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Keyboard Number Giver


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Keyboard Number Giver


Hello everyone. This is me, Joni2030 with a new Tool. Basically this Tool let your get your keyboard numbers.







Joni2030 for the mod


... and you, for hopefully downloading this.





Do not distribute this tool without my permission. You can ask me for permission on GTA Garage, Facebook "Joni Lomakin". Thanks again for using this mod!


How to use



You just launch the tool and then you press key what you want and you will get ASCII number and then you just put it to your mod enjoy...


this is my First Tool so be nice





Just put the exe to your Own files or some where you want it Enjoy...


You can´t get number of shift ctrl or f1-12 or numpad

Edited by Joni2030
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So this is basically:


char = getchar();

std::cout << (int)char;



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