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I'm very sure this has probably been brought up before. Everytime I google to see if this is possible or its been done, the only thing that pops up is the GTA 4 google street view map that has been created. Now I know nothing about programming, but would it be possible to somehow import an area from google street view, and somehow integrate that into gta 4? Like load all the elements, except the map, (like the cars and pedestrians etc) and drive around in a real city. How awesome would it be to go around causing havoc in your own neighborhood? It may sound like it would be horrible, but just like how google has a 3d modeling tool for people to create buildings for google maps, maybe a tool like that could be integrated into it as well, so people help build models instead of one person doing all the work. If this seems totally impossible and I'm way over my head, I'm sorry, its been something that's been pondering in my head and I had to let it out somewhere.

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Street View is just a collection of photos pasted, taken from a camera Google has in their cars. It's not possible.


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