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ENB config with no performance hit?


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Anyone know of an ENB config with no performance hit? I saw one for Skyrim, but couldn't find any for IV.


Thanks. smile.gif


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You can disable a lot of effects so that you won't notice a big performance drop but that means also... guess what? Less effects! Anyway, even better than stock graphics.

You have to experiment alot on your own, to make it perfect for your system. Finally, your issue is very system specific. The older variants (v079) have been stated

to be more hungry than the newer variants like v081 or 082. V082 seems to be the most potent one if you want the best effects but this variant apparently can damage your

hardware. I never had problems and I'm using ENB 082 for long time now on a PNY GTX 460. Icenhancer is probably even more hungry than any classic ENB variant due to

the bigger variety of special effects. No matter what version you choose, use a supported patch! If there isn't mentioned anything special take, or

The Episodes are not fully supported officially by none ENB version but I saw settings made especially for TBoGT or TLaD to reduce malfunctions with 'recent' patches.


I would recommend you a classic ENB variant like the 082 version. Dpeasant3's configs are always worth a look, they contain the most complete and most detailed

weather/time cycles IMO. Should be easy to find one of them on the common IV modding sites. By disabling Ambient Occlusion effects and some other effects the

frame drop should be pretty small. But like I said, I think it's necessary that you tweak some knobs on your own. The performance impacts of each effect may also differ

from system to system.


What are your system configs? Always post them if you have questions which are performance related.

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I guess I was looking for a premade config like the one I saw for Skyrim that only changes settings to a point that there is no performance hit.


I'm running a Q8200 @ 2.3GHz (board sucks and so no overclocking), 4GB RAM and a 1GB 5770 under Windows 7.


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That's exactly my old system. Hewlett Packard? sigh.gif


But I had to upgrade the PSU and the GFX card just because of ENB:


I suppose with a HD5770 you won't have much fun. This card is really on the edge. It's a good allround card but now you already need a low end gaming card. I recommend GTX460 or better.

For me personally the HD was too weak even with an ENB which was already adjusted for best performance. I could play with standard graphics on medium/high detail but ENB was too much,

the FPS drop was severe even with minimal effects (in full HD). I bought a o'c GTX460 in Jan '11 for 230€ which was worth it. It's also a 1GB card but the GPU seems to be much more powerful,

more bandwith. The HD GPU wasn't that good. You probably can buy a card like that for 100€ now or even cheaper. GTX460 is also old. I also still have doubts about Ati cards, especially older

ones. I always recommend NVidia for IV. It has probably a reason why there is an NVidia brand logo on the IV cover but not Ati. I suppose.

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