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"Going Deep": What do I have to do?!

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I've tried everything doing this mission and yet still can't get the time below the required 6:30 minutes.


Drove like a madman to the garage using the Meadows Park shortcut. Took out all the NOOSE vehicles using the RPG each with one rocket. Drove back to Bulgarin's house like crazy without crashing into any other vehicles, and STILL only managed to get 6:44 mins!


How the hell can I shave off those 14 seconds? The only time in the mission where I was sitting around playing with myself was when Louis was waiting crouched behind the car waiting for the first NOOSE vehicles to turn up, which took ages. Is there any way to get them to appear sooner. This is the only thing I can think of to cut the time any further.


The time requirement on this mission is far too tight.


Oh yes, and Bulgarin and Timur are a pair of retards. Louis gets in the car in the Garage and they just stand there next to it like statues, so Louis has to get out of the car, get back in before they finally decide to join him. Wasted at least 10 seconds so I got out and put a bullet in their brains (which didn't work). In the end I sticky-bombed them and felt a lot better afterwards. Too f**king stupid to live, the both of them.

Edited by namor

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GTA Phreak

A few tips:

Notice where the first wave of attackers park and throw stickies before they arrive, - when they do blow the lot.

Don't blow up the last FIB Buffalo, - use it for your escape. It's the fastest car available, and it won't get you a wanted level when you blast through the toll booth.

And remember the shortcut through the park.

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Finally did it after a whole weekend and God knows how many tries with one second to spare. Took out the first NOOSE van and FIB Buffalo with the RPG as they came down the ramp. Waited for the next two NOOSE vans and took these out with the RPG as they trundled down the ramp and then blew the last FIB Buffalo as it came to a stop in the garage. Then I blew the sticky bomb, got into an undamaged car (had to wait a while before the two Russian retards decided to get in) then went hell for leather towards the Algonquin Bridge and lost the following FIB Buffalo before I got to the junction. Fortunately I managed to cross the bridge and get onto the off-ramp without any collisions or delays and then it was a breeze to get back to Bulgarin's.


Finally got the 100%. This one was down to the last second and I'm glad it's over.

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