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Dan Houser interview on game informer.


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I donno if this has been said before but if so. Feel free to lock the topic.


On the game informer magazine. With Dan House. He said that he couldn't say more then what was on the press release And that it was Los Santos and surrounding country side, when he was asked if the game was back to San Andreas.


Maybe I'm mixing things but why should he say that he can't say more if it would only be Los Santos and Country side... He would just say: It's not entire San Andreas. It's Los Santos And surrounding countryside.


Maybe it's more then that. Maybe not. I'm not saying the final word I'm just giving a possibility

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And this needs a topic??


I feel sorry for the mods here...



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You´re very late with that..

And please don´t start this discussion again asshole.

Hardstyle + Dubstep =

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