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Grand Theft Auto IV: A México, Al Infierno

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A México, Al Infierno is the third DLC that runs parallel with the GTA IV timeline. A México, Al Infierno will get you in "the hell on the Earth" or with its known name, Mexico.


You'll step into the shoes of Jose Santiago Ramirez, a 19 years old Mexican young who lives with the dreams of wealth, power and respect. So he immigrates to "Land Of Opportunity", the U.S.A. However Jose will realize that the only way to getting his dreams is involving in crime. So he makes his steps to crime with the help of his uncle Raymundo "Ray" Ramirez, who's an important associate of Mexican Cartel, runs illegal acts under his "legit" properties.


With the time goes on, Jose becomes a drug dealing junkie, thief crook, hard gangster, maniac murderer, ruthless assassin in Mexican Cartel. As Jose climbs the stairs, you'll drag into Mexican Cartel's unexplored side; drug deals/traffickings, illegal arms use, unstopable hustles, freightening murders and more of them. However don't scare, you'll get along with all of them with Jose. Ready to an advanture through Mexican pride, glory, brutality lifestyle?




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Jose Santiago Ramirez


Main protagonist and playable character. 19 years old, a recent Mexican immigrant to the U.S. Jose's a passionate guy who lives with the dreams of wealth, power and respect. So Jose immigrated to the U.S with the help of his close friend Fernando Esvaldez. After come to the U.S, Jose enters the crime (actually if we say "getting crime deeper" is right, because he involves in crime first time when he killed his cousin for taking his father's revenge) under the wings of his uncle Raymundo "Ray" Ramirez, an important associate of Mexican Cartel. Jose crosses a way with drugs, guns, bullets, blood, dirty money and deceptions to his f*cking American Dream.




Jose Santiago Ramirez was born in a small suburb, poor village of Mexico that's very close to the U.S border in 1989. He's the third child of a poor villager. Jose has one brother (died when Jose was a baby, because hell from a rocky hill, so he bumped his head into rocks, this made he died for brain bleeding) and two sisters (the elder one died, because of diptheria when she was nearly her 8-9's, the younger is still alive, she lives with mom. Her name's Gina and according to Jose's dialogues, she's younger one year than him, so she's 18. His father Armando Ramirez was a poor villager, desperated but hardworking farmer who was working continually for supporting his family. His mother Dora Ramirez was a desperated mother who frequently worries about her children, also she's a loving mother. Jose grew up with Fernando Esvaldez (son of a poor farmer, just like Jose) and other villager kids. Before his grandfather died, he had divided his fields between his three sons (Jose's father, Jose's younger uncle Ray and Jose's elder uncle). After he died, he sons took their willed fields. The youngest one, Ray sold his field at a good price and immigrated to the U.S 11 years ago (when Jose was 8). When Jose's elder uncle died, Jose's father Armando took his fields, too. Elder uncle's son Ernesto killed his own uncle (Armando) for taking his dad's fields and his uncle's fields too. So Jose worked at a construction site near farming at his dad's fields for buying a weapon to get his father's revenge. After he got enough money, he bought a gun, killed his cousin Ernesto and buried his corpse under earth (according to Jose, this was nearly three years ago). In 2008, he collected money for go to U.S with the help of his close friend Fernando Esvaldez by Mexican cargo ship El Cruiser.


Raymundo "Ray" Ramirez


Jose's uncle. Ray immigrated to the U.S 11 years ago. When he came American first, he entered under the wings of Jacobo "The Bull" Villardo, a notorios Brazilian criminal who manages lots of properties. In a short while Ray became Villardo's right hand man and started to run one of his strip clubs for him. After Villardo's murder during a gang raid to his strip club, Ray took all business of him and cooperated with Mexican Cartel at management of properties, that's why Ray's an important associate of Mexican Cartel. Ray's a spoiled "businessman" who's interested in rackeeting, loansharking, prostitution, drug dealing, gambling, illegal alchocol / cigarette trade. He has a flexible partnership with Enrique Armandes, a Mexican millionaire playboy.




Raymundo Ramirez was born in a huge village at the middle Mexico in 1961. His father was a middle wealthy farmer. He was the youngest child of the family; he had had two elder brothers; younger was Armando Ramirez (Jose's father), elder was the other (Ernesto's dad). Due to shortage, drought and aridty, he and his family left their village and immigrated to a smaller, poorer in the north Mexico (very close to the U.S border) when he was a little child and Ray grew up at there. When he was an adult, his father died because of lung cancer and divided his fields between his children. Ray sold his field at a good price and immigrated to the U.S İN 1997. After the death of his elder brother, elder brother's son Ernesto killed Armando due to field snitches, after Armando's son Jose killed him for taking his father's revenge. In Ray's first years in U.S.A, he was gamblig but he was frequently losing, so he had a lot of debt to Brazilian gambling promoter Jacobo "The Bull" Villardo. However Jacobo ordered Ray to work for him for paying his debts. Ray entered the crime under the wings of notorios Brazilian criminal Jacobo "The Bull" Villardo. Ray became Villardo's right hand man in a short while and started to run one of his strip clubs for him. After Villardo's murder during a rival gang raid to his main stirp club, Ray sat Villardo's throne and took all of his business. Ray cooperated with Mexican Cartel at the managment of properties, so Ray became an important associate of Mexican Cartel. After taking the support of Mexican Cartel, Ray became a feared man on the streets; he started to run many loansharking and rackeeting operations and made a name as "drug dealing runner thief". Even Mexican Cartel, he has important friends like Enrique Armandes.


Enrique "Rique" Armandes


27 years old, a young Mexican millionaire that driving fast cars, dealing drugs, playing with latest arms, f*cking best quality b*tches, having parties hard. Rique's a "legit" businessman owns lots of properties (including construction sites, strip clubs, bars, restaurants etc). Also Rique's the owner of The Pillows Club, a strip club known for its sex and drug efficiencies. Rique's an important and dangerous man with serious and powerful connections, including Gonzalez Cartel. Also Rique's heavy pretty on drugs and alchocol.




Enrique Armandes was born in Northwood, Algonquin, Liberty City in 1981. His family were some Mexican immigrants who immigrated to the U.S for better life conditions. They moved out of Liberty's city Algonquin chapter's Northwood territory. His father was a construction worker who was working at a construction site in Northwood. Enrique lived in poor conditions during this time, so he always dreamed of becoming wealthy and powerful, like Jose. According to a dialogue between Jose and Ramiro, Rique has started to use drugs during his highschool years and he has buying drugs from Gonzalez Cartel. Rique won a fat cash lottery when he was 20. Rique became a hot shot playboy millionaire with the help of Gonzalez Cartel, so Rique reached his dream. Also according to a quote of Rique, he killed one his best friends for getting a little amount of heroin. Rique has a mom who is still alive.


Elizabeta "Liz" Torres


A successful Puerto Ricon drug dealer who works at Bohan more than 10 years. Elizabeta's a great connection between drugs that knows almost all drug dealers throughout the city. Rique introduces Jose to Liz for finding a buyer for the heroin they stole.


Alejandro "Papi" Ortiz


Papi's a great drug dealer operates from Dukes. He has a tiny drug crew but Papi's an important drug connection in the city as he knows every drug things occurs throughout the city. Papi's a close associate of Liz and he's the buyer Liz finds for Rique and Jose's heroin. After heroin's original owners, Lupisellas, causes troubles, Jose and Papi make a cooperation to get rid of this trouble. After they become close friends.




Alejandro Ortiz was born in Cerveza Heights, Dukes, Liberty City in 1977. He was born and grew up in a poor family that has big family problems. Her mother was a lovely and worried mother who has been worried about his child's future. His father was an alcholic, bad mouthed man who had whacking Alejandro and his mom frequently. Papi states that he has brought up in a harsh place because his father's violence keening. One day, his father killed Papi's mother unwillingly when he was whacking Papi's mother. Also Papi says that he was sent to the street by his own father for getting him to cash, so Papi raised in a life of crime, he killed, stole and dealt drugs for it. A short while after his mother's death, his father was killed by his loansharks. Papi states that he has never worried about his father's death because he was a real asshole. After his father's death, Papi was taken by his uncle (from his father's side but Papi states that he was a good man unlike his father) and brought up by him. He became friends with his uncle's sister (his cousin) Carmen Ortiz. Papi get into crime deeply because the conditions of crime were always near him. He became close friends with the same hood drug dealing gang boys Spanish Lords and brought up as a drug dealing crook by them. However after Papi became older, he left from the Spanish Lords but still continued his ties with them. Alejandro took his nickname "Papi" because he has always helped new drug dealing youngs from his hood.


Detective Ochua Bailey


A Haitian ethinicty bent cop who involved with guns and drugs. Bailey's a close "friend" of Rique, helps him at giving a legal appearance to his spoiled properties and carrying out his drugs easily. But not only Rique but also he has connections with many Mexican drug cartel bosses. He's a real asshole who threatens criminals with putting them in jail or something like that, so he has many hitmen to do his dirty work. Jose works for him for a while because of his ties with Rique and his "asshole"ness.




Ochua Bailey was born in Haiti in 1966. Ochua was born in a Haitian immigrant family who immigrated to Liberty City for better life conditions, but they had never got them. Ochua faced with violence and racism at a very early age; he got bullied by Latin gangster throughout his livelyhood because of his ethnicity. And that's why he always wanted to become a part of justice/law. At the final, he reached his dreams but he never could stand clean because of the new world rules.


Bailey has a Caucasian wife and hybrid kid.


Fernando Esvaldez


Jose's friend since childhood. Jose and Fernando comes to Liberty City through the Mexican cargo ship El Cruiser together but while Jose's interested in dirty business, Fernando decided to gain his life with clean ways. However Fernando understands the only way to survive is involving with crime, so he enters under the wings of his childhood friend Jose Santiago Ramirez.



Ramiro Gonzalez


The third son of Cisco Gonzalez. He runs some properties of his daddy. His father sees a good potential from Ramiro however his elder brothers treat him like a "foot boy", so Ramiro has been trying to get respect from his brothers. Ramiro's an associate of Rique but both don't trust each other completely. Jose's introduced to Ramiro by Rique, Jose and Ramiro steal a huge bag of cocaine from a Rijuana facility.


Marco Tevez


A Gonzalez Cartel soldier whose heart is filled with endless loyalty to his cartel. Accompanies Jose during some missions.


Cisco Rey "El Rey" Gonzalez


The head of Gonzalez Cartel, the second most powerful cartel in Mexican Cartel. He's the father of Ramiro, Sergio, Emilio and Kemen. Also she has two daughters named Elena and Amanda. Cisco Gonzalez's a proud Mexican that is real Mexican patriotic. Cisco's cartel Gonzalez Cartel has had war with Sureloa Cartel (actually it's a partner of Gonzalez) but they provide peace back with old friends' (Cisco Gonzalez and Alfonso Vasquez) warm chat. He has unending war with Rijuana and Juvenez Cartels. Cisco's a bit hot headed like Mikhail Faustin but he has a calm side as well.


Sergio Gonzalez


The eldest son of Cisco Gonzalez and a lieutenant in Gonzalez Cartel along with his brothers (except Kemen). Sergio runs big drug operations of Gonzalez Cartel, also he has rackeeting, loansharking rings as well. Sergio's very arrogant person who sees himself above his brothers and treats them like his leg workers. He's believed to be the responsible of many sadistic torturing made by the cartel.


Jesus Emilio Gonzalez


The second son of Cisco Gonzalez and a lieutenant in Gonzalez Cartel along his brothers (except Kemen). Like Sergio, Emilio runs many drug operations of Gonzalez Cartel, he has loansharking and rackeeting rings, too. He hates when his elder brother Sergio gives him orders and treats him like a leg worker. However he does to Ramiro as well.


Alfonso Vasquez


The leader of Sureloa Cartel, the most powerful cartel in Mexican Cartel. After the arrest of El Padrino (the godfather) Manuel Angelo Falco Geraldo's arrest, his cartel Guacalajuana Cartel was divided up into two parts as Rijuana Cartel and Sureloa Cartel. Geraldo's nephews run Rijuana Cartel, meanwhile top Guacalajuana Cartel lieutenants run Sureloa Cartel. The both cartels have great rivalry since their foundation. Sureloa Cartel was founded by many Guacalajuana lieutenants but it's headed by Alfonso Vasquez and Immanuel Zasa Gracia. The two took Rijuana Cartel's place at a short time and became the most powerful drug lords of Mexican Cartel. Vasquez became the only remaining leader after Gracia's death during a DEA operation.


Today, normally the cartel has provided peace with Gonzalez Cartel but they've little snitches during the beginning of the story. However after the old "friends" make cooperation again for taking out Rijuana Cartel.


Alfonso Vasquez's a bit hot headed but generally calm leader but his partner Gracia's not. Alfonso's afraid about rats in his own operation, so he's getting more and more paranoid everyday. Also Alfonso's afraid about the future about his cartel, because his son's a rabbit that just hasn't handle a gun and messes around nightclubs and his daughter is a bitch and window shopper that just has sex with males all time and doesn't know everything except shopping.


Viktor Zasa Gracia


One of the sons of Sureloa Cartel's former co-leader Immanuel Zasa Gracia. Viktor's trained by his father like a real drug dealing, people traitor, murdering criminal just like his siblings. Despite his siblings, he's the favourite of his father and his father seemed him as the heir of the cartel. After his father's death, he caught on the eyes of his father's partner Alfonso Vasquez, so Viktor's requested of big drug operations, money laundering operations and illegal traffickings. Viktor's a passionated guy, he's very willing to reach the top of the ladders.


Luz Hernando Manchez Ariba


The young breed head of Rijuana Cartel, the third most powerful cartel in Mexican Cartel. After the death or arrest of many Ariba Falco family members, he made a partnership with his aunt Emiliana Ariba Falco and still runs the Cartel along with her. He announced his name quickly with his executions, merciless and incredible skills at dealing drugs.


Today Rijuana Cartel has a blood war with Sureloa Cartel and Gonzalez Cartel, especially Gonzalez Cartel. Especially he has great rivalry with Gonzalez Cartel leader Cisco Gonzalez's third son Ramiro Gonzalez, but after they provide a short-time peace. While someone in cartel think Manchez Ariba keeps the most authority instead of Mrs. Ariba Falco, the others think that Cartel is nothing if Emiliana Ariba Falco isn't.


Esteban Brothers


Ricardo Fidel Esteban and Escuardo Fito Esteban aka. Esteban Brothers are the top lieutenants of Rijuana Cartel. They're carrying out big drug operations and assassinations of the cartel. Also they are also managing Rijuana owned Mexican restaurant Las Ostras. The elder one Ricardo is married with Gonzalez Cartel's leader Cisco Gonzalez's elder daughter Elena. So they have ties with Gonzalez Cartel but they are not so close because of the rivalry between those two cartels. Esteban Brothers are the main people who step to provide short-time peace with Ramiro Gonzalez, the third son of Cisco Gonzalez.


Vincenzo Carlito Fontes


The head of Juvenez Cartel, the least powerful cartel in Mexican Cartel. After his partner Luz Hernando Manchez Ariba's (the head of Rijuana Cartel) murder, he starts to weaken. When a huge war sparkles between Albanian Mob and Sureloa-Gonzalez Cartels, he finds a chance to ressurect, so he supports Albanians against his rivals Sureloa and Gonzalez Cartels.


Vincenzo Carlito Lucio


The nephew of Juvenez Cartel and a high ranking lieutenant in the Cartel, too. V.C Lucio is a Juvenez member that frequently goes between Mexico part and the U.S part of the cartel. He's one of the key men of the cartel that providing good relationship with Albanians. V.C Lucio's a rising star on his uncle's eyes but V.C Fontes means that he still has a long way to pass.


Alberto "Albert" Vasquez


A high ranking lieutenant of Sureloa Cartel and a far cousin of Alfonso Vasquez. Albert's an important man in Sureloa Cartel, especially Mexico wing of the cartel. Albert's a great man interested in drugs. Nearly he's a ruthless drug lord, he's a runner drug mule as well. Albert's in the business for many years, he knows everthing about it. He works with his son Edgardo Vasquez together.


Edgardo "Edgar" Vasquez


Far nephew of Alfonso Vasquez and the only child of Alberto "Albert" Vasquez. Also he's a high ranking lieutenant in Sureloa Cartel below his father. He and his father work togehter, they're interested in drug business. They're listed as one of the biggest drug traffickers on the Earth.


Edgardo has sex with Alfonso Vasquez's daughter Natasha January Vasquez once. After this Edgardo falls in love with her but Natasha doesn't interest him after their sexual relationship. Edgardo wants to marry Natasha and make her his wife.



Raymond "Ray" Boccino


Ray's a capo in Alderney based Pegorino Crime Family. Ray's an important man who has many connections and powerful associates. Ray's a long-time associate of Edgardo Vasquez. Cartel uses Ray for finding a buyer to marijuana Alberto and Edgardo Vasquez bring in. However before Ray helps them, Jose has to do some work for him.


Matvey Petrovic


The nephew of Konstantin "Kenny" Petrovic, the Pakhan of Petrovic Bratva, the most powerful organization of Liberty City Russian Mob. He was arrested during a cop raid to one of the gambling dens he runs. Jose and Matvey meet eachother when Jose gets busted and put into Alderney State Correctional Facility. There are many men want Matvey dead. Jose saves Matvey's life when a "tough guy" Phil tries to skewer him. Matvey runs a little drug operation in the prison, swears drugs into the prison by his visitors. After Matvey and Jose become good friends and their friendship leads Petrovic's support to Sureloa and Gonzalez Cartels during their war with Albanians.


Konstantin "Kenny" Petrovic


The Pakhan of Petrovic Bratva, the most powerful organization of Liberty City Russian Mob. Also he's the uncle of Matvey Petrovic, the cellmate of Jose during his times in Alderney State Correctional Facility. Jose's introduced to Kenny Petrovic by Matvey. While Jose works for him, a partnership is provided between Surealoa & Gonzalez Cartels and Petrovic Bratva.


Agent Maurice Jones


A FIB agent who suddenly appears as an angel to Jose and helps him about the possible snitches in his cartel. After an unfortunate drug operation, Agent Jones calls Jose and says he wants to help him and his cartel to get out of this unlucky situation. However it's not proper to decide if he's a friend or foe.


Daniel "Danny" Spoleto


Danny is the son of high ranking Ancelotti Family (the least powerful family in Commission) capo Anthony "Tony Black" Spoleto and an Enforcer of Ancelotti Family. After his unexpected death by the hands of Albanians (actually by Niko, Niko raids Spoleto's meeting and kills him along Albanian muscles during GTA IV mission "Action Speaks Louder Than The Words"), he took his father's gambling and rackeeting operations. Also Danny's a successful crook that dealing drugs through Alderney. Danny's a key man between Ancelottis and Russians that he provides a partnership at heroin and cocaine trade between Russians and Ancelottis.



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A henchman of Ray Ramirez. Accompanies Jose during some missions.


Lazlo Guerra


The Peruvian right hand man of Ray Ramirez. Ray describes him as his best friend and one of the people he most trusts. They've known eachother since Ray worked for Jacobo "The Bull" Villardo. After Jose's takeover, Jose places him as one of his right hand men (other's Fernando) and the manager of El Oros.



Betim Valon


Betim is a high ranking lieutenant of Albanian Street Crew that is a notorious biker, a big loanshark and a feared drug dealer throughout Bohan. According to his LCPD Database, he's one of the right hand men of Albanian Street Crew boss Freda Petrela. Also Betim is interested in alchocol smuggling and Strader frequently owes money and buys alchocol from him. Strader says Jose and Rique to go and check Betim for getting information about the heroin shipment Lupisellas about bring.


Sonny Honorato


The favourite hitman for the Commission's fourth most powerful family Lupisella Family. Known for his psychopath tactics to kill people and sex maniacism. Lupisellas send Honorato after the thiefs of their heroin.


Oswaldo "Old Wolf" Quiroga


Oswaldo's 51 years old a Peruvian pimp that works in Alderney City. He runs a wide prostitution ring down Alderney City. Manages many brothels. Also Oswaldo's a close associate of Rique that Rique always purchases prostitutes from him. When a conflict between him and Rique happens, it's for Jose to end it.


Miguel Tevez


Miguel is Marco's cousin. Miguel's a powerful and a successful arms dealer that is running a wide arms smuggling ring from Mexico to America. Miguel runs a huge drug dealing crew and operates from a huge, abandoned warehouse from South Bohan. Jose's introduced to Miguel by Marco. After the mission you meet Miguel, you will be available to purchase guns from Miguel, by dropping off his warehouse in South Bohan.


Yago "Lince/Bobcat" Zacarias


A Mexican cat burglar who has ties with Rijuana Cartel. During the first proving job to the Rijuanas, Jose and Yago steal a priceless painting from a French man's house for Luz Hernando Manchez Ariba.


He's called Lince (means "Bobcat" in Spanish) or Bobcat, because he's a professional cat burglar.



Eduardo Lino Rodriguez


Another top lieutenant of Rijuana Cartel boss Luiz Hernando Manchez Ariba along Esteban Brothers. Believed to his rank's higher than Esteban Brothers'. Rodriguez's believed to carrying many assassinations against rival cartels and many money laundering operations of the cartel. Also Rodriguez's hinted as Rijuana Cartel's main arms supplier; he's believed to use his ties in Latin America to smuggle arms into the U.S. Also Eduardo's a dangerous man because of his deadly efficiency.


Angels Of Death Lieutenant


A lieutenant in outlaw biker gang Angels Of Death. Ramiro orders Jose to help him and his gang to escort some heroin (belonged to the Triad).


Triad Boss


A Triad boss who runs a tiny Triad crew. He makes some appearances during the game.


He's the original owner of the heroin (during GTA IV events). He suspects that Mexicans steal his heroin, so his crew and Angels Of Death bikers make a raid to Sergio's home.


Also his Triad crew's associated with Albanian Street Crew at meth business. So this sparkles a huge rivalry between Petrovics and the Triad crew.


Carlito Dos Sandos


The legendary Mexican hitman that works for Mexican Cartel. He's 57 years old but cartel and he thinks he'll never get old for this. He's a real psycopath, he cut one of his victim and he made him eaten by 19 dogs.




Carmen Ortiz


Carmen is Papi's cousin. They grew up together and they both live a very spoiled life. Carmen is a spoiled woman who is obessed with sex, drugs and alchocol. Papi make Jose and Carmen to eachother. Carmen's interested in Jose so much because she has never dated a man younger than her.



Kemen Gonzalez


Kemen's the youngest son of Gonzalez Cartel capo Cisco Gonzalez. He's 16, fat, badmouthed, froward, weed addict, horny typic teen sex maniac and MMORPG game Loot And Wank player. He's physically a typic teenager; pimples cover his all face. Generally seen playing Loot And Wank or watching porn.


Ignacio "Big Ignacio" Mendez


An enforcer in Juvenez cartel and the bodyguard, right hand man of Juvenez Cartel successor Vincenzo Carlito Lucio. He's often seen with V.C Lucio. He kidnaps Jose and Marco during the mission "An Unexpected Encounter".


Freda Petrela


The head of Albanian Street Crew that mostly active in Bohan and doing muscle work for Albanian Mob (especially the most powerful Albanian organization Valdron Family), Juvenez Cartel (after Albanians' partnership with the cartel) and Ancelotti Family (one of the most powerful Italian-American crime families in Liberty City and long-time partner of Albanian Mob). Petrela's known for his close ties with Valdron Family underboss Adnan Kushtim and Juvenez Cartel heir Vincenzo Carlito Lucio. He's a lowly thug but he's too important for the mob, because he's a loyal worker and a good earner.


Adnan Kushtim


The underboss of Valdron Organization, the most powerful organization in Albanian Mob. The boss of Valdron Organization Yili Valdron describes Kusthim as the man he most trusts and it's right; Adnan is loyal to Valdron with his extreme respects. Also Kushtim is believed to be a great Muslim despite his criminal activities.


Rami Yalon


Legendary hitman from Israel who made a fame with his deadly skills to kill people and using varity of weapons during his hits. Yalon has worked with hot-headed, notorios, ruthless Russian mafiya kingpin Kenny Petrovic for a long time. Yalon tails on Kenny Petrovic's stolen TV shipment. He has the same role which role Sonny Honorato has in Lupisella Heroin situation.


James Smith


A hardworking journalist and writer that works in Liberty Tree. James has been writing a lot of articles that discredit Mexican Cartel. So Sureloa Cartel leader Alfonso Vasquez falls in panic because of possible effects of James' Mexican Cartel slandering articles and he orders Jose and Viktor to do whatever it takes to get rid of Smith.



Joseph "Joe" Corrola


A Pavano capo who wants Papi dead. He sets many traps to reach his purpose but none of them ends with victory.


Diego Reyes


Diego's a high ranking member of Spanish Lords, also a close friend and a frequent customer of Papi until he makes a partnership with Joe Corrola to kill Papi. He sets a phony cocaine deal to trap Papi, but Papi manages to escape with his life, thanks to Jose.


Jordan Reed


Jordan's a lowly North Holland Hustlers member who's interested in little street drug trades, a runner boy for Playboy X. He works very closely with Spanish Lords. He knows something about Diego's murder and threatens Papi with telling his knowledge about that. So it makes him a high, urgent, pritory target for Papi.


Frankie Gallo


Pegorino Crime Family's chief lieutenant Phil Bell's nephew and an Alderney street thug that wishes to become a made man and living American Dream. He works closely with Ray Boccino and his uncle Phil Bell. Frankie's disturbed about working an asshole like Ray but he knows he must do it for reach his dream.


Harold "Jack" Supo


Supo's one of Gambetti Family's acting underboss Roy Zito's top caporgrimes along the other capogirme Phillip Monetto. Supo's very loyal to his underboss. Supo runs many properties of Gambetti Family. Alongside his legit properties, he promotes gambling at his huge villa in Alderney. Also Supo's a great gambler that's why he's called "Jack". Supo becomes a big threat to Ray Boccino because he knows about the raid Jose and Frankie make to Alazone's Italian Food that's a restaurant owned by Gambettis whose basement is used as a drug lab.


Henrique Camaro


A hardworking, pure, reliable Bureau of Narcotics agent who just wants a world without crime. He has tried to provide this during his lifetime. He gathers many bad influenced documents about the Cartel, so he becomes a high pritory target for the Cartel.


Armando Torres & Henrique Bardas


Two lowly members of Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers. They're close associate of Papi since he befriended with top N3D lieutenants Gomez Brothers (Alonso & Oscar Gomez). Papi fits the role of their drug connection and the trio do meetings with each others frequently.


Joseph Delgado


The long-time leader of Spanish Lords. He's a legendary man throughout Dukes and Bohan for his hot headed acts and pscychopath style. He and his gang do muscle work for Sureloa Cartel. Lords house Alfonso during his hiding time.




Jin's a member of Midtown Gangsters, but also he has ties with Petrovic Bratva leader Kenny Petrovic's nephew Matvey Petrovic. Matvey arranges a meeting with Jin to get information about some cloned meds Triads bring into city.




user posted image



Mexican Cartel


New generation Mexican Cartel organizations has occured in the 70's, the first nowadays cartels are Gonzalez Cartel and Juvenez Cartels which are founded in 1970. The other two latest generation Mexican Cartels (Rijuana Cartel and After top Mexican drug lord Manuel Angel Falco Geraldo was arrested in 1989, his organization Guacualajuana Cartel had splitted up into two factions; Rijuana faction which is led by Gallino's nephews and Sureloa faction which is led by four top Guacualajuana lieutenants Alfonso Vasquez, Immanuel Zasa Gracia, Humberto Luz Pepe Sosa and Adriano Gerardo Gomez. These four cartels are the most powerful of other Mexican Cartels today.




Sureloa Cartel


Sureloa's one of the most powerful drug operations throughout the world, especially South and Mid America and described as the most powerful drug cartel in Mexican Cartel as well. After Manuel Angel Falco Geraldo's arrest, his crime organization Guacualajuana Cartel was splitted up into two factions and one of these factions was Sureloa Cartel that's founded by four top Guacualajuana lieutenants Alfonso Vasquez, Ismael Zasa Gracia, Humberto Luz Pepe Sosa and Adriano Gerardo Gomez. In their first years, In their first years, they took many turfs from that time's most powerful drug cartel Gonzalez Cartel (thanks to leadership wars throughout the cartel). After providing its authority in Mexico, Cartel provided a drug trade ring between Mexico and Colombia. By the late 80's, Bureau Of Narcotics believed that Sureloa Cartel was the largest drug organization throughout Mexico, but in 1990's, Juvenez Cartel took the throne because of the operations on Sureloa Cartel. However, Sureloa Cartel provided a partnership with Juvenez Cartel and carried the business on the U.S, too. But this partnership ended when Sureloa Cartel leader Alfonso Vasquez refused to pay to the Juvenez Cartel for the right to use some smuggling routes into the U.S. So Vasquez ordered Juvenez Cartel's leader Vincenzo Carlito Fontes' brother Rodrigo's execution but Carlito Fontes made Vasquez's brother killed as well. So a huge war between two cartels has sparkled. Juvenez Cartel lost many turfs of its during the war, also Sureloa Cartel formed an alliance with its foe Gonzalez Cartel and started to become more powerful.


Cartel's main criminal activity is drug smuggling (especially carried by Vasquez's far cousin Alberto "Albert" Vasquez and far nephew Edgardo "Edgar" Vasquez). Nearly carrying big drug businesses in Mexico, the Cartel has been smuggling drugs into the U.S since the 80's thanks to a tunnel system. Also the Cartel makes money by thefting vehicles and selling its parts into blackmarket (especially car theft operations are carried by new young, amateur cartel members). Also cartel carries kidnapping operation and rented assassination jobs that is carried by deceased co-cartel leader Immanuel Zasa's son Viktor Zasa).



Gonzalez Cartel


Gonzalez Cartel's one of the most powerful drug operations throughout the world, especially South and Mid America and described as the second most powerful drug cartel in Mexican Cartel. Gonzalez Cartel's founded by Juan Mario Gonzalez, who's a notorios alchocol smuggler began smuggling alchocol across the U.S border of Mexico. He sold payloads of alchocol at high prices, so he became very rich and powerful at a short time. He used his family members as cartel boys, so it was too easy to find such free and loyal workers. He started to begin controlling many gambling dens, car theft rings, prostitution rings and drug trading rings. By the death of Gonzalez in the late 80's, a leadership war occured at the cartel. There was many sides during the war, but the last three managed to survive were Mario Gonzalez's son Matias Gonzalez, Mario Gonzalez's right hand man Joseph "Jose" Adrigo and Gonzalez's nephews Cisco Gonzalez and Ricardo Gonzalez. Cisco & Ricardo Gonzalez managed to wipe out all of his foes and reached to the throne, but a dispute between these two brothers occured. A legendary challenge occured between two at the hot deserts of Mexico and Cisco won the war, so Cisco became the new leader of the cartel. Gonzalez Cartel was described as the most powerful cartel in Mexican Cartel until late 80's, Sureloa Cartel seizing in the may turfs of Gonzalez Cartel by taking advantages of the leadership wars. Gonzalez Cartel acted inactive during 1990 periods, just interested in little drug smuggling operations, until Sureloa Cartel took the throne again. In early 2000's, Cisco Gonzalez started to sit on meeting tables with Sureloa Cartel drug lord Alfonso Vasquez and finally the partnership between two cartels provided.


Gonzalez Cartel's said to be biggest drug exporting power between the U.S and Mexico border. Nearly drugs, Gonzalez Cartel provides alchocol illegally through the Mexico - U.S border. Nearly Mexico, Gonzalez Cartel spreaded many U.S cities such as Liberty City.


Gonzalez Cartel's most members are part of Gonzalez's family, so it's easy to find such loyal, reliable, less-paid workers.



Rijuana Cartel


Gonzalez Cartel's one of the most powerful drug operations throughout the world, especially South and Mid America and described as the third most powerful drug cartel in Mexican Cartel. After El Padrino, Manuel Angel Falco Geraldo's arrest, his drug operation Guacalajuana Cartel was splitted into two faction; the one is Sureloa Cartel led by top former Guacalajuana lieutenants and the other one is Rijuana Cartel led by El Padrino's nephews, Ariba Falco brothers. Ariba Falco brothers followed their uncle's way and become one of the biggest drug operation down Mexico in a short time. However the Cartel slowly weakens after Xabi Ariba Falco's arrest in Los Santos in 2005. In 2006, many law connections with Rijuana Cartel were arrested and there are a huge number of attacks on the Cartel. With these attacks and plays on Rijuana Cartel weakened it. Also the other cartels see it as an opportunity to take down Rijuanas and carried so heated operations on it. Rijuanas fought alone against Sureloa and Gonzalez Cartels since they had a very long time peace with Juvenez Cartel, which was the third most powerful drug operation at that time. No one on the throne was a big problem at the Cartel since 2007. There were two factions who want the throne; one was Gabriel Simbados' group (Gabriel was a hardworking right hand man for the most of the capos), the other was Manchez Ariba group which is led by Edgardo Ariba Falco's nephew Luz Hernando Manchez Ariba. Manchez eliminated most of Simbados faction and put them into jail (thanks to his ties with many bent police officers). Also he took his aunt's financial support during the war. In the late 2007's, Manchez Ariba became officially the new capo of the Rijuana Cartel. He started to run the Cartel along his passionated aunt Emiliana Ariba Falco. There's a group that thinks Manchez Ariba keeps the most authority instead of Mrs. Ariba Falco, while the other thinks that Cartel is nothing if Emiliana Ariba Falco isn't.


The Cartel makes money throughout the big drug operations (which including a huge line in which Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Los Santos, Liberty City and Texas), money laundering operations (throughout many properties owned by Cartel, generally carried out by Emiliana Ariba Falco and Manchez Ariba's other top underbosses Esteban Brothers) and kidnappings (carried out by the henchmen who were previously part of Simbados faction), arms trafficking (carried out by Manchez Ariba's top underboss Eduardo Lino Rodriguez) and people smuggling.



•Juvenez Cartel


The cartel was founded by Roberto Asparo Guantez, who was a successful drug lord that was too powerful in the 1970's. Antonio Carlito Fontes took the lead after killing his boss Roberto Asparo Guantez. Antonio brought his brothers, after his son into business. During Antonio Carlito Fontes' leadership, cartel has made a lot of money by smuggling alchocol and drugs into neighbour foreign counteries but they offload their drugs especially at the streets of Mexico. After Antonio's death in 1997, his brother Vincenzo Carlito Fontes took the lead by defeating his rivals Malcho Toraidio Brothers. Vincenzo Carlito Fontes was the most powerful drug lord in the 90's as he performed alliance with Sureloa drug lords such as Immanuel Zasa and Alfonso Vasquez. But after the alliance broke out (because Sureloa drug lord Alfonso Vasquez refused to pay for smuggling routes), cartel lost so power that Sureloa Cartel took their throne. After Sureloa Cartel performed an alliance with its former foe Gonzalez Cartel, they became powerful so Juvenez Cartel fell into the third rank in the Mexican criminal food chain as well. Also Vasquez orderd Vincenzo Carlito Fontes' brother Rodrigo Carlito Fontes' execution but Carlito Fontes paybacked it as the execution of Vasquez's brother in the jail. So the war sparkled. In mid 2000's, Juvenez Cartel performed an alliance with its former enemy cartel Rijuana to perform a power to defeat Sureloa and Gonzalez Cartels.


Today Vincenzo Carlito Fontes' nephew Vincenzo Carlito Lucio is generally seen as the successor of the Cartel. But some Juvenez lieutenants (especially from the Mexico part) want to take the leadership on their own.


Cartel's interested in drug smugglings and believed to smuggle drugs into the U.S and many Latin America countries (except Mexico, Bolivia is one of the centers of the drug operations that carried out in the Latin America). Cartel brings new breed cartel members by making them hi-jacking drugs containing money, drugs and huge arms payroll. They're believed to have interested in the many bank robberies in east coast America cities, especially Liberty City.



Albanian Mob


Albanian-American crime organizations started to be active in the mid 80's but most of them were interested in petty crimes such as robberies and burglaries. The new breed foundations became more involved with Italian-American crime families as most of them had been using them as muscle workers. In the following years, they became so powerful that they started to found their own big crime operations. Also in the 2000's, these big operation started to smuggle drugs from Easten Europe to America that they could sell them in the market at high prices. Also it's believed that Albanian Mob have many connections in FIB and LCPD that informing for them. Also unlike many crime operations, all Albanian crime organizations are at peace in general.



•Valdron Organization


Unlike the other Albanian organization based in America today, Yili Valdron based his crime organization in Albania, Balkans, Eastern Europe. Valdron started to his crime life by robbing grocery stores and little extortions along with his friends. A bit after Valdron stole cars for an Albanian man that was selling auto parts. After a big robbery, Valdron started to found his own operation. After buying some "legit" operations for laundering operations, he bought an auto garage that has been the center of his drug operations in Eastern Europe. He has been generally dealing heroin that is the most priceful drug type. While many Albanian men immigrated to America for better life conditions, he went to America too by scaring off losing henchmen. He helped many petty Albanian mobster become bigger but he has been ruling all of them with an iron fist. Valdron has been operating in the both American and Albania, but he seems like too Americanized.

Yili Valdron's organization is described as the most powerful Albanian crime organization on the world. He's believed to be one of the key names of the heroin trafficking in the Eastern Europe, also believed to responsible for many brutal cement shoed murders in the Humboldt.



•Albanian Street Crew


The main Albanian muscle crew that's doing muscle work for all Albanian crime organizations in Liberty City. It's mainly operated in Little Bay, Bohan and believed to have owned many apartments in this area for producing meth and weed faster. The all parts of the crew is led by Freda Petrela who's a notorios lowly but notorios Albanian mobster made a name with his skills at murdering, loansharking and people smuggling. Nearly Bohan, the crew has a huge operation in Broker too and it's led by Freda Petrela's cousin Dardan Petrela, but Broker side of operation is believed to be based mainly on loansharking business. Also it's proved that Albanian Street Crew has ties with Ancelotti Crime Family (an Italian-American crime familt that's in Commission, the five families) because of mob's ties with it. Also it's believed that Albanian Street Crew is the most powerful meth dealers in Little Bay area (except big Albanian mobs).



Russian Bratva


Russian-American mafias started to appear in the 80's but they reached their real power in the mid 90's.Russian Bratvas' main criminal activities are loansharking, car smuggling, drug dealing, extortions and protections. Today Russian crime organizations are one of the biggest power in Liberty City, especially around Broker area.



•Petrovic Bratva


Founded by Konstantin "Kenny" Petrovic, the notorios, hot headed Russian mobster. Kenny came to the U.S in the 80's on an Isreali passaport but this hasn't come to light yet. Kenny started to base his own criminal organization. When Kenny first arrived in the new country, his all income is belonged to the car smuggling business. When Kenny founded his own organization, he started to move on other crime activities such as loansharking, money laundering (through legitmate night clubs and markets), murders, prostitution (even he had stated as the leader of biggest prostitution ring in the city in the mid 90's) and drug trade. So passionated Kenny Petrovic became one of the most powerful Russian kingpins. The organization's biggest money making way's the car smuggling operations and drug trades after this. Petrovic Bratva is believed to have dealt all type of drugs. Kenny Petrovic's son Lenny Petrovic had especially dealt cocaine and marijuana. Also Petrovic's nephew Matvey Petrovic has been involved in many types of crime; big drug operations to shaking robberies. Petrovic has been in the war with the other inhabitant Russian crime family, Faustin Family until Faustin and his organization wiped out (Faustin's killed on Petrovic's orders as a payback to his son Lenny's murder by Faustin, after Faustin's death, his second-in-command Dimitri Rascalov founded Rascalov Bratva). After this, Kenny makes peace with Dimitri Rascalov and provided partnership with Ancelotti Crime Family through Dimitri's connections. However Albanian Mob still fits the role of Petrovic's main enemies, they antagonize Petrovic in every businesses.


Today, Petrovic Bratva has spreaded all over the U.S. They've many chapters through various American cities. But also Petrovic has strong ties in Eastern Europe and Far East that where he smuggles cars from. Bratva has many "legit" properties that they use for money laundering. Petrovic Bratva's described as the main meth producing/dealing crime organization all over Broker.



•Faustin Bratva


Founded by Mikhail Faustin and Dimitri Rascalov who are feared criminals from Russia. After these two men met in the prison and became "brothers for life". After their escape, they've involved with several types of crime. In the mid 90's, they immigrated to the U.S as most Russian criminals did. Faustin Family was mainly interested in loansharking, rackeeting operations during its first years in America. With the money they earned, they buy most of the properties in Hove Beach. So they have disputes with Kenny Petrovic who has Hove Beach based businesses too. Faustins hit the fan when they steal huge amounts of drugs from Petrovic. After this, this war continued with an eternal heat. Faustin provide workers mainly among the Eastern European immigrants to the U.S. Petrovic-Faustin hit the fan when Mikhail Faustin ordered Petrovic's son Lenny's murder. So this murder triggered Faustin's execution and collapse of the organization.



•Rascalov Bratva


After the events of the collapse of Faustin Bratva, the backstabbin brother for life of Mikhai Faustin, Dimitri Rascalov founded his own organization with the leftovers of Faustin organizations. Dimitri became so powerful thanks to the supports of Petrovic and his long-time affiliates Ancelotti Family. Dimitri started to run many kidnapping operations, loansharking and rackeeting operations and big drug operations. And an other interest of the bratva is the blackmailing which including blackmailing fanook deputy mayor Bryce Dawkins and his lover Bernie Crane.



•Bulgarin Bratva


Although Bulgarin Bratva is a huge and a powerful organization, we see it as a little crew through GTA IV. Bulgarin Bratva founder Ray Bulgarin is known as one of the most dangerous criminals on the world, so that's why people scare him and his crew. Bulgarin's mostly interested in smuggling operations (drugs and people smugglings). It's believed that his smuggling ring includes all over Europe, even the U.S and many Far East countries. Bulgarin's a man with lots of connections such as Liberty City Russian Mafiya, Albanian people smugglers and Ancelotti crime family.



Polish Crew


Unlike Russians and Albanians, Polishs never can become too powerful in crime life. Through their life in crime, they have only make muscle work for high class gangsters. The Polish were known for his close ties with Albanians first. They had provided protection for their construction sites, bodyguard work for their properties and fit the role as their drug dealing crooks on the streets. However a cocaine deal went gone between two broke this good partnership. After this, the Polish started to work for Albanian's main rival Kenny Petrovic, the notorios Russian mob leader. The good relationship between Polishs and Petrovic still continues as they are doing muscle work for Petrovic, protecting his construction sites, fitting the role of bodyguards of his properties, dealing drugs for him. Polishs gained a life bit as they started to work for Petrovic.



Spanish Lords


Spanish Lords is a Hispanic street gang that operated from the streets of Liberty, especially on Dukes and Bohan areas, but also they have territories on East Holland and south Alderney City. Probably they're the most powerful little street gang in Liberty City. Spanish Lords are consisted of drug dealing, murdering Hispanich maniacs. So these skills of this Hispanic gang explains why they're the muscle workers of Sureloa Cartel, the most powerful Mexican cartel in the world. Drug trade is the most profitable activity for the mob. After this, hitman works for the big organizations (but mostly for Sureloa Cartel) is the most second profitable one. Although Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers and Spanish Lords generally have good relationships, sometimes they have wars. Spanish Lords are great connection between drugs, they've connections with drug dealing crime organizations such as Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers, Angels Of Death, Albanian Mob (also Albanian Street Crew) and Lupisella Crime Family. They've long time wars with the Triad and African-Americans from Firefly Projects.



Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers


Like Spanish Lords, Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers (or shortly N3D) is a Hispanic gang but just consist of Dominican gangsters. Unlike Spanish Lords, N3D is not such a powerful gang that spreaded a number of streets in the city because they've problems with African-Americans from North Holland Hustlers and Clarence Little's East Holland Drug Gang. But N3D has a passionated leader, named Willy Valerio. Also N3D has connections with Jamaican Posse which is a great drug dealing gang throughout the Broker-Dukes line. Also they have a powerful friend named Ray Boccino from Nosa Costra.



Jamaican Posse


Also known as The Yardies or Hillside Posse, is a gang especially based on drug dealing business that operates from Willis, Dukes and Beechwood City, Broker. Jamaicans were listed as the second cannabis supplier throughout Broker and Bohan territory and after the death of Lenny Petrovic (who was on the top) they took the throne of the cannabis trade. Also Jamaicans are known for their skills at arms dealing, especially the underboss Jacob "Little Jacob" Hughes is a well-known drug and arms dealer throughout Broker, Dukes and Bohan territory. Meanwhile Jamaicans are seen as an unimportant gang, they have ties with N3D leader Willy Valerio, they have dealing drugs across the Bahamas.



Irish Mob


Irish Mob used to be one of the feared crime organizations in Liberty City, especially Algonquin's Purgatory area. Irish Mob has been runned by notorios McReary Family that has been completely spoiled and covered with dirts of crime. McRearys were so troublesome that Purgatory people were afraid to say their name. However the big, notorios, badass McRearys deeply fell because they couldn't keep pace with new world conditions, also spent their all money on women and drugs instead of spending it for saving the mob.


Today, fallen Irish Mob is still runned by McReary Family, by McReary brothers, especially Gerry and Packie McReary. Today's Irish Mob tries to stand in the criminal food chain by doing muscle work for Alderney based Pegorino Crime Family. Also the Irish is known for their interest in cocaine and weed during drug deals and they frequently do deals with Bohan based Puerto Ricon drug dealer Elizabeta Torres. Also the gang is known for their robbery operations, gas tanker thefts, protection for many big crime organizations' properties and many ties with most arsons occured in the city.

Irish Mob has an eternal war with both Albanian Mob and Commission based Ancelotti Crime Family because of the both's rivalries with the Irish's boss Pegorino Crime Family.



Italian-American Crime Families


Probably the biggest crime families in America since late 19th century and early 20th century. Italian-American crime families has written lots of legends since their foundation. Italian-Americans have operations in nearly all cities in the U.S and Liberty City and Chicago are seemed as the major cities for them.



•The Commission


The council of the biggest families. There are five families on the council; Gambetti Family, Pavano Family, Messina Family, Lupisella Family and Ancelotti Family.


Gambetti Family is the biggest one of The Commission. The family is likely most legitmate, because they have legit propeties as dry laundries, bus lines, restaurants, social clubs etc. and these properties are believed as the money laundering operations of the family. The family's a big authority all over Broker, Dukes and Algonquin but not in Alderney, because they can't find no opportunities to get into Alderney because of their foe Ancelotti Family. Family came into conflicts with Korean Mob and Russian Mafiya. The family's believed to go after lots of drug operations in the last years.


Pavano Family is the second most powerful of The Commission. The family has lots of operations on Algonquin and Alderney, most of them including drug operations such as Joe Corrola's heroin smuggling operations. Family is seemed to controlled by Maria Valvone, the Godmother. However it's a wider belief that Maria's a sembolic figure and the family must have been controlled by a tough male. Family's involved in illegal/legal auto sale business, rackeeting and drug business. The most of the drug operations are mostly runned by street boss Joseph "Joe" Corrola, especially including heroin shipments came from foreign with Corrola's connections. Also in the last days, Pavanos are having war with Uptown Riders, Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers and Greek Mob for taking over the control of Uptown Algonquin drug business.


Messina Family is the third most powerful of The Commission. It's mostly operated in Algonquin and Dukes. Family has been laundering money so much these days with the construction, betting shop and night club operations and the center of the money laundering operations is Majestic Hotel. Family's underboss/consigliere Harry Hall's said to be running the widest prostitution ring in the city. Accoring to LCPD, family capo Fredo Volpe has been gathering evidence about the family since 1998 that can put all family members in the prison for a long time. Also the family's believed to being the responsible for the cars with brutal corpses dumped into Humboldt.


Lupisella Family is the fourth most powerful of The Commission. Operates from Bohan and Algonquin territories. Mark "Loopy" Lupisella is the official Don of the family but it's rumored that his retired uncle Vincent Lupisella is the original Don running things up. The family is known to have running a number of rackeeting operations, and also have robbing grocery stores around Bohan area. Like its partner Ancelotti Family, Lupisellas are using Albanian Street Crew as their muscle. The family's believed to have brought tons of heroin into the city and sold them through their connections with Albanians and Spanish Lords.


Ancelotti Family is the weakest of The Commission but it's believed that it started to climb up the stairs faster. Ancelotti Family is the most powerful family in Alderney area but is disputing with Pegorino Family for the control of the island. The family has been rackeeting fruit markets since its foundation. Family's believed to get more interested in drug business when they have made a partnership with Russians at the cocaine business. Family uses Albanian Street Crew as the muscle because of their good relationship with big Albanian mafias. Although it was said to becoming more powerful, its many members are killed, so it entered a deep deppression. Also the family has been laundering money throughout nighclub owner Tony "Gay Tony" Prince's nighclubs, Maisonette 9 and Hercules.



•Pegorino Family


Pegorino's a newer and more amateur organization if it's compared with the five families. Pegorinos are said to getting more and more powerful with the businesses they interested such as constructions, night clubs, drug business, hijackings, armed robberies, extortions etc. Pegorino Family Don wants to get into The Commission but is disregarded by the families in The Commission, so they have been in war with Ancelottis because of this (but also for taking over the control of Alderney). Pegorinos have trying to get along with the families for taking a seat in the council. However the police all over on the organization, has locked couple of Pegorino's boys in jail which turned Pegorino into an extreme paranoid maniac.



Jewish Mob


Jewish Mob has been a great crime organization in Israeel since Israel's foundation in mid 20th century. Powerful Jew criminals tricked recent Israel immigrants (who were sent to Israel because of Nazi Germany's oppressions) that they would be given good job opprtunities if they joined their organization (Israeli Jewish Mob). So the mob earned employees easily. Jewish-American mobs were common from the early 20th century to several years after World War II. However Jewish-American mobs generally not so active today, but Jewish Israeli mafias are active in America's drug trafficking ring today.



•Ibergil Crime Family


Ibergil Crime Family's describes as the most powerful crime organization in Israel, also probably the most powerful Jewish crime organization. The group was headed by notorios Isreali Jewish criminal Yosef Ibergil until his death in 2002. Today the group is headed by Yosef Ibergil's nephews Isaac "Ike" Ibergil, Meyer Ibergil and Abraham "Abe" Ibergil. The group is involved in many criminal activities such as murder, extortion, embezzlement, illegal drug and arms dealing. Also family provides its money laundering operations with running a number of casinos and night clubs. However the biggest crime type family's involved with is drug dealing that Ibergil Family is listed as one of the world's top 40 biggest drug importers. Ibergil Family's commonly involved with the ecstasy trade that it's believed that family produces k's of drugs at many warehouses in various cities and countries. Also they've running a huge ecstasy pills trade ring that includes many countries in its line. Family smuggles drugs into America with the help of its powerful connections there, such as Mexican Cartel. Also some of the family members are involved with a huge diamond dealing ring that includes Israel to Africa, Africa to America, and diamond dealing is marked as one of the family's most money earning way. However the Los Santos faction of Ibergil Family is about being finished because many members of Los Santos faction have been arrested and punished with heavy imprisonments.





Triads is the name of the most brutal Chinese organized crime. They've spreaded through almost all over the world. They operated from Chinatown, Algonquin in Liberty City. In spite of their criminal activities (such as robberies, drug dealings, extortion, counterfeiting, arms dealing), they have been legitmating since the last years. One of the major legit money laundering operations of the Triads is Dragon Heart Plaza managed by high ranking Triad Tae Kang. Triads are seen responsible for the k's of heroin and meth brought to the U.S from Far East countries such as China and Japan. Also Triads are believed to be behind the many robberies occured around Chinatown area. Also Triads are known for their skills at illegal street races. Triads have many connections throughout the city such as Angels of Death. Also Triads use Korean Mob and its armed wing Midtown Gangsters as their muscle workers.



Korean Crime Organizations


Korean crime organizations are known for their legendary operations throughout Alderney City and Bohan. In the last years, Korean crime organizations are notorios for their arms dealing and drug dealing businesses.



•Korean Mob


However Korean Mob is one of the most feared crime organizations throughout Asia, in Liberty City they are just a mid-powered organization. Korean Mob mainly operates from Alderney City, but they've a few territories in Bohan as well (used as offloads for the shipments). In spite of Koreans' skills at drug dealing and arms dealing, actually they're master at counterfeiting bills. It's recorded in Interpol that Korean Mob has brought piles of fake U.S bills into the U.S for nearly last nine years. Korean Mob does muscle work for Triads to get respect and prestige from the Liberty Cirty underworld.



•Midtown Gangsters

Midtown Gangsters is the only armed wing of the Korean Mob. They have controlling Bohan hood of the Korean, so they're ordered with the protection and arrival of the Korean shipments as well. Midtown Gangsters are known as professional drug and arms dealers throughout Bohan and Algonquin territories. Midtown Gangsters are doing muscle work for Triads as well, but also they're believed to have closer ties with Triads than Korean Mob has.



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Come after the storyline's finished...



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# Mission Name Mission Giver
1 Land Of Opportunity N/A
2 Journey Comrade Ray Ramirez
3 Paying Up Ray Ramirez
4 Window Shopper Ray Ramirez
5 Capitulations Ray Ramirez
6 Sabotage Ray Ramirez
7 The Mexican Job Ray Ramirez
8 Swimming In The Drink Ray Ramirez
9 Midnight Trouble Ray Ramirez
10 Portrait Of A Traitor Rique Armandes
11 Brain Storming Rique Armandes
12 In The Lion's Mouth Rique Armandes
13 Arm Off Jose Santiago Ramirez
14 Milking The Cow Rique Armandes
15 The Break-In Rique Armandes
16 The Pusher Boy Elizabeta Torres
17 The Ditch Of Rocks Elizabeta Torres
18 Judgment Day Elizabeta Torres
19 The Pot And The Spoon Rique Armandes
20 God's Among Us Rique Armandes
21 sh*t's Closing In Elizabeta Torres
22 American That Jose Santiago Ramirez
23 Cemetery Apartment Papi
24 Dawn Of The Wolves Rique Armandes
25 The Last Of The Meheecans Rique Armandes
26 The Firestarter Rique Armandes
27 Holy Crap! Papi




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Coming Soon...
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•Radio Content


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•New TV Shows


El Cartel de Las Drogas: El Cartel's a crime & drama TV series that takes the story of two friends who enter the most notorios drug dealing cartel on the world Mexican Cartel for reaching their dream to become rich men. However this dream is not easy to reach, they would be rich but there's something waiting them to lose. El Cartel de Las Drogas is Mexican version parody of real-life Colombian TV series El Cartel (El Cartel de Los Sapos).


White Epics: White Epics is a documentary TV show that introduces world's top drug traffickers during each episodes. Also you can chance to watch capos make appearances during the game such as Alfonso Vasquez, Cisco Gonzalez, Immanuel Zasa Gracia during this TV show.


Up Down The Mexican's: This Mexican-American TV contest concept's concerned about taking drugs and not pass out. If a person passes out, he eliminates from the challenge. The last standing man wins the contest and awarded with payloads of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, heroin, meds etc.


The Sinsons: The Sinsons is an animated sitcom takes the story of Sinson Family is a resident of hell. Sinson Family includes; Family's father Fomer is a lazy, spoiled, dumb man who works at Hellfield Nucleer Power Plant, loves drinking beer, sleeping and lying. Mother Narge is a concerned and lovely person, cares about his family but sometimes wishes a better husband. Son Fart's lazy, very naughty kid who always messes with his school's president. Elder daughter Rita's a hardworking, good hearting, helper kid who helps persons who need and supports charities. And younger daughter Boggie's a very clever girl. Parody of The Simpsons.


•Internet Sites


New Sites


CartelWiki.com: A wiki where you can get information about all drug cartels; Mexican Cartel, Colombian Cartel, Bolivian Cartel and all of them.


MexicanCartelForums.com: A website where Mexican Cartel fans gathered in. There's information about all big Mexican cartels, Mexican street gangs, Mexican criminal activities there. Also there are some polls about which cartel is better and some plots like that.


SureloaCartel.net: Official website of Sureloa Cartel.


Cartel del Gonzalez.net: Official website of Gonzalez Cartel.


RijuanaCartel.net: Official website of Rijuana Cartel.


JuvenezCartel.net: Official website of Juvenez Cartel.


e-Poker.com: e-Poker is an online poker site where Jose can play poker online. Plays are situated in mini-games. Player can gain real cash with playing poker here.


Updated Sites


Liberty City Police.com: More databases. You can find almost everybody's database in the game.


LibertyTreeOnline.com / WeazelNews.com: These websites include the events happen in the storyline and minor, funny, supporting news.


Autoeroticar.com: A car dealership site from which the player is available to deal vehicles from.


Yourmexicandoctor.com: A website selling drug possessions on the Net. Now the player's available to buy drugs there.



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•Mini Games


*Drug Dealing


You're introduced to drug dealing mini game during "The Mexican Job" misssion that you deal drugs for your uncle Ray Ramirez. Just like in Chinatown Wars but with little expansions. To start a drug deal, Jose must approach a drug dealer ( marked with blue briefcase ) and press "E" button to affiliated with him. After a panel will open to the player. You have to open your holdall if you want to sell your drugs, to sell; click, determine the bags of drugs you want to sell after click the "green tick" button. If you want to buy drugs, open dealer's holdall, click on the drug type which you want to buy, determine the bags of drugs and click the "green tick" button. Also there are nine types of drugs you can buy or sell; Downer, Marijuana, Acid, Ecstasy, Steroid, Meth, Crack, Coke andHeroin. But there are such risks while dealing drugs; sometimes dealers cause troubles, tries to kill you for getting free drugs or sometimes cops bust deals. If cops bust a deal, you will have gained two stars wanted level. Lose the cops or shoot your way to your home and put your drugs in your pillbox, otherwise if cops bust you, you'll lose you all drugs which batched in your holdall.


Similar to Chinatown Wars, each gang will have a preference on which drugs they like to buy and sell and will give you more money for them. The gangs and their preferences are as follows:


Mexican Cartel - Sells Coke, Buys Marijuana

Colombian Cartel - Sells Coke, Buys Heroin

Spanish Lords - Sell Crack, Buy Coke

Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers - Sell Steroid, Buy Crack

Russian Bratva - Sells Ecstasy, Buys Heroin

Albanian Mob - Sells Coke, Buy Downers

Cosa Nostra - Sells Heroin, Buys Coke

Jamaican Posse - Sells Marijuana, Buys Crack

Irish Mob - Sells Ecstasy, Buys Acid

Korean Mob - Sells Acid, Buys Ecstasy

Angels Of Death - Sell Meth, Buy Heroin

Triads - Sell Heroin, Buy Meth

African-Americans - Sell Crack, Buy Marijuana

Polish Mob - Sells Acid, Buys Steroid


*Gambling Games


There are a lot of gambling games you can play. You can play these games at gambling dens, casinos and some bar basements:




This game involves you and 1-3 players. Game is being played with two dices, the highest becomes winner. The bets are placed at the start of the game, bets can be placed range from $20 - $ 1000. To play, shake your mouse for a while and after stop shaking, after the dices drop and you see what you have thrown.




There are some games you can play with deck. If you want to play a deck game, you must approach the play table, place bet (bets can be placed range from $50 - $ 5000). There are the deck games you can play:


- Blackjack


- Venturas Hold 'Em Poker (the same as Texas Hold 'Em Poker)




Same as San Andreas's. Players place chips on numbers, as well as number sets, number pairs, odds or evens and red or black. if the ball lands on the number, nunber set, pair, or color you chose you gain a payoff on your money. Each choice has a certain "Multiplier" with the green 0 having the highest payoff.


Slot Machines


Slot machines provide an other alternative gambling game. You just can get small cash from this game. You must deposit a wee cash to start game. The amount of the gained money depends on how much symbols come up. The more symbols come up, the more cash you gain.


Video Games


There are some video games, you can play as gambling games:


- Video Poker


Internet Poker


Yeah, you can also play poker via the Internet. You can play poker throughout the site "ePoker.com". You can gain real cash from Internet Poker.




You can play bowling alone or with companion ( with a friend or random characters in Memory Lanes ). Bowling can be played in the Memory Lanes in Algonquin and Broker.




Like in GTA IV & EFLC. You can play pool in bars or cafes. You can play pool with your friends or poolmen ( computer ) in bars or cafes. Either player who pocketed the most colors then the 8-Ball. You'll gain pool automatically after a pool game which can be used as a weapon.




Darts can be only played at Steinway Beer Garden, Dukes or at Lucky Winkles, Algonquin. Darts can be only played at friend activies To win, the player must be the first to reach 0 points from an original score of 301. The highest amount you can score in a round is 180.


•Air Hockey


Air hockey pits two players against each other in a challenge to push a hockey puck using mallets into the goal of each player on both ends of a table; this requires the player defend their goal while attempting propelling the puck into the opponent's goals. The first person to score seven points wins the game. The player can opt to play air hockey against a random pedestrian, or against friends. It can be played in Memory Lanes.


*Drug Producing


When you conquer a drug den, you can manage a drug producing business as well. After entering a den, contact with a drug producer and select the drug type (you just can selecet one drug type per a producing progress) you want to produce. However this is slightly exhausting job and takes a lot of time. After selecting the drugs and get them into process, just wait until your "hot parts" comes too too hot to handle.


•Side Missions




You can get loansharking missions for having a visit to El Oros (the nightclub owned by Jose) or calling Lazlo or Fernando. After contact with the contactor, you're given information about people who has a lot of cash to be paid. So you must visit their destination (sometimes home, sometimes the places they hang around etc). Generally they don't pay in the first try, so you must beat them a little or smash their vehicles (cars, motorbikes etc).




You can get loansharking missions for having a visit to El Oros (the nightclub owned by Jose) or calling Lazlo or Fernando. Protection missions including teaching people a lesson who doesn't owe protection, taking shops under your protection ring (it unlocks the achievement "Here Owes Protection") or beating deadbeats who attack shops under your protection.




After taking over the business, Rique calls you and suggests making your investments on necessary and smart things and also says capital goods would be the best of them as well. After this phonecall, you can own properties (marked with $ icon) throughout the city. They make you earn money, also fits role as a headquarters of your business and cartel members as well. When you own all properties, "The Takeover" achievement's unlocked.


*Drug Dens


After completing a storyline mission includes taking over a drug den for Ramiro, he presents it to Jose as a payback for his favours. After this mission, drug dens are unlocked. Drug dens' function is producing drugs yourself. Producing drugs is like a spring harvest; you must select the drug type (you just can selecet one drug type per a producing progress) you want to produce. However this is slightly exhausting job and takes a lot of time. After selecting the drugs and get them into process, just wait until your "hot parts" comes too too hot to handle.


There are several drug dens that are managed by several gangs. Player must fight with these all gangs to become the biggest drug producer kingpin in the city. There's a list of gangs you could encounter during drug den fights:



Gang Name Gang (Den) Colour Gang Vehicles Weapons Used Security Level
Mexican Cartel (Your gang) Orange Schafter, Comet, Admiral, Lokus, Cavalcade, Presidente, Washington Pistol, Magnum, Combat Pistol, SMG, Carbine Rifle Heavy (For dens run literally by cartel and player can't conquer them but can produce drugs there), Depented (For the dens player conquers, dependent on the player)
Albanian Mob Purple Futo, Hakumai, Willard Pistol, Micro SMG, Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifle Medium (For dens run by Albanian Street Crew), Heavy (For dens run by high class Albanian crime organizations)
Angels Of Death Red Angel, Wolfsbane, Wayfarer, Nightblade, Gang Burrito, Regina Pistol, SMG, Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Pipe Bombs Medium
Jamaican Posse Green Emperor, Vigero, Virgo, Comet, Jamaican Voodoo, Jamaican Huntley Sport Pistol, Machine Pistol, Micro SMG, Shotgun, Molotovs Low
The Commission (The Five Families) Yellow Cognoscenti, Sentinel XS, PMP 600, Washington, Lokus, Presidente XS Pistol, Combat Pistol, SMG, Assault Shotgun, Carbine Rifle Heavy
The Jewish Mob Brown PMP 600, Cavalcade, Admiral Pistol, Combat Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Grenades Heavy
The Korean Mob Blue Presidente, Sultan, Euros, Flash, Elegy Pistol, Micro SMG, Carbine Rifles Medium
The Russian Mafia Gray Schafter, Rebla, Stretch Pistol, Machine Pistol, Pump Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifles, Molotovs Heavy


Security is one of the most important facts for drug dens. You must be ready for every attacks. If you want more protected den, you must contact with a drug dealer, select "Security" selection and select the level of security type you want; Low (Alternative, the security level is automatically activated when you conquer a drug den newly), Medium (the second level) and Heavy (the highest level).


To start a drug den fight, you must make gang members in the den angry. For this, you can smash their vehicles or kill some of them. After you start a drug den fight, you must kill all of the gang members that guard the den and put all of their business out of misery. After these all waves are completed, you will be the new owner of that drug den.


Sometimes enemy gangs joint attacks to your drug dens. When these attacks take place, you'll be warned via text messages. You can go the attacked den and clean the wave or let den guards do that (if your sceurity level is low, you'll probably lose the dens).


Also there are several dens are not belonged to the gangs, they're opened to being sold to the player and other gangs. You can buy them with the stated price or other gangs buy them.


After taking over all drug dens, you can produce two drug types per a produce process. Also "El Capo" achievement is unlocked.


*Drug Wars


After completeing a mission of Papi that's about stealing some stuff from North Holland Hustlers, you'll receive a phone call from Papi, he says he impressed with your work, he suggest you that working in the drug business together. After this, there are some "pill" icons shown in the map. These are the start points of Drug Wars. Papi accompanies you during all the wars, but sometimes you stick up with some hired muscle of Papi along him.


There are four types of drug wars:


1.Hijack: In this drug war type, there will be a stationary vehicle sticked with sh*tloads of drugs, but it is guarded by some gang members. You must take out gang members and handle the vehicle. After you will receive 2 star wanted level, lose your wanted level and get the vehicle to the drop off.


2.Convoy: Now you must steal a moving drug stashed vehicle which is guarded by many guardian vehicles. Your single purpose is stealing the vehicle, in other verbs killing escort gang members is obligatory. The most intelligent way, take help from your crew members and set a trap on where the convoy will go on. Then ambush the convoy and take the drug stashed vehicle. Lose the cops and get to the drop off. If drug stashed vehicle blows, mission fails.


3.Stick-up: These type missions require breaking a deal between two gangs and stealing the drugs. One of the gang members carries the bag of drugs. You must make him drop the stash, he drops it when he's killed. Make sure him dead, take the stash.


4.Stash: These missions require you to infiltrate into an enemy gang compound and steal their stash. But stash is guarded by many gang members. Take them out, take the stash, lose the heat.


In all Drug Wars; the gang members you stole their drug try to chase you for getting their stash back. Also generally cops will tail. You have to get you and Papi not killed and don't make you not busted. Drug Wars will get harder and harder but Papi will equipped better ( Papi has better weapons ). After the completition of Drug Wars, Jose's holdall stash will be available to take 100 bags during Drug Dealing mini games. The list of the gangs you'll face during Drug Wars:



Gang Name Gang Vehicles Weapons Used
Albanian Mob Futo, Hakumai, Willard Pistol, Micro SMG, Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifles
North Holland Hustlers Huntley Sport, Landstalker, Patriot, Presidente, PMP 600 Pistol, Micro SMG, Assault Rifles, Grenades
Pavano Family Sentinel XS, Sports PMP 600, Coquette, Turismo, Sultan Pistol, Desert Eagle, SMG, Assault Shotgun, Carbine Rifles
The Korean Mob Presidente, Sultan, Euros, Flash, Elegy Pistol, Micro SMG, Carbine Rifles
The Russian Mafia Schafter, Rebla, Stretch Pistol, Machine Pistol, Pump Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifles, Molotovs


*Cartel Wars

After a storyline mission, Sergio Gonzalez calls you and says cartel needs a man like you to reaching the top, so this means you need to help Cartel during gang wars. You'll be raider of Mexican Cartel who will Mexicanized the land of opportunity, Liberty City. Now the map's covered with colours indicating each organization's territories. Looking at this map, you can choose the territory you want to attack. Each colour stands out one gang. There's the list of the gang featured during Cartel Wars.



Gang Name Gang Colour Gang Vehicles Weapons Used
Mexican Cartel (Your gang) Orange Schafter, Comet, Admiral, Lokus, Cavalcade, Presidente, Washington Pistol, Magnum, Combat Pistol, SMG, Carbine Rifle
Albanian Mob Purple Futo, Hakumai, Willard Pistol, Micro SMG, Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifle
Angels Of Death Red Angel, Wolfsbane, Wayfarer, Nightblade, Gang Burrito, Regina Pistol, SMG, Combat Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Pipe Bombs
Jamaican Posse Green Emperor, Vigero, Virgo, Comet, Jamaican Voodoo, Jamaican Huntley Sport Pistol, Machine Pistol, Micro SMG, Shotgun, Molotovs
The Commission (The Five Families) Yellow Cognoscenti, Sentinel XS, PMP 600, Washington, Lokus, Presidente XS Pistol, Combat Pistol, SMG, Assault Shotgun, Carbine Rifle
The Jewish Mob Brown PMP 600, Cavalcade, Admiral Pistol, Combat Pistol, Pump Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Grenades
The Korean Mob Blue Presidente, Sultan, Euros, Flash, Elegy Pistol, Micro SMG, Carbine Rifles
The Russian Mafia Gray Schafter, Rebla, Stretch Pistol, Machine Pistol, Pump Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifles, Molotovs


During Cartel Wars, you can take help from your cartel's members (as your respect's efficiency), also call Fernando, Papi, Matvey for backup. As any Cartel Wars finish with victory, your cartel members are rewarded with proud and the better equipments (better guns, body armour etc).


Nearly proud and glory, there are some material rewards you can gain from Cartel Wars:


10 Cartel Wars - Magnum at Safehouses

20 Cartel Wars - Assault Shotgun at Safehouses

30 Cartel Wars - Advanced SMG at Safehouses

40 Cartel Wars - Bullpup Rifle at Safehouses

50 Cartel Wars - Heavy MG at Safehouses

75 Cartel Wars - Body Armor at Safehouses

100 Cartel Wars - "Mexicanized America" Achievement Unlocked


*Cartel Reputation


If you want to become a respected and a powerful man in your cartel (Mexican Cartel), you must gain the respect of your cartel members. You can gain respect by doing loyal work to the Cartel, but also you can also gain respect by helping cartel members who need help. You can encounter cartel members that need help on the streets. Sometimes, you must kill people, sometimes carry out a drug deal for them, sometimes help them fighting with the law, sometimes get drugs for the abusive cartel members, sometimes drive for them, sometimes give the money to them etc. If you fulfill cartel members' requests, you earn respect. If you do bad things against them and don't fulfill their requests, you lose respect. After helping a lot of cartel members, "Que Pasa, Hermano?" achievement unlocked. Also you can take help from cartel members as your respect requires.


*Papi's Drug Deliveries


Like Little Jacob's drug deliveries from Vanilla IV. After a mission of Papi, Papi calls Jose and offers him to work as the drug courier of him. If Jose wants to work as Papi's drug courier, he must contact him via. the cellphone by selecting "Job" option. Whenever Jose wants to deliver drugs, he must hand drugs from a green Vigero parked at a huge backalley in Cerveza Heights (After getting the drugs, Jose can use his own vehicle or take a taxi, he must get into Vigero for only taking the drugs). If Jose receives a wanted level before getting to the customer, he must lose the heat. Completing a delivery successfully raises Papi's fondness to Jose, but each failed deliveries decrease it. Jose always calls Papi after each drug deliveries to inform him about the delivery.


The deliveries take to you numerous locations in Dukes and Bohan, and play out in a different order each time. They fall into the following categories:


1.Timed: The buyer is waiting to deal and is getting nervous, the player must reach them and make the deal within a time limit.


2.Stash: The player must stash the product in a secure location for the buyer to pick it up later. Typically, a rival gang knows about the stash point and ambushes the player when they make the drop, leading to a shootout. The player must kill all rival gang members to complete the mission.


3.Deal: The player must meet with the buyers to make the deal. There is no time limit, but when the transaction is complete the police will show up and crash the party, prompting a shootout between them and the dealers. The player must escape and lose their 2 star wanted level to complete the mission.


After completing all ten drug deliveries, Papi calls you and says he left a gift to you at the autopark of Francis Intl. Airport. The gift's a red Slamvan that's loaded with 100 bags of drugs (which type of drugs is stashed is random).


Also after completing all ten drug deliveries, "Package Service" achievement is unlocked.


Matvey's Car Thefts


After a mission of Matvey which is about smuggling cars for his uncle Kenny Petrovic, Matvey calls Jose and says maybe he would want help them in the car business. If you want to theft cars for Matvey, contact Matvey at the phone / Job. So he texts you about the cars you'll steal.


Dining Out: There will be a blackPresidente parked in front of "Pizza This!" in Leftwood. The car's owners are some Messina Gangsters. If you attempt to steal the car, Messina gangsters attack you. Kill them and bring the car at Matvey's garage.


Focus On Lokus: There's a silver Lokus that's owned by some lowly Italian thugs in Broker. Your purpose's stealing it. When you reach where it's parked (in front of a crappy apartment in Meadows Hill), the thugs own Lokus enter it and start to drive off. You can take the car with having a hot chase with them. Or you can follow them to RON gas station in Hove Beach, Broker. At there, thugs will get out of the car. So it's easy to grab Lokus now. Get in it and make your way to Matvey's lockup.


Sultan Of The Sultans: There's a gold Sultan that's located at the street parking in the Castle Gardens, Algonquin (the street parking is very close to Yusuf Amir's construction site. When you try to theft it, the parking mafia starts to attack you. However they're just three persons. After you take care of the mafia, get the Sultan to Matvey's lockup.


Incredible Infernus: There's a pink Infernus in front of Majestic Hotel. When you reach hotel, you'll see a valet taking down Infernus. Just steal it and drive to Matvey's.


Buffalo Hunt: Your purpose is a maroon Buffalo that's currently on a race now. So you must make it stop and take it to Matvey's lockup.


Prime Primo: There's a drug stashed navy Primo in the Francis Intl. Airport under the police surveillance. Find a way to jack Primo ( for example; start a firefight with the police ), lose your wanted level and take it to Matvey's lockup.


Tamin' The Pony: There's a Sum Yung Gai emblemed Pony rolling down through Cerveza Heights, Dukes. It's driven by armed Chinese gangsters. Find a way to jack it and get Pony to Matvey's garage.


A Tour with Turismo: Your purpose's a blue Turismo parked in Charge Island Savage Works. When you jack it, its alarm sounds but don't worry, just some savage workers interests it but they won't too much. Just watch out for cop patrols. After get it to Matvey's lockup.


Don't Mess With The Mule: There's a Mule in front of East Hook Plumbing in BOABO. But there's some armed Albanian gangsters are loading cocaine in it. Take care of them and get Mule to Matvey's garage.


Packer Packet: There's a Packer that's carrying loads of cars belonged to the Albanians. It's located at the docks in East Hook. It's guarded by heavily armed Albanian mobtsers. Also as you reach the vehicle, it starts to run off. You must take care of heavily armed Albanians chasing you as trying to get the Packer. After you get it, drive it off to Matvey's lockup.


*Drug Smuggling


After a storyline mission, Albert Vasquez calls you and says he was impressed with your skills at drugs and also says why don't you involved with drug smugglin operation of the Cartel. So drug smuggling side mission is unlocked. If you want to be a part in a drug smuggling operations of the Cartel, contact Albert via phone call by calling Drug Smuggling. Albert tells you about the drug smuggling operation via the phone. Sometimes you smuggle drugs into city via sea ways, sometimes transportic ways, sometimes via air vehicles. Even sometimes after smuggling drugs you must provide their safety by offloading them to a drop-off point is shown in your map. However smuggling drugs is not a easy job, there are cops want bust your ass or some smart companies want to sit on your stuff. So you must take care of the attackers to the operation. When you make the shipment safely reached at the offload location, this sh*t's passed and you'll be rewarded with fat stacks of cash.


After doing 15 drug smugglings, "The Escobar" achievement is unlocked.





Burglary side mission's unlocked after the storyline mission "Truce Disputations" that you break into a house along notorios Mexican cat burglar Yago Zacarios to steal a priceless painting for Manchez Ariba as a peacemaker job between Ramiro and Rijuana Cartel. After this mission Ramiro calls you and he heard something good about your burglary skills from Yago. So he says if you want to do some burglaries, you must find a Boxville, also you must be among the timeline needed for job (20:00 - 06:00). When in a Boxville, press E to begin home invasions. Unlocking the doors would take a bit long time. Also you must watch out for cops, alarm systems (you can deactivate them by using Silenced Pistols, cutting off electric or by using electrical weapon) and awake home owners. But don't forget, the more risky job means the more profit you gain. Electronics are the most profitable items (despite unique antique items such as priceless paintings etc), so it's suggested that move on them. You can call Fernando, Papi, Matvey or any cartel member to accompany you during the job.


*The Fixer's Assassinations


Yeah! The Fixer returns from Vanilla IV. As in the Vanilla, he gives you assassination jobs. After a storyline mission, notorious Mexican hitman Carlito Dos Sandos says that he's impressed with your skills at killing people, so he says he knows a guy named Wade "The Fixer" Johnson and he has been looking for men like you. If you want to take jobs from The Fixer, check out the crosshair iconed payphone in Odhner Avenue-Trager Road intersection on the western fringe of Port Tudor with Acter, Alderney. He gives you instruction via that payphone. The Fixer gives you eight assassinations jobs.


Talk To Death: The Fixer says some old man needs to be killed. So that's your job. The man lives in an apartment in East Holland. For getting him to your visual angle, you must get down on the nearby building where The Fixer reserved a Sniper Rifle for you. Take the rifle, kill the old man while he's having his talk with "death" on the phone.


Hook Up: Your target is a hooker that works in Star Junction area. You must go to Star Junction and check out the hooker. When you approach her, she goes to customer, gets in her customer's car and runs away. Now you can blow the car along her or follow her and her customer to stop (at the Alderney's dirty coasts), it's an alternative way to kill the hooker easily.


Street Chaos: You must take out a drug dealer who has stole some money from the assassination client. He says drug dealer will have a meth deal with some Angels of Death in a backalley in Northwood. When you arrive there, drug dealer arrives the meeting too and starts to deal with AoD. You must attack drug dealer when he's doing the deal but as you open fire, AoD bikers payback you. So you must fight with both drug dealer and AoD bikers. If you can't kill the drug dealer during the deal, he will jump an AoD bike and run off, so you must chase and kill him.


The Unfortunate Accident: The Fixer says there's a journalist named Mallard Dawkins that knows a lot about his assassination operations. So he wants you to kill her but he says it must be shown as an unfortunate car accident. Wait her until she gets out of the Liberty Tree building. After she gets out, she gets in her car. So make the car blown with the car crash craps (do not use weapons because it must be shown as a car accident). After she f*cking blows up, the mission's complete.


Red Sun Is Going Down: The Fixer says that some commie Russian agents are coming into city to learn hardworking American people's secrets. The Fixer wants you make it their last voyage. When you get on Dukes Bay Bridge, you see agents flying on the sea. Just keep following it, sometimes the chopper makes little stops. In this time take out the chopper (RPG's the most advicable gun).


Hard To Pay: The Fixer says Korean Mob's about to bring payloads of counterfeiting bills into the U.S. So it disturbs patriots like Fixer. He wants you to take care of those fake ass Koreans and their fake bill shipment. Get on the boat The Fixer reserved for you. After sink Koreans, their boats and their fake bills into cold waters of Liberty City.


Meeting With The Death: The Fixer says some Messinas ripped his close friend Phil Bell big time. He wants you to teach them a lesson. The Fixer says he arranged a phony meeting with Messinas at infamous old, abandoned mansion in Westdyke, Alderney. So this is a chance to kill Messinas easily for you. Once you get there, Messinas understand that it's a phony meeting and start to attack you. So you need to wipe out huge amount of mafiosos there.


Cause Terror: The Fixer says those f*cking Russian terrorists are on the board again. A Russian terroirist leader Maksim Makari is poisoning proud American people with the low-sh*t drugs and breeds bad blood between American people while selling demonic, dangerous pieces of firearms to them. As a patriot, The Fixer wants him dead. Make a lethal raid to an old, crappy warehouse in Bohan (where Makari uses as his headquarter), after kill Makari along with his terrorist fellows.

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Liver Buster


user posted image



user posted image
Mesa Grande

Mesa Grande makes its legendary return. Also now it's four door. Makes you feel like driving in the hot and sandy deserts of Mexico.

user posted image
BF Injection

Injecting in the new Era throughout this exclusive pack A México, Al Infierno. Nearly it's a good hilly area vehicle, also it's an altenative for f*cking deadly long chases. Also BF Injection's a modern, popular car wrestling vehicle in this century. Hop, smash, blow and adrenaline.

user posted image

Our old but lovely masterpiece of wheels comes back. It can't be so fast but it's a real perfection from old times. Many collectors spend a lot of money to get one of these antique masterpieces. It's seen rarely on the streets and it's generally driven by city's recent Cuban criminals led by notorios Cuban drug kingpin Alejandro Ortega.

user posted image
Wet Ski

This limber, erratic sea vehicle comes again. Now while passinng the miles of diamond seas, feel the fresh on your face. It's very suitable to water chases for its speed and litheness. Have sunny but fresh voyages.

user posted image

This legendary war machine chopper makes a legendary return like itself. The techonology has been developed, so this war machine comes with its stronger fire things; the more powerful miniguns and the more powerful cannons. Just run and blast!

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Liver Buster


user posted image


Weapon Name Weapon Describtion
Butterfly Knife

user posted image


Fast and dangerous. Butterfly Knife is classified as the fastest knife on the world. Yes, it's because it has a quick, so has a fast form. Now grab your butterfly knife and let's cut some street punks during street fights.



user posted image


The favourite weapon which Mexican Cartel uses for executing rats. With this freightening weapon, show people how dangerous you are. Cut, chop, divide, smash! There's a dangerous game waiting for your victims.


Silenced Pistol

user posted image


The icon of silent violence. With this silent but deadly piece of firearms, you can play the ghost assassin. You can kill someone silently but cruelly with this masterpiece of fire.



user posted image


If somebody's shot with this naughty little boy, know that he doesn't live anymore. This little boy's dangerous bullet tears its victim's body in pieces, blows f*cking heads of them. Ready to use the weapon of most dangerous, bloody and cruel executions?


Advanced SMG

user posted image


Enjoying non-stop bullet parties? Then this masterpiece of fire's your style. Pull the trigger and fill your foe's tum with blood tasty bullets. It had been his last dinner. Have party!



user posted image


Dangerous, hot, cool, sexy piece of fire from the United States. It's very suitable for huge firefights. If you have this gun, you'll definitely piss off your enemies. Also The Kruger's a far cousin of M4 and AK-47. Do you understand why is it too deadly?


Bullpup Rifle

user posted image


F*cking fast and powerful. Bullpup's an Austrian Assault Rifle that has a different shape from others. Also you can use the scope how you blew your enemy.


Smoke Grenades

user posted image


Better than the strongest fogs themselves. This family member of grenades will be your fog machine throughout the game. If you want your enemy out of the spot, this grenade's the best choice. While forming a huge fog curtain on the enemy's eys, also it puts a short-time block to his respiratories. Shortly; Fog It Out!


Heavy MG

user posted image


A heavy army piece of motherf*cker, it's called. Rips its victims body in just a few several shots and puts him for a heavy lying sleep. Also it's a favourite arm that's adviced to be used in deadly chases with choppers.



user posted image


Burn, baby, burn! The gun of hell. You can create your own hell with this fully burny baby. If you want to get a new taste (also burny) from the game, pick the Flamethrower and spread your fire all over the city. Shortly; All Hell Is Breaking Loose!


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Liver Buster


user posted image

•Male Friends



Fernando Esvaldez Alejandro "Papi" Ortiz Matvey Petrovic
Fernando is one of the rare people Jose mostly trusts. Probably it's for Fernando being his childhood friend and they have been always together. Even Jose treats Fernando like his own brother; they're always down on the same way. While both hang out, they mostly talk about old days and how American Dream spoiled their lives. Fernando likes eating at Mexican restaurants; especially likes eating Mexican foods such as taco, nachos etc. Fernando likes messing around strip clubs and nightclubs, especially if you hang aroung El Oros with him, he will be so happy, because there are always men respecting him around him. Fernando enjoys bowling and pool for most.


Papi's one of the first friends of Jose in Liberty City, so it makes him special, also a reliable person for Jose. You can have so much fan while hanging out with Papi, because he's Roman of the game; very dizzy, a bit idiot treating person. During the hangouts with him, he generally talks about the hood he lives in (Cerveza Heights), how a violent life has (his criminal life and childhood life features), but also Papi talks in a comic manner as well. Papi enjoys strip clubs, comedy clubs, night clubs, bowling, darts and drinking. The Triangle Club, The Pillows Club and Club Liberty are his favourite hangouts.


Matvey and Jose has shared the same cell for a while. So they need to trust each other, as well as they do. Unlike Jose, Matvey has lived like a king majority of his life, while Jose was suffering from poorness. So this makes Matvey is who Jose always wanted to be. While Jose and Matvey hang out, they generally discuss about whether Matvey's life has been easy or not. Matvey enjoys gambling, darts, air hockey, strip clubs and fast driving. His favourite hangouts are Perestroika and Petrovic properties. Just don't drive around Albanians and get him to Albanian properties while hanging out with him.





Carmen Ortiz
Jose and Carmen start to date after Papi advises Jose to have a girlfriend with saying "A girlfriend helps you forget your sorrows". Carmen's really interested in Jose because she hasn't date with a younger one than her before, so for gaining an experience, she generally accepts his date offers when Jose asks. Carmen's extremely happy, doesn't have any worry from life. Carmen enjoys bowling, pool, The Triangle Club, Honkers, drinking and darts. Carmen seems like a sex addict who always referrence like "Let's see how good you are with your stick", so she generally invites you for a warm coffee when you try your luck.


user posted image


Jose's default clothes are marked with "*"

The clothes unlocked after some mission are marked with "**"



White Torso*

Black Torso

Mexico T-Shirt

Mexican Tracktop

White Hoodie

Gray Hoodie

Black Leather Jacket

Brown Leather Jacket with Blue Pullower

Combat Jacket with Black Underwear

Jean Jacket with White Underwear

Black Jacket with White Shirt

Black Jacket with Black Shirt

Black Jacket with White Shirt and Navy Tie

Black Jacket with White Shirt and Yellow Tie

Navy Jacket with Sky Blue Hawaiian Shirt

Gray Jacket with White Shirt and Orange Tie

Pea Coat with Red Pullover

Black Pullover**


Brown Pants*

Black Pants

Gray Pants

Beige Pants

Olive Pants

Blue Jeans

Black Jeans**


Black Leather Shoes*

Black Smart Leather Shoes

Brown Smart Leather Sheoes

Black-White Leather Shoes

Black Hiking Boots

Brown Hiking Boots

Hinterland Boots

Black Low-Top

White Low-Top


Mexican Hat

Ski Mask


Mexican Suit (unlocks after %100 completition of the game)


Cop Uniform**




user posted image


Competitive Modes



Mode Name Players Describtion
Deathmatch 2-16 Players It's a complete free for all! Anything goes, and you can use any tactics you like to kill off the competition. Combat is confined to specific areas of Liberty City in order to keep the action intense. And don't forget collecting cash, because which player collects the most cash, it wins.
Cartel Work 2-8 Players Working under the direction of Mexican Cartel via the cellphone, you will complete the series of mini missions. These may be picking up recruits of the crew, taking out a target, stealing a vehicle and sth.
Los Drogas 2-16 Players A new multiplayer mode. Player's a drug dealer working for Mexican Cartel, so the purpose's dealing drugs for the Cartel. Players are given 15 bags of weed first. Players must dealing drugs and make their cash the highest. Which player has the most cash, it wins.
Car Jack City 4-16 Players This mode pits the player against everyone else in a race to nab as many vehicles as they can. The amount of money gained trumps the amount of cars delivered. If the host has allowed police, they will try to stop players from taking vehicles to drop-off points by shooting at them. Don't forget the vehicles with the drug stash, they give extra cash.
The Courier's Run 2-16 Players In this mode, a player as "The Courier" which must deliver the drugs he's carrying to his boss. "The Courier" must go through checkpoints and reach the warehouse where he must deliver the drugs and other players tries to kill him and get his drugs. If "The Courier" is killed, the one who gets his drug package becomes "The Courier". If nobody can't reach the warehouse, the player which stands as "The Courier" more, it wins.
Team Modes



Mode Name Teams Describtion
Team Deathmatch 2-8 Teams Players work as a team for rub out other team(s) for money - and the crew with the most cash wins the round. There are no destrictions - do whatever it takes to rub out the competition.
Team Cartel Work 2-8 Teams Player's a member of Mexican Cartel, player's working for the cartel - such as escorting men, stealing cars, delivering drug packages. However now players must work as a team and complete contracts before the time ends and get rewards. Player's other purpose is completing the contracts in short time of other team's, it reflects the score table. At the end of the round, the team with the most cash wins.
Team Los Drogas 2-8 Teams Player's a drug dealer working for Mexican Cartel, so the purpose's dealing drugs from him. As the difference from Los Drogas, players must work as a team to get the rewards. As in Los Drogas, players are given 15 bags of weed, so they must start dealing with them and make their profit good. At the end of the round, the team with the most cash wins.
Ghost Ship 2 Teams While The Mexican Cartel's on a big drug shipment, Bureau Of Narcotics teams have been informed that Mexicans have smuggling drugs into the U.S throughout the Mexican cargo ship El Cruiser. So Bureau Of Narcotic teams get on the move. You will be start the game as a part of the Cartel of Bureau of Narcotics. Bureau of Narcotics' purpose is cleaning the ship from Mexican gangsters and getting the drugs stucked into ship meanwhile Cartel's purpose is protecting the ship deadly from the Bureau of Narcotic crews. The team who kills all of its opponent wins.
Turf War 2 Teams There's turfs under the control of random gangs. First, teams must take turfs. After time's clocking. Teams must take each other's turfs. The team with most turfs wins.
Co-Operative Modes


Will be added after the completion of the storyline...


Race Modes


Mode Name Players Describtion
Race 1-16 Players Race to the finish through each checkpoint in order. If the player takes a wrong turn or otherwise messes up, they can respawn at the last checkpoint passed. There is a large selection of races for cars, bikes, boats, and helicopters - players can choose laps and vehicle class/type. There are two types of races: Free Race and Cannonball Run.


*Free Race - A point-to-point races, where the first one to the finish wins.

*Cannonball Run - A race where participants must traverse several checkpoints in any way possible.


Both Types of race allow the use of Nitrous Oxide in cars.

Hell Race 1-16 Players Similar to the orthodox Race, but with the added element of combat. This race will take you deep style of how hellhounds ride. This is a checkpointed race where participants can also pick up weapons spawned en route to help take out opponents. The vehicle can be exited during this type of race.
Bloody Way 1-4 Players A new multiplayer race mode. In this mode, there's no competition between the players, on the contrary there's a cooperation between them. One of the players drive a truck loaded with huge amount of drugs. Player(s) must get through the checkpoints and reach the lockup where player(s) drop(s) the truck off. Also cops will disturb the player(s) all the way. So player(s) must watch out the cops, get the truck safely to the lockup in Aldeney. If player(s) die(s) or truck's blown, the game fails.
user posted image




Trophy / Achievement Name Gamerpoints / Trophy Types Describtion
First Buck 5g / Bronze Earn your first bunch of money in the Liberty City
The Wheelman 10g / Bronze Buy all cars from Autoeroticar.com
Arms Abundance 20g / Silver Unlock all weapons in Miguel's arms warehouse.
El Diablo 25g / Silver Burn 100 people by using flamethrower
Shark Teeth 30g / Silver Do 15 loansharkings.
Here Owes Protection 45g / Bronze Take over all properties under your protection ring.
The Takeover 75g / Silver Buy all properties and make them parts of Mexican Cartel.
Package Service 25g / Bronze Complete Papi's drug package deliveries.
El Capo 80g / Silver Conquer all the drug dens throughout the city.
White Cartel 50g / Silver Complete all drug wars.
The Escobar 45g / Silver Do 15 drug smugglings.
Mexicanized America 50g / Silver Complete all Cartel warts.
Blood Money 20g / Silver Complete all of The Fixer's assassinations.
Steal The Wheels 60g / Bronze Complete Matvey's car thefts.
Prison Break 20g / Bronze Complete the mission "Crossing The Banisters"
American Dream 100g / Bronze Earn $ 1.000.000
Satisfy The Dealer 75g / Silver Make successful deals with all drug dealers in the city.
At The Top Of The Snowy Mountain 100g / Silver Carry your cartel at the first place at the drug trade chain.
Que Pasa, Hermano? 80g / Silver Help a lot of cartel members who need help.
Senor Del Infierno 100g / Bronze Complete the storyline.



user posted image



Thanks to GTAboyWonder for helping me with the storyline plot, providing me Bullpup Rifle icon and helping about the logo.

Thanks to akavari112 for providing me weapon icons and allowing me to use Ortiz surname for Papi.

Thanks to Money Over Bullsh*t for providing me weapon icons.

Thanks to EduardKoeleJuck for providing me weapon icons.

Thanks to XTREME0235 for making the logo.

Thanks to AnDReJ98 for making the headers.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Land Of Opportunity


Mission Giver: N/A


As a cargo ship reaches miles on the seas of Liberty City, camera zooms on a bull's eye and a Mexican looking man seen smoking and looking through out the bull's eye and watching the pearl waters of the U.S. As Land Of Opportunity, the Liberty City is seen, the man started to get excited and his eyes started to enlarge. As he got excited, he throws his cigarette away and jostles an other Mexican looking man that is sleeping on an old, crappy, rusty bunk and as the first Mexican man jostles him, he wakes up in a panic and asks:


Fernando: Despierta! Despierta, hombre! Estamos aquí.


Jose: Qué coño está pasando? - What the f*ck is going on?


Fernando: We're here, man. We're here. The land of opportunity.


Jose: Muy bien. Despiértame cuando atracar. - Okay. Wake me up when we dock.


Fernando: No, man. - Tenemos que estar listos antes de muelle. - We must get ready before we dock.


As Jose and Fernando are about the get on deck, we see a surfacial appearance of the ship.


"ROCKSTAR GAMES PRESENTS" comes to the screen. After:




Grand Theft Auto IV

A México, Al Infierno


...appears bold on the screen.


As the logo fades, the camera zooms to Jose and Fernando who newly get on the deck.


Fernando: I always wanted to own a big, nice house, lay on my sofa, read my newspaper when I sip my coffee. Perhaps here, all of them will come true.


Jose: Sounds like a retirement plan.


Fernando: f*ck you.


After a short silence, conversation continues again.


Fernando: What are you going to do?


Jose: My uncle... He has lots of fortune, cribs, cars, women, properties. Uhh, also he's a man with great efficiency, he's respected, feared and filled with power. I think an elegant life is waiting for me.


Fernando: Hoping to get your dreams, - hermano. - bro


Jose: Likewise.


We see four dock workers having some food as Jose and Fernando jump off the boat.


Fernando: Where's your uncle? He's supposed to be here.


Jose: Uhh, he would be here in a minute.


Fernando: So, time to go, homie. I gotta go. Bus is supposed to be at the bus stop about five minutes.


Jose: Okay. - Nos vemos luego, colega. Cuida de ti mismo. - Catch you later, homie. Look after yourself.


Fernando: Tú también, colega. - You too, homie.


As Fernando steps to the bus station and gets out of the range. A black car comes to the docks and stops in front of Jose. And a Mexican looking man wearing pretty clothes gets out of the car with its henchmen. As soon as he sees Jose, he yells him as his nephew.


Ray: Ooo sobrino, como estas? - Ooo nephew, how are you?


Jose: Bien. - Fine Became finer after saw you.


Ray: My f*cking polite nephew, isn't it? Hey, how you talking English?


Jose: Thanks to f*cking imperialist American landlords who took everything in our villages.


Ray: Yeah, those fast food eating fat f*cks. Come on, let's go. You must be tired.


Jose: Okay, unc. But I'm driving the wheels.


Ray: But I'm warning you; it doesn't looks like driving a tractor.


Jose: I just wanna try my chance, uncle.


After Jose gets in the cage of his uncle's black Admiral and follows his uncle's direction to drive to his uncle's night club El Oros. Also on the road, Ray asks Jose about the old country.


Ray: How's the old country? Do things work?


Jose: Drought, hot, sandy as it's usual. People are working in the fields until they die and f*cking landlords are taking all fortune to themselves. It's f*cking feudalism.


Ray: Yeah, that's why I came to this country. This country is more free than free, nephew. Do whatever you want; drink like a skunk, take out your garbage on the street. - Porque es puta gratis. - Because it's f*cking free


Jose: Oh yeah?


Ray: Of course, it is. Feel yourself like in home.


Jose: On the contrary, don't feel yourself like in home, I guess you mean.


Ray: Whatever, just partying you like.


After Jose, Ray and his henchmen arrive to El Oros, Ray and his henchmen get out of the car and Ray gives Jose the adress of the place he will stay, gives a little pocket cut and a cellphone to his nephew.


Ray: That was fun to hang out with my nephew.


Jose: Yeah, was like collecting cow sh*ts.


Ray: You funny son of a b*tch. Take this (gives a little sheet to Jose), it's your king of the king suits. Also take this buck (gives some money to Jose), you'll need them in this city (lightly slaps Jose's left cheek twice). (Ray is about to walk away but turns back and...) Sh*t, I almost forgot. Take this new century device (gives a cellphone to Jose), it will provide comminication between us, wish you had known to use this.


Jose: Huh, huh! Very funny.


Ray: See you later, nephew.


After couple of favours of his uncle, Jose goes to his safehouse which is very close to the club. When he checks it out, player's introduced to the bed where he can sleep and save his game, TV he can watch, game console he can play with, laptop he can use. After Jose gets in his bed and takes a rest, mission passed!


Mission Passed!



$ 300 that your uncle gave you.



Achievement Unlocked: First Buck


user posted image Jose receives a text message from Uncle Ray; he says him (Jose) to drop by his strip club, El Oros.

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Wow! I love it! Much more info than mine. tounge.gif


I'll update mine later! Good job!

user posted image
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Los Santos Pedestrian

I like the story and all, but there's quite a few grammar errors, plus some broken hyperlinks; those should be fixed.

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I like the story and all, but there's quite a few grammar errors, plus some broken hyperlinks; those should be fixed.

I agree about the grammar.


But that's a whole lot of work you did for this concept! Very good job smile.gif

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This is amazing.


Can't wait to see more.


I'll be doing the cross overs you told me about in GTA The Black Cat.



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Liver Buster

Thank you guys. smile.gif Also you're right about the grammar. Because English is not my first language, there are a lot of grammar mistakes, but I'm trying to watch out them as I can. However I intentionally use grammar mistakes, because of providing realism to the dialogues. Also I'll check out links again.


@Dr-Mayhem111 There would be more crossovers between my story and your story, but it's timeline problem. As my story starts before longer way than The Black Cat and Behind Enemy Lines. It starts a month before Platypus arrives in Liberty. However as I said, there will be a lot of potential croosvers between AMAI, BEL and TBC. Also I think we should release an exclusive pack like EFLC and TFLC, but it would be better after most of things become accurate.


@UberChargedCJ Wanted level? If you mean starts, there are six levels as the normal.


Also new mission will come today. That will be a mission like Easy Fare; Jose will drive for one of Ray's henchman that is ordered with getting a pack of cocaine.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Journey Comrade

Mission Giver: Ray Ramirez


After his uncle's text message, Jose drops by the club and asks the bouncer to his uncle.


Jose: Uhh... - Hola, amigo. - Hello, sir. Is uncle in?

Bouncer: Uncle? Ehh, you must be Mr.Ramirez's nephew. He's in. Come on, follow me.


Jose follows the bouncer into club and steps over to a room marked "Manager". After they stops in front of there and bouncers says Jose to his uncle's here. Jose thanks the bouncer in Spanish and enters the room and finds his uncle sitting and talking with a man looks like one of his henchman.


Ray: Ooo. Hola (Hello), nephew. Sit down.


Jose sits the armchair opposite of the armchair that unknown sits on.


Ray: Nephew, this is one of my most trustful henchman, Joaquin.


Joaquin: It's nice to meet you, Mr. Ramirez's nephew.


Ray: His name is Jose, Joaquin. Anyway listen. Joaquin is going to pick some Coca from his cousin's place. We need someone we can trust for this run. So it's you, nephew.


Jose: Wait! You appreciated of my drive? I supposed that you think I drive car like a tractor.


Ray: My funny nephew. Yes, I appreciated, f*ckind appreciated. Anyway now go and get that white for me.


Jose and Joaquin steps over Ray's office's door.


After the cutscene, Jose and Joaquin get in Ray's black Admiral and Jose drives over Joaquin's cousin's lockup on Guantanama Ave, Windmill Street in South Bohan.


Joaquin: We are going to my cousin's lockup on Guantanama Ave, Windmill Street in South Bohan.


After a little silence, a conversation starts:


Joaquin: You are Jose, right? The unfortunate peasant Serf who had to spend all over his time to work in the fields for the f*cking feudal lords.


Jose: Unfortunately I am. After spending most of my life as a Serf, I think I am going to be an aristocratic now.


Joaquin: Perhaps you will reach a better social class, man. But know that criminal world is an interesting world; when you were king, you would be dead.


Jose: Yeah, like Pablo f*cking Escobar, the man that Mexican gangsters brought up with listening whose stories.


Joaquin: Yeah, like f*cking him. It's the worst thing you can live.


Jose: It is like Indians' f*cking Caste system.


Joaquin: Could be true.


When they reach Joaquin's cousin's lockup, Joaquin gets out of the car and orders Jose to keep an eye out of there for the f*cking cops. After he enters his cousin's lockup to pick up the package. However some cop sirens are heard and garage purlieus is conquered by a few police cars. After Joaquin comes with the coke package and panics when he sees cop cars and orders Jose to let's get out of here and lose the cops. After a bit, he suggests Jose to drive the Auto Cowboys spray shop in Frankfurt Avenue, Nortwood, Algonquin. After Jose paintjobs his car, he drives back to his uncle's strip club El Oros.


And Jose finds his uncle talking with some of his henchmen outside the club. After Joaquin gets out of the car and handles the cocaine to Ray. After Ray approaches Jose (who's still in the car) and he says Joaquin has told him that how he (Jose) took care of the job.


Ray: Nice one, nephew. Joaquin told me that how a f*cking crazy driver you are. You have future, you're getting along the business.


Jose: Thanks, uncle.


Ray: Now, let's go and have a little rest. Catch you later, nephew.


Mission Passed!



$ 500

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Liver Buster

In the next mission, Jose collects some money from some men who has debts to Ray (as an educative mission for loansharking). I'm planning to give it the name Paying Up or Pay Day For Ray. Which one is better?

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In the next mission, Jose collects some money from some men who has debts to Ray (as an educative mission for loansharking). I'm planning to give it the name Paying Up or Pay Day For Ray. Which one is better?

Paying Up sounds good. I'm working on a Behind Enemy Lines mission as we speak. I'm also thinking of rewriting the missions to make it seem more pro.







"Joseph, what about the Albanians?!"




"F*ck em'. I say we take their sh*t, and we run this whole f*cking town!"




"You're crazy!"


[Joseph slowly walks out the door. Sounds of motorcycles are heard entering the neighborhood. Joseph walks back inside the mansion.]




"Alright.... They're here..."

user posted image
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Liver Buster

This style looks like good, man. Definitely reminded me Balkan Valor's storytelling style. Cool. icon14.gif Also the new mission!


Mission Name: Paying Up

Mission Giver: Ray Ramirez


When Jose enters his uncle's office in El Oros, he finds him (Ray) enjoying smoke cigar and drink whiskey. Also Ray seems a bit clouded.


Ray: Yo, nephew. - Que pasa? - How are you?

Jose: Good but I guess I'll be dead now. What the f*ck is this smell? Are you running a barn here?

Ray: I think you should go on them, too. You want some?

Jose: Nah, man. Them smell worse than cow sh*t.

Ray: Are you sure?

Jose: Yes, I'm sure.


[Ray's phone is ringing]


Ray: What?.. Okay... I understand... No, I want my nephew learning the job... You too.


Ray hangs up the phone.


Ray: Nephew. You want some bone?

Jose: Bone?

Ray: Greens, my boy, greens.

Jose: Absolutely I want.

Ray: Greeeaaat! You're going to go on a pay day for me.

Jose: Pay day?

Ray: Yes, pay day. You're going to squeeze some people who owed me.

Jose: Okkaaayy?

Ray: The old bastard lives in one of the homes on Concord Ave - Franklin Street line. So go and pay him a visit and make him undestand that I'm not kind of person who wants to be waited.


Jose walks to the door to exit.


Ray: Keep checking your phone, there would be some other bastard who didn't pay.


Jose exits his uncle's office.


Jose checks out the old man's home. Jose knocks the door but nobody opens it. So Jose moves on the garden door and he finds the old man while watering his flowers. Jose wants his uncle's money but the old man ignores him.


Jose: Yo, open up amigo (buddy). You have owed Ray Ramirez a lot of money and it's time to pay.

Old Man: Ray and his money? Uhh, f*ck off!


So Jose says "You wanted this", after grabs the hose out old man's hand and wets the old man (as the using of a normal people; right click to aim). After a while, the old man wearisomes of getting wet and hands Ray's money to Jose.


After this, Ray sends a text message to Jose about there's an other man who hadn't pay Ray money. He says that man's a park employee in Meadows Park. Also Ray indicates that the man has bought a car (a dark green Blista Compact) just a few days ago; he suggests you to smash the car to persuade him to give the money.


So Jose uses some bricks opposite the park employee's car (as Niko smashes the China shop's windows during "A Bull In A China Shop"). After a while, park employee comes from the door which the car parked in front of and shouts Jose to "What the hell are you doing, you maniac?" Jose says that it's for his debt to Ray Ramirez. So park employee gives the money to Jose because he doesn't want his new car get more damage.


After Jose calls Ray to inform him that he collect all of the debts.


Jose: I collected all the debts. They bit caused trouble but they paid though.

Ray: Greeaat! You're learning the business nephew. Take all of that money as a wage of your duty. Good bye, nephew.


Mission Passed!



$ 750

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Window Shopper

Mission Giver: Ray Ramirez


Jose is seen knocking Ray's office's door, after he's letted in by a wiseguy. It seems like Ray's on an important meeting. He's sitting with an unfamiliar man who seems very close with Ray.


Ray: Hey nephew! Take a seat.


Jose sits the armchair opposite of the chair unfamiliar man sits on.


Ray: Lazlo. This is the tough guy I talked about. This is my nephew, Mr. Jose Santiago Ramirez, my rising and shining star.

Lazlo: Nice to meet you, sir.

Ray: And Jose, this is Lazlo Guerra. My right hand man and one of the people I most trust. He ain't Mexican but he's trustable and he's my best friend that we climbed the stairs together.

Lazlo: Uhh, f*ck you. We all Latins, that's it.

Ray: Anyway nephew, listen. We need your incredible skills at teaching some shopkeepers a lesson. They don't owe me protection or they owe protection some useless bastards. Convince them pay protection to me and show how useless their protections.

Ray: Hey, Adrian. Go and get Joaquin here. Jose would neep help during this job.


Adrian (the wiseguy letted Jose in) gets Joaquin in some seconds, after Joaquin and Jose shoots their way to the exit.


Joaquin: What's up, boss?

Ray: Joaquin. I want you to accompany Jose during this act. You guys gonna shake some shopkeepers and their protection. Go get me some new mugs, okkay?

Joaquin: Okay. Let's go, Jose.


After this, Jose grabs a vehicle and goes to the shops which Joaquin and he gonna shake. During the road, Jose asks Joaquin about his cousin's stuff.


Jose: What's going on, Joaquin? What did you guys do with your cousin's stuff?

Joaquin: Offloaded it to some bikers. It was a classical package offload. It's talked around the crew that you squeezed some chups good yesterdays.

Jose: Mugging some cowards was more funny than getting the cash. Actually I must do this sh*t again.

Joaquin: You're an interesting motherf*cker, hermandito (brother).


The first shop, Joaquin and Jose shake is Deli Grocery on Huntington St. in Dukes Boulevard. When they come first, they want the money politely from the middle aged (looks like at his 50s) shopkeeper but he refuses Joaquin indicates Jose to beat him up, Jose whacks him a bit, so he agrees to pay protection and gives a little money as the deposit.


Joaquin: Look, old man. Don't tire us and pay the protection before we use the difficult way.

Shopkeeper 1: f*ck off! I don't have money to give some street punks. Get out of here before I call the police.

Joaquin: I don't think so. (indicates Jose to beat the man)


So in order to persuade shopkeeper to pay protection, Jose beats the shopkeeper a bit (Jose punches, slaps or kicks the shopkeeper for this as a minigame we can call). Getting tired of being whacked, shopkeeper agrees to owe protection to Ray and gives a litte deposit, too:


Shopkeeper 1: Okay, okay. I'll pay protection to you.

Joaquin: So?


Shopkeeper looks like he doesn't understand.


Joaquin: Throw some bone, old man.

Shopkeeper 1: Okay, okay. Take it. (Shopkeeper hands a bunch of greens to Joaquin)


After they leave the shop and Joaquin tells Jose to drive to Ann Jewelery on Huntington Street.


Joaquin: Now we're going to Ann Jewelery on Huntington Street. Ray wants there under his protection ring, because of the priceless jewels.


As they approach the shop, they realize that the shop has already owned protection; it's protected by some Spanish Lords that armed with melee weapons such as Baseball Bats, Butterfly Knife etc. To take over this shop under Ray's protection ring, Jose and Joaquin fight with the lords. Up there, the player's instructed to how to get a weapon from an enemy (as the player's instructed to get Dardan's knife during "Bleed Out"). After eliminating the two lords at the door, Jose and Joaquin rush into the shop and move toward the shopkeeper but shopkeeper yells Spanish Lords to beat Jose and Joaquin:


Joaquin: Game's over, annoying prick. Agree to pay protection, NOW!

Shopkeeper 2: Ooo! I really f*cking scared. Let's get him boys, looks like somebody wants to be whacked hard.

Jose: This much action is too much for today, dude.


So Jose has to fight with three Spanish Lords comes from the side corridors of the shop. After beating them Jose and Joaquin gets the shopkeeper, so shopkeeper scares and agrees to pay protection money.


Joaquin: Looks like your protection isn't sufficient enough.

Jose: Yeah. Mayber your own protection would need protection.

Shopkeeper 2: Okay, okay. Take it (gives some money to Joaquin), I'll pay you anymore.


After shaking all the shops, Joaquin gives a call to Ray and says him that all those shops are paying protection to him anymore.


Joaquin: Mr.Ramirez, those shops are paying protection to us anymore... What? You can't be serious. We're heading up there.

Jose: Now we're going to the RON station in Cerveza Heights. Boss said that some street punks are hitting there right now.


As Jose and Joaquin reach RON station, they will recognize a man keeping out the main door. Jose and Joaquin beats that man only armed with a Baseball Bat. After they enter the station, they see a Pistol armed street punk has taking the shopkeeper as hostage. He threatens Jose and Joaquin that if they approach, he blows the shopkeeper's f*cking head off. As we face shopkeeper's crying squeals, Joaquin panics so much. Jose lies the street punk that he needs to go to the toilet. Although street punk doesn't allow Jose to go to the toilet first, after he allows him to do that. So, in order to watch out both Jose and both Joaquin and the shopkeeper, street punk waits in front of the toilet. Jose produces a Baseball Bat in the toilet after gets out of the toilet and hits crook's head with the Baseball Bat and shouts at him "You piece of sh*t. Who do you think you're messing with, huh? This is Jose Santiago Ramirez".


After both shopkeeper and Joaquin thank Jose for saving their lives, Jose and Joaquin makes their way to the club. During all the way, Joaquin thanks Jose for saving his life and praises him the skies.


After reaching the club, Joaquin says you did good today, especially in the gas station situation. So he gives your cut from the protection money and he also says that he'll tell Ray that how did you take care of things today.


Mission Passed!




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This is a pretty good concept thread, but in Mexico.


I'm thinking of creating a GTA concept thread in a city based on a near-future Mexico City. Good luck with yours. smile.gif

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Liver Buster


This is a pretty good concept thread, but in Mexico.


I'm thinking of creating a GTA concept thread in a city based on a near-future Mexico City. Good luck with yours.  smile.gif

Thanks, man. Actually what moved me to this topic was Alfonso Vasquez. He's a Mexican drug lord that controls many Mexican cartels. Also it's known that Mexican Cartel's one of the most notorios and brutal crime organizations in the world. Also we saw Liberty City through a Balkan immigrant's eyes, a badass biker's eyes and a hot, big shot, ladies man nightclub bodyguard's eyes. Also with the GTAF fan made DLCs, we saw L.C through a passionated African-American gangster's eyes (Jermaine Andrews), a highing Irish hood's eyes (Gordon Sargent), through a Russian mobster's eyes (Sergei aka. The Killer), through a passionated Dominican drug dealer's eyes (Willy Valerio) etc. And I said why we seeing The City of Liberty throughout drug dealing, brutal, notorios Mexicans' eyes. So there it is.


Also it would be better if a Mexican Cartel story takes place in the homeland, Mexico. Waiting. Good luck. smile.gif


The next mission will include Jose blow some Jamaican Posse members. Ray had given them allowance to sell drugs in his hood with the payment of the half price of the drugs that Jamaicans sell in Ray's hood. However they haven't paid for a long time. So Ray wants to teach 'em a lesson. I have many ideas but I didn't consider which one is better.


• Jose raids Homebrew Cafe or The Bay Bar, kills a lot of angry Jamaicans there. After he finds a briefcase loaded with money. He takes that briefcase to his uncle.

• Jose takes out the Jamaicans who's dealing drugs on the streets of Ray (like LCS mission "Dealing Revenge")

• Jose busts a drug deal between Jamaicans and an other gang at an apartment flat in Broker.


Which one is better, guys?

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Spaghetti Cat

A Lot of work went into this thread, nice job! I can only say I gave it a quick read-through, but what I saw looked pretty good. Nice to see Carmen making a comeback. Also, the side-missoions were well done. I liked the drug delivery missions and the return of 'The Fixer'. Though I'd say one thing, and I really never say this...but, you should probably break up some of that text with a few graphics. I know there is an IMG limit, but you should at least break it up a bit somehow. But, like they say, those are all good problems to have. Other than that, really well done!



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Liver Buster

Thanks, man. I'll take care of them later.


Also new mission came. I went with "Dealing Revenge" similarity idea.


Mission Name: Capitulations

Mission Giver: Ray Ramirez


As Jose foots to the door of El Oros, he stopped in the tracks by the club's bouncer and is asked "Who are you?" by him. Jose introduces himself as Ray's nephew, so bouncer remembers him and shoots Jose's way to the basement of the club:


Jose foots to the door of El Oros. But he's stopped in the tracks by the club's bouncer.


Bouncer: Hey, don't move, don't move! Who are you?

Jose: I'm Ray's nephew, man. You didn't remember me?

Bouncer: Ringed some bells now. Come on, your uncle's on a mutual meeting.


Jose follows the bouncer to the basement of the club. Bouncer opens the door of the basement and informs Ray that his nephew had come:


Bouncer: Hey, Boss! Ray! Your nephew came.

Ray: Okay, let him in.


Bouncer slaps Jose's left shoulder twice lightly and after opens to the door to him.


Jose faces with a dirty basement loaded with guns, drugs, alchocol and cigarette boxes. Also it's seen that Ray tortures a Jamaican Posse member along with some of his guys. Probably they have trying to get information from him about something.


Ray: Nephew! Come out.


Ray beats the Jamaican gangster handcuffed to some rusty water pipes with a baseball bat first. Some blood spits from Jamaican's nose but he mocks Ray up with saying he hits like a woman. Ray hits Jamaican with fast, consecutive baseball hits but Jamaican is determined to say nothing. In this time, one of Ray's man douses Jamaican's head in a huge bowl of water. Jamaican man can't breathe for a short while, so Ray's man gets Jamaican's head out of the water. Jamaican man gives up and says the locations of where Jamaican deal drugs throughout Ray's territories. After another man of Ray produces a weapon (a 9mm) from his jacket and aims it to the Jamaican. Ray orders his man to bring down the gun. After Ray orders Jose to take the weapon and kill the Jamaican. Jose declines first but his uncle says Jose to "What are you? A f*cking lady. Don't you know how to use a gun?", Jose angrily says how he supposed to kill Ernesto (Jose's cousin who killed Jose's father for field situation), so he states that he knows use gun. So Jose aims the weapon to Jamaican and puts a bullet to his skull. Ray states that he allowed these Jamaican f*cks to deal drugs throughout his territory with the condition of half of the profits they make in his territory, but they haven't given him cut for a long long while. So Ray wants to teach them a lesson. He orders Jose to go to a backalley in Inchon Ave, the Jamaican guy said a Posse member is selling drugs there.


When Jose reaches the backalley, it's seen that the Posse member selling drugs to a red haired Caucasian woman. Jose can take out the drug dealer from a distance, otherwise the drug dealer sees him, starts to escape on foot.


After taking him out, Ray sends a text message to Jose and says, some Jamaican gang members having a drug deal with an other gang in Meadows Park. So he wants Jose to break their jobs. There are three Jamaican Posse members and three drug dealers from an other gang.


After Jose breaks the drug deal in Meadows Park, Ray texts him that some Jamaican gang members are hanging out around some liquor store in Huntington Street, he wants them dead. When Jose reaches there, four Jamaicans are showing in an Emperor and they're seen heavily in smoking marijuana. The gang member in the driver seat realizes Jose through the rear mirror and they start to flee on car. Jose chases them and kills all of them. After he calls his uncle and informs that job's done. Ray says he was impressed his work, he says he'll give you clean cut.


Mission Passed!



$ 1.500

Edited by MarijuanaMonkey
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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Sabotage

Mission Giver: Ray Ramirez


When Jose enters his uncle's office, he recognizes a young, Mexican looking man with pretty clothes sitting with Ray and the both is extremely enjoying drinking whiskey and snorting coke. When Ray realizes Jose had come, he introduces the young man to Jose as the young Mexican millionaire Enrique "Rique" Armandes.


Ray: Yo, nephew! I want you to meet somebody. This is Enrique Armandes, the famous young Mexican millionaire that owns lots of things in this city. He's a good friend of mine, I guess you are gonna like him too.

Rique: Call me Rique. Enrique seems too f*cking old. Rique is cooler.

Jose: Okkaaay. Nice to meet you, Rique.

Ray: Take a seat. You want whiskey, coke or something.

Jose: I'm cool on drugs but a bit whiskey would be good.


Ray pours some whiskey for Jose.


Ray: (takes a sip from whiskey) Rique has some problem with

those guido f*cks named Cosa Nostra or some other sh*t. (takes an other sip from his whiskey) They want cut from Rique's construction business because they claim that Rique's construction on their hood. However Rique's very disturbed of this, he wants to put an end to this, so...


Rique: I arranged a meeting with those Messina cocksuckers. But you know, I don't trust 'em. I guess I need someone escorting me during the meet.


Ray: So, it's you, nephew.


Jose: What? F*cking with those notorious people banging guido Italians. Hell no!


Rique: Is this your brave nephew, Raymundo? A chicken is more brave than this asswipe.


Jose: I'm f*cking brave, a'right. I'm more brave than all of yous. I don't need proof it to you.


Ray pulls Jose in the shoulder, they have a whispered chat in front of the window.


Ray: Look, nephew. If I provide better relationship with Rique, we would be more powerful. Living the dream, man. Living the f*cking American dream. He has lots of properties, no problems mo money.


Jose: Okay, okay. Living the f*cking dream.


Ray sits down his armchair, Jose moves to the door as he says Rique to come out.


Rique: Come on, Rita. Let's go.


After the cutscene, Jose gets in Rique's black Dukes. Rique orders Jose to drive to the autopark near his construction site in Northwood. On the way:


Rique: You're the peasant nephew of Ray, right? Cruising The Panama Canal and Big Pond for making wads of cash after working as a Serf in the hot fields of the homeland.


Jose: Yeah. Actually most of us were peasants and we became spoiled motherf*cking townsmen after we came to "The Land Of Opportunity", the U.S.A.


Rique: You could be right. I was born in here, I don't know how it feels like being a vulgarian.


Jose: f*ck you, you Americanized sh*t! You had sold your soul to that f*cking goat Sam.


Rique: All of immigrants come here sell their souls to Uncle Sam or that Liberty chick. Don't you want cash, drugs, cars and chicks hot as hell? F*ck you. Anyways, your uncle said you're a good worker, ain't that right?


Jose: I take care of jobs and my uncle says I have future. I gueeeess, yes I am a good worker.


Rique: Cool then. We would pull big jobs together, jobs with fat cash pay-offs. Now take this piece (hands Jose a SW MP-10), you'll probabaly need it through the meeting. Also I'm planning to give those guido f*cks fake cash. Because I'm a businessman, I have an esteem throughout society. I don't make people say that Rique is bending neck to some punks from Dukes, Algonquin and other hoods.


Jose: Why we always taking the heat. - Dios mío! - Oh my god!



Rique: F*ck you! Just shut the f*ck up and drive.


After reaching the autopark area, Rique orders Jose to hide behind the boxes and pipes located in the backsides of the autopark and if his head gets in trouble, interfere the situation. Rique takes the briefcase of the fake cash and after walks in the middle of the autopark and starts to wait the Messinas.


After a minute, Messina mafiosos come the autopark with nice black elegant cars. Rique and Messina gangsters have a little chat, after Rique serves the briefcase (loaded with fake cash) to the Messina gangsters. The Messina gangster in the foreground opens the briefcase and states he understood it's the fake cash by yelling "You think we're idiot as we'd take fake cash", after that man orders other mafiosos to shoot Rique. Rique takes some little shots but Rique runs behind the bricks and saves his life.


So Jose and Rique answers the mafiosos' shots as their style. Also Rique's equipped with just a Pistol, so Jose must cover Rique's ass than he must cover hims. There are nearly ten mafiosos there.


After killing all the mafiosos, a cutscene plays: A Messina gangster holding a C4 bomb stands up and threatens Rique with blowing up his whole construction site. After the mafioso makes his way to the construction site through the fences. So Rique orders Jose to prevent that man before he blows up the whole site. Jose jumps out of the fence and kills the mafioso before he sets up the bomb.


After this, Jose gets back to the autopark and checks Rique. Rique orders Jose to get him to his apartment on Charleston Ave, San Jactino Ave.


Rique: Get me to my home on Charleston Ave in San Jactino Ave. I'm very tired to watch legs and tits tonight.


On the way:


Rique: You are more better than I guess. Ray was right about you.


Jose: I told you.


Rique: You f*cked those guido greaseballs good. I think they learnt what is messing with Rique Armandes.


Jose: Thanks. If I did favour, it's good to me.


Rique: But it's suprising that Ray has such skilled relatives like you, cuz that guy's real cockroach.


Jose: Ehh, f*ck you.


Once Jose arrives to Rique's apartment, a cutscene plays:


Rique gets out of the vehicle.


Rique: Like I said, you're very skilled motherf*cker. Maybe we got big job opportunities. See you later.


Mission Passed!



$ 3.000


user posted imageRay calls Jose and says he heard how he (Jose) f*cked those Italians. Ray says Jose to come out his club sometime.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: The Mexican Job

Mission Giver: Ray Ramirez


When Jose enters Ray's office in El Oros, he finds a bit worried and wandering around the room madly. Jose immediately asks his uncle that what's the problem.


Jose: Hey, uncle. What's wrong?


Ray: My impression through the society is almost finished. My authority in this hood is not noticed anymore, all of those street punks think they're bigger than me, bigger than Raymundo Ramirez. I can't let those motherf*ckers ruin my business, Jose. I have doing work throughout this place for 11 years. I'm the biggest buffalo in this town.


Jose: Relax, uncle. I am here, I can handle things up. Just say the problem, so I process it.


Ray: Thanks, nephew. But you're new, I can't get into such a big danger like that.


Jose: Such a big danger like what?


Ray: I've been dealing on the corners of Dukes for years, nephew. Now some little street punks are getting upper than me, my street dealers are abandoning me. They're calling it new world conditions and hiearchy but it's not, it's games some assholes play on me.


Jose: They're calling it's not 1980's, it's 2008, huh? F*ck them. What are you dealing, uncle; stolen merchandise, electronic, wheels.


Ray: Drugs.


Jose: Oooh! Of course; drugs. Traditional Mexican merchandise.


Ray: But I can't pull my own nephew into this sh*t. Sorry, nephew.


Jose: But you said only way to become rich and powerful is involving in crime. - Déjame hacerlo a mí, tío - Let me do it, uncle


Ray: - Muy bien. Dejar enfriar a continuación. - Okay. Cool then. I've stucked some stuff in a pillbox in your apartment. Also there's a Spanish drug merchant named Xabi dealing in Cerveza Heights. He'll be pleased to take your dust.


Jose foots to the door, before he leaving the room, his uncle says:


Ray: Err... Thanks, nephew.


Jose exits from the office.


Jose goes to his apartment and takes the coke his uncle stashed (7 bags) and checks out Xabi, the drug dealer Ray arranged for Jose (marked with blue holdall) and contacts with them. The player's introduced to drug dealing mini-game there; the player selects the coke icon and determines the number of bags he wants to sell. Xabi thanks Jose for the good sh*t and after advises him that he needs crack, drop by him.


After a short while, Jose receives a text message from a drug dealer named Giacomo. He states that he's from Gambetti Family of The Commission and he has cheap and good heroin. He's at Meadow Hills, Dukes. After buying heroin from Giacomo (similar to selling drugs), the deal gets busted by cops. Jose has two star wanted level now, he must lose the cops (he can do it by spraying his car or keeping far distance from them) or directly go to his safehouse (it's most intelligent way, because he will go there anyway. Also if he's busted, all the drugs he carrying in his holdall will be taken by law enforcements). After dropping the stuff in the safehouse, mission passed!


Mission Passed!



Dependent on the profit you have gained from drugs.


Drug Dealing Minigame Unlocked!


user posted image Ray calls Jose says he prouds of him because he has such a talented nephew. Also advises that keep dealing drugs; it's a good way to make money. Ray says Jose to drop by his office sometime, they've something to do.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Swimming In The Drink

Mission Giver: Ray Ramirez


In this time, Jose finds his uncle drinking shots in the bar and Ray seems very very drunk.


Jose: Uncle. How you doin' ?


Ray: Oooov, nephew. What's going on? Wanna be lax bowels?


Jose: What!?


Ray: Huh! Huh! Huh! Huh! (laughs) Forget it. [blurg! Blurg!] (puke comes over) sh*t! I had drunk too much, I gotta go and puke up that sh*t. Wait me there, nephew!


After Ray rushes to the toilet, the bartender attempts a little chat with Jose.


Bartender: This old bastard. I always tell him to not drink so much, it makes him having jag. Isn't you Ray's nephew, uhh probably the name's Jose, I've a weak mind, I couldn't remember, you know. The name's right?


Jose: Right, Jose is the name and yeah I'm his nephew.


Bartender: My name is Edmundo, by the way. I've keeping this place's bar for years. I love Ray, not in gay way, err but he's a bit slimey motherf*cker.


Jose realizes Ray flushes out of the toilet and so he bids Edmundo an adieus:


Jose: Adios (Good Bye), Edmundo.


Edmundo: Gracias (Thanks), Mr. Ramirez.


Ray finally arrives near Jose.


Ray: Yeah. Uhh, ıhh. I feel better. Come on, let's go. We got bottles of alchocol to greet.


Jose: What? You want to die as lax bowels and sh*t sack?


So after Jose and Ray exits from El Oros and drop by off a Bobcat.


Ray: Drive to the docks where El Cruiser docked in. The shipment will come out there.


After a short while;


Jose: Are you f*cking crazy? You'll die of an alchocol coma soon.


Ray: We can't let this big shot smuggled alchocol go. Also it come from the old country, ehh!


Jose: F*cking illegal, smuggled alchocol. Why don't you purchase them from here? Every step is liquor stores here. Also I thought America is a place of everything.


Ray: Becauuuse smuggled alchocol is cheaper and better quality. Got it? We'll fool those rich young addicts playboys with these cheap lion milks. Also we could take care of some bottles, ehh nephew?


Jose: f*ck you. I don't want wake up as a blind poor in the next morning or some sh*t.



After reaching the docks, Jose and Ray will wait in the car until alchocol shipment docked out.


Ray: Here they are. Let's go.


Jose and Ray parks the pickup at the looking back position in front of the shipment after get out of it and greet the smugglers.


Ray: You got the milk?


Smuggler: You got the greens?


Ray: First drinks.


Smuggler: First cash.


Ray: (hoarsily) sh*t, I had forgot it.


Ray approaches Jose and whispers his right ear to stall off the smugglers until he loads the drinks in the baggage. Jose shakes his head for indicating that he understood. After Ray opens fire on the smugglers and runs to the shipment. After Jose aims his gun on the smugglers and stall them off (kill them) until his uncle carries all the drinks onto pickup.


After Ray loads all the drinks on the pickup, police sirens are heard and now player's ordered to get the pickup safely to the lockup at the back of El Oros . And the player must drive the pickup very carefully and not to toss so heavily, if the player does, alchocol bottles will break and mission fails.


After getting pickup safely to the lockup, Ray appreciates Jose and offers a taste of smuggled alchocol (but he declines) and mission passes:


Ray: Wow! You did it good todayi nephew. I really appreciated of your work.


Jose: Yeah? I was nearly f*cking killed.


Ray: Ignore that, nephew. You and me will reach the top, the eagle's nest. Anyway, I'll take some of the drink, you want some?


Jose: Uhh, f*ck it. You enjoy it. See ya later.


Mission Passed!



$ 4.000


user posted image A while after the mission, Ray calls Jose and orders him to put on elegant clothes before drop by off the club, because they are going to go to a high class, V.I.P meeting. So Ranch stores are all over Liberty City are unlocked.

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Liver Buster

Mission Name: Midnight Trouble

Mission Giver: Ray Ramirez


NOTE: The mission is only available between 20:00 and 06:00.


Jose walks down to his uncle's office to see him but he encounters with his uncle on the way. His uncle says they gotta go quick, they have a meeting to join:


Ray: Yo, Jose. You're looking too handsome, boy. Watch out, the girls can jump on you.


Jose: Uhh, thanks.


Ray: Let's limp to the way, nephew. We don't want to make party, drugs, women, alchocol wait.


After the both quickly get out of the club and get in Ray's black Admiral. After Ray orders Jose to drive down The Triangle Club which is a nice strip club in Northern Gardens, Algonquin. After a short while, they get on the road, some unknown men tail on them with some black cars and start to fire Ray and Jose with Micro SMGs.


Ray: sh*t! Who the f*ck they are?


Jose: Actually should ask to you.


Ray: F*ck you! Am I f*cking Nostradamus? I'm not!


Jose: I supposed you had lots of connections.


Ray: Yes, I have but it isn't concerned with this.


Jose: Really? Maybe this would about the guys you mess up. Thanks to you, now we're under the heat.


Ray: How do you know this is about it? Just lose the heat on our ass.


When they reach The Triangle Club, Three pimp style wearing men greet them and they go to the management room of the club. There are two prostitutes sitting in the room. Ray sits near one of the prostitutes and starts to kiss her in the neck meanwhile one of those men says "Slow down!" and after produces a packet of coke under the table. Jose reminds his uncle that he's cold on drugs and wants permission to go out. Ray accepts his permission, so Jose goes to bar, takes some shots and watches the exotic dances of the strippers. Meanwhile unknow four men with holding Micro SMG and Pistol yelling "You f*cks don't move. Our problem's only with those Trunchez motherf*ckers and that Mex f*ck Ray", Jose realizes them with quoting "f*ck! It's them. The same guys attacked me and tío (uncle). One of the men approaches Jose and asks him "You're the bastard who was near Ray bastard, right?". Jose produces a Pistol from the back pocket of his pants and puts a bullet to the man's head. After the other men aims their guns to Jose, Jose crouches and takes cover from the bar.


First off, Jose kills all of those three men and other four men who comes to accompany them. After, the other wave comes from the back exterior of the club. Jose kills all of these waves (made up of ten unknown men) and checks out the management office. He sees a man holding a AK-47 to Trunchez Brothers and yelling "It's payback time, you gutters", Jose shoots that dangerous guy several times in the back but he can't see his uncle, so then he asks Trunchez Brothers to where is his uncle, one of them states that he has gone to the toilet nearly before 15 minutes ago. After Jose rushes to the toilet, he checks out all the toilet blocks and finally finds his uncle but there's a man holding Magnum to him, Jose yells "No one f*cks with my family", pulls the trigger and [in Slow Motion] shots the man in the back of the head and the blood spreads over all Ray's face [in Slow Motion]. Jose asks Ray if he's alright. Ray says yes and states that they must get out of there.


When Jose and Ray get out of the club, the cops have already come over the locale and they order Jose and Ray to put their weapons down and surrender. Jose yells "F*ck off!" and shoots one of the police officers. After they get in their car and drives away.


Jose loses all the heat (two wanted levels) on their asses, after Ray says he needs to take bath and rest; he wants Jose to drop him off his apartment in Dukes Boulevard. Jose asks who those men are but he can't take a certain answer:


Ray: You're a real helper. Thanks, nephew.


Jose: Hey, tio (uncle). Who were those guys?


Ray: Who, nephew?


Jose: Don't play me stupid, uncle. The guys who hit the club.


Ray: How can I know? I am not a f*cking register.


Jose: But they said they wanted you and those pimp guys.


Ray: You'll understand, nephew. I'm a very successful businessman and there are a lot of bastard who envy me. Later, nephew.


Mission Completed!



$ 5.000


user posted image Jose receives a text message from an unknown person. That person states that he's Rique and he wants Jose to meet him at Meadows Park.


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arent mexican hats called 'sombreros'?


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Liver Buster
arent mexican hats called 'sombreros'?

I don't know its real name, so I listed it as "Mexican Hat". wink.gif




•Drug Dens side mission is added.

•"El Capo" achievement is added.

•Minor characters are updated. The Black Cat character Coltrane Strader took Fred O'Conner's role. Also Betim Valon, Adnan Kushtim, Phil Bell, Jin characters are added.



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arent mexican hats called 'sombreros'?

I don't know its real name, so I listed it as "Mexican Hat". wink.gif




•Drug Dens side mission is added.

•"El Capo" achievement is added.

•Minor characters are updated. The Black Cat character Coltrane Strader took Fred O'Conner's role. Also Betim Valon, Adnan Kushtim, Phil Bell, Jin characters are added.

Yes, they are called sombreros

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil...



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


user posted image


user posted image

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