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Items placed in MEd do not appear


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I have been using MEd for a while now, however the objects I place on my map in GTA III do not appear.


In the past the objects I've placed appear, now others don't.


i'm trying to put a bar barrier fence around Francis Intl., however none of the barriers appear, at all.


I've got a custom IDE and IPL, the fence has some overlapping objects but it has worked in the past and I can never get fences perfect.


Can anyone provide intel as to why this is not working?

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Is this a placement of an original III object or adding a new map model? If you're just placing one of III's original map objects then you don't need an ide file, that's not what they're for.

To make sure the ipl line is loaded by GTAIIII: Do it manually. icon14.gif

Use MEd to place the object but copy the ipl line directly from inside MEd and paste it into a notepad document, then close MED without saving (so that the map is unchanged) and then open an original GTAIII ipl file, (make sure it is one thats loaded by the gta3.dat) and paste the ipl line that you made using MEd into the ipl file to make sure it actually exists.

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Sorry, I made a mistake, I don't have an IDE, jsut an IPL.


I'm using original GTA III items.


I'll try what you mentioned below, thanks!

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the problem seems to be that MEd won't write the codes for the new items to the actual file.


In the file there is about 30 objects, in the MEd ipl stored there are about 50.


Why won't it write?


I've taken ownership of the data folder, could it be write permissions?

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No idea.

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Med needs to be updated for windows 7/Vista


Use Moomapper or Ked.


Easy to find on GTAGarage.


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