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Characters you want to know


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Every Gta has characters that we relate to and wish we knew in real life. Here are my Ideas for characters I would love..


Andy - Hilarious lowlife who lives under a bridge, but has the money for a mansion


Moses - Serious Manly John Marston Type character who will stick by you through the whole game


Six Nine - Group of Idlewood Gangsters who harass the MC but dont have the guts to try anything around him or anyone for that matter


Mr Frindle Bracktonburg - Jewish Lawyer who is passively aggressive. In court he will be kind, but later he pulls other Attorneys into Alleys and Breaks their Brackton - back!!


Willie pete - Redneck from red county, likes to Shoot animals just for fun and speak of myths of the Woods.


What Kind of Characters would you like the MC To hang out with??

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With V I want variety. I felt like it was missed in IV. God I hated roman. So much. I want to see a lot of different people. And I want them to be unique. I want to meet hoods and do home invasion missions with while they carry 9's and 45's. I want to meet crazy rednecks who you have to do some ridiculous job with while he's got his trusty 12 gauge shotgun like the one from sa(my favorite weapon of all time) I just want them unique and I want diverse experiences. All that can be said is V is going to be one hell of relief after years of IV

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I want a character like Brucie or Yusuf. God, they were awesome.

I'd also like the MC to have a best friend. Niko had Roman, but they were cousins. He hung with Little Jacob a lot, but this is only implied in cutscenes. He was only in the story at the beginning and end, save for one or two missions in Algonquin maybe. He says he can relate to the McReary family, so maybe he hung out with Packie a lot. Oh well, it's all speculation, anyway.

Maybe this character in question could be a friend who he met in the army and stuck around with or something like that.

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A char that likes to party a lot, has a lot of friends and does a LOT of car shows, and he invites you to them.

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Basically Jason Stratham, after Rockstar makes a couple hundred mill off of this next GTA they should sink a portion of the profits into developing the next gen GTA with a character based off of the roles played by Jason Stratham and they could have him play the role.

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