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Dr. John

The Cartoon Shows topic

Recommended Posts

Dr. John


user posted imageuser posted image


Remember them? I guess yeah because some of them still watch it when there is nothing to do. I couldn't find such similar topic but let's keep all cartoon shows here. The age doesn't matters, even after marriage, many parents watch these shows. So, what is/was your favorite cartoon show? I would go for Tom and Jerry but I have some others too which many of you won't know.


Don't take this as a child's topic or something like,'Where has the word reputation gone?'. Anyone can talk about Cartoons, many of us are also a Cartoon Artist. So, share as many things about your childhood shows. smile.gif

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Well as a child I fondly remember watching:

- The Simpsons (I still do every now and then).

- Spongebob Squarepants (The only time I watch this show now is when my cousins are watching it).

- Recess - I used to watch this show nearly everyday, now for me it has been filed away with all of the old 90s - early 21st century shows I used to watch (and that list is a very long list).


These are the only shows I remember watching that are classed as "cartoons".

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Bumping because this topic deserves better than this. When I was a kid I watched Rocket Power, Spongebob, and nearly anything on Cartoon Network (except for the Toonami block, which I watch all the time now). I don't remember much about what I watched but whenever I do watch anything from thems days nostalgia hits me like a ton of bricks.

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^I agree. Luckily, I was alive at the age of 4 to watch some reruns on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Animaniacs and Freakazoids were must-watches for me. I remember watching Toonami back in 2002, although I didn't watch Dragon Ball Z. The He-Man: Master of the Universe remake was vivacious, definitely remember that.


Caught some reruns of Nickelodeon's Doug on Nicktoons. Yes, the Nickelodeon version. Disney's version is not so good. The only thing I remember watching cartoon-related on Disney Channel was "Vault Disney". Look it up on YouTube, just a programming block that started at 12am. Aired classic Disney cartoons(Steamboat Mickey, Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella, Zoro).



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Some favorites from my childhood(mid-1960s to early 70s) -


Johnny Quest(best ever)

Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Hour

Fat Albert

The Herculoids

The Flintstones

Kid Power

Batman/Superman Hour

Moby Dick & Mightor

Space Ghost

Marvel Superheroes



Davey & Goliath

Young Samson

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• The Simpsons up until series 6 best comedy ever!

• dragonball z

• ed edd and eddy

• recess

• ren and stimpy (flying toast man xD)

• catdog


Generally cartoons from the 90's because they didn't patronise the viewers

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I f*cking hated Mickey Mouse.


@Funktipus - I agree. Johnny Quest was the sh*t. Since it looks like we are close in age, did you cry during the Saturday morning showing of the animated version of "Goodbye My Lady"?


-Bugs Bunny/Road Runner was probably my all time fave.

-I actually used to play hooky from school to catch Star Blazers since it was a daily and not a saturday morning show.

-Wacky Racers was great. Penelope Pitstop let me know my sexual orientation.

-Jossie and the Pussycats. Another show that let me know I was into chicks.

-Rocky and Bullwinkle.

-Tom and Jerry, but only if it was directed by Chuck Jones. That may sound weird, but back during Tom and Jerry they made a big point to credit the directory in the opening credits - even as a youngster you could pick up on the 'good ones'.

-the list goes on and on...

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Vega LVI

Video games and TV were the biggest things in my life as a young boy and as a teenager. I've watched them all, thick and thin, but these are the ones that I will always remember:


• Doug (will always remember his alter ego's trousers on the outside of his outfit)

• The Ren & Stimpy Show (happy, happy, joy, joy!)

• Rugrats (their poor English made me feel superior lol.gif )

• Animaniacs (full of whacky characters and situations)

• Beavis & Butt-Head (reminds me of my brothers)

• Rocko's Modern Life (Ed was my role model)

• Pinky and the Brain (number one cartoon of all time)

• Dexter's Laboratory (used to watch with my sister)

• Hey Arnold! (FOOTBALL HEAD! lol.gif )

• Johnny Bravo (besides Ed from Rocko, Johnny Bravo was my second role model)

• Courage the Cowardly Dog (I never could understand what the f*ck was going on, but I enjoyed myself)

• Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy (always though Double D was a chick)

• Rocket Power (I was really into skateboards and the like at this point of my childhood)

• Recess (one word: awesome)


There's many more, but this is my all-star list.

Edited by StoneHead37

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Batman: The Animated Series was the greatest cartoon of all time. The best writing, producing, and directing. Oh and it was beautifully drawn.


Best episode recap...


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Disney's Gravity Falls is a helluva good show.

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there's a whole list of shows that I watched:




*dragonball z

*jonny bravo

* hey arnold!

*dexter's lab


*the real adventures of johnny quest( I loved that intro)

*x-men: the animated series

*action man(CG version)

*max steel

*rocko's modern life

*batman TAS

*Superman TAS

*the animaniacs

*pinky and the brain


man, I miss the 90's sad.gif

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Growing up in the mid nineties, Cartoon Network used to be loaded with Looney Tunes and the old 60s and 70s Hanna Barbera stuff including...


Scooby Doo (plus it's many spinoffs)

The Flintstones (plus it's spinoffs)

The Jetsons

Josie and the Pussycats tounge.gif

Captain Caveman

Johnny Quest

Space Ghost

Yoigi Bear

Hucklebery Hound

The Blue Falcon and Dino Mutt

Wacky Races (plus it's many spinoffs)


Hong Kong Phooey

Tom and Jerry

Fish Police



plus many many more.


Cartoon Network (or CN as it's called now, apparently) was great back in the 90s...plus you had WCW wrestling on at 9:00 or something tounge.gif

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Seeing Pandazoot's list is bringing back some memories.

How about:

-Under Dog

-Grape Ape


IMO some of the best old ones were some of the one off cartoons and special cartoons (I believe by WB). House of the future and stuff like that.

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Okay, Guys, I Now In Teen Ages, 13 Years Old, And Now, I Want To Tell You My History Watch Cartoon:


Spongebob Squarepants (2001-2012)

Now, The Spongebob Squarepants Have A Bad Episodes Like Patrick More Stupid, Idiot, Even Mad And Evil!


Tom And Jerry (My Brothers, 1994-2006, Temporary Me, 2000-Now)

If You Watch This Cartoon, Then Laughed And After It You Bored, If You Wait 1 Years Or More, And You Will Forgot About This Cartoon And Can Laugh Again! lol.gif


Kirbie (2004-2006)

Don't Say I'm Too Childish About This Japan Cartoon! sad.gif


Ninja Hatori (2010-2012)

Man, Previous I Like This Japan Cartoon, But, After Several Month, I Hate This Japan Cartoon! mad.gif


Dora The Explorer (2005-2005)

Don't Say My Behaviour Is Girl! I Like This Cartoon Just Don't Know About It, Because When That Time I'm 5 Years Old.


Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward (2011-2012)

This Cartoon Is Very Cool Because Have Tighten Action And Story, But The Cartoon Doesn't Presentation Again On Channel cryani.gif


Chowder (2012-2012)

Well, I Think This Cartoon Still Have Definitely Look Good, But, I Don't Watch It Because The Episode Still Old, No New Episode.


Adventure Time (2012-Now)

The Story And Episode Often New, Its All Because I Like This Cartoon wink.gif


Regular Show (2012-Now)

The Story, New Episode, And Tighten Action Makes This Cartoon Have Many Fans Like Me wink.gif

Oggy And The Cockroaches (2008-Now)

This Cartoon Looks Very Cool Effects, And Animation, Because Its Use 3D Model Combined With 2D Model, Thats Why I Like This Cartoon Till Now lol.gif

Amazing World Of Gumball (2012-Forever)

The AWOG In My Opinion Is The Best Cartoon Ever Made In World! lol.gif :inlove inlove.gif This Cartoons Graphic And Effects Is Combined And The 3D Model And 2D Model Is Also Combined, This Is Have Super Beautiful Interface, Because Its Use The Real World Interface, I LOVE THIS CARTOON FOREVER!!!! inlove.gifinlove.gif


Thats All My History Watch Cartoon wink.gif

Edited by Rizqan7

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Hey Arnold was on another level and ahead of its time.

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Spider-man (1994)


TMNT (2003)

One Piece


Rocko's Modern Life

Fairly odd parents

Jimmy Neutron

Hey Arnold




Wild Thornberry's


Street Sharks

My Goldfish is evil

and many more

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I'm surprised no one mentioned the biker mice series! :lol:

seriously! who can beat the 2006 version NOR its game? :cool:




and I can't get all this 2006 version is gay thing. :p

fan of all versions :cool:

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ren and stimpy

cow & chicken

itz no good ( sultan instead of the sultan )

wacky races


to many...

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Vincent Johnson


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Sooooo, im going to bump this old topic, because i think cartoon show didn't get enough recognition it deserved.
Lots of em actually had some clever story that put some adult-oriented show to shame. Watching a cartoon show is a guaranteed fun for me.

I've watched lots of cartoon.
For a children-oriented cartoon, i recently discovered Gravity Falls. Its cute, and fun to watch, not to mention that the art and animation is so great.
The story is great, loved the idea of unfolding some mystery in the Gravity Falls, which is sometimes just plain awesome and silly.


For an adult-oriented one, i've watched Archer, Bob's Burger, South Park. Those are universally received, because it is that great.
Recently finished up Rick and Morty. I liked Dan Harmon 'Community', so i decided to give it a try. It was awesome, lots of unexpected stuff happen, and it is mindblowing. Can't wait for the next season.

But my favourite would be BoJack Horseman. The premise is pretty weird. It started like your average adult-cartoon show.
But as the show progresses, the more serious drama begin to unfold, and it hit me right in the guts. I pretty much never felt this emotional after watching a cartoon, because i can relate at some stuff said in the show.
Recommended it to everyone. Ignore the critic review, because they only watch some early episodes only, then ignore the later.
The show took some unexpected serious turn in storytelling at later episodes. It's on Netflix, and it is short, so its worth to binge-watch it.

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Anybody here watches Dice? I am yet to see the English version but the Arabic version is just amazing. Decided to re-watch it the past days. Currently at Episode 37.



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