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The Snow Storm


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I just recently started to play GTA IV again. The last mission I completed was "The snow storm".

I should be able to work for Brucie, Francis, Playboy X and Elizabeta, but when I walk into the yellow arrow to start a mission nothing happens. I can still do sidemissions like deliveries for Little Jacob and stealing cars for Brucie.

Could someone help me?

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EDIT: vvvv Whops. blush.gif


As for OP: Do you have the original copy? Do you use crack? Try re-installing the game. Which patch your game runs?

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Read the topic carefully please, he passed The Snow Storm. Try calling all the characters available on your cellphone, sometimes you can call them before they call you.


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I'm playing on a xbox360 and I have the original copy.

Have already tried to call everyone, but that's not the problem.


Their icons are on the map, but walking/driving into

the yellow marker doesn't trigger a mission to start.

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Stick with the topic in Troubleshooting now icon14.gif.



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