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[REL][WIP][IV] Branded Vehicle Name [GTA IV+EFLC]

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Branded Vehicle Names [iV+EFLC] 1.0







This mod adds the vehicle brands to the in-game vehicle name. Thus instead of seeing 'Sabre GT' when getting into one, you'll now see 'Declasse Sabre GT'. This branding has been done with all vehicles, except the custom motorcycles of Liberty City Cycles, etc. (such as the Hexer). They were excluded because the brand looked very ugly in front of the vehicles names and because they were meant to represent rather unique custom bikes, a brand name felt a bit off. Some vehicles didn't have brands (mostly boats), which I tried to rectify by assigning them to an appropriate brand to keep consistency. The 'Marquis' is now the 'Enus Marquis' for example. Some vehicles also had very generic names, which I tried to rectify by giving them a custom name in the style of Rockstar. The 'Bus' for example is now called the 'Brute Sirius' (Sirius is the dog of mythical Orion, the namesake of the real-life equivalent of GTA IV's bus).


I've been loving playing with this mod myself. It adds a little bit more detail to the game and it's fun to realize which cars belong to the same brand.


NOTE: This mod is currently only available in English. If you want me to put those names in the other language files as well, just leave a comment. If the mod is popular enough I'll make the effort to make it multi-lingual.






There are three ways to install it:


1. Extract Branded Vehicle Names [GTA IV+EFLC] somewhere. The extract the .zip of the version you want (GTA IV or EFLC) to main folder. This will overwrite the american.gxt file(s) however, so make sure to back them up. They're in the common/text folder.


2. Download JSGME (JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler) @ http://www.gamefront.com/files/21681483/JSGME.7z. Extract it to GTA IV or EFLC's main folder and run the exe. It will create a folder, which you can name. Anything you put in there can then be installed an uninstalled using JSGME.exe and you won't have to manually back up your files (it does it for you). Do note that the folders (common, TLAD, TBoGT) need to be within another folder for it to be installable. So it should should something like: 'Grand Theft Auto IV/MODS/Branded Vehicle Names [GTA IV]/...'


3. Use another mod installer that can handling .gfx files and follow their instructions






Download @ GTAGarage

Download @ GameFront






user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

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I love the idea, shame I use Polish language in IV icon14.gif

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Thanks, well as I said if I get more non-English players I'll transfer the names over to the other localisation files. So who knows, you might be able to play this mod not too long from now.


The mod is currently uploading, sorry for the delay. Didn't know it'd take this long.

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Just added a download link to Filefront, so you people can enjoy this mod right now. Hopefully the GTAGarage link will work soon too.

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Nice job! Something classic. The .gxt's are nasty to modify.

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