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Deactivate Weapons?


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ive got a question: Me and my brother would like to buy GTA IV (he's 12, i'm 18), but our parents think it's too violent, what i fully understand. But we normally don't use weapons, we had San Andreas before, and we loved mod cars (hummer h2, audi a8, ...) and exspecially multi theft auto, where we raced against some other players or worked as police officers...


so i found a link to a mod that makes gta sa more child-friendly: http://www.gtagarage.com/mods/show.php?id=3071

this mod deactivates weapons by not allowing me as gamer to damage any other and also removes blood


so here's my question: does anyone of you know if there's a similar mod for gta iv or does anyone know how to program such things (damage from weapons to 0, no blood on the streets, no prostitutes or drug dealers,...)?


i fully understand my parents but, as i said above, we normally didn't use weapons. we also liked the police mod we saw on yotube and the realistic graphics.


please help me, my parents would surely allow us to buy the game if there was a safer way to play it

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well, i've tried removing the weapons.img from the game and then the weapons didn't appear (obvious), and i didn't get a single crash xD

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