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Title says it all. Post some of your favorite quotes FROM CUT SCENES OR IN MISSIONS, NOT WHAT CIVILIANS SAY RANDOMLY (but only 1 or 2 at a time, to give others a chance). And try to say which mission it occurs in. The ones I've heard (I'm playing the story again and I'm not too far) are;


1. (During "Ivan The Not So Terrible") -


Vlad, "You know, for a dumb yokel, your a very funny guy."


Niko, "And for an annoying dick, your really an annoying dick!"


2. (During "Roman's Sorrow") -


Mallorie, *Gives Roman a kiss* "And take a shower. You smell a little.....Mature"

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No...not what civilians say, or what Niko says when crashing his car or running into people or whatever. I meant quotes of Niko or another main character says during cut scenes or missions.

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It's more or less the same thing. Please use the topic you've been linked to.

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