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Portal 2


Recommended Posts


user posted image




user posted image


FULL PACK: Download


Chapter I: Download


Level 1: Download

Level 2: Download

Level 3: Download

Level 4: Download

Level 5: Download

Level 6: Download

Level 7: Download

Level 8: Download


Chapter II: Download


Level 9: Download

Level 10: Download

Level 11: Download

Level 12: Download


user posted image


First, download this pack:



You can only create a portal on a white wall.

-You can't create a portal on any other wall (different color, gates, fences,...)

-You can't create a portal on the ceiling. (the roof)

-Please follow the rules!

-And the most important thing is...DO NOT CHEAT!

-If you get stuck somewhere, just ask here.


user posted image


There will be hidden ID cards all over the level. Find them if you can. sly.gif


user posted image




Level 1-4




Level 5-8




user posted image

If you have free time, and if you knew the basic. You can create a map to share to everyone and I will post it here. (with credit of course)


user posted image

To play these missions, you must download this pack, it's the most important thing:


And I just want to say that this is not a copy of Portal 2, I just take the idea and change the story.

Feedback are appreciated.


user posted image

xGhostx: Topic, missions, logo.


Narcis_speed6: Headers.


XTREME0235: Signature.


Edited by xGhostx
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Seeing this second time. Good idea, but I don't think you'll finish. Anyway, good luck.


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Thanks guys. I don’t think this will never end, because i’m gonna keep making portal map. If i’m out of idea, i’m gonna stop to design black ops then continue.

Black ops is gonna be finish for sure, but this one never end. smile.gif

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Looks awesome! Goodluck Ghost! biggrin.gif

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Thanks again. smile.gif


Small update:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image


I need few more hours to complete the final level of chapter I, so expect it really soon.

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BIG UPDATE-Chapter I released, check main post for download.


Remember guys, don't cheat or break the rules if you get stuck, just ask here or check the walkthrough if available.

And don't forget to give feedback, even bad or good. colgate.gif

I suggest that you should turn off the hud and the map for maximum experience


Walkthrough coming soon.

Edited by xGhostx
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I think i showed you how to use it in level 1.

Alright, copy the .cs to CLEO to activate it, just type portal. Left mouse (fire button) to create a blue portal, middle mouse (press the mouse wheel) to create a yellow portal (look behind button)

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Played the missions. You really impressed me with those objects. They are well placed. The difficulty is hard for me, because I always follow the rules. And yeah, in Level 5 (Or 6? I don't really remember, it's the level that started in the deep of Area 69), you forgot to turn off the wanted level tounge2.gif .


But yeah, the missions is really fun to play. Good job and keep up! biggrin.gificon14.gif

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Thanks for your feedback! And of course you must follow the rules. sly.gif

BTW, I'm really sorry that I forgot to turn off the wanted level. sad.gif



Walkthrough uploaded!


Level 1-4




Level 5-8



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I recommend to download this mission-pack, because it's great, aslo the writing it's excellent, there are not many cutscenes, just some with help to pass the mission,the difficulty it's hard, and I like how the objects are placed!





Keep up with the great work! icon14.gif!

Edited by tinu09
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Ah, thanks for the help.

I ony have played Level 9. It was good though, but it was a bit frustating (Before I saw the picture), because the path you used is so small (I fall a lot). But yeah, after I saw the picture, I understand it, and I pass the level biggrin.gif


Going to play Level 10 icon14.gif

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Played the first chapter 1 and the only word I could say right now is, "awwwww". I loved it. I got stuck in some levels but I managed to figure a way out.

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  • 1 month later...


Awww, been a long time since I started this. But you gotta finish what you started so...





From now on, this mission pack will have no story as well as the character. I guess it doesn't need them to be a mission pack and it also quite useless for this one.


And 1 or 2 missions will be released later on today.


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