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This has been covered over and over, but everything I've found so far doesn't seem to alleviate the problems that I am having. In the beginning of the game, or even throughout the game, while I'm driving and running around and such my game will lag every 5 or so seconds. I know it's not my PC because I am well over the minimum required specs needed for the game. I tried the .txt file solution, though because I bought and installed the game from Steam I can't seem to find the "root" for GTA IV on my PC. I\m usually good with fixing these issues, but this has made me frustrated and feel like an idiot. My PC specs are as follows:



Intel® Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz

8.2 GB RAM

AMD Radeon HD 6570


any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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What are your graphical settings?

They should be around low-medium due to your weak videocard.


About the .txt file, your steam folder is somewhere here:



C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\grand theft auto iv


That's where the file belongs, you should atleast have "-noprecache" and a "-memrestrict XXX" command (no quotes) to my opinion.


There is a way to use the 4th patch on the Steam version of the game, you should Google it and see if that might help.

You can also search for some performance-increasing mods on the web, though I doubt those will help a bit.

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I'll try that, though even with the memrestrict numbers it says 1000M+ which I have 1024MB for my videocard. Le sigh, I'll keep trying. Thanks for the quick reply.

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I can't help but think that your video card might be bottle-necking your CPU. Any chance of an upgrade in the future? Otherwise, you'll just have to keep tinkering with the settings until you find a combination that works.

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How do you guys figure that is a weak video card? That is a 6000 series card, which the 6000 series for ATI is not that old, as the 7000 series just came out this year....


That is a higher-end card than my ATI Radeon HD5470, and yet, I can run the game at medium to High settings at 30+ fps using ONLY Patch 4 AND the memrestrict commandline...Even with Patch 7 and that command line, it is the same fps(My Steam version is Patch 7 and my Retail(DVD) one is Patch 4)...Here's proof: and the settings: here's the settings..


As you can see from the screenshot, I can bump the settings up more than that, and still be under the resource usuage..Even though the game does not recognize the vram correctly, as I have 3216mb, yet the game only recognizes 1240mb for some reason? as seen here.. Just a heads up, that if a lower-end card can play it(the HD5470), than a 6000 series card should work better? confused.gif This is even on a Intel I5 Quad core @2.53 GHZ with up to 2.93GHZ with Turbo Boost and 6GB DDR3 Ram, and 7 Home Premium OS..so, the OP's I7 and 8GB Ram should perform better... confused.gif


Note: On the video, there is NO lag, it was just hard trying to hold the camera in one hand and use the mouse/keyboard with the other... tounge2.giflol.gif

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