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Plane Replacement issues


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I recently felt like playing San Andreas again so I reinstalled it and downloaded a few mods for it some of which are planes. I installed them, one at a time, using SAMI(none of the modded planes come with any handling lines etc, just the .txt and .dff). My problem arises when I try and replace a plane by a modded one that was not made for that plane (e.g. replacing the default dodo with a jet fighter that was supposed to replace the hydra). I can recall doing this sort of thing in the past but each time I try either the game crashes or freezes on load or when I try to enter the plane it crashes. Can anybody shed some light on this predicament and possibly a solution?



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You can do it with cars but not with planes, they have custom IDE and handling lines (flags) for each one.

The same thing happens when you replace the hunter with an heli with more than 1 door, it crashes


You can try editing the model but ingame probably will look horrible.

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I thought it would be this. Guess I will just have to choose between them

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