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Can i run the game even with this


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so i went on a site to test the specs of a old Windows XP pc i have and it says everything is ok

but im still not sure about this one spec my Intel® GMA 3000, is it playable


(Im a console gamer, thats why i dont have a good pc to play it on)

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It will run but expect poor peformance if it does.

That would depend on his processor and ram also, as I have confirmed that SA plays quite well at max. settings(no AA, though on a Intel Video card)..on a XP Pro SP3 with an Intel Centrino(Core2Duo) processor @2.00GHZ, 2GB DDR2 Ram, and an Intel GMA 965 w/128mb vram...the game runs at a steady 25 fps with Frame Limiter ON and an average of 30-90fps with the frame limiter OFF...settings coming.. Here are the settings.. Notice how the game is at max. resolution, visual FX is maxed at High(this is the highest setting, as when you stroll through, the next setting is OFF, then Low, Medium, and back to High), No AA(cause of the video card)...This is a V2 game(bought from Wal-Mart #990 back in June of 2005)..


Although, for some reason, it does not show the 1600X900 resolution on this PC, like it does on my Windows 7 PC(this is the setting used on my Windows 7 PC)-So, that setting must be exclusive to Windows 7? confused.gif


So, it IS possible to max. out the game and have a decent fps on an Intel Video card... tounge2.giflol.gif


It still play A LOT better on PC with an Intel video card, then it does on PS2(there is NO lag on PC-at least not on my XP Pro machine), yet there is A LOT of lag and freezing on the PS2 version(I have played BOTH versions a lot, and have noticed MORE lag on PS2 then I ever saw on PC)...Playing the game on PS2 is similar to how it played on my XP Home PC with an AMD Sempron processor @798MHZ, 256mb ddr ram, and a VIA/SIS video card w/32mb vram...So, that just goes to show the PC version is better optimized(not to mention looks a lot better, as you don't have to squint to see the in-game radar and map like you do on PS2 AND you can read the street signs and area names a lot better. Also, the PC version's picture is not nearly as dark as it is on PS2)...Just a heads up/my two cents. tounge2.giflol.gif

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