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Hey there artists!


I'd like some WWE Themed No new & New posts Icons.

I'd also like some RAW themed, Smackdown themed, WWE Superstars themed, NXT theme no new/new posts ICONS, go to last read post ICONS.

I also need some WWE Backstage area themed banners.


And if anyone is willing, some WWE Themed Forum buttons!


Can anyone help me with a skin?


I'll hand you the full credit! smile.gif

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How about some sizes? we can't guess what is your forum template.
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Specify each button's size. So we can make 'em in quick.


Also, a size of banner is needed.

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Sorry for not mentioning tounge.gif


Banners- 1000x600


Buttons- user posted image

About the size of this but I need them transparent(No background). smile.gif


Thanks for agreeing to help!


If you're williing please make different specific themed buttons for each section!



Thanks! biggrin.gif

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I don't know what host you are using for your forums but if its zetaboards/invisionfree I suggest checking out Zathyus Networks Resources


and also for WWE renders you can always check out Official PDS


Just some suggestions... biggrin.gif

Oh, I'm Jcink, I didn't get the renders part and thanks for the suggestions!

But, I'm still gonna' wait for the GFX guys to help me out! They're the best!

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Southern Comfort


Is anyone helping? confused.gif

We would help a lot faster if you were more specific on what you want. Any specific wrestlers you want? Otherwise they'll just be random and could be the opposite of what you want. The color scheme of your board is important (so maybe a link to the forum so we could match it up?), the actual name of your board (banners usually have the forum name on it haha) just more specifics man. Being vague on requests can end up getting you something completely opposite of what you wanted, and for an example.


user posted image


A glossy WWE banner with place holder text. tounge.gif I wouldn't expect a Wrestling forum to have something like that. Hell, if you want it you can have it, just something I made real fast trying to figure out what you wanted.


So yeah, a few more details and hopefully someone will help you out. wink.gif


Also if you are just starting a forum I'd stay away from Jcink and maybe use ZetaBoards. When I ran a Jcink forum it had all sorts of problems and the Zetaboards layout is just a bit cleaner looking. More community friendly anyways.

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For new/no new posts, I need them WWE themed, like, I'd like a WWE logo to be used in it.



Thanks for advice, I'll shift ASAP!

No specific wrestlers, just the famous ones!


The logo,

Its somewhat close to the GTA V logo, a little at least.

In place of the 'V' I want the WWE logo and in place of that banner saying five, I'd like a cinematic reel with some of the moments(pics) from WWE. Please make the reel a little longer for a baner on both sides.


Thanks for your time!

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