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[REL|SA|VC|MVL] 2002 Greenwood

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Here is the second car on what will most likely become my 2002 Collection of Cars, it is a more modern interpretation of what the Greenwood could look like, the main purpose of this car and the other 2002 ones to come for GTA: State Of Liberty, we plan to have III, VC & SA Cars all working, and it has been decided we should also have some more modern interpretations of Vehicles, so well here is one of them. Enjoy.


I am not sure what will come next but am Open for Ideas.


user posted image


user posted image


(Uploading to GTA Garage so File Approval May Take some time)




While the GTA Garage link is being approved you can download the SA Version of this mod from Sunshine Autos - Link

Edited by ALMOST610
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Good Effort Man,

3d engine ?

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Triple Penetration

You should've made the plastic moulds of the bumpers on the doors and overall side too. Would be abit more different from the Elegant.


For next one you should make the Willard. As it's closest resemblance is Dodge Dynasty, then it's predecessor is Dodge Intrepid, which essentially is GTA 3 Kuruma. In my opinion it should be a mix from 3 and LCS one - The one from 3 should have the bumpers modified to have the same colour as body.


And for more originality, you should take into account some concept of Intrepid from 2003. It's the electric-diesel version.


user posted image


The front looks like a soft version of the new Dodge Challenger or Dodge Caliber and the roofline resembles Toyota Prius.


This is just a suggestion, you ask - I give.


P.S. Why the number plate says Eclipse on the Greenwood? And I think the usual ornament of SA cars would fit the rear, on the bonnet, I think.

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I wanted to ask permission to edit the textures of this car and leave in HD (I leave credits, OBVIOUS)

I'm doing a project to edit the original cars from the game and leave them to look a little different, with HD textures and low polys


I can edit the textures of this? also i liked the 2002 picador, you have good creativity! when it finished i could do the same with her?


like this:

user posted image

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Uhm Junior you need to remap that texture, its a little wrong.

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i make this car last year, i don't remap that texture, only edited @[email protected]

i'm bad with 3d, my job is cleo and maps tounge.gif

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Why is there No Download Link?

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