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Was TBoGT a clue to GTA V?


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Ok, let's make it quick:


THE STORY LINES= In GTA SA, your character (CJ) was a gangster who, after being far away from home for a long time, goes back to his friends and family (the ones who were still alive). He tries from every possible way to get their trust and respect back while tries to avoid somethings in his past.

TBoGT wasn't much different from this, the biggest difference was the social context of Luis and other minor details.


THE PROTAGONISTS= Both CJ and Luis were part of the "Minorities". It may be a insignificant point, but can't deny it's true.


THE GAME FEEL= While playing TBoGT, I fell more "free". Personaly, I think TBoGT was more fun than TLAD and the normal GTA IV; the game had a big varity of guns (and the so claimed parachute!), nice and fast vehicles, a heli that shoot stuff and heck, EVEN A TANK! May I say it reminded me of something?


THE ENDING= *Spoiler* Both games ended with sequences of pursuits and most importantly, in A PLANE *Spoiler*.


But wait, what does this crap have to do with GTA V anyway? Well, knowing that a big part TBoGT's story happened after the end of the normal GTA IV, we can identify a very kryptic message here saying: "Hey, remember when that stuff happened before and you was like 'Wow, sh*t'? Well, just wait to see, it was just to remind you...". So, you see? heh...


There are more things I saw in TBoGT but, i wanted to live it with you.


btw, I think GTA V will have the opition to retry missions (because they put it in TBoGT and RDR)

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GTA:SA ended in Grove Street after Tenpenny drove the fire truck off the bridge, and TBOGT ended in a park but at least the plane scene was right before that. And the rest is bullsh*t too.

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There was also that GTAV picture in the 'Fun Faire' of TBoGT

You talking about th vinewood sign and Shamal?


That was never limited to TBOGT, it was always there.

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I think Yusuf went to Los Santos. Packie to Ireland. Niko probably moved away to Los Santos too and easter eggs will be among us.

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