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DYOM Youtube Index


Since heaps of DYOMer's are on Youtube and post videos about DYOM. I thought, why not make an index with them all. If you or someone else is not on here, just request nicely with the link to your/there channel.


Last Updated: July 10, 2012.



Alifjenius Alifjenius alifjenius' DYOM Missions Review Jan 11, 2010 Here
AnDReJ98 TheMrAnDReJ98 TheMrAnDReJ98 Jul 09, 2012 Here
Apit2010 Alanj2007 AlPaintStudios (Alanj2007 Pr.) May 22, 2007 Here
Arejai [NEW] Sparr0wPhantom Sparr0w Phantom Mar 09, 2012 Here
Arejai [OLD] Tataro100 Tataro100's Here Jul 22, 2009 Here
AznKei AznKei1 Mio Akiyama, action girl style Apr 17, 2010 Here
Caio3771 GTADyomMissoes GTA Dyom Missions May 14, 2012 Here
Cammi VirologicProductions VirologicProductions Jun 15, 2012 Here
COOLMAN12234555896 Gtaman896 CM@GrandTheftAuto Aug 19, 2010 Here
Darkseller63 Darkseller63 Darkseller63 Oct 25, 2011 Here
Doublepulse FireryNapalm FireryNapalm Feb 21, 2008 Here
Dutchy3010 Dutchy3010 Dutchy3010 Aug 19, 2006 Here
FlamingSpaz FlamingSpaz991 Gaming and stuff! Aug 03, 2012 Here
GalacticXp1 GalacticXp1 Gta Sa Horror and action films Nov 08, 2009 Here
GTAIndonesia BoyzCorporation BoyzCorporation's Channel Jul 17, 2009 Here
GTA!!! TheGTAIII TheGTAIII May 27, 2009 Here
ItsAllAboutGTA ItsAllAboutGTA IGTA Apr 01, 2011 Here
Jetjatin TheSangwaiya Jetjatin Nov 28, 2010 Here
Jimmy_Leppard Jimmyleppard6 Welcome, dudes Nov 10, 2008 Here
Juan-R GTAJuanR Everything GTA Sep 05, 2011 Here
KaRzY6 KaRzY6 KaRzY6 Aug 07, 2011 Here
Kratos2000 Kratos4011 Kratos4011's Channel Jan 01, 2011 Here
Lee_atsugai leeatsugai97 The 141 Production May 04, 2011 Here
LeonCJ TheLeoncj LnD Aug 13, 2009 Here
Mattatatta MattaTatta92 Mattatatta: Its on your tongue Aug 25, 2008 Here
Nitesh aka AAAAAAA NiteshDH NiteshDH Mar 17, 2012 Here
NothingSpecial NothingSpecialGTA NothingSpecialGTA's Channel Mar 15, 2012 Here
Notna JaamiesAce Home of NSW Sep 12, 2010 Here
Pauliux2 Pauliux22 Pauliux22's Channel Jan 09, 2011 Here
ProtoZeroZ FinaleSoul1 Modern Warfare Missions Sep 24, 2010 Here
SatournFan [NEW] BlurayMinecraft Канал пользователя BlurayMinecraft Jan 18, 2012 Here
SatournFan [OLD] SaturnFanDYOM Канал пользователя SaturnFanDYOM Feb 16, 2011 Here
Secronom President [NEW] LenovoProductions LenovoProductions Sep 22, 2012 Here
Secronom President [OLD] SecronomPresident Chaine de SecronomPresident Dec 24, 2010 Here
Shiva s Siva Ss Siva Ss May 09, 2012 Here
ThaBoY Quincy993 GTA Series Videos and more Apr 09, 2011 Here
TheXProyect CrossFireCrom CrossFireCrom Jul 12, 2009 Here
UNRATED69 MrHuggablySoft MrHuggablySoft's Channel Oct 16, 2010 Here
xGhostx x8xassassinx8x ACR Production May 25, 2011 Here
xMatix xMatix123 ..::Maslanek::.. Jan 18, 2008 Here
Zizo008 MrAzizTV 008 Productions Oct 29, 2011 Here
-S-hark21 IcedShark21 Shark Production Nov 17, 2011 Here
Edited by KaRzY6
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Thanks guys. Added...






-Nitesh aka AAAAAAA

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Added you. smile.gif




Cheers bro. I really like your Black Ops trailer. smile.gif

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Hehe, thanks. I already released the missions, play when you have time, ok? And don't forget to give feedback. wink.gif

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Hehe, thanks. I already released the missions, play when you have time, ok? And don't forget to give feedback. wink.gif

I will sometime. Anyway, we should stop talking about that here. We could get reported for off-topic. smile.gif

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Aww, awesome work once again, Karzy. You're really contributing a lot to the forums day by day. Keep up the good work.

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Wow! I like this topic! Good idea, as always! icon14.gif

Cheers Darkseller. smile.gif

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