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Paramedic Missions


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So I've been really frustrated about the paramedic missions in this game. Especially Los Santos. The game decrease your time to pick up your patients when you start a new level once you get past level three. It gives you only one minute or 59 seconds to get your next patient. I even had the experience of dropping off my patients at the hospital with 36 seconds to spare and they didn't even have the common sense or courtesy to give me adequate time to get to my last patient which was located at the Los Santos International Airport!! 36 seconds to get their wouldn't be enough time and the patient died!! What should I do in order for this not to happen. Should I go to a different city?

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First off, wrong forum, its San Andreas, not GTA III.

Second, do the paramedic missions in Angel Pine. (The village in the bottom left corner of the map.) There should be Ambulance somewhere, activate the mission and you'll realise how easy it is. It will take you about 20 minutes.

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