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Animated award avatars


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Hey GFX'ers


I'd like a few animated avatars (.gif)


Basically this is what I require:


  • An award for deadliest killer, so for example , a plain white spinning glock pistol. If you are feeling extra generous create three (bronze, silver, gold)


  • An award for most efficient, so for example, a plain white spinning dollar symbol, again if feeling extra generous create three, bronze, silver and gold.


  • Lastly a golden trophy or medal that shines or spins, if possible with 'GTAF' written underneath, or make it a small movie avatar, like GTAF GANG WAR>GOLD CUP.

These will be used here. I've done the GFX myself for the event, it's just I can't do animation, all credit will be given, and any attempts would be appreciated, please PM me them also. To keep them a surprise for competitors colgate.gif





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I realise it's not been 5 days yet, so I apologise for the double post.


This is to just say, that so far nobody has messaged any attempts to me , I realise it is a difficult request and understand If I'm asking for too much.


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Ok this has now been done. (feel free to lock if required)


Major thanks to UNRATED69.


Excellent quality and just perfect, thanks so much.


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