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[SnP] Learning to Fly v1


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lil weasel

For: mello027

Missions: Learning to Fly

Link: http://gtasnp.com/30545

Completed in Gold

Notes: There is a Body Armour in one of the wrecks.

The Ruster, Stund Plane, and Hunter are available on the flight line.

Explore, as there are lots of FREE stuff floating around.


Carry On! icon14.gif

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lil weasel

You're Welcome.

Practice. Don't use too much control, let the plane fly itself. I'm sure you will suprise yourself.

For the most part you only need to take off and land after flying through a single corona.


next mission (N.O.E.) take off fly north to the sea, along the coast to the Angel Pine marker and then back. Almost all level flight. Enjoy.

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