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Trailer #2


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I remember #1, I woke up and had a couple of Facebook notifications, It wasn't up when looking through them but then hit the homepage button, and bam there was the countdown and announcement from Rockstar, woke me up instantly.


Do you want something like this for #2, you know, unexpected trailer, or do you want them to announce the next trailer at E3 when all eyes are on them?



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Damn, the way you started off, I thought #2 had come up!

We need more info!


But you know how it is..

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Bohan Bomber

I know people are gonna pissed at the lack of detail in the thread title. May wanna edit that for your own safety biggrin.gif

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Da Perzinga

I hope there is a trailer before E3. But I doubt it. Max Payne 3 PC will be released and then is still one month of promote MP3. And then MAYBE, but really just MAYBE is new information for V in july. Or Rockstar announce a trailer for AGENT suicidal.gif And I think this topic will be locked.

We wait almost seven months for new solid GTA V information. I hope Rockstar brake the silence soon. There are already people which behave like Zee.


Sorry for my bad english. I'm from Austria.

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I only knew because Notch retweeted it. :L


Now I get rockstar's tweets sent to my phone xD

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"Can we just go?"

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Aye, we have topics for E3 and Trailer #2 as been posted. No need for further topics. xmas.gif


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