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Requesting Pilot Trainer! [PSN]


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PSN: EasternMonkey


I am a frequent gta iv player and i have mastered just about everything in the game, i can playing on disallow very well, i am alright at allow and i have mastered a few glitches (i only glitch with friends not it matches) so im looking to try something new


i've been trying to pilot for a while now and to be honest i really do think i could use all the help i can get. i have mastered the orbiting technique just about, but it could still use some practice..


I need help with everything, i really want to become a good pilot on gta, i want to master something more challenging


thanks icon14.gifbiggrin.gif

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ill help you out. I will hop in a maverick and you can try to kill me with annihilator.


we can also play chopper vs chopper and you can always b pilot. (TLAD)

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