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I wanted to extract a head model from TLAD from the file called: m_y_multiplayer.wdd but the problem is there are more than one head models and I want to extract one of these head models which is in the file m_y_multiplayer.wdd how can I extract it out of m_y_multiplayer.wdd because I already tried to import it into 3dsMax2012 but the problem is all head models will be imported and I only want to import one of them how can I extract one head model from m_y_multiplayer.wdd to my desktop or another folder?

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importing only one of them its imposible i can guarantee you that. and the only way to do that is to import all the odd to 3ds max and edit only the head you want

(if you use 3ds max, you should know that the ped models need a skin modifier when you are exporting them and if you import them to max you will see that they already have that modifier, so you need to copy the modifier,convert to mesh or poly, edit the model and finally paste the skin modifier again, otherwise, wont work. if you didn't know this kind of things about 3dsmax you should learn before start to mod peds,if you did, great just follow my advise.)


dont ask if is there any other way, matter me, there is not other way to do that.

note:at the importing time go to the schematical view and set the "always arrange " mode, because model dictionaries may have hierarchy at the time of rendering in the game so be careful with that also.

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