and enters the flat but he takes a shotgun to the back by Papi who is extremely high on paranoia.


Papi: Don't move. Don't move. Who the f*ck are you, puta? And how you got there? Now do I shoot you down, huh? Do I shoot you down!?

Jose: [in curious and careful morals] Woah, woah, woah! Calm down, ese. It's Jose, the guy in the deal.

Papi: Jose? Didn't ring any bells... [stops for a minute] Uhh, got it. Sorry amigo, I gettin' more and more paranoid cuz that assassin f*ck.

Jose: Yeah, what's that assassin thing?

Papi: I got ringed by a cold, deep, mad voice that told I'm gonna be a dead man. I think it's that psycho madre.

Jose: Sh*t! We really hit the rock bottom.

Papi: We gotta get rid of this crap before any sh*t happens. So I set up a deal with some Broker junkies from Schottler. Perhaps we can offload this sh*t with no trouble.


After Jose and Papi get in Papi's black Oracle and they drive to the apartment in Schottler, Broker where the will meet with the buyers. On the way:


Papi: You're notorious Jose Santiago Ramirez, eh? The market shaker, head banger, drug dealing murderer from Mexico? I've heard lots 'bout you. Maybe, in the future, we can pull big job together.

Jose: Right. I'm Jose f*cking drug dealing maniac Santiago Ramirez of Mexico. And I work with anyone that pays good.

Papi: Don't worry about money, senor. You can ask me everyone throughout the city. I am a businessman. Legit.

Jose: Businessman? Legit? Drug dealing businessmen, child molester priests, bribe taking cops... I guess this is how things work in America.

Papi: Yeah, that's the way it is in here. So you with me or not?

Jose: Uhh... just give me some time, so I can think about it.


Finally when they arrive the apartment, the get out of the car and step towards the apartment. Jose and Papi begin going upstairs as Papi says that the deal will be held at the fourth floor.


As they arrive the fourth floor, they stop in front of the flat with no. 12. Papi warns Jose to be sure that he's packed. Then Papi knocks the door, but when nobody answers the door, he pushes the door, realizing it's unlocked.


By the time they put their feet into the flat, they realize five lifeless bodies covered with blood dirts and bullet holes laying on the ground, Papi responds in shock and awe:


Papi: Man! What the f*ck!?


Then Jose half-looks the bodies but he does give no response, he just only opens his mouth and keeps quiet and looks the bodies in shock.


Papi: I bet it's all of that assassin f*ck.


This time, a suspicious man in black suit comes from left entrance and another comes from right entrance. Jose recognizes the guy coming from right and warns Papi. So they rush to the kitchen where they're in more secure conditions.

After this cutscene, you'll find yourself in the kitchen with Papi, defending yourself from against the attacking assassins. Papi will be equipped with only a Pistol, so you must be down for watching both of your backs. Assassins will attack with Advanced SMGs in short distances, so it's advisable for you to use strong firearms such as Magnum or Heavy MG.


There will be five waves of these attacking assassins. After you finish them all, a cutscene plays:


A completely black dressed old man (the same assassin guy during the mission "Sh*t's Closing In") holding AK-47 slowly steps down to the flat Jose and Papi are in. Later he stops by the door of the flat, recognizes the bodies of his men and responds:


Head Assassin: Uhh, you retards couldn't take those fools down? Useless bastards.


Assassin recognizes Jose and Papi who are pointing their weapons with tough but a little scared looks.


Head Assassin: It's hard to find good men nowadays, isn't i? Whatever, it will be pleasure to take you both street cats down.


Then Jose and Papi run to the kitchen and take cover there and assassin takes cover at the back of the door, so a trio firefight begins.


It will be harder to take out the head assassin guy, because he will be equipped with a body armor and a stronger gun, an AK-47. The best tactic is spraying bullets on him when he runs out ammo and reloads his gun. After you finish him, a cutscene will play:


Assassin will fall on the floor because he got too many shots on his torso and he is continously losing blood, also he pukes blood out of his mouth. Jose and Papi go check him out, they regain their confidence again because now this death angel is totally eliminated. Like it says in the rules, Papi asks the assassin if he has any wish.


Papi: Any last wishes?

Head Assassin: Yeah... [coughs] If you have a younger sister to f*ck, I wouldn't say no.

Papi: Pervert motherf*cker.


Papi clashes the assassin's skull by a extremely-raged step on it.


Papi: Let's get out of there, Jose. I just want to lay on my tub and forget all about this.


Then probably the cops will be alerted by the noise, so get back to Papi's black Oracle and drive there out with him. Papi will want you to drive home but if you have any police attention, you will have to lose it first.


Papi: You know where you gonna drive.




Papi: I am glad it's all ended up but I feeling like we be drenched in more sh*t by that.

Jose: If we be realistic, yeah these guys' fellas will probably go on our asses but let's try to cheer up for now, we beat up that f*cker. We'd think that later.

Papi: True but trouble will find us again if we ain't get this H out of hands. It's like a curse.

Jose: This heroin is a curse since we stole.

Papi: Yeah... and you guys are so mental that you ripped off them Bohan guidos.

Jose: That was not my plan, this is all the crap my partner did. You know, business is business, we shall take rish blah blah...

Papi: Dope dealing is full of risk itself, you live in the fear of getting shot at your own corner everytime but this, please come on.

Jose: Like you say, it's not risky, it is risk. But I think we crossed the line by that too. Sick motherf*cker.

Papi: Sick motherf*cker who?

Jose: My ese Rique. Actually he's a good guy but he's an asshole too, probably I'm neutral to him. He does lots of sh*ts that get us both in trouble. He should stop this.

Papi: I got it. A real businessman should know what to have balls, what to scare, what to do. Just tell it to him.

Jose: Okay. Thanks, man.


After that, Jose drives back to Papi's apartment and drops him off there.


Papi: I be drinkin' much of coffee, takin' painkillers, lock all windows and doors and watch a good Vinewood film to stay awake. I think you should do this too.

Jose: Nah, thanks, I won't take that. I've bunches of sh*ts to do.

Papi: Okay, man. Catch ya later.

Jose: You too.


Papi gets out of the car and walk towards to his apartment block.


Mission Completed!



$ 3.000


An "RA" icon appears on The Pillows Club.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Dawn Of The Wolves

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


Jose enters Rique's office and finds his head fully dug in a pile of cocaine with whiskey bottles on his table, indicating this is another high night for Rique. Jose moves towards Rique to check him out. After he becomes totally sure that he's passed out, he tries to wake him up. First, he simply tells him to wake up which results in failure, then he claps his hands which is an unsuccessful attempt too. Lastly, he rudely pokes Rique in the shoulder, to which Rique responds by moving his head up, looks Jose with red eyes, which is result of the high dosed time row Rique had.


Rique: [with a hoarded voice] Hey Jose! What's up?

Jose: What? You cheesed again? Jesus! You'll die with your head down in a pond of coke if you keep snorting.

Rique: F*ck you. I do to get over my woes this time.

Jose: Bullsh*t. What is it now? You got your gold watch stolen?

Rique: F*ck you, you numb bastard. It's Lola, I won't be seeing her anymore.

Jose: I thought Lola was just a satisfying job for you. You can bang another hooker, can't you?

Rique: Yes. Lola was just a hooker for me but later I don't know she became a continual inspiration for me. Hey! Maybe you can get things right for us.

Jose: [begins walking to the door] Sorry, pal but I'm not the f*cking cupid.

Rique: No, you got me wrong. I want you to do some hitman job, as usual.

Jose: Okkay. But how?

Rique: Oswaldo, the bastard, Lola's pimp, he think I ripped him off. Some wisegut has tricked him with wrong money but he thinks I did.

Jose: You sure you didn't, right?

Rique: Well of course, I am sure. The old motherf*cker does not let me see Lola in response.

Jose: So you want me to kill that guy?

Rique: Yes, that's what I want. The bastard runs a big shot brothel in the middle of Alderney City. Dumb f*ck is probably there.

Jose: Okay, man. Just for not standing a Rique with cupid.


Then Jose makes his wa to Oswaldo's brothel in Alderney City. When he reaches there, he tries to move throughout the door but he gets stopped in the tracks by a well-built bodyguard who's in a pretty black suit.


Bodyguard: Get out of here! If you want change, go get a job.

Jose: Ay! Do I look like a beggar? I came here to have some fun, y'know?

Bodyguard: A'right. A'right. Get in.


Jose enters the house (which is duplex villa) and makes his way to the livingroom where he is confronted by a black pimp with flashy clothes.


Pimp: Yo! Can I help you, sir?

Jose: Yeah, I came to have the usual stuff, y'know?

Pimp: I know it good, sir. Let me introduce you my princesses.


Jose and the pimp go opposite of a sofa on which three girls lay.


Pimp: [fingerpoints the blonde girl] This is Brandy, the most beautiful blonde in the world. She has the best titf*cks. [fingerpoints the brunette girl] This is Gianna, my exotic brunette. [fingerpoints the redhead girl] This is Sarah, the hell chick with the best suckings.


You can either have sex with girls (each girl will cost $ 2.000, threesome will cost $ 4.000, foursome will cost $ 6.000) or go back on searching for Oswaldo.


Then Jose continues his search at the second floor where he will find Oswaldo in his office, counting his stacks of money.


Oswaldo: Haven't they taught you to knock the door first? Also I haven't see you around before. Who the f*ck are you?

Jose: [produces his Pistol from his back pocket] Just say your death angel.

Oswaldo: Well, we can play this game with two players. [gets his Desert Eagle from the drawer of the table]


They begin half-closing each other with sharp and sneak looks but Jose acts faster, shoots Oswaldo in the right hand, causing him to drop his weapon. So Oswaldo begins holding his wounded hand hand, a redundant attempt to reduce his pain.


Now player takes Jose's control and can perform an execution on Oswaldo. If the execution is performed, Jose sprays a bullet in Oswaldo's other hand, so Oswaldo stops holding his right hand, leaving his stomach unprotected. Then Jose shoots Oswaldo in the stomach three times leaving him to suffer his death.


Because of the gunfires, Oswaldo's men will be alerted and start to spray bullets on Jose. There will be total 13 guys that wait for Jose. Now Jose must make his way out of the villa and kill the men if it is necessary. After Jose gets out of there, he must get out all of the area (Alderney City). If he gets the police attention, he must lose it too.


Jose ends up with calling Rique to have him know that he does not need to worry about Oswaldo.


Jose: You don't need to worry about Oswaldo anymore. He's dead.

Rique: What!? You really did it!? You're the guy with the biggest balls, Jose. Don't worry, I will reward you with the biggest spoils. See you.


Rique hangs up.


Mission Completed!



$ 8.000



An "RA" icon appears on The Pillows Club.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: The Last Of The Meheecans

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


As he has nothing to do, Jose decides to pay Rique a visit at The Pillows Club and finds him extrememly happy in his office.


Rique: That's my man. How are you, buddy?

Jose: [confused to see that moral of Rique] Fine but where this happiness comes from?

Rique: Well, things get back to normal with Lola. And we're going out for dinner tonight. [grabs a whisket bottle] From Scotland, you want some?

Jose: Err...

Rique: Come on, you would get one.


Rique pours whiskey in two glasses and passes one of them to Jose. Jose takes the glass and begins sipping his whiskey.


Rique: [takes a sip from his whiskey] Allright. Tough guy. I need you to do something for your best pal, me. [shots the rest of the glass]

Jose: It depends. [drinks half of the glass]

Rique: [pours himself another glass of whiskey] [laughs] I'll pay, you know that.

Jose: I know. I mean it's what is gonna done makes sense.

Rique: [simply] I want you to steal some documents from the immigration bureau.

Jose: What!? You know what are you talking? I am an immigrant and they'll take me downtown by the time I pass opposite the building.

Rique: Yeah but that's the risk we must take.

Jose: Hey, why don't you do it yourself and why the heck do you want to hit the immigration bureau?

Rique: First off, that ain't concern you why I want to hit the damn immigration bureau. Secondly, because I can't do it by myself. Also you will get out of this for good, as you're an immigrant yourself.

Jose: A'right, fine. That's goddamn right. I'll do it.

Rique: You did the right choice, my friend. Let's go.


Jose and Rique exit the club and get in Rique's black Dukes. Later Rique orders Jose to drive to the helipad on Western Algonquin.


Rique: Get us to the pad over the West Algonquin.




Jose: Rique, I know it's not for a friend. Seriously, what you up to, man?

Rique: Right. It's not for a friend, it's for a lot of friends.

Jose: [angrily] Can you speak plain English!?

Rique: A'right, a'right. You see I've lots of businesses throughout the city. They're gone with my workers and most of them are from homelands. There is a report about illegal Mid and South Americans, and this report would shake my business bad. Also I just want to make you, my friend happy.

Jose: F*ck you.

Rique: That's true but you just believe whatever you want.


When Jose and Rique arrive to the pad, a cutscene plays:


Jose: I thought we were going to the immigration bureau.

Rique: Yes, we do. But we are gonna take a different way.


They come near a black Maverick with elegant red stripes and Jose responds:


Jose: Flying!? No way. No way. I quit.

Rique: What's the matter, ... chicken?

Jose: Can't we drive over there? I've height fear.

Rique: [pushe himself into the copter] Chill out, man. It's just fresh air. Also don't worry, I'm a good pilot.


Jose starts to look around, seem like a bit worried.


Rique: Come on. Let's go.


Jose unwillingly gets in the chopper.


After the cutscene, Jose finds himself at the back of the chopper as Rique controls it.


Rique: What's been up there, Jose?

Jose: F*ck you. [pukes out]

Rique: [laughs] Groooss! Anyway, when I get around the building, you're gonna jump out and land on the building. - Bien? - Okay?

Jose: What if the parachute won't open?

Rique: You're just keeping on redundant points, man. Just count back from ten and pull the cord. So everything is okay.


When Rique arrives around the immigration bureau, he tells Jose to put on his parachute.


Rique: Here we are. Okay Jose, put on your parachute.


Jose puts on the parachute through his arms, takes a deep breath and jumps out of the copter.




Rique yells over Jose:


Rique: Don't worry, man. I'll be around.


Jose pulls the cord when he thinks close enough, manages to open it just in time and successfully lands on the roof.


Jose: [takes off the parachute] That was easy.


Then Jose enters from the door, makes his wa through the downstairs. He encounters a guard at the end of the stairs and takes him out silently. Later he moves to the hallway and kills them six officers. He takes the downstairs (which is located at the right of the hallway), heads down another hallway, kills another six guys there. After he takes another downstairs and finds himself at another hallway. He kills six officers as usual but four officers rush out from the fire exit and attack Jose in the back. Jose kills them fast and Jose takes a left from the end of the hallway, finds the office there and corners an officer there.


Jose gets his Pistol from his trousers, points it to the officer and demans the documents.


Jose: Give me the report about Latin American immigrants. Now!

Officer: Okay. Okay.


Officer moves down to a table, opens a drawer and takes a pink shack of documents and hands it to Jose.


Officer: Here it is. Let me f*ck away now.


Now player is given back the control of Jose. He is ordered to make a choice of killing the officer or sparing his life.



Jose aims his Pistol to the officer and cracks his skull with a piece of his Pistol's bullet.



Jose comments "I won't kill you, as I've killed too much people today." and walks away.


However, if Jose chooses to spare the officer, the officer will get his Magnum from his cover and shoots Jose in the back, killing him, resulting the mission failure and player to replay the mission.


After the player makes the right choice (to kill the officer), he is objected to make his way back to the roof. Everything will be normal until reaching the roof where eight armed Immigraion Authority NOOSE officers will be waiting for Jose.


Jose gets shaked in shock and is covered with the sensation of surrender when he sees eight heavily armed NOOSE officers. However he encourages when Rique comes with his black-red Maverick.


NOOSE Officer: Don't move, you muscle chump.


Rique comes with his black-red Maverick.


Rique: Jose! Come, quick.


Later Jose begins to run meanwhile tries to dodge from NOOSE officers' bullets (the player must press appropriate "W,A,S,D" or move arrows to perform Jose's escaping moves). Afterwards, Jose does an action leap and holds onto the skids and manages to pull himself in. Later Rique begins to fly off as the eight NOOSE officers burst fire on them.

Rique lands safely back on the helipad in Western Algonquin. Both Jose and Rique get out of chopper and Rique thanks Jose for the report, later gets into his black Dukes and drives away.


Rique: You better got the report...

Jose: Yeah. Here.


Jose produces a pink shack with the report is in and hands it to Rique.


Rique: Thanks, ese. Thanks. Now I must go; I gotta take Lola from home. You can hail a cab or something.


Rique gets in his black Dukes and drives away.


Mission Completed!



$ 11.000



An "RA" icon appears on The Pillows Club.


user posted image Papi rings Jose and tells him to come over his apartment in Cerveza Heights, Dukes because there is some progress on the heroin plot.



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Liver Buster

Mission Name: The Firestarter

Mission Giver: Rique Armandes


Jose drops off to The Pillows to see Rique but it seems like he has difficulty to find him as it's a big night for the club. However, after a while Rique shows up at his usual table, abusing with high quality beer and smuggled cigarettes along with some other drunken dudes. When Rique recognizes Jose, he indicates him to stop and wait. Then he puts out his cigarette in an ash tray, gets up and goes outside with Jose. They lean against the wall and Rique flicks another cigarette and lights it.


Jose: Another big night, huh?

Rique: Yeeahh. Thanks to a good friend of mine, we hit the all night with drugs, sex and alchocol.

Jose: [sarcastically] Goddamn purpose of my life.

Rique: Sure.


After a short silence...


Jose: So is there something to be done?

Rique: Yes, there is. Me and some business associate have a big project to build a big multi autopark in Alderney. We planned everything; cost, place, workers... but there's a problem with place. It's an old masterpiece mansion owned by some prick. The noble cocksucker is bullsh*tting that it's history, it's a family heritage blah blah. I want you to burn the f*cking house down, so I can build my masterpiece of work.

Jose: Well, burning down someone's house doesn't sound like for gentlemen to men.

Rique: It's totally gentleman, amigo. It is how gentlemen sort their problems in America. Wake up, you moron; you're not in that "Animal Farm" country now, you're in America, you must act in the way that works here, okay? Anyway, just go to Westdyke, Alderney and meet my boy Edmundo there, he'll be waiting for you. [looks at his watch] Sh*t! I gotta go to the meet.


After the cutscene, Rique gets in his black Dukes and byes Jose by saying "I'll be in touch, Jose." and drives away. Later, Jose makes his way to Westdyke, Alderney to meet with Rique's contact, Edmundo.


When he arrives there, Jose recognizes a fat guy who is sitting on the rear cover of a gray Schafter, also smoking a cigarrette. Jose approaches him and asks if he is Edmundo.


Jose: Hey! You Edmundo?

Edmundo: I guess. And you must be Rique's errand boy, err... Jose.

Jose: Business associate. Anyway, Rique told me about burning out a history.

Edmundo: Yeah. Sure.


Jose and Edmundo go back of the Schafter, Edmundo opens the trunk and four cans of gasoline show up.


Edmundo: I have four cans of gasoline here. We're gonna pour them out over the house and later ignite it.

Jose: Simple enough.


Edmundo grabs a gasoline can and pours it out over the mansion by drawing circuits around. Later, he comes back and suggests Jose an other strategy.


Edmundo: You'll do like that. But we better do it in a different way. You're gonna unload the gasolines while I watch for any attention. You cool?

Jose: No problem. Just give me a gasoline.


Edmundo gets a gasoline can from the trunk and hands it to Jose.


After this, your objective is unloading all three cans of gasoline. You must draw circuits of gasolines for performing a more powerful fire. You can move the gasoline can with RMB and pour it out with LMB. After pouring all three gasolines, you go and check out Edmundo.


Jose: Work is good, I think.

Edmundo: Yeah. We can celebrate it with a nice toke of smoke.


Edmundo flicks out a cigarette and a lighter from his jacket. By the time, he uses the lighter, Jose grabs it from his hands, lights it and throws it into the circuit of gasoline, triggering the "unfortunate fire" of the mansion.


Edmundo: Are you f*cking mental!? I did count 100 bucks on that thing. [police sirens are heard] Sh*t, man! We better be out of here.


Edmundo hops into his gray Schafter and flees away.


After that, Jose must quickly escape from the area otherwise he will be recognized by upcoming police and earn two-star wanted level. After Jose simply gets clear away from the mansion (and lose the cops if there are any on him), mission completes!


Mission Completed!



$ 7.000

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Holy Crap!

Mission Giver: Papi


Jose goes to Papi's apartment and finds him pacing through his flat.


Papi: Uh! There you are.

Jose: Papi, what's happening, hermano?

Papi: I'm gonna tell on the way. We gotta roll, quick.

Jose: Can't I take seat a little? I got tired.

Papi: No, we have no f*cking time to rest. Let's go.


After the cutscene, you will find yourself at the passanger seat of Papi's green Vigero, near Papi.


Papi: Drive over the construction site in South Bohan, homie.




Jose: Papi, what is this all about, man? You seem nervous.

Papi: Yes, I do. As I'll be sittin' down with some brutal Italians.

Jose: For what?

Papi: The heroin, man. That sh*t's cursed. We gotta get it over the hand, quick.

Jose: That's right. All that sh*t do is getting us in trouble. But are you sure that the Italians will take it no problem?

Papi: No. But we gotta try.

Jose: Sh*t! That doesn't sound good to me.


When they arrive the meeting location, Papi takes the heroin holdall and they walk into construction site where they will meet with Lupisella representatives.


Papi: Here the heroin. As we promised. [puts the holdall on the floor]

Representative: Say if I am correct. You smartasses think you can get away with it only by getting us back our product. Yeah, a payload of milk is important too but after killing a pile of our henchmen, that's impossible for us to have a peace chat. - Uccidere questi scarafaggi! - Kill these cockroaches!


Head representative grabs the holdall and makes for with the two other representatives as Jose and Papi jump behind the entrance door to protect from Lupisella hitmen's bullets.


Jose: Mierda! I knew it will be end like this.

Papi: We gotta make out of here for the Lord's sake. Keep with me, Jose. We gonna be watchin' each other's backs.


Later, you will take control of Jose as he takes cover of the wall. You must kill five Loopies in the entrance and later make your way to the exit throughout the construction site. When you move throughout the door (located at the right side of the entrance), a mafioso who will be oppositing you will fire a rocket on you from which Papi and you manage to dodge. You must kill the mafioso before he fires another rocket. After you kill him, move to the entrance opposite you. When you move on the wood bridge, eight Lupisella will pull up in two cars.


Papi: Sh*t! We got some company right there.




Jose: You wanna piece of me? Well take these, putas.


After you kill that company, just enter that entrance where you will find an RPG at the mouth of the door and seven Lupisellas will be waiting for you. Papi takes cover to a pile of bricks and begins spraying bullets on Loopies with his Micro SMG. And you can take cover of the brick piles which will be located near the bricks Papi takes cover from. After you take out these seven Lupisellas, Papi will respond:


Papi: Damn! These be some others comin'. Hold up till 'em b*tches get the bait.


Now that five Loopies will be coming through the door. First one will be handing a Pump Action Shotgun, second one hands an Advanced SMG, third one has an AK-47 and the other two come with Automatic Pistols.


Papi: We ate them bastards. We're going. Keep with me, Jose.


Then Papi and Jose head towards an other entrance just across the downstairs. After they kill six Lupisellas there, police sirens get heard.


Papi: Yo, what the f*ck is it?

Jose: Let's give a look at this.


Jose and Papi look through the huge window and see Lupisella representative crash their car at a street lamb and got sat down by the police. Jose responds:


Jose: Sh*t! It's the cops and they got those Loop guys.

Papi: They deserved, those cocksucking sh*ts! Come with me! I know how we can get out of here.


After the cutscene, Jose follows Papi to the bottom floor of the construction by passing through three downstairs. However they came across to two Police Cruisers there.


Papi: Where all these be comin' from? End the f*ck up, pendejos. End the f*ck up!


Jose and Papi take out the cops by taking cover from the pillars. Later Papi finds a rusty Bobcat to flee away and Jose takes the steer and drives away.


Papi: F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! I nearly gunned down by some Bohan guidos, I lost a sh*tload of product and I be chasing by an army of cops. - Dios, dame fuerzas! - God, gimme strength!

Jose: Relax, Papi. Yeah, these are stressing but we'll sort this out.

Papi: Sort this out? What the hell are you talking about, kid? The cops are all over me.

Jose: I'm just trying to help you.

Papi: What kind of hand this is? You just be well-happily talking.

Jose: Whatever you call, I'm just calm your nerves.

Papi: I ain't need a f*cking painkiller, I need to get over these cops.

Jose: Alright, man but you really ned to calm down.

Papi: What did you say!?


After losing the cops, Jose drops Papi off his apartment block in Cerveza Heights, Dukes.


Papi: Man, circuit be gettin' tight. We better be not talkin' for a while. And Jose, you showed you're a true pal. Thanks, man.

Jose: Don't mention it. Just take a shower and get some sleep.

Papi: Will do. See you later, homie.

Jose: See you later, paps.


Papi gets out of the Bobcat and walks towards his apartment.


Mission Completed!



$ 5.000



user posted image Rique sends a text message requesting Jose to come to the club, because he wants to introduce him someone important.

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  • 9 years later...
One of Wisemen

I've been reading this old-school concept for months in the shadow now, guess time to go out.


The gang descriptions are my favorite. I'm actually coming here first to read about the Russian Mobs, but ended up finding more. Nice to see Alfonso Vasquez getting attention and nice alternate names you got for the cartels: Rijuana for Tijuana, Juvenez for Juarez, and Sureloa-Sinaloa. With next game = Vice City is confirmed, surely there's a slim chance of we seeing more Mexican cartels representations in GTA.


Also eventhough it sets in LC, I'm actually picturing the missions to set in a Mexican's city or the border instead for few times. Maybe because the concept would be better if played out there instead.


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5 hours ago, wise_man said:

I've been reading this old-school concept for months in the shadow now, guess time to go out.


The gang descriptions are my favorite. I'm actually coming here first to read about the Russian Mobs, but ended up finding more. Nice to see Alfonso Vasquez getting attention and nice alternate names you got for the cartels: Rijuana for Tijuana, Juvenez for Juarez, and Sureloa-Sinaloa. With next game = Vice City is confirmed, surely there's a slim chance of we seeing more Mexican cartels representations in GTA.


Also eventhough it sets in LC, I'm actually picturing the missions to set in a Mexican's city or the border instead for few times. Maybe because the concept would be better if played out there instead.

Heh, thanks for the polite comment. To be honest, this was a very early concept writing attempt on my behalf, only little-to-no research done beforehand. Just played around with the existence of Alfonso Vasquez deep in the IV lore. My early writings always lacked that and I thankfully learned to put a great amount of research,  mixing real-life inspirations and fiction in a plausible, harmonious way. 


If I was to rewrite this here in a meaningful way (not necessary but might be a great idea), I'd keep the Cartel existence as solely a cell operation. Very connected but shady, mostly a 'behind-the-shadows' figure. And I think this representation would fit better to IV's overall 'everything is connected' type of Liberty City, even more so if it's set in 2008 again as well. The idea would be that the Mexs are money-oriented, professional businessmen gentlemen keeping their fingers around the wavy pulse of cocaine trade, playing kingmakers to a certain extent. As they like to stay behind the shadows, they would prioritize rationale over violence, but they're not afraid to be ruthless when necessary.


Cocaine shows up to a very frequent plot device in IV, so playing the Cartel down into it should be easy. Major example would be the Russians smuggling coke from Vice City through their man Andriy Maximov. He's heavily implied to be running with Dimitri but I'm sure a tighter affiliation with Petrovic would make more sense as given he is "one of the biggest Russian crime bosses in America, if not the biggest". Also Sammy Bottino is a very interesting character to throw into the pot as well. Making Bottino the big Gambetti dog in VC might be a stretch as he's wanted by 2008 but he may be heavily implied to running the show behind the curtains until his downfall in 2011. And Ancelotti Family's shown to be deep into cocaine trafficking, running a big drug dealing ring partnered with the Russians. The Cartel would be downplayed as this small circle of Machiavellians that are in touch with all types of degenerates, only caring about the pursuit of the almighty dollar. They are there: They're close but not to close. While showing them more with the Liberty City criminal elites would be more believable, a small portion of the story could focus them organizing sh*t up at the bottom-feeder criminal food chain in Bohan and North Alqonquin. A short change of atmosphere would be cool.


Maybe have Alfonso Vasquez as this devil with a silver tongue. A true, extravagant, flamboyant diplomat. Has yacht parties with Kenny Petrovic, goes out dining and wining with Roy Zito and a good drinking buddy to 'Chubby' Charles Matteo. A charming fellow but has secrets best kept hidden behind closed doors (e.g. his sock paired 'wrist exercises'). Crafting a new protagonist that synergizes with Vasquez might be a good idea and maybe inspired by mixed-descent Colombian wholesaler Carlos Lehder. What I imagine what the potential protagonist would be like is that he's a smooth talker, reads people loud and clear, generally calm and calculative but isn't afraid to get his hands dirty when necessary. Sympathetic but in reality, a narcissistic sociopath with the likes of Lalo Salamanca. I can't quite sure make out what his role would be inside the Cartel's LC cell but most likely a running man - kind of what Johnny was to the Lost MC during TLAD.


Just a little brainstorming and shooting the sh*t about what realistically this concept would be like. That's all I have come up with as there is a very scarce source of South-American narco operations in NY but if there's someone out there literate and knowledgeable about it, please feel free to enlighten.



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One of Wisemen

I neither know much on what Mexican Cartels do in real-life NYC. They're pretty low-profile in Miami too, usually only laundering their money in the industrial areas, maybe smuggling large-scale meth in few cases, but not often. I assume the same would apply to other East Coast cities up north.


It's good that they'll appear as the secretive shadow figures in the background. To some degree can show how untouchably powerful they are, like how we barely see the five families' high-rank members in EFLC, though this time not all the kings are in LC, but maybe far in the home country.


Realistically, the Colombian would be a more suitable candidate for the coke business. Ludwig Fainberg, an Odessa gangster in Miami, wanted to use Soviet submarine for the Colombian cartel back in the 90's. I think it indirectly becomes a foundation of Russians-Colombians relationship. Colombian sends coke to Vice City for the Russians there, then the Russians smuggle it to Liberty, then they trade it with the Italians. One long trade route.  Hell, Andriy can be recreated to be parody of Fainberg if you want, something I consider to do in L&S at one point.


I also adore the character pictures: the faces you would 100% see in FBI wanted posters. Where did you get them? Mexploitation films?


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On 11/27/2022 at 5:30 PM, wise_man said:

Realistically, the Colombian would be a more suitable candidate for the coke business.

Yes, I know. Putting a search around it, you can see making this around Colombians would be a lot more historically correct. And you can get decent amount of Colombian coke cowboys f*ckin' around in NY, even if it's not much. If I want to rewrite it in a justice, it leaves me with two directions: Either make the Colombians the center of attention and make Alfonso Vasquez a prominent connection, or playing it down as Mexicans in relation to Colombians, who would be reflected in a smaller yet different and recognizable light.


On 11/27/2022 at 5:30 PM, wise_man said:

Ludwig Fainberg, an Odessa gangster in Miami, wanted to use Soviet submarine for the Colombian cartel back in the 90's. I think it indirectly becomes a foundation of Russians-Colombians relationship. Colombian sends coke to Vice City for the Russians there, then the Russians smuggle it to Liberty, then they trade it with the Italians. One long trade route.  Hell, Andriy can be recreated to be parody of Fainberg if you want, something I consider to do in L&S at one point.

Ah, you mean 'Tarzan'. I actually read and watched a lot about him while digging up information on later 80's and 90's Miami drug trade scene for a post-VC concept called The Valley of the Vultures (and Fainberg is that kind of dude who'd fit right in as a GTA character, I'd say). The premise of the concept is basically like Tommy Vercetti goes down Scarface style in 1993. Basically the year 1993 plays like the Prologue of the story, focusing on how different sides of the fences build up a co-operation to eliminate Vercetti and take over Vice City. Two years pass by, things fall apart and they slowly begin to be at each other's throats. One year later in 1996, it's the Epilogue - concluding the inevitable outcome of betrayal and bloodshed. I've had the inspiration to base this project as Sin City vibed Vice City sequel. Neo-noir, multiple protagonists (maybe covered by Heavy Rain style rather than the classical GTA V type), rich on open-world elements and all the complicated sh*t unfolded by the end.


Fun random fact, there was this character I thought of going by the street name of 'Evacuator', a Ukranian Jew who likes to dress up Rambo style and acquires the ownership of The Pole Position Club after Vercetti's downfall. A loud-mouthed, socializing yet loud-mouthed pimp who serves as a connection between the Russians and the Colombians to hook up a submarine connect. An idea identical to yours, I can say. I can't land it for sure but @The Notorious MOB's interpretation of Andriy Maximov in Family Ties harks back to Fainberg here and there. Nevertheless, I'm glad that you're going with this direction with Maximov. I've taken a quick look on Light & Shadow, it looks amazing and too much to take in with a single gape. I just wanna do the justice to go through everything before I give it up a push. 

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One of Wisemen
2 hours ago, Naughtius Maximus said:

Fun random fact, there was this character I thought of going by the street name of 'Evacuator', a Ukranian Jew who likes to dress up Rambo style and acquires the ownership of The Pole Position Club after Vercetti's downfall. A loud-mouthed, socializing yet loud-mouthed pimp who serves as a connection between the Russians and the Colombians to hook up a submarine connect. An idea identical to yours, I can say. I can't land it for sure but @The Notorious MOB's interpretation of Andriy Maximov in Family Ties harks back to Fainberg here and there. Nevertheless, I'm glad that you're going with this direction with Maximov. I've taken a quick look on Light & Shadow, it looks amazing and too much to take in with a single gape. I just wanna do the justice to go through everything before I give it up a push. 

I actually divide Fainberg's influences in my concept into two characters. Maximov being the trafficker who just enjoys the rush of smuggling cokes, but by 2017, he's in denial phase against the reality that he's not in prime anymore ever since that Humboldt River arrest. The other one is Maks Ivanovich who's taking that pompous side as a perverted club owner with sprinkles of racket-runner Alex Simchuk.


The 'neo-noir' alone solds the idea of The Valley of the Vultures for me. Yes, we're all in need of another VC concept that touches the untouched grounds of 3D Universe.

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On 11/30/2022 at 4:18 AM, wise_man said:

The 'neo-noir' alone solds the idea of The Valley of the Vultures for me. Yes, we're all in need of another VC concept that touches the untouched grounds of 3D Universe.

The very liquid idea of The Valley of the Vultures changed dramatically in time. It originally had three protagonists, resembling GTA V style but somewhere on the line, I had a change of heart and mind; wanted to turn into a Mafia / Heavy Rain style concept with neo-noir vibes. Honestly, I've never figured out how it'd play as I consider it to be a very ambitious yet difficult task and this also meant more protagonists to come into the picture and more shoes to fill in.


Another fun fact:  The mention of Light and Shadow reminded me that one of the protagonists I'd come up with The Con-Artist. The premise was that he had a partner and they were like blood brothers. One of their confidence tricks would land them up in trouble with the very wrong kind by misfortunate consequences; namely Vercetti himself. Vercetti gets his hand on the Con-Artist's partner who endures every vicious kind of torture before he gives up his last breath. Hell-bent on revenge, the Con-Artist meets Donald Love who feels alienated by his mentor Avery Carrington and is desperate to impress his narcissistic, cruel, high-demanding father. The two realize they share a common interest to bleed Carrington dry for everything he has. While the story of Con-Artist remains a huge bleak, I imagined his mission streak to be mostly about white-collar fraud and playing high-and-mighty business moguls for marks. I was thinking of making James Woods the face of the Con-Artist - believing this picture to be a fine representation of a sly, cunning man and broken to an extent. The idea came up from the notion that GTA generally lacks a good focus on con game but now L&S is out there, I say that it's gonna be done and gonna be done right.


I actually had come up with a lot of proto-protagonist ideas (and they were stashed in a heap of WordPad notes somewhere but most of them probably went ashes to ashes, dust to dust). The ones I could remember were: The Smuggler, The Mobster, The Cuban, The Haitian, Mr. Coke, The Narc, The Paramilitant, The Assassin and The Ex-Con. I could try to elaborate them as far as I can remember:

  • The Smuggler: The Smuggler was actually this rich, spoiled kid who is the son of the legendary Scottish smuggler Logan Burnett who was a close business associate with Tommy Vercetti, bonded over a similar background. Papa Burnett's story started in the '70s: He acted out as the middle-man between IRA and their gun-supplying connections in Liberty City. However, inner trouble within the Liberty City Irish Mob draws a huge bullseye on him thus he relocated to Vice City, turns to drug smuggling for a living. Years later, he meets Vercetti and becomes a member of one of his inner circle. After Vercetti's downfall, Papa Burnett finds himself crushed under financial problems. The Smuggler, named Andrew, gives up his drug-abusing, womanizing and partying ways to prove himself to his father and to Vercetti's legacy. A bold plan to rip off a Colombian coke shipment means his introduction to Mr. Coke who is impressed by Andrew and takes him under his wings as a protege. 


  • The Mobster:  Eugenio "Gino" Leone Jr. - the "nephew" of Salvatore (actually the son of his cousin Gino Sr. who was brutally murdered by the Sindaccos back in the day). After Gino Sr. was killed and Gino's mother committed suicide, he took the kid and raised him as his own. Salvatore schooled him in the mafia ways as his own son Joey was more into tuning cars than being a full-fledged wiseguy. After years, Gino became the 'Crowned Prince of the Liberty City Mob' - known for his flashy and extravagant lifestyle as the original owner of Sex Club 7 (explaining its existence during The Introduction of San Andreas). In 1992, the club gets shot up by the Sindaccos - leaving Gino in hot water. Salvatore orders him to law low to be a part of the rag-tag Leone crew in Vice City until the heat goes down. The main ambition of The Mobster was to re-chase his career as an entertainment playboy kingpin, more particulary trying to acquire the ownership of Club Malibu after Vercetti's downfall while being inside-out with the LCN existence in Florida.


  • The Cuban: Related to Umberto Robina and he's named Eduardo. After Robina's retirement, he became the new leader of the Robina Gang. Robina Clan is revealed just to be another cog in the Cuban underground machine - tied to a major Cuban drug lord named Alejandro Estrada who is more capitalist than conservative. While he believes being loyal to Alejandro's principles will make him climb up the ladders, an opposing Cuban thug shows him otherwise. And Vercetti's absencence in the criminal food chain makes him find an unlikely friend in The Haitian.


  • The Haitian:  A relatively young refugee from Haiti, he relocates to Vice City to escape bloodshed and war. Having no other choice, he becomes affiliated with the local thugs in Little Haiti and rises up to be an influential member but ends up under the influence of Auntie Poulet who manipulates him using Voodoo magic. However, he later meets The Cuban who eventually shows him the ways how things work in America through unlikely circumstances. He later develops a knack for being a capitalist drug lord and a rap-game player. Naturally, he's torn between his ideals.


  • Mr. Coke: It's not only about Diaz when it comes to Colombians. After Diaz fell down, the big guys down the South have stepped up in to fill his place. It's crystal clear: no coke, no more of Vercetti's empire. After Diaz went down, the ancestral Cruz dynasty showed up to take his place. Mr. Coke decided to bury the hatchet with the Cruz dynasty and made an unlikely alliance. This guy's actually supposed to be Cisco from Advance: Already a big force who tried his luck in the Land of Opportunity in the early '70s as a pioneer of the coke and weed trade in Liberty City. But he's not pleased with the Cruz monopoly and he wants to control everything. As I planned Cisco as a protagonist in a potential GTA concept set in 1971 in Liberty City, I later said "Why make him a protagonist twice?". I later switched his role to be the mentor of The Smuggler, schooling him to be a prolific drug runner and a strong ally as he slowly and cunningly plans to take over the leadership of the Colombian Cartel. Giving his facial similarity to Cisco, Pedro Pascal from Narcos would serve as his portrayal.


  • The Narc: He was either to be a corrupt Narcotics detective or a DEA agent who set up the way for Vercetti's downfall. Brings together all the protagonists as a co-operation to serve as a tool of unification to control the Vice City drug trade after Vercetti goes down. Manipulative, self-serving, self-absorbed, murderous sociopath: Kinda like Norman Stansfield from Leon the Professional. Later, I had thought about switching his role from a protagonist to a key, influential, "behind-the-scenes" antagonistic character.


  • The Paramilitant: One of my ideas to implement was the re-occurence of the Bolivian existence in VC underworld after Diaz had gone away. I wanted to visualize it as a paramilitary group that engages in the drug trafficking scene in Vice City to keep up the fight back in their homeland. So The Paramilitant  is sent to the US to reap the rewards of coke trade in Vice City and eventually ends up in this aforementioned co-operation while battling between his patriotic duty to breathe new life into Bolivia and adjusting to a shiny, glitzy lifestyle in America. His story arc was kinda like Alejandro Usteves from Snowfall.


  • The Assassin: Never a hard-considered choice for a protagonist but I quickly came up with him as a foreign professional killer on the leash of CIA as a part of their involvement with political issues beyond seas: probably he would be Middle Eastern or Far Eastern. But later, I thought it's better to make him a minor character than a main one, at best.


  • The Ex-Con: This was an interesting one. I imagined The Ex-Con as a gringo who had been a key player in the American coke trade during the '80s. Sh*t goes up and he ends up in a Colombian prison. By the events of The Valley of the Vultures, he kills an inmate as a favor for an also incarcerated Colombian criminal powerhouse (probably connected to the mentionwhile Cruz dynasty) and he earns his freedom back to the United States. To repay the favor, he's sent back to Vice City as a foot-soldier trying to rebalance the dope game that's left unstable after Vercetti's death. Tough-as-nails, capable but has no direction: it ain't in him no more - which draws him closer to the Prologue protagonist Juan Mario Espinoza.


  • Juan Mario Espinoza: The Prologue Protagonist. The idea comes from the "Hey Mario!" bit from Vice City. Child of an Italian mother and a Colombian father. Started out his career as a small-time car thief and eventually became a major coke dealer and became one of Diaz's most trusted men. After Diaz's death, Mario became Tommy's street intermediary both thanks to his half-Italian ancestry and his qualifying skills. By 1993, Mario has a stranding change of heart: seeing Vercetti's descent into madness and cocaine addiction, he eventually becomes a part of a shady circle that plans to bring him down and reorganize the VC crime scene. During this time, he falls in love with a Malibu stripper whom he marries and has a daughter with him. Two years later, his marriage falls apart. He's depressed, he drinks all day and just only actualizes his role as the intermediary between the Colombian Cartel and the gangs of VC that are supplied by the Cartel because it's the only thing he knows. This draws him  closer to The Ex-Con who suffers from a similar kind of existential crisis.


To be honest, I never pulled together a story (or a synopsis, per se) and this raises the questions that how many of these facades would've ended up as a protagonist - even though I eliminated a few in that regard. Later, some characters like the aforementioned 'Evacuator' came into picture. I don't know if the project would ever materalize but putting this to work would sure kick some spunk back to me.



Edited by Naughtius Maximus
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