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GTA 2 Ending

xBlood Raven

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Sorry if has been asked but I can find nothing on it.


How do you on the pc version complete the game with GAME COMPLETE instead of NICE TRY!


Going mental over this lol as trying to 100% the game.

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You just have to finish all the missions before you go to the final pink flashing arrow.


Here's a 100% complete save (actually 99%): http://gtamp.com/GTA2/gta2-complete-saved-game.zip (all tokens, all kill frenzies and 21/22 missions done).


If you wait, the final mission will start automatically and the gang bosses will try to kill you. Even if you fail, you will still get "GAME COMPLETE!" when you go to the end.

Edited by Sektor
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I think there is more as I was watching a video of some guy on the FINAL JOB in the Industrial area and he completes the game and gets NICE TRY! It has left quite confused on what to do. Thanks for reply though.

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You get the "GAME COMPLETE!" message by doing at least 21 of the 22 Industrial (3rd level) missions (pause to see how many have been done). Once you have done enough missions, follow the flashing pink arrow, chose continue and it should say "GAME COMPLETE!". It still appears even if you used cheats. You don't have to do the kill frenzies to get that message.

Edited by Sektor
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Wait found this


This guy completes the last mission and gets gra ukonczona which means GAME COMPLETED so it must be every mission for the gangs and the final job mission biggrin.gif

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