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Getting sick of this...


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I'm doing this mission to find the kidnapped chick, and have to follow this car with a helicopter.


I follow the guy forever, and then due to the layout of buildings, I have to swoop high, to keep from crashing, and R* decides to start screwing with the camera, I guess, they thought they were being helpful, except, I KNEW where he was, I was just dodging a building..


The problem is, the camera was being forced backwards, making it impossible to fly a helicopter between buildings, etc,. (It was pointing in the direction of the car, and no, I wasn't holding the button that makes it do that.)


Several missions do this, they screw with my camera, and nearly every time, it cost me the mission, let me put this bluntly, STOP f*cking with my camera R*.


I have camera controls, I'll put it where I like, thanks.




While I'm on the subject, stop making my character do stuff outside of cutscenes, like, Niko, on that construction site, if you get near an invisible trigger, he runs out, and tries to dive behind cover, which may work sometimes, but, I was slowly stalking the place, and they had reinforced that area, thus, Niko ran me into a slaughter.. (They were behind the cover instead of in front of it, like they normally would be, so, I was shot to pieces b4 I could run, and find REAL cover.)


Basically, stop interfering with gameplay, it's annoying.

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You can switch camera so it's not locked on to Patricks' car. This did my head in until I realised.

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