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Strange thing about Todays E3 schedule


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Thursday, June 7

10:00am Day 4 Begins!

11:00am Tekken Tag Tournament 2

11:20am LEGO Batman 2

11:40am Persona 4 Arena

12:00pm DmC (Devil May Cry)

12:20pm Lost Planet 3

12:40pm Medal of Honor: Warfighter

1:00pm ZombiU

1:20pm Rayman Legends (Wii U)

2:00pm World of Warplanes

2:20pm Quantum Conundrum

2:40pm Metro: Last Light

3:00pm PlanetSide 2

3:20pm Disney Epic Mickey 2

3:40pm Aliens: Colonial Marines

4:00pm LittleBigPlanet Vita

4:20pm Forsaken Souls

4:40pm SimCity

5:00pm Nintendo Game!! (TBA)

5:20pm Beyond

5:40pm IGN's Game of the Show!


You can see that every game has been given a 20 minute incremental timeslot. Question is... WHERE is the game at 1:40?? 1:40 Seems to be missing on this list. Rayman legends is at 1:20 and then next game is at 2:00. Weird, isn't it? tounge.gif

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Hmm. Cuz maybe... you know... people wanna have a piss break and grab a snack? You'd expect people to sit through game demos straight from 10AM and till almost 6PM?

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hm, it's pretty weird, I don't think Rayman would take 40 mins of time

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Dr. Zoidberg

I dont get how thats got anything to do with GTA:V...


Are you suggesting that they missed out on the reveal of GTA:V in that time slot?

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Harwood Butch3r

Does this REALLY deserve its own thread?

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