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Burglary with camera

Pooka Mustard

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I don't know if this has been covered lately or not and I won't bother to search cause my WiFi antenna is so broken it can't work properly. However I haven't seen those two things in Glenster's PC guide, therefore I'll post and wait to see if I was the first to discover this or not, and if its just me or not. This has worked on the PC version, I dunno if it will also work on the other two versions.


In the burglary mission, the camera seems to be against you. The reason is so simple: when you break into a house, and pick up an item while holding the camera, in case you press RMB/R1 to bring up the camera's scope, two things happen:


-The item you hold vanishes into thin air, and

-The noise bar goes up like 2/3 of noise.



Please guys, try this on all versions to ensure that what I think I discovered do work. Then I can submit it to guides.

Edited by Diego "DM" Mendez
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So no people looks at this? If so, I request it to be moved to the root forum (GTA San Andreas).


Also when you're moving the thread out, could you test the thing, lil weasel? Always helpful that you are smile.gif .

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It's fine where it is.

Changing to camera holding a stolen item and then trying to take a picture (zooming) does cause the item to disappear. It didn't cause any alarm or notice of police on the way.


As far as any responses to this 'trick' it doesn't raise any interest.

If it was found before, it doesn't go anywhere and has no enjoyment value.


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You never got detected... Weird. I must try again with a fully empty noise bar. Plus I need to know which version you're playing, but I assume you're on PC. Mine is V1 (AO) btw.


Since you didn't bring up a single thread talking about this trick, I'm just gonna let Glen know about it. Its still good this game is pumping secrets even after 7 years, even if those secrets sucked biggrin.gif . Rockstar is so wonderful at this.

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I tried the camera again and I found out it doesn't get you detected. However it rises the noise bar up like 2/3, which could mean that the camera gets you the most noise in the side mission.


This interests me as I have discovered a new thing, again, by luck. Reminds me of when I discovered the rhino boost trick in SA.

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