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So before I post my specs and whatnot, I have actually played the game and went very far into the story (I had just started the mission where I got to kill Derrick or Francis) but before I did the mission I wanted to add some mods for vehicles, at this time I was still on patch


So I added in a Ferrari and everything was fine, then I started to add in a lot of vehicles, like about 10 and then when I started to play GTA I would get the RESC10 error. I looked online and found the only way to fix it was through the patch, so I patched the game to and unfortunately it erased my entire savegame, but at least I could play. Then I wanted to add the trainer, so I downloaded the correct trainer and added it into the GTAIV files and when I got into the game the trainer would actually work, but then about 6 seconds after it loaded into the game it would give me this error:


GTA IV: FATAL ERROR: Out of video memory - Please re-boot your system.



I have already re-booted my system and left it off overnight while I slept and this morning I still have no success.




user posted image


Here are my specs/graphics card:


OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Language: English

System Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard

System Model: h8-1110

Processor: Intel® Core i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10 GHZ

Memory: 8 GB RAM

DirectX Version: DirectX 11


Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 520


GTA Resource Usage according to the ingame graphics menu: 205/985 MB


Also, I have put all of the graphics settings in lowest possible in order to help and I still have the same error.


Benchmark Test (low graphics):


Average FPS: 59.10

CPU Usage: 76%

System Memory Usage: 50%

Video Memory Usage: 32%


Textures: Low

Reflection Resolution: Low

Water Quality: Low

Shadow Quality: Low

Texture Filler Quality: Tri-Linear


800x600 (60 Hz)


I know it's not my graphics card or memory because I have plenty and I've already played through a lot of the story without any problems, it was only once I started to add mods in that I was having these errors. Please help.

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Yes. Uninstall, remove the install directory manually and then reinstall. Then add mods a bit by bit (while always keeping backups of original files) and check how are things going on in between. Also, make sure to get the most updated files relating to your current game version.

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Read this carefully http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=471976


Probably one of the mods you're using is causing this, but you'll have to figure it out on your own.

Would you suggest re installing the game completely?

Yes a complete reinstall will work, however this will take quite some time, you could try this approach:


Delete pc\models\cdimages\vehicles.img

\common\data\vehicles.ide and in the same directory carcols.dat, handling.dat and any other file that you might have edited (sort on date).


Now run a repair install from control panel programs, this will be very quick. Finally reapply patch 7.


Your problem is very likely caused by the car you either added or replaced.

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