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LaUgHiN gUy

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LaUgHiN gUy

The Aztecs arrived in the Iriliath as homeless wanderers. They had to eak out a precarious existence by allying themselves with more powerful tribes in the area. They finally settled on a plain on the of a Lake. The Aztecs were successful in retaining this site in part because it was generally an undesirable location and in part it was at an intertice of local empires. Any tribal group considering capturing the Aztecs and their territory risked provoking their more powerful neighbors into a major war.

So the Aztecs were left to build their Lands. Soon after many of the great allies betrayed the Aztec. And the little allies the Aztec did have were useless. The Aztec tried to defend themselves when times of battle came but the greater powers were too strong. As the Aztec started to fall a group of Noble Warriors’ came from the Mainlands to help defend against the greater powers. As this group of Warrior helped the Aztec in battles and rebuilding the lands most of the Tribe believed they could rise once more. The group of warriors became fond of the Aztec and decided to become a true Aztec. They had already proven themselves to the whole Tribe so the Chief Ahu decided to teach them the ways of the Aztec. And today the Aztec plan to rebuild on what the great powers did to there lands. And are very rarely ask for alliances. Many try to enemy The Aztec because of there risk of losing there land and power to them.








This story does go with something, I know it not the Official History of the Aztec All I wish is for a tweak or a small add


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You want someone to edit it? I'll just give my two cents for now, don't feel like it, sorry bro.


More of a history lesson than an actual story. Very exposition-al. A few grammar mistakes but you don't seem to speak English so I'll let it slip. Although, I have to say the first paragraph is roughly accurate to the real history of the Aztecs, so I don't know whether you actually looked up Aztec history or not. But still, this isn't a story, its a history book. Focus on characters, plot etc!


Do you know what would make a good story, according to Aztec legend? The Aztecs were slaves under the Toltecs after they had been defeated but they were still a nuisance. So the Lord of Culhuacan city sent them away to fight a powerful enemy, sure they'd be defeated in battle. But the Aztecs returned, causing the Lord to accuse them of running away and being cowards. The Aztec warriors opened sacks and poured mountains of human ears all over the Lords feet, showing they had beaten the enemy4. That's how the Aztecs proved their worth and were given land. IMO, building a story around that event would be good, maybe from the viewpoint of one warrior as he contemplates the future. I don't know, just w*nking on now.

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