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✂ Render Topic

Recommended Posts

  • 2 weeks later...

In case somebody needs a render of him, here's Matteo Milleri from Tale of Us. I'll also render Carmine Conte (the second half of the band) soon and put it here. No-Stroke and Stroke versions:


Edited by TomilovSenya
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As promised, here's a render of Carmine Conte from Tale of Us. This is my very first render involving hair (and mustache) drawn separately by myself (well, the previous one contained it as well but there wasn't a lot of facial hair). I don't know if it looks alright but here you go anyway. No-Stroke and Stroke versions:


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^ Managed to do 2 of them. Also, I can't tell if this is exactly what you want/have in your mind, but I tried my best (especially with the second one; as I don't know if you also want the middle/"handshake" to be Rendered too or not --- I assumed the latter and did not render it. Same goes with the upper text).




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Can someone please make this transparent (so without the background) and then can someone remove the lettering on her, so it does not say Alpha. Then could someone make an additional copy where there is just holes where the eyes, nose, and mouth is. Thanks :)


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23 hours ago, ten-a-penny said:
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Are you using photoshop bro I'll give you a little tip try adding am inner stroke in black 1px maybe 2 px. That will take away the bits of white around the character and make it look better.


Also I'm so glad to see this topics going unfortunately the photo bucket links no longer work but the link that let's you download the whole gallery at the start still works. Unfortunately I can't contribute yet because I'm awaiting to buy a laptop.

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11 hours ago, River God said:

If someone could render this. I would really appreciate it.







Edited by ThereIsNoBathroom
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4 hours ago, Matrelith said:



Anyone here that can render Arthur from the picture above? You can cut off the shotgun barrel

I'd recommend waiting for a digital version.

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On 9/5/2018 at 7:44 AM, GTA717 said:

Can someone render this please?


thank you






20 hours ago, Matrelith said:

Anyone here that can render Arthur from the picture above? You can cut off the shotgun barrel



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