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Hopeful for GTA V website


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I cannot wait until they start adding more and more information to the GTA5 website. I don't know about anyone else, but I was visiting IV's website almost daily in the months leading up to the release of GTA IV back in 2008, and I absolutely loved all the little pictures and videos and "advertisements" for things like Sprunk and the Bean Machine. That kind of stuff was so cool to me, because it just made the actual game feel so much more immersive when I finally started playing it after I had already seen a lot of the little things on their webpage.


I also did this for GTA SA, VC, and III and I remember they even had maps that you could zoom in on and read about all the different parts of the cities and the characters and weapons, and tons of other stuff to browse for hours just to ease the time until the release... (although half the people on this forum might be a little too young to remember way back in those good ol' days of 2002 and 2004! haha)


If they started doing this stuff for the GTA V website, then I don't think people would be begging for a second or third trailer all the time as long as they would add something small to the website every week or two, even if it was just something like an advertisement about a new tv show that you will be able to watch in your apartment in GTA V.



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They used to create entire websites dedicated to in game characters and companies, I remember checking out maccer's site before SA came out as well as some others. I wasn't as excited about IV as I was for SA so I didn't check up as often but did they do that kind of promotion with IV too?

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I remember that the wait between III an VC was immense back then, at least that is how i experienced it.


Now the wait is 4 to 5 times as long. Now that is patience.

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